Response to

      Region 3,
      Philadelphia, PA
&EPA Customer Service Plan

          United States Environmental Protection Agency

                       Region 3

Pilot Customer Service Plan

EPA Region 3's mission is to:

       Preserve, assess and restore the health and well-being
       of our living and natural resources;
       Reduce and prevent pollution while achieving compli-
       ance with environmental laws;
       Work cooperatively with states, federal and local
       agencies and other organizations as well as citizens
       with mutual interests; and
       Maintain an open dialog that informs and educates all

Service to Our Customers
    EPA Region 3 serves its customers in the  mid-Atlantic
states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West

 Virginia and the District of Columbia. EPA's success in carrying
 out its mission is greatly enhanced by understanding and
 responding to your needs. We work with many partners to
 provide information through publications, public notices and
 public service announcements, seminars, briefings, training,
 and other mechanisms to keep you informed about the environ-
 ment and our efforts to protect it.

 Actions to Improve Service
     To provide you with the best service possible, we are
 developing new ways for you to access information about
 Agency activities and for us to learn of your needs or concerns.
 To accomplish this, we will: improve our readiness to answer
 your questions promptly, courteously, accurately and in ain
 understandable manner; provide you with ways to follow-up on
 your questions or make us aware of any problems you experi-
 ence in seeking information; and ensure that we work for you in
 collecting the information that best responds to your needs.
I Customer Service Standards                      ff
|    Region 3 will provide prompt, courteous, accurate and
f understandable responses to all inquiries.             V
''                     '    ' '   '      '                !^ "
i- If you write to us:                                   f*
         Your written inquiry will get an immediate response. If
         you include your telephone number, we will contact you
         immediately to determine how we can best meet your
         needs and expectations. We'll mail you the response to
         your inquiry within three business days. If we ne|ed
         more time to research the answer, we'll call or vvjrjte
         you (also within three days) to tell you when we jWill
         respond and the telephone number and fax number of
         the individual working on your response.      -;-  -
                                                   *'">:' ':  -
         We will also include with every response a survey
         postcard asking whether or not the information was
         received promptly, with courtesy, and was unde|rsfa.nd-
         able.                                       f

n   "- s.


     Sa5 I     =
 *L    Q.
n m c

^f a
   "" CO
                      co 3  to

                O CQ



If you contact us by telephone:                      1

       Our toll free customer service hotline telephones
       number is (800) 438-2474.                   ;

       Your call to our customer service hotline will be an-
       swered promptly and with courtesy. We will listen to
       your questions and help you find the information you

       We will make every effort to answer your question
       immediately, and we will always respond by the next
       business day.

       Our answer will always include the name and tele-
       phone number of an employee who will be able to
       assist you if you desire additional information.

       If your call is received during non-business hours,
       (business hours are Mon.- Fri. 8:00 am - 6:00 prn) your
       questions will be taken by an automated voice system,
       and we will get back to you on the next business; day.

       On a random basis, we will ask you a few brief ques-
       tions concerning our performance in meeting our
       standards of promptness, accuracy, and courtesy. This
       information will  be used to improve our performance.
Questions, Comments or Complaints
    We want to hear from you about the quality of our service.
You are encouraged to call our customer service hotline to
register any complaints. We will respond to your complaint
within one business day to discuss how we may address your
concern. If your complaint concerns the hotline, we request that
you write or call the Regional Administrator's Office directly at
(215) 597-9815, or write to this address:              :
       Regional Administrator
       U.S. EPA Region 3                         '
       841  Chestnut Building
       Philadelphia, PA 19107