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June/July 1995
The Catalyst
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 An Information Service for EPA HQ Staff from the Headquarters Library
                                  JULY 25TH 9:30 a.m,

           Come to the EPA Headquarters Library for an orientation on the most popular
      CD-ROM in our collection, Environment Abstracts. Learn how to identify citations to articles
      in your area of interest. Abstracts of articles on issues ranging from global warming to
      nuclear fusion are included. The Environment Abstracts CD-ROM is a source for finding
      articles indexed in Environment Abstracts, Energy Information Abstracts and1 Acid Rain
      Abstracts. Reserve a spot by calling 260-5921 or send an email to LIBRARY-HQ.  *
           The Headquarters Library is in the process of establishing listservers for the
      distribution of its current awareness services: Internet Newsbrief, Enviro-Newsbrief,
      Superfund Newsbrief and the Clean Water Act/Safe Drinking Act Reauthorization Update.
      The Iistserver format will improve the presentation and delivery of these services as well
      as provide an archive of previous issues for our subscribers.
           Current subscribers of these services will need to submit a subscription to the
      listserv to ensure continued, uninterrrupted receipt of the services. To subscribe, send a
      message to listserver@unixmail.rtpnc.epa.gov (AII-ln-1 users  will need to append
      "@IN" to the end of this address) with the message:  where listname is the name of the list you wish to subscribe to (i.e. internetnb-l)
      and firstname lastname is your first name and last name (i.e. Jonda Byrd).
           Internet Newsbrief and Enviro-Newsbrief are the first to move to the new listserv
      format. The listeerv name for Internet Newsbrief is internetnb-l and the name for Enviro-
      Newsbrief is ENVIRONB-L.  Look for subscription information on  the other Newsbriefs in
      future issues of The Catalyst.   *
                           More access to the Library
                                    for EPA staff

           In our continuing effort to find ways to make Library resources more available to
     EPA staff, in addition to answering the phone between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., we invite
     any EPA employee who would like to use the Library's resources outside of the 10:00 to
     2:00 hours when the doors are open to call and make an appointment.  We are answering
     260-5921 throughout the 9:00 - 5:00 time period.     *
                      EPA Headquarters Library (3404) WSM2904 202-260-5922

                            CD-ROMs are everywhere!
                               Research at your Desk

      We are pleased to announce that, if you're connected to the Agency's LAN
backbone, we have extended desktop CD-ROM database searching capabilities to every
DC-area EPA office. It is now possible for LAN-connected computer users at Waterside
Mall, Fairchild, Judiciary Square, Rosslyn, all Crystal City locations, and all other EPA
Headquarters units in the Washington metropolitan area to Search through many of our
most popular databases from the comfort of their offices.

      Initially, the following databases are available:
             SNA Environment Library: All federal environmental regulations
                  most state and territorial environmental regulations
                  current Federal Register notices
             National Technical Information Service (NTIS): Abstracts of federal documents
                  distributed by NTIS
             EPADOC: Full text of many general interest EPA documents, principally from
             Environmental Factor.  Public data release versions of RCRIS and CERCLIS
             FAR/FIRMR: Full text of General Service Administration's Federal Acquisition
                  Regulation and Federal Information Resources Management Regulation
             Medline: Abstracts and citations of articles from leading medical research journals
             Toxline:  Abstracts and citations of articles from  leading toxicology journals
             Computer Select: Abstracts, citations, and selected full-text articles from leading
                  computer journals

      We expect to also have available in the near future:
             Environmental Abstracts:  Abstracts and citations of articles from  a
                  comprehensive collection of environmental research and policy journals
             PAIS: Abstracts and citations of articles from leading publjc policy/public affairs and
                  general interest journals
             TOMES:  Environmental health and safety data on chemical substances

      Note:  these databases are subject to change. We welcome your suggestions
and comments; please call the Headquarters Library between the hours of 9 -5pm at

                                  How to  Connect                          ; (     :

      First, your computer must be connected to the VABS, the Agency's LAN backbone.  Just
use the following login command:
                           LOGIN DCHQLIB02/CDROMUSR

      If you successfully login, you will immediately see the opening menu of database choices.

      You may need to consult with your LAN administrator or other computer support person if
you're having difficulty with logging in. Or,  call the Library's satellite support person, Christian
MacDonald (contractor), at 260-9346.  *J*

                                                  THE CATALYST JUNE/JULY 1995
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            Selected recent additions to the Headquarters Library collection:
 EPA publications:
 Reinventing EPA -Steps Toward a Stronger     Federal Quality Management: Strategies for
 Workforce. September 1994,                   Involving Employees.  U.S. General Accounting
 EPA/220/R-94/003                            'Office,-April 1995.  MGMTGA 1.13:GAO-95-79
 Office of Administration and Resources
 Providing Information to Decision Makers to
 Protect Human Health and the Environment,
 Information Resources Management Strategic
 Plan. April 1995,

 Office of Air Quality and Standards:
 Guidance Document for The Halogenated
 Solvent Cleaner NESHAP. April 1995,

 Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance:
 Catalogue of Federal Agency Environmental
 Compliance/Management Documents. June
 1994. EPA/300/B-94/011

 Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics:
 1993 Toxics Release Inventory, Public Data
 Release. March 1995, EPA/745/R-95/010

 Office of Research and Development:
 Ground Water Sampling - a Workshop
 Summary, Dallas,  Texas, November 30-
 December2, 1993. January 1995,

 Office of Water:
 Development Document for Proposed Effluent
 Limitations Guidelines and Standards for the
 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Point Source
 Category. February 1995, EPA/821/R-95/019

 Report of EPA  Efforts to Replace Freon for the
 Determination of Oil and Grease and Total
 Petroleum Hydrocarbons: Phase II.  April 1995,

 Other organizations:
 Bridge to a Sustainable Future, National
Environmental  Technology Strategy. National
Science and Technology Council, Interagency
 Environmental Technologies Office, April  1995.
 Getting the Job Done, the Use of Intramural
 and Extramural Resources at the U. S.
 Environmental Protection Agency. National
 Academy of Public Administration, 1994.

 Risk Analysis and Cost-Benefit Analysis of
 Environmental Regulations, by Linda-Jo
 Schiero. The Library of Congress,
 Congressional Research Service, Environment
 and Natural Resources Policy Division,
 December 2,1994.   KF3775.A9 R57

 Setting Priorities, Getting Results, A New
 Direction for EPA, Summary Report. National
 Academy of Public Administration, 1994.

 Transition to the Future: a Model IRM Program
 forthe 21st Century. U. S. General Services
 Administration Information Resoures
 Management Service, KMM-94-1-1, October
 1994.  T58.64.T79

 Wetland Regulation in the Real World, by
 Virginia S. Albrechtand Bernard N. Goode.
 Washington, D.C., Beveridge & Diamond, P.C.,
 February 1994.  KF5624.A4    *
   and other environmental information.
  \    The EPA's online library system (OLS) is the
beslt source for Identifying EPA publications.   - "'
Although there is no one list or database of all the
EPA documents, OLS, because it is consists of the
combined holdings of all the EPA libraries, fs clearly
the best single source. In addition, many other types
of environmental information are included as welt,
even the Internet locations of some recent items.
       To explain the use of this valuable resource,
Library staff provides a workshop on OLS every
other month on the third Tuesday of the month. The
first workshop will be Tuesday, August 16, at 9:30
a.m. inthe Library. Reserve a spot by calling
260-5921 or send an email to LIBRARY-HQ.   *
                                                     THE CATALYST JUNE/JULY 1995

  Conferences, Meetings, Symposiums,
       This is a list of selected meetings and
 conferences chosen for their potential interest
 to EPA staff. If EPA staff wish to have an
 EPA-sponsored event listed here, please
 forward the information to The Catalyst,  HQ
 Library, 401 M St, SW-3404, Washington, DC
 20460 or email Library-HQ.

 Bioremediation of Hazardous Wastes: Research,
 Development, and Field Situations, a
 Symposium. August 8-10,1995 Rye Brook, NY.
 Sponsored by US EPA Office of Research and
 Development Biosystems Technology Development
 Program.  For more information contact Kathya
 Singh, Eastern Research Group, In., 110 Hartwell
 Ave., Lexington, MA 02173-3198 or call
 617-674-7374 or fax 617-674-2906.  *
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Water-Reference          202-260-8760
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                                                   THE CATALYST JUNE/JULY 1995
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