United States         20K-1007
Environmental Protection    Revised
Agency            June 1990 •
Communications and Public Affairs (A-107)	
Guide To EPA
Libraries, And Dockets

National Hotlines and Clearinghouses
Center for Environmental Research Information	21
Asbestos Ombudsman	2l
Emergency Planning/Community Right-To-Know Information Hotline	21
EPA Institute	2
EPA National Recruitment Program	2l
Hazardous Waste Ombudsman	21
Inspector General's Whistle Blower Hotline	3
National Pesticides Telecommunications Network Hotline	3
National Poison Control Center Hotline	3 j
National Response Center Hotline	31
National Small Flows Clearinghouse	..31
Pollution Prevention Information Clearinghouse	31
Radon Information	41
RCRA/CERCLA (Superfund) Hotline	4J
Safe Drinking Water Hotline	4\
Small Business Ombudsman Hotline	41
Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Assistance Information Service	41
Regional Hotlines
Region 1 — Boston MA	51
Region 2 — New York NY	5
Region 3 — Philadelphia PA	51
Region 4 — Atlanta GA	5 j
Region 5 — Chicago IL	5 f
Region 6 — Dallas TX	6
Region 7 — Kansas City KS	6
Region 8 — Denver CO	6
Region 9 — San Francisco CA	6
Region 10 - Seattle WA	6
Libraries	7
Dockets	8

The United States Environmental Protection Agency
operates a variety of telephone hotlines to provide
the public with easy access to EPA's programs,
technical capabilities, and services. The hotlines are
staffed by experts who are prepared to respond to
your questions on a broad range of environmental
issues, as well as employment opportunities at
EPA. Many of the hotlines have toll-free 800
telephone numbers. When calling hotlines with
commercial numbers, you will be charged the
customary long-distance service.rates by your
telephone company.
  In addition to the hotlines, EPA has a variety of
clearinghouses, libraries, and dockets that might
have the information you are seeking.
  The table of contents should help you find the
hotline or office that can best respond to your
questions. If you do not see a hotline that
addresses your question, or you are interested in
general information about the Agency's programs,
please call or write EPA's Public Information Center
or your nearest EPA Regional Office (see page 5).

            Public Information Center
              U.S. EPA (PM-211B)
               401 M Street, SW
             Washington DC 20460
            (202) 382-2080 or 475-7751

Center for
Research Information

Asbestos Ombudsman
Emergency Planning
and Community
Information Hotline
EPA Institute
EPA National
Recruitment Program
                        National Hotlines
                        And Clearinghouses
Central point of distribution for EPA research
results and reports.
(513) 569-7391 Cincinnati, OH

Responds to questions and concerns about
asbestos in schools issues. Operates Monday
  through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
(800) 368-5888
557-1938 in the Washington DC area

Provides communities and individuals with help
in preparing for accidental releases of toxic
chemicals. This hotline, which  complements the
RCRA/Superfund Hotline, is maintained as an
information resource rather than an emergency
number. Operates Monday through Friday from
8:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time.
(800) 535-0202
479-2449 in the Washington DC area

Maintains a clearinghouse for all EPA training
activities. While its focus is in-house training, it
also serves as the Agency's training "broker"
with other federal agencies, state and local
agencies, and other public and private
(202) 475-6678 Washington DC

Enables potential hirees to contact the Agency
for employment information and assists EPA
managers in locating and hiring qualified
employees to fill vacant positions. Operates
Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30
p.m. Eastern Time.

(202) 382-3305 Washington DC
Hazardous Waste
Assists citizens and the regulated community
who have had problems voicing a complaint or
getting a problem resolved about hazardous
waste issues. There is a Hazardous Waste
Ombudsman at EPA headquarters and one in
each of EPA's 10 Regional Offices (see page 5).
(202) 475-9361 Washington DC

 Inspector General's
     stle Blower
[National Pesticides
I Network Hotline
 National Poison
 Control Center Hotline
 National Response
 Center Hotline
 National Small Flows
This hotline is for reporting EPA-related waste,
fraud, abuse, or mismanagement. Operates
Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. - 3:00
p.m. Eastern Time. At other times, callers may
leave a message.
(800) 424-4000
382-4977 in the Washington DC area

Provides information on pesticide-related health,
toxicity, and minor cleanup to physicians,
veterinarians, fire departments, government
agencies, and the general public. Also provides
impartial information on pesticide products, basic
safety practices, health and environmental
effects, and cleanup and disposal procedures.
The hotline is staffed by pesticide specialists at
Texas Tech University's School of Medicine.
Operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
(800) 858-7378 or (806) 743-3091 in Texas

Operated by Georgetown University Hospital in
Washington,  DC, this hotline provides
information on accidental ingestion of chemicals,
poisons, or drugs.
(202) 625-3333 Washington DC

Operated by the U.S. Coast Guard, this hotline
is used to report spills of oil and other hazardous
materials. The hotline is available 24 hours a day,
every day of the year.
(800) 424-8802
426-2675 in the Washington DC area

Provides information on wastewater treatment
technologies for small communities.
(800) 624-8301
 Pollution Prevention
Provides information and answers to questions
about reducing or eliminating discharges and/or
emissions to the environment through source
reduction and environmentally sound recycling.
(800) 424-9346
(202) 382-3000 in the Washington DC area

Radon Information
(Superfund) Hotline
Safe Drinking Water
Small Business
Ombudsman Hotline
Toxic Substances
Control Act (TSCA)
Assistance Information
For information about radon, you should call the
Radon Office in your individual state. In the
Washington DC area, the numbers are:
    Maryland (800) 872-3666
    Virginia (800) 468-0138
    Washington DC (202) 727-7728
The Radon Office at EPA headquarters responds
to requests for information on radon issues.
(202) 475-9605 Washington  DC

Responds to questions from the public and
regulated community on the Resource
Conservation and Recovery Act,  and the
Comprehensive Environmental Response,
Compensation and Liability Act (Superfund).
Responds to requests for RCRA and Superfund
documents. Operates Monday through Friday
from 8:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time.
(800) 424-9346
(202) 382-3000 in the Washington DC area

Provides information and publications to the
public and the regulated community in
understanding EPA's drinking water regulations
and programs. Operates Monday through
Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time.
(800) 426-4791
382-5533 in the Washington DC area

Assists small businesses in complying with
environmental laws and EPA regulations.
Operates Monday through  Friday, 8:00 - 4:30
p.m. Eastern Time. There are also Small Business
Ombudsman in each of EPA's 10 Regional
Offices (see page 5).
(800) 368-5888
557-1938 in the Washington DC area

Provides both general and technical information
and publications about toxic substances,
including asbestos.  A variety of other services
are also offered to help businesses comply with
TSCA laws, including regulatory advice and aid,
publications, and audiovisual materials. Operates
Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 5:00
p.m. Eastern Time.
(202) 554-1404 Washington  DC

                         Regional Offices
 SPA Region 1
[form F. Kennedy
 Federal Building
 loom 2203
 Joston MA 02203
 EPA Region 2
 26 Federal Plaza
  Jew York NY 10278
lEPA Region 3
1841 Chestnut St.
[Philadelphia PA 19107
I EPA Region 4
1345 Courtland St., NE
(Atlanta GA 30365
I EPA Region 5
1230 South Dearborn St.
I Chicago IL 60604
EPA has 10 Regional Offices to provide the
public with both general and technical
information about EPA programs and respond to
inquiries about specific environmental issues in
the states they oversee.  In addition, many
Regional Offices sponsor specialized,
issue-specific hotlines.

Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont,
New Hampshire, Rhode Island
  General Number (617) 565-3715
  Unleaded Fuel Hotline (800) 631-2700 in MA
    (800) 821-1237 in other Region 1 states
  Hazardous Waste Ombudsman (617) 573-5700
  Small Business Ombudsman (617) 860-4300

New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, Virgin
  General Number (212) 264-2515
  Superfund Hotline (800) 346-5009 in NJ
    (800) 722-1223 in NY
  RCRA Hotline (800) 732-1223
  Hazardous Waste Ombudsman (212) 264-2980
  Small Business Ombudsman (212) 264-4711

Delaware, Maryland,  Pennsylvania, Virginia,
West Virginia, District of Columbia
  General Number (215) 597-9800
  Waste Minimization Hotline
    (800) 334-2467 in PA
    (800) 826-5320 in other Region 3 states
  Hazardous Waste Ombudsman (215) 597-0982
  Small Business Ombudsman (215) 597-9817

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky,
Mississippi,  North Carolina, South Carolina,
  General Number (800) 282-0289 in GA
    (800) 241-1754 in other Region 4 states
  Hazardous Waste Ombudsman (404) 347-3004
  Small Business Ombudsman (404) 347-7109

Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio,
  General Number (800) 572-2515 in II
    (800) 621-8431 in other Region 5 states
  Hazardous Waste Ombudsman (312) 353-5821
  Small Business Ombudsman (312) 353-2072

EPA Region 6
1445 Ross Avenue
12th Floor, Suite 1200
Dallas TX 75202
EPA Region 7
726 Minnesota Avenue
Kansas City KS 66101
EPA Region 8
999 18th St.
Suite 500
Denver CO 80202
EPA Region 9
215 Fremont St.
San Francisco CA 94105
EPA Region 10
1200 Sixth Avenue
Seattle WA 98101
Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma,
  General Number (214) 655-2200
  Environmental Emergency Hotline—24 hours
    (214) 655-2222
  Hazardous Waste Ombudsman (214) 655-6765
  Small Business Ombudsman (214) 655-6774

Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska
  General Number (913) 551-7003
  Action Line for IA, MO, and NE residents:
    (800) 223-0425
  Action Line for KS residents only:
    (800) 221-7749
  Hazardous Waste Ombudsman (913) 551-7051
  Small Business Ombudsman (913) 551-7006

Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South
Dakota, Utah, Wyoming
  General Number (800) 759-4372
  Hazardous Waste Ombudsman (303) 294-1111
  Small Business Ombudsman (303) 294-1111

Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, American
Samoa, Guam, Commonwealth of the Northern
Mariana Islands, Republic of Palau, Federated
States of Micronesia, The Republic of the
Marshall Islands
  General Number (415) 556-6608
  RCRA Hotline  (415) 540-3780
  Superfund Hotline (800) 231-3075
  Hazardous Waste Ombudsman (415) 744-1470
  Small Business Ombudsman (415) 556-6422

Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington
  General Number (206) 442-5810
  Hazardous Waste Ombudsman (206) 442-2871
  Small Business Ombudsman (206) 442-4280

(Headquarters Library
JEPA,  RoomM2904
1401 M Street, SW
(Washington DC 20460
In addition to the EPA headquarters library,
there is a library in each of EPA's Regional
Offices. See page 5 for their addresses and
telephone numbers.
  Each library maintains a variety of reference
materials, databases, and both general and
special collections on environmental topics. For
more detailed descriptions about the specific
kinds of materials maintained by EPA, you may
wish to request a copy of the "Guide to EPA
Libraries  and Information Services" from the
EPA Headquarters Library.

(202) 382-5921

Public Information
Reference Unit
EPA (PM-211D)
Room 2904
401 M St., SW
Washington DC 20460

Air Docket

Drinking Water


Resource Conservation
and Recovery Act


Toxic Substances

Underground Storage
Dockets are the official, legal files of rulemaking
documents. They include: official statements of
the Administrator's position, represented by
published rulemaking documents; information
considered by the Agency during rulemaking;
transcripts of hearings; litigation records, and
comments received from persons outside the
Agency. The Dockets are open to the public in
accordance with the Freedom of Information Act.

Provides public access to regulatory information
supporting the Agency's actions under the Clean
Air Act and the Clean Water Act.
(202) 382-5926
(202) 382-7548

(202) 475-9598

(703) 557-4434

(202) 475-9327

(202) 382-3046

(202) 382-3587

(202) 475-9720