United States
Environmental Protection
Office of Compliance
September 2001
                      r           ..activity plan
What is the EPA Compliance Assistance Activity Plan?

The Compliance Assistance Activity Plan (Plan) is an annual Agency-wide
effort to compile upcoming Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compliance
assistance activities into a single document. The Plan is designed to assist
compliance assistance providers to use resources more efficiently by:
1) identifying opportunities for partnerships 2) identifying gaps where compli-
ance assistance needs are not being met 3) coordinating similar efforts and
4) avoiding duplication. The Plan allows the regulated community to antici-
pate what compliance assistance will be available to them for the upcoming

What is the Scope of the Plan?

The Plan includes a comprehensive inventory of EPA compliance assistance
activities planned for an upcoming fiscal year. It contains projects from all ten
EPA regional offices as well as numerous Headquarters offices which under-
take compliance assistance activities.  The activities are displayed in a user
friendly table alphabetized by sector. Activities cover a wide range such as
regulation-specific guides, national initiatives, hotlines, websites, and training.
A national overview and analysis highlights EPA compliance assistance
resources and priorities.
                            Who Should Use the Plan?

                            Federal, state, tribal, and non-governmental compliance assistance providers
                            should use the Plan to help determine their upcoming compliance assistance
                            priorities and resources. The regulated community also should use the Plan
                            to anticipate what compliance assistance tools will be available to them.
                            Where Can I Obtain the Plan?

                            A complete electronic copy of the Plan is available on EPA's website
                            http://es.epa.gov/oeca/main/compasst/activityplan.pdf. The inventory of
                            projects and activities contained in the Plan is located on the National Compli
                            ance Assistance Clearinghouse atwww.epa.gov/clearinghouse under the
                            "Planned and Ongoing Activities" tab.

                            A hardcopy of the Plan can be ordered from EPA's National Center for Envi-
                            ronmental Publications (NCEP) at 1 -800-490-9198 using document number

                            Who Can I Contact for More Information?

                            Joanne Berman at (202) 564-7064 or by e-mail at berman.joanne@epa.gov
                            or Sandi Jones at (202) 564-7038 or by e-mail at jones.sandra@epa.gov