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         Information  Displayed  at a

         Central  Place - Part 2

         The Agricultural Worker Protection Standard (WPS) is a regulation issued by the U.S.
         Environmental Protection Agency in 1992 and amended in 1995.  It covers pesticides that are
         used in the production of agricultural plants on farms, forests, nurseries, and greenhouses. The
         WPS requires you to take steps to reduce the risk of pesticide-related illness and injury if you (1)
         use such pesticides, or (2) employ workers or pesticide handlers who are exposed to such
         pesticides.                              ,             ,

         This fact sheet will help you understand how to comply with WPS requirements for displaying
         information about pesticide applications. The questions answered here were submitted to the
         Agency by people seeking clarification on this part of the regulation. The questions and answers
         were released by EPA's Office of Compliance on March 15, 1995.
         The WPS requires posting of
         information on pesticide
         applications at a central location
         for at least 30 days after the
         expiration of Restricted Entry
         Interal (REI) (or, if there is no
         REI, for at least 30 days after the
         end of the application), or until
         workers are no longer on the
             establishment, whichever is
             earlier. [40 CFR  170.122 and
             170.222].  If treated soil is sold
             (in the pots with the crop) and is
             moved off the agricultural
             establishment (i.e., no longer
             under the control of the
             agricultural employer), does the
             application list have to remain
             posted at the agricultural
             establishment where pesticide
             treatment occurred?

Jl	I	,:,

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            - if treated
        fdants are no longer
   Yes. The application list must be
 1" displayed for at least 30 days after the
 11iij expiration of the REI (or, if there is no
III |j REI, for at least 30 days after the end of
  1 the application), or until workers are no
   Ipnger on the establishment, whichever
   is earlier. It is acceptable to note on the
  ii ...   ,   j  '	' "		f	>  	,	
   list that the treated area (treated
   plants/soil) is no longer on the
   agricultural establishment.

   If a crop is harvested and sold
   and the remaining stubble is
^Ililiil plowed under, does the
   application list at the central
   location still have to contain a
   listing of applications to that
   crop? What if another crop is
   planted in that area within a 30-
   day period?
   Yes. The list of applications posted at
   the central location would have to be
   displayed for at least 30 days after the
   end of the restricted-entry interval (or, if
   there is no restricted-entry interval, for
   at least 30 days after the end of the
   application) or at least until workers are
   no longer on the establishment. If
   another crop is planted within the 30-
   day period, the list of applications to the
;	;,	previous crop would still have to be
   displayed as well as any information on
   pesticide application to the new crop.
Potting soil/plants may be
treated with a pesticide in one
location and then be moved
either during the REI period or
during the 30 days after the end
of the REI.  If they are moved,
does the central posting
information have to be updated
to reflect the current location?
To meet trie requirement of the
regulations, the central posting
information must remain reasonably
accurate during the 30 days after the
REI, or if none, for 30 days after the
application, so that a worker will be able
to determirie which pesticides may be
present in areas he will enter.  Meeting
this performance standard can be
accomplished in a number of ways,
including: (1) updating the information;
or (2) providing the initial information
in such a way that it addresses any likely
changes to the location of the treated
area (the pots); or (3) in addition to
providing the initial location of the
pesticide application, referring in the
posting to markings or to other
identifiers on/with the pots  that remain
with them as they move; or (4) in some
other systematic manner that the
employer chooses to use to assure that
the information remains reasonably
accurate. This list of examples is not
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