Customer Service Hotline

      Solid Waste and

      Emergency Response
&EPA  Customer Service Plan

          United gfateS Environmental protection Agency

                Office of Solid Waste and
                  Emergency Response

Pilot Customer Service Plan

    EPA's Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response
(OSWER) maintains a contract-operated customer service
hotline to promote public awareness and involvement for its
programs. The hotline responds to questions from a wide range
of audiences with up-to-date information about waste manage-
ment, underground storage tanks, chemical accident prevention,
and Superfund sites. The hotline also responds to requests for
relevant documents, including federal regulations.

Service to our Customers
    We serve the general public, state and local government
representatives, consultants, industry, members of trade associa-
tions, health professionals, lawyers, and others with diverse
backgrounds and varying degrees of  knowledge.
    We are available through a toll-free telephone system. You
may reach the hotline at (800) 535-0202 or via TDD, a telecom-
munications device for the hearing impaired, (800) 553-7672  ,
from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Our Customer Service Standards
        Your questions will be answered courteously, accurately,
        and as promptly as possible, in either English or Span-
        ish, or via TDD.

        Every Information Specialist will listen to your questions
        and help you find the information  you seek. Hotline staff
        will provide you the most current and accurate informa-

       Your inquiry will get an immediate response.

     ~  If we cannot answer your question immediately, vj/e will
       let you know within five days how long it will take to get
       an answer. In addition, the information Specialist will
       give you his/her name so that you can call for mere
       information or to check on progress.

       If your call needs to be addressed by another Agency,
       state, or local program, we will tell you whom to call to
       obtain your answers.

       If your information is available electronically, we will tell
       you how to access it through EPA databases,  Internet, or
       other sources.

Actions to Improve Service
    To provide you with the most accurate information and
efficient service, we have an automated message system which
immediately supplies information on regulatory "hot topics" and
directs you to the appropriate hotline program area at the touch



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