United States
            Environmental Protection
            Air And Radiation
EPA 340/1-90-016
November 1990
Reporting And
Recordkeeping Requirements
For Waste Disposal

A Field Guide


This manual was prepared by Entropy Environmentalist, Inc. for the Stationary Source
Compliance Division of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  It has been
completed in accordance with EPA Contract No. 68-02-4462, Work Assignment No. 90-
123. This document is intended for information purposes ONLY, and may not in any
way be interpreted to alter or replace the coverage or requirements of the asbestos
National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP), 40 CFR Part 61,
Subpart M. Any mention of product names does not constitute endorsement by the
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
                                                                  Printed on Recycled Paper

Reporting And
Recordkeeping Requirements
For Waste Disposal
         A Field Guide


                                        FIELD GUIDE

       This is a guide to help you comply with the new reporting and recordkeeping requirements of
the asbestos National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP).  The specific
responsibilities of waste generators, transporters and waste disposal site operators are addressed, as
well as detailed explanations of how to complete the new forms accurately and efficiently. This field
guide is organized into four main sections as follows:
        Waste Shipment Record
        Reporting Requirements
        Recordkeeping Requirements
        Source Reporting Requirements for Disposal Site Operators


After (the effective date of this rule), all shipments of asbestos containing waste material must be
accompanied by a Waste Shipment Record (WSR) similar to the sample shown in Figure 1. When it is
signed by the generator, the transporter and the waste disposal site operator, the WSR documents the
movement and ultimate disposition of asbestos waste. The WSR consists of three parts and requires
three signatures, those of the generator, the transporter and the disposal site operator.

       A. Waste Generator

       Waste generator means any owner or operator of a source covered by this rule whose
       activities produce asbestos-containing waste materials.  Included are asbestos mills,
       manufacturers, fabricators, demolitions, renovations and spraying operations [40 CFR 61.149
       and 150]. Generators are responsible for filling out Items 1-9 of the WSR.  The original should
       be turned over to the transporter along with the waste shipment, although the generator
       should retain a copy of the WSR signed by the transporter acknowledging receipt of the waste
       shipment (Item 10) for his records.

       Directions for filling out the WSR form are found in Figure 1.  Items 1-4 and 6 provide
       important reference information.  In Item 5, Category I nonfriable materials (asbestos-
       containing packings, gaskets, resilient floor covering and asphalt roofing products) should be
       considered nonfriable if they have not been sanded, ground, burned, or abraded; and Category
       II materials such as asbestos-cement products taken out before demolition may be reported as
       nonfriable also.

       Item 7 asks for the quantity of waste in cubic meters or cubic yards.  You may report in the
       units that you are most comfortable using, but you are expected to make a good faith effort to
       report correctly.  Some helpful conversion factors are provided below:

        Drums and barrels used as asbestos-waste containers are typically of 35 gallons capacity.
       Gallons can be converted to cubic yards by multiplying gallons by 0.00379. In our example, 35
       gallons x 0.00379 = 0.133 cubic  yards for the volume of a drum or barrel.

        Plastic bags have a nominal volume of 0.1 cubic yards, but when they contain asbestos waste
       their volume is assumed to be about 0.075 cubic yards.
         Cubic yards can be changed to cubic meters by multiplying cubic yards by 0.765.  The drum
        for which we calculated a volume of 0.133 cubic yards would have a volume of 0.133 x 0.765 =
        0.102 cubic meters.

        Follow the  instructions given in Figure 1 to complete Items 8 and 9. When you turn the waste
over to the transporter, require the transporter to acknowledge receipt of the asbestos waste by signing
the WSR at Item 10: retain a copy of the WSR signed by the transporter for your files.

        B. Transporter

        At the time that you take possession of the load of waste, ask the generator for a WSR.
        Acknowledge receipt of the asbestos waste by signing  the WSR at Item 10; return a copy of it
        to the generator.  If you turn the shipment over to a second transporter require him to

        acknowledge receipt of the shipment by signing the WSR at Item 11.  It is recommended that
        you retain a copy of the signed document for your files when you surrender the WSR to a
        second transporter. The transporter who delivers the waste shipment to the waste disposal
        site should surrender the WSR to the disposal site operator.  It is recommended that you keep
        a copy of the WSR signed by the disposal site operator for your files as a matter of good
        business practice.
        C. Waste Disposal Site Operator

        Waste disposal site operators are not expected to open bags or other containers to verify that
        the material is asbestos: if a WSR accompanies the shipment, that is sufficient verification.
        You must complete Items 12 and 13 of the WSR according to the instructions in Figure 1 and
        send a copy of the WSR according to the name and address listed in Item 2 of the WSR. The
        disposal site operator should check to see that the numbers of containers reported in WSR
        Item 6 and the quantities reported in WSR Item  7 appear to be correct.  Any discrepancy
        should be noted in Item 12.

        If the WSR indicates a truckload of asbestos waste, ask the driver if he knows the truck's cargo
        capacity.  If he cannot tell you the capacity, estimate it by multiplying the length by the width
        by the height of the cargo compartment (all in feet) and divide by 27 cubic feet  to obtain cubic
        yards. If you know the capacity of a truck-say 20 cubic yards-and you judge it to be half-
        full, estimate the load as 10 cubic yards.

        Item 12 is also used to note improperly enclosed or uncovered waste.


        The revised NESHAP now includes reporting requirements for generators and waste disposal
site operators. Generators are required  to submit exception reports if they do not receive a copy of the
WSR signed by the disposal site owner or operator within 45 days of the date the shipment was
accepted by the first transporter.  Disposal site operators must file reports of discrepancies between the
quantities of waste indicated on the WSR and the quantities actually received, as well as reports of
improperly enclosed or uncovered waste.

        A. Exception Report

        If you as a generator of a shipment of asbestos waste do not receive a copy of the WSR  signed
        by the disposal site operator within 35 days after you turned  the waste over to the first
        transporter, you must take steps to locate the waste shipment.

        First, contact the transporter and verify the fact that the  waste was delivered to  the waste
        disposal site specified in Item 3 of the WSR. If the transporter has not delivered the shipment,
        determine the reason for the delay, and when it will be delivered.  If the transporter has
        delivered  the waste to the specified waste disposal site, inquire if a copy of the WSR signed by
        the disposal site operator can be made available to you.  (The transporter is not  required to
       obtain or keep a copy signed  by the disposal site operator: however, some may do so as a
       matter of good business practice.) Next contact the disposal site operator and determine why
       you have not received a copy of the WSR signed by him. Request that the disposal site
       operator send a signed copy of the WSR to you immediately.

       If you have not received a signed WSR from the disposal site  operator within 45 days after
       you turned the waste over to  the initial transporter, you  must submit a written exception

       report to the responsible NESHAP program agency (see Appendix A for a list of agencies and
       their jurisdictions).  The report should include a copy of the WSR in question as well as a
       cover letter that explains what you have done to locate the shipment, and the results of your

       B. Discrepancy Report

       As a waste disposal site operator, you will be checking the WSR that accompanies each
       asbestos waste shipment that arrives at your site to make sure that the information on the
       WSR accurately describes the waste shipment.  If you see that there is a discrepancy between
       the number of containers shown on the WSR and the number that you count in the  truck you
       should note this in Item 12 of the  WSR and contact the generator to determine if there is a
       reasonable explanation for the discrepancy. If you are able to reconcile the apparent
       discrepancy, make a note of it on  the WSR and forward it to the generator  as you would
       normally do.

       If you are unable  to resolve the discrepancy within 15  days of accepting the waste, you must
       send a written discrepancy report immediately to the responsible agency in whose jurisdiction
       the generator of the waste is located. The discrepancy report should describe the discrepancy
       in question and the steps you have taken to obtain an  explanation for it, such as how and
       when you attempted to reach the  generator. A copy of the shipment's WSR must accompany
       the discrepancy report.

       C. Report of Improperly Enclosed or Uncovered Waste

       Disposal site operators will check asbestos waste shipments arriving at their sites and are
       expected to look for significant  amounts of improperly enclosed or uncovered waste before the
       material is disposed of. If significant amounts of improperly enclosed or uncovered waste are:
       discovered in a shipment (see discussion under WSR), note it in Item  12 of the WSR and send,
       by the following working day, a written report of the problem to the specific agency
       responsible for administering the NESHAP program for the jurisdiction where the job site is
       located (identified on the WSR). If the disposal site is located in a different jurisdiction than
       the job site, you should also send a copy of the  WSR to the agency responsible  for the disposal
       site.  The written report should describe the improperly enclosed or uncovered waste in
       sufficient detail that the responsible agency can determine  the urgency of the situation and
       what action to take. A copy of the WSR must be submitted along with the written  report.

       New requirements for recordkeeping are set for waste generators and waste disposal sites.
Generators must keep copies of all WSR's for at least 2 years. In addition to keeping WSR's for at
least 2 years, active waste disposal sites must also keep records of the asbestos-containing waste
material located within the site.

       A. Waste Generator

       As a waste generator, you must retain copies of all WSR's, including WSR's signed by the
       owner or operator of the waste disposal site where the waste was deposited for at least 2
       years.  The WSR's should be kept in chronological order in a secure, water-tight file. You are
       expected to provide copies of WSR's upon request of the responsible agency and to make the
       WSR file available for inspection during normal business hours.

 B. Active Waste Disposal Site Operator

 You, the waste disposal site operator, are required to keep copies of WSR's that you have
 received for at least 2 years.  The WSR's should be kept in chronological order in a secure,
 water-tight file. You are expected, further, to provide copies of WSR's upon request of the
 responsible agency and to make the WSR file available for inspection during normal business

 Another new requirement is  that you now must maintain up-to-date records that indicate the
 location, depth and area, and quantity of asbestos containing waste material within the
 disposal site on a map or diagram  of the disposal area.

 You have the option of either restricting the asbestos waste to specified areas within the
 disposal site or depositing it  throughout the site.  In making this  decision you should consider
 the future use of the property after the disposal site has been closed.  By restricting the area
 where asbestos waste is deposited you will be able to preserve more of the property for future
 use.  However, if you choose to deposit asbestos waste throughout the site, the responsible
 agency would consider that the entire disposal area contains asbestos.

 When you open a new trench (or area) for asbestos waste disposal, place stakes in the ground
 at the corners of the trench.  Take precautions to see that the stakes are kept where they are
 originally positioned and are not broken during the time that the trench is being filled.  When
 you have filled the  trench, call  in a land surveyor. The surveyor  will use  the stakes to
 determine the location of the asbestos deposit within the disposal site. Ask the surveyor to
 prepare a map or diagram of the disposal site that shows the location(s) and surface
 dimensions of the asbestos deposit.

 Before beginning to fill a new trench with asbestos waste, measure the maximum depth of the
 trench, record it, and save it  to put on the map provided by the surveyor.  Use the data
 provided in Item 7 of the  WSR's to obtain the quantity of asbestos-containing waste material.
 Add up the cubic yards (cubic  meters) of waste indicated on the WSR's for all of the asbestos
 waste shipments that are deposited in the trench up until  the time that it is full and is closed.
 Also, put the total quantity of asbestos-waste deposited at the site on the map provided by the

 The map should be kept current until the time that the waste disposal site is closed.  At
 closure you must submit a copy of records of asbestos waste disposal locations and quantities
 to the agency responsible for administering the NESHAP program in your area.  The
 surveyor's map or diagram of the disposal site with the location and surface dimensions of the
 asbestos deposit(s),  maximum depth of the deposit(s) and asbestos waste quantities fulfills this
 requirement and should be submitted to the Administrator. See Figure 2 for an example of a

Within 60 days of closing your  waste disposal site you must record on the deed to the waste
 disposal site the following information:

  The land has been used  for the disposal of asbestos-containing waste material,

  The survey plot and record of the location and  quantity of asbestos containing waste
disposed of within the disposal site have been filed with (name of responsible agency), and

  The site is subject to 40 CFR 61 Subpart M.

       In some states, a Notation of Deed form can be used to add this information to a deed, while
in others it may be easier to prepare a new deed than it is to annotate an existing deed. You should
contact the Register of Deeds at the county seat of the county in which your disposal site is located to
learn the rules that cover deeds and for instructions on how to proceed.


       Another new requirement is that, within 90 days of the effective date of this rule, you are
required to report certain information about your asbestos waste disposal operations to the responsible
asbestos NESHAP program agency (see Appendix A for a list of agencies). Section 61.153 of the
asbestos NESHAP requires that you report the following information:

        A brief description of the waste disposal site, which would include such information  as the
       location and size of the disposal facility.

        A description of the method or methods that will be used to comply with the asbestos
       NESHAP, or a description of alternative methods that will be used. Methods to be used, such
       as covering asbestos waste daily with 6 inches of nonasbestos cover or the use of dust
       suppressants should be reported. Other information that might be reported includes
       procedures  to prevent public access to the asbestos waste disposal area, such as the use of
       warning signs and fencing.  You must report this information using the format in Appendix A
       of Part 61 of Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations (40 CFR).

       In addition  to the information listed above, you as the waste disposal site operator, must also
report the following information required by the source reporting requirements of Section 61.10 of
Subpart, Part 61 of 40 CFR.

         Name and address of the owner or operator.
         The location of the source.
         The type of hazardous pollutants emitted by the stationary source.

         A brief description of the nature, size, design, and method of operation of the stationary
        source including the operating design capacity of the source. Identify each point of emission
        for asbestos.

         The average weight per month of asbestos being processed by the source over the last 12
        months preceding the date of the report.

        If there is a change in any of the information listed above, you must report the changes to the
appropriate agency within 30 days after they occur.

2J Transporter

1. Work site name and mailing address Owner's name
2. Operator's name and address

3. Waste disposal site (WDS) name,
mailing address, and physical site
4. Name, and address of responsible
5. Description of materials
6. Containers
No. Type

Owner' s
telephone no.
telephone no.
phone no.

7. Total quantity
m3 (yd3)

8. Special handling Instructions and additional information
9. OPERATOR'S CERTIFICATION: I hereby declare that the contents of this
consignment are fully and accurately described above by proper shipping
name and are classified, packed, marked, and labeled, and are in all
respects in proper condition for transport by highway according to
applicable international and government regulations.
Printed/typed name & title
10. Transporter 1 (Acknowledgment of
Printed/typed name & title
Address and telephone no.
11. Transporter 2 (Acknowledgment of
Printed/typed name & title
Address and telephone no.
12. Discrepancy indication space
receipt of materials)
receipt of materials)

Month Day Year

Month Day Year

Month Day Year

13. Waste disposal site
owner or operator: Certification of receipt of asbestos materials
covered bv this manifest exceot as nntPH in itpm i?
Printed/typed name & title


Month Day Year
Figure 1.  Waste Shipment Record

Waste Generator Section (Items 1-9)



Enter the name of the facility at which asbestos waste 1s  generated  and
the address where the facility 1s located.  In the appropriate spaces,
also enter the name of the owner of the facility and the owner's  phone

If a demolition or renovation, enter the name and address  of the  company
and authorized agent responsible for performing the asbestos removal.
In the appropriate spaces, also enter the phone number of  the operator.

Enter the name, address, and physical site location of the waste
disposal site  (WDS) that will be receiving the asbestos materials.   In
the appropriate spaces, also enter the phone number of the WDS.  Enter
"on-site" 1f the waste will be disposed of on the generator's property.

Provide the name and address of the local, State, or EPA Regional office
responsible for administering the asbestos NESHAP program.

Indicate the types of asbestos waste materials generated.   If from a
demolition or  renovation, Indicate the amount of asbestos  that 1s

     -  Friable asbestos material
     -  Nonfrlable asbestos material

Enter the number of containers used to transport the asbestos materials
listed  1n Item 5.  Also enter one of the  following container codes used
in  transporting each type of asbestos material  (specify any other type
of  container used  if not  listed below):

     DM - Metal drums,  barrels
     DP - Plastic  drums,  barrels
     BA - 6 mil plastic bags or wrapping

Enter  the quantities of each  type of asbestos material  removed 1n units
of  cubic meters  (cubic  yards).

Use this space to  Indicate  special  transportation, treatment,  storage
or  disposal or Bill of  Lading  Information.   If  an  alternate waste
disposal site  1s designated,  note it here.   Emergency  response
telephone numbers  or similar  information  may be included  here.
 NOTE:   The waste generator must retain a copy of this form.

                         Figure 1.   Waste Shipment Record


 9.  The authorized agent of the waste generator must read and then sign
     and date this certification.  The date is the date of receipt by

Transporter Section (Items 10 & 11)

10. & 11.  Enter name, address, and telephone number of each transporter
           used, 1f applicable.  Print or type the full name and title of
           person accepting responsibility and acknowledging receipt of
           materials as listed on this waste shipment record for transport.
           Enter date of receipt and signature.

NOTE:  The transporter must retain a copy of this form.

Disposal Site Section (Items 12 & 13)

12.  The authorized representative of the WDS must note 1n this space any
     discrepancy between waste described on this manifest and waste actually
     received as well  as any improperly enclosed or contained waste.  Any
     rejected materials should be listed and destination of those materials
     provided.  A site that converts asbestos-containing waste material to
     nonasbestos material 1s considered a WDS.

     The signature (by hand) of the authorized WDS agent Indicates
     acceptance and agreement with statements on this manifest except as
     noted in Item 12.  The date 1s the date of signature and receipt of

NOTE:  The WDS must retain a completed copy of this form.  The WDS must
also send a completed copy to the operator listed 1n Item 2.
                      Figure 1.  Waste Shipment Record





                                                                Ji     CO
                                                                 CD    "D
                                                                -a  *  t*












Is- 0 .
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o | i8 1
g -   |
o1 o tfl co

            Appendix A
Local, State, and EPA Regional Agencies
    Responsible for Administering
    The Asbestos NESHAP Program

           EPA Regions
Region 2
Region 1        Asbestos NESHAP Coordinator
               Air Management Division
               U.S. EPA
               JFK Federal Building
               Boston, MA 02203
               (617) 565-3265

               States:  CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT

               Asbestos NESHAP Coordinator
               Air & Waste Management
               U.S. EPA
               26 Federal Plaza
               New York, NY 10278
                (212) 264-6770

                States: NJ, NY, PR, VI

Region 3       Asbestos NESHAP Coordinator
               Air, Toxics & Radiation
                Management Division
                U.S. EPA
                841 Chestnut Building
                Philadelphia, PA 19107
                (215) 597-6550

                States: DC, DE, MD, PA, VA, WV

Region 4        Asbestos NESHAP Coordinator
                Air, Pesticide & Toxic Division
                U.S. EPA
                345 Courtland Street, N.E.
                Atlanta, GA 30365
                (404) 347-5014

                States: AL, FL, GA, KY, MS, NC,
                SC, TN

 Region 5        Asbestos NESHAP Coordinator
                Air & Radiation Division
                U.S. EPA
                230 South Dearborn Street
                Chicago, IL  60604
                (312) 353-6793

                States: IL, IN, MI, MN, OH, WI

 Region 6        Asbestos NESHAP Coordinator
                Air, Pesticides & Toxics Division
                U.S. EPA
                1445 Ross Avenue, Suite 1200
                Dallas, TX  75202-2733
                (214) 655-7223

                States: AR, LA, NM, OK, TX
                                                      Region 7        Asbestos NESHAP Coordinator
                                                                     Air & Toxics Division
                                                                     U.S.  EPA
                                                                     726 Minnesota Avenue
                                                                     Kansas City, KS  66101
                                                                     (913) 551-7018

                                                                     States: IA, KS, MO, NE
                                                      Region 8
Asbestos NESHAP Coordinator
Air & Toxics Division
One  Denver Place
999  18th Street, Suite 500
Denver, CO 80202-2405
(303) 294-7685

States:  CO, MT, ND, SD, UT, WY
                                                      Region 9       Asbestos NESHAP Coordinator
                                                                     Air & Toxics Division
                                                                     U.S. EPA
                                                                     75 Hawthorne Street
                                                                     San Francisco, CA  94105
                                                                     (415) 744-1135

                                                                     States:  AZ, CA, HI, NV

                                                      Region 10      Asbestos NESHAP Coordinator
                                                                     Air & Toxics Division
                                                                     U.S. EPA
                                                                      1200 6th Avenue
                                                                     Seattle, WA 98101
                                                                      (206) 442-1757

                                                                      States:  AK, ID, OR, WA

Region 1 State Contacts
                                              Region 2 State Contacts
                                              REGION 2
Connecticut     Damlen Houlihan
                U.S. EPA
                JFK Federal Building, Room
                Boston, MA 02203
                (617) 565-3265
Bruce Buck
Dept. of Environmental
State House, Station 17
Augusta, ME  04333
(207) 582-8740

Metro Boston and North
John MacAuley
Dept. of Environmental
5 Commonwealth Avenue
Woburn, MA  01801
(617) 935-2160

Vacant. Inquiries are being
temporarily handled by the Metro
Boston and North office (above)

Greg Levins
Dept. of Environmental
75 Grove Street
Worcester,  MA 01605
(508) 792-7692

Roberta Ken
Dept. of Environmental
436 Dwight Street
Springfield, MA 01103
(413) 784-1100

John Le Febvre
Air Resources Division
Dept. of Environmental Services
64 N. Main  St., Caller Box 2033
Concord, NH  03302-2033
(603) 271-1370
Rhode Island    Damien Houlihan
               U.S. EPA
               JFK Federal Building, Room
               Boston, MA 02203
               (617) 565-3265

Vermont        Damien Houlihan
               U.S. EPA
               JFK Federal Building, Room
               Boston, MA 02203
               (617) 565-3265
New Hampshire
 New Jersey      Robert Fitzpatrick
                 U.S. EPA
                 Air and Waste Management
                 26 Federal Plaza
                 New York, NY 10278
                 (212) 264-6770

 New York        Robert Fitzpatrick
                 U.S. EPA
                 Air and Waste Management
                 26 Federal Plaza
                 New York, NY 10278
                 (212)  264-6770

 Puerto RiCo      Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
                 Environmental Quality Board
                 P.O. Box 11785
                 Santurce, PR 00910

 U.S. Virgin       U.S. Virgin Islands Dept. of
 Islands           Conservation and Cultural
                 P.O. Box 578
                 Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas
                 U.S. Virgin Islands 00801
                                                            Region 3 State Contacts
                                                            REGION 3
 Delaware        New Castle County
                Jim Walmer
                Dept. of Natural Resources and
                 Environmental Control
                715 Grantham Lane
                New Castle, DE  19720
                (302) 323-4542

                Kent or Sussex County
                Dave Burke
                Delaware Dept.  of Natural
                89 Kings Highway
                P.O. Box 1401
                Dover, DE  19903
                (302) 739-4791

District of        John Holmes
Columbia        DC Dept. of Consumer and
                 Regulatory Affairs
                2100 Martin Luther King Avenue
               Washington, DC 20020
                (202) 783-3181

Region 3 State Contacts
                                                          Region 4 State Contacts
Maryland       John McQuade
               Air Management Administration
               Maryland Dept. of the
               2500 Broening Highway '
               Baltimore, MD 21224
               (301) 631-3200

Pennsylvania   Dean Van Orden
               Division of Hazardous Air
               Bureau of Air Quality Control
               Dept. of Environmental
               P.O. Box 2357
               Harrisburg, PA 17105-2357
               (717) 787-9257

               Allegheny County (Pittsburgh)
               Fred Ebel
               Bureau of Air Pollution Control
               Allegheny County Health
               Dept.301 39th Street
               Pittsburgh, PA 15201
                (412) 578-8133

                Ed O'Neil
               Air Management Services
                Dept. of Public Health
                500 South Broad Street
                Philadelphia, PA  19146
                (215) 875-5678
Virginia         Charles King
                Virginia Air Pollution Control
                9th Street Office Building,
                Room 801
                Richmond, VA 23219
                (804) 786-6079

                For Notifications
                Virginia Dept. of Labor and
                Division of Occupational Health
                P.O. Box  12064
                Richmond, VA 23241
                (804) 786-8009

 West Virginia    Paul Rader
                West Virginia Air Pollution
                Control Commission
                1558 Washington Street, East
                Charleston, WV 25311
                (304) 348-4022
                                                         REGION 4
Ludwig C. Hoffmann, III
Air Division
Alabama Dept. of Environmental
1751 W.L. Dickinson Drive
Montgomery, AL 36109
(205) 271-7861

Jefferson County
Gerald Coker
Jefferson County Dept. of Health
P.O. Box 2648
Birmingham, AL 35202
Contact: Joe Wilson
(205) 930-1210

Charles Terrell
Natural  Resources and
Environmental Management
City of Huntsville
2033-C  Airport Road
Huntsville, AL 35801
(205) 883-3645

Ed Palagyi
Bureau  of Air Regulation
Florida  Dept. of Environmental
Twin Towers Office Building
2600 Blair Stone Road
Tallahassee, FL 32301
(904) 488-1344

Duval County
Pat Patterson
Div. of Bio-Environmental
Duval County Dept. of He:alth,
  Welfare, and Bio-
Environmental Sciences
421 West Church Street,
Suite 412
Jacksonville, FL 32202
(904) 630 3638

Hlllsborough County
Sheila Luce
Hillsborough County
   Environmental Protection
 1410 North 21st Street
Tampa, FL 33605
 (813) 272-5530

 Region 4 State Contacts
 Palm Beach County
 Jim Hearn
 Air Pollution Control
 Palm Beach County Health Dept.
 901 Evernia Street
 West Palm Beach, FL 33402
 (407) 355-3070

 Broward County
 Bill Hahne
 Broward County Environmental
  Quality Control Board
 621 South Andrews
 Fort Lauderdale, FL  33301
 (305) 765-4441

 Dade County
 Frank Echanique or Peter Basil
 Dade County Dept. of
 Environmental Resource
 Metro Government Ctr.,
 Suite 1310
 111 Northwest First Street
 Miami, FL  33128
 (305) 858-0601

 Pinellas County
 Eric Fehrmann
 Division of Air Quality
 Pinellas County Dept. of
  Environmental Management
 16100 Fairchild Drive
 Building V1O2
 Clearwater, FL 34622
 (813) 530-6522

 Marvin Bradford
 Asbestos Licensing and
 Certification Unit
 Environmental Protection
 Georgia Dept. of Natural
 156 Trinity Avenue, Suite 315
 Atlanta, GA 30303
 (404) 656-4999

 Parker Moore
 Division for Air Quality Control
 Frankfort Office Park
 18 Rellly Road
 Frankfort, KY  4O601
 (502) 564-2150

Jefferson County
Jerry Schlatter
Jefferson County Air Pollution
  Control District
850 Barrett Avenue
Louisville, KY 40204
 (502) 625-6000
                                                        North Carolina
                                                       South Carolina
 Jimmy Asbill
 Office of Pollution Control
 Mississippi Dept. of
 Environmental Quality
 P.O. Box 10385
 Jackson, MS 39289-0385
 (601) 961-5171

 Pat Curran
 Division of Environmental
 Asbestos Hazard Management
 Branch P.O. Box 27687
 Raleigh, NC 27611
 (919) 733-0820

 Mecklenburg County
 Dan Hardin
 Air Quality Section
 Environmental Management
 Mecklenburg County Dept. of
  Environmental Protection
 1200 Blythe Boulevard
 Charlotte, NC  28203
 (704) 376-4603

 Forsyth County
 Robert Fulp, Director
 Forsyth County Environmental
  Affairs Dept.
 537 North Spruce Street
Winston-Salem, NC  27101
Contact: Michael Hastings
 (919)  727-806O

Western North Carolina
Ronald Boone, Director
Western North Carolina Regional
Air Pollution Control Agency
 Buckingham County Courthouse
 P.O. Box 7215
Asheville, NC 28801-3569
 Contact: David Brigman
 (704)  255-5655

Dick Sharpe
South Carolina Dept. of Health
and Environmental
2600 Bull Street
Columbia, SC 29201
Contact: Jean Wheeler
(803) 734-4750

Region 4 State Contacts
                                                       Region 5 State Contacts
Tennessee       Robert Foster
                Division of Air Pollution Control
                Tennessee Dept. of Public Health
                Customs House, 4th Floor
                701 Broadway
                Nashville, TN 37247-3101
                Contact: Jackie Waynick
                (615) 741-3931

                Chattanooga-Hamilton County
                J. Wayne  Cropp, Director
                Chattanooga-Hamilton County
                 Air Pollution Control Bureau
                3511 Rossville Boulevard
                Chattanooga, TN 37404
                Contact: Jim Weyler
                (615) 867-4321

                Memphis-Shelby County
                Helen Keith, Manager
                Air Pollution Control
                Memphis-Shelby County Health
                814 Jefferson Avenue
                Memphis, TN 38105
                Contact: Jinneal Clark
                (901) 576-7653

                Nashville-Davidson County
                Paul Bontrager, Director
                Metropolitan Health Dept.
                Pollution Control Division
                Nashville-Davidson County
                311 Twenty-Third Avenue, North
                Nashville, TN 37203
                Contact: Fred Huggins
                (615) 340-5653

                Knoz County
                Terry Harris, Director
                Knox County Dept. of Air
                Pollution Control
                400 Main Avenue
                City/County Building, Room 459
                Knoxville, TN 37902
                Contact: Lynne Liddington
                (615) 521-2488

Otto Klein
Division of Air Pollution Control
Illinois Environmental Protection
P.O. Box 19276
Springfield, IL 62794-9276
(217) 785-1743

Frank Profit
Asbestos Section
Office of Air Management
Indiana Dept. of Environmental
P.O. Box 6015
Indianapolis, IN  46206-6015
Contact: Deborah Dubenetzky
(317) 232-8373

Keshav Singh
Air Quality Division
Michigan Dept. of Natural
P.O. Box 30028
Lansing, MI 48909
(517) 335-1588

David Crowell or Steve Giddings
Division of Air Quality
Minnesota Pollution Control
520 Lafayette Road
St. Paul, MN 55155
(612) 296-7653/296-7513

Tom Hadden
Division of Air Pollution Control
Ohio Environmental Protection
P.O. Box 1049
Columbus, OH 43266-0149
(614) 644-2270

Joe Brehm
Bureau of Air Management
Wisconsin Dept. of Natural
P.O. Box 7921
Madison, WI  53707
(608) 267-7541

 Region 6 State Contacts
New Mexico
 Arkansas Dept. of Pollution
 Control and Ecology
 8001 National Drive, P.O. Box
 Little Rock, AR 72219
 Contact: Jeff Purtle
 (501) 562-7444

 Asbestos Unit Coordinator
 Louisiana Dept. of Environmental
 P.O. Box 44096
 Baton Rouge, LA  70804-4096
 Contact: Chris Roberie
 (504) 342-9056

 Bemalillo County
 Air Pollution Control Division
 Environmental Health and
 Energy Dept.
 P.O. Box 1293
 Albuquerque, NM 87103
 Contact: Steve Walker
 (5O5) 768-2637

 Outside Bernalillo County
 Air Quality Bureau
 NM Environmental Improvement
 P.O. Box 968
 Santa Fe, NM  87504-0968
 Contact: Bill Hargraves
 (505) 827-0062

 Air Quality Service
 Oklahoma State Dept. of Health
 P.O. Box 53551
 Oklahoma City, OK  73152
 Contact: Tom Hudson
 (405) 271-5220

 Oklahoma City-County
 Air Quality Section
 Oklahoma City-County Health
 921 N.E. 23rd Street
 Oklahoma City, OK  73105
 Contact: Curt Goeller
 (405) 427-8651

 Tulsa City-County
 Air Pollution Control Program
Tulsa City-County Health Dept.
 4616 East 15th Street
Tulsa, OK 74112
 Contacts: Ray Bishop or Grady
 (918) 744-1000
 Director of Compliance Division
 Texas Air Control Board
 6330 Highway 290 East
 Austin, TX 78723
 Contact: Jeanne Philquist
 (Submit notifications to Texas
 regional offices)

 Air Pollution Control Program
 Environmental Health Division
 Dept. of Health and Human
 32O E. Jefferson,  LL-13
 Dallas, TX 75203
 Contacts: Gary Burlbaw or Roger
 (214) 948-4435

 El Paso
 Air Pollution Control Program
 El Paso City Health Dept.
 222 South Campbell
 El Paso, TX 79901
 Contact: Jesus J.  Reynoso
 (915) 543-3646

 Galveston County
 Environmental Control  Services
 Galveston County Health District
 P.O. Box 939
 LaMarque, TX 77568
 Contact: Karen Alexander
 (409) 938-7221

Bureau of Air Quality Control
Houston City Health and Human
  Services Dept.
7411 Park Place Blvd.
Houston, TX  77087
Acting Contact: Henry H.
(713) 640-4200

Fort Worth
Environmental Health Division
Fort Worth Public  Health Dept.
1800 University Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76107
Contact: Gene Rattan
(817) 870-7281
Contact: Gerald Bearden
(817) 870-7289

Region 6 State Contacts
Texas Air       Region 1
Control Board   Archer, Baylor, Brown,
Regional        Callahan, Childress, Clay,
Offices         Coleman, Comanche. Cottle,
               Eastland, Fisher, Foard,
               Hardeman, Haskell, Jack,
               Jones, Kent, Knox, Mitchell,
               Montague, Nolan, Runnels,
               Scurry, Shackelford, Stephens,
               Stonewall, Taylor,
               Throckmorton, Wichita,
               Wilbarger and Young Counties
               Wlnona Henry, Director
               Commerce Plaza Office Building
               1290 South Willis, Suite 205
               Abilene, TX  79605
               (915) 698-9674

               Region 2
               Armstrong,  Bailey, Brlscoe,
               Carson, Castro, Cochran,
               Collingsworth, Crosby, Dallam,
               Deaf Smith, Dickens, Donley,
               Floyd, Garza, Gray, Hale, Hall,
               Hansford, Hartley, Hemphill,
               Hockley, Hutchinson, King,
               Lamb, Lipscomb, Lynn,
               Lubbock, Moore, Motley,
               Ochiltree, Oldham. Farmer,
               Potter, Randall, Roberts,
               Sherman, Swisher, Terry,
               Wheeler and Toakum Counties
               Gerald Hudson, Director
               Briercroft South #1
               5302 South  Avenue Q
               Lubbock, TX 79412
               (806) 744-0090

               Region 3
               Bastrop, Bell, Blanco, Bosque,
               Brazos, Burleson, Burnet,
               Caldwell, Coryell, Falls,
               Fayette, Freestone, Grimes,
               Hamilton, Hays, Hill.
               Lampasas, Lee, Leon, Llano,
               Limestone, Madison,
               McClennan, Milam, Mills,
               Robertson,  Travis, Washington
               and Williamson Counties
               Eugene Fulton, Director
               500 Lake Air Drive, Suite 1
               Waco.TX 76710-5887
                (817) 772-9240

               Region 4
               Cameron, Hidalgo, Jim Hogg,
               Starr, Webb, Willacy and Zapata
                Robert Guzman, Director
               Mate Building, Room 204
                513 East Jackson
                Harlingen, TX 78550
                (512) 425-6010
Region 5
Aransas, Bee, Brooks, Calhoun,
Dewitt, Duval, Goliad, Jackson,
Jim Wells, Kennedy, Kleberg,
Lavaca, Live Oak, McMullen,
Nueces, Refugio, San Patricio,
and Victoria Counties
Tom Palmer, Director
1231 Agnes St., Suite #103
Corpus Christi, TX  78401
(512) 882-5828

Region 6
Andrews, Borden, Coke,
Concho, Crane, Crockett,
Dawson, Ector, Gaines,
Glasscock, Howard, Irion,
Loving, Martin, McCulloch,
Menard, Midland, Pecos,
Reagan, Reeves, San Saba,
Schleicher, Sterling, Sutton,
Terrell, Tom Green, Upton,
Ward, and Winkler Counties
Charley Sims, Director
 1901 East 37th Street, Suite 101
Odessa, TX 79762
(915) 367-3871

Region 7
Austin, Brazoria, Chambers.
Colorado, Fort Bend, Galveston,
Harris, Liberty, Matagorda,
Montgomery, Walker, Waller,
and Wharton Counties
 Herbert W. Williams, Jr., Director
 5555 West Loop, Suite 300
 Bellaire, TX 77401
 (713) 666-4964

Region 8
Collin, Cooke, Dallas, Denton,
Ellis, Erath, Fannin, Grayson,
Hood, Hunt, Johnson,
Kaufman, Palo Pinto, Parker,
Rockwall, Somervell, Tarrant,
and Wise  Counties
Melvin Lewis, Director
6421 Camp Bowie Blvd., Suite
Fort Worth, TX 76116
(817) 732-5531

Region 9
Atascosa, Bandera, Bexar,
Comal, Dimmit, Edwards, Frio,
Gillespie, Gonzales, Guadelupe,
Karnes, Kendall, Kerr, Kimble,
Kinney, La Salle, Mason,
Maverick, Medina, Real,
Uvalde, Val Verde, Wilson, and
Zapata Counties
James Menke, Director
 4335 Piedras West, Suite 101
 San Antonio, TX 78228
 (512) 734-7981

 Region 6 State Contacts
                Region 1O
                Angelina, Hardin, Houston,
                Jasper, Jefferson,
                Nacogdoches, Newton, Orange,
                Polk, Sabine, San Augustine,
                San Jacinto, Shelby, Trinity,
                and Tyler Counties
                Vic Fair, Director
                4605-B Concord Road
                Beaumont, TX 77703
                (409) 838-0397

                Region 11
                Brewster, Culbertson, El Paso,
                Hudspeth, Jeff Davis, and
                Presidio Counties
                Manuel Aguirre, P.E., Director
                1200 Golden Key Circle, Suite
                El Paso, TX 79925
                (915) 591-8128

                Region 12
                Anderson, Bowie, Camp, Cass,
                Cherokee, Delta, Franklin,
                Gregg, Harrison, Henderson,
                Hopkins, Lamar, Marion,
                Morris, Panola, Rains, Red
                River. Rusk, Smith. Titus,
                Upshur, Van Zandt, Upshur and
                Wood Counties
                Richard Leard, P.E., Director
                1304 South Vine Avenue
                Tyler, TX 75701
                (214) 595-2639

Region 7 State Contacts
Kurt Eskew
Air and Toxic Division
726 Minnesota Avenue
Kansas City, KS  66101
(913) 551-7618

Gary Miller
Asbestos Control Program
Kansas Dept. of Health and
Forbes Field, Building 740
Topeka, KS 66620-0001
(913) 296-1550

Mike Tharpe
Chief of Enforcement
Air Pollution Control Program
Missouri Dept. of Natural
P.O. Box 176
Jefferson City,  MO  65102
(314) 751-4817
 Greene County-Springfield
 Ron Boyer or Bryan Adams
 Air Pollution Control
   Health Unit
 Greene County-City of Springfield
   Health Dept.
 227 East Chestnut Expressway
 Springfield, MO 65802
 (417) 864-1663

 Kansas City
 Paul Stablein or Jennifer Logan
 Kansas City Air Quality Program
 414 East Twelfth Street, 21st
 Kansas City, MO 64106
 (816) 274-2501

 St. Louis
 Ronald Steinkamp
 Division of Air Pollution Control
 City Hall, Room 419
 St. Louis, MO  63103
 (314) 662-3334

 St. Louis County
 Dan Overton
 St. Louis County Air Pollution
 111 South Meramec Avenue
 Clayton, MO  63105
 (314) 854-6912

 Nebraska Dept. of Environmental
 P.O. Box 94877
 State House Station
 Lincoln, NE 68509
 (4O2) 471-2186

 Jacqueline Fiedler
 Division of Asbestos Control
 Nebraska Dept. of Health
 301 Centennial Mall South
 P.O. Box 94877
 Lincoln, NE 68509-5007
 (402) 471-2541

 Lincoln-Lancaster County
 Gary Walsh
 Air Pollution Control Section
 Division of Environmental Health
 Lincoln-Lancaster County Health
 220O St. Marys Avenue
 Lincoln, NE  68502
 (402) 471-8039

 Chester Black
Air  Quality Control Division
 5600 South 10th Street
 Omaha,  NE 68107
 (402) 444-6015

Region 8 State Contacts
                                                        Region 9 State Contacts

 North Dakota
 South Dakota
Alan Saville or Steve Fine
Compliance Monitoring and
  Enforcement Section
Air Pollution Control Division
Stationary Sources Program
Colorado Dept. of Health
4210 East llth Avenue
Denver, CO  80220
(303) 331-8509

Jack Bendixon
Denver Dept. of Health and
605 Bannock
Denver. CO  80204
(303) 893-6243

Warren Norton
Air Quality Bureau
Dept. of Health and
Environmental Sciences
Cogswell Building
Helena, MT  59620
(406) 444-3454

Ken Wangler
State Dept. of Health and
  Consolidated Laboratories
 1200 Missouri Avenue
P.O. Box 5520
Bismarck, ND 58502-5520
(701) 224-2348

Office  of Air Quality and Solid
Division of Water and Natural
Joe  Foss Building
 Pierre, SD  57501
 (605) 773-3153

Kent Bott
Bureau of Air Quality
Dept.  of Health
 P.O. Box 16690
 Salt Lake City, UT 84116-0690
 (8O1) 538-6108

 Salt Lake City County
 Donald K. Horsley
 Salt Lake City County Health
 610 South 200 East
 Salt Lake City, TJT 84111
 (801) 534-4516

 F. Gerald Blackwell
 Air Quality Division
 Dept.  of Environmental Quality
 122 West 25th Street
 Cheyenne, WY 82002
 (307) 777-7391
                                                       REGION 9
Wayne Hunt
Office of Air Quality
Arizona Dept. of Environmental
2005 North Central Avenue
Room 603C
Phoenix, AZ 85004
(602) 257-2276

Pima County
John Bartlett
Pima County AQCD
150 West Congress Street
Tucson, AZ 85701

Maricopa County
Stephen Olson
Maricopa County APCD
P.O. Box 2111
Phoenix, AZ 85001
(602)  258-6381 x506

California Air Resources Board
1101  "R" Street
Sacramento, CA  95812
Contact: Francis Mateo
(916)  322-3976

For Information:
Charles Kersey
GARB Compliance Division
P.O. Box 2815
Sacramento, CA 95812
(916) 322-8272

Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin,
Napa, San Francisco, San
Mateo, Santa Clara, South
Sonoma and South Solano
Public Information
Bay Area AQMD
939 Ellis Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 771-6000x210

Fresno County
Bob Bashian
Fresno County APCD
P.O.Box 11867
Fresno, CA  93775
(209) 445-3239

Humboldt, Del Norte, Trinity
Leonard Hen-
North Coast Unified AQMD
 5630 South Broadway
Eureka, CA 95501
 (707) 443-3093

Region 9 State Contacts
             Kern County
             Jon Adams
             Kern County APCD
             2700 "M" Street, Suite 275
             Bakersfield, CA 93301
             (805) 861-3682

             Kings County
             Mark Poindexter or Chuck Hanna
             Kings County APCD
             330 Campus Drive
             Hanford, CA 93230
             (209) 584-1411

             Lake County
             John Thompson
             Lake County AQMD
             883 Lakeport Blvd.
             Lakeport, CA 95453
             (707) 263-7000

             Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside,
             and San Bernardino (except
             Portion) Counties
             Paul Aunchman
             South Coast AQMD
             9150 Flair Drive
             El Monte, CA 91731
             (818) 572-6195

             Madera County
             Bill Sturk
             Madera County APCD
             135 West Yosemite Avenue
             Madera, CA 93637
             (209) 675-7823/24/25

             Mendocino County
             Philip Towle
             Mendocino County APCD
             Ukiah, CA 95482
             (707) 463-4354/5458

             Merced County
             John Lathrop
             Roland Brooks, Asst.  APCO
             Environmental Health
             Merced County APCD
             385 East Thirteenth Street
             Merced, CA 95340
             (209) 385-7391

             Modoc County
             Clinton B. Greenbank
             Modoc County APCD
             202 West Fourth Street
             Alturas, CA 96101
             (916) 233-3939x401
Mono, Inyo, and Alpine
Larry Cameron or Duane Ono
Great Basin Uniiled APCD
157 Short Street
Bishop, CA 93514
(619) 872-8211

Monterey County
Ed Kendig
Monterey Bay Unified APCD
 1164 Monroe Street, Suite 10
Salinas, CA 93906-3596
(408) 443-1135

Northern Sonoma County
George Erdman
Northern Sonoma County APCD
 109 North Street
Healdsburg, CA 95448

Sacramento County
Asbestos Coordinator
Sacramento Metropolitan AQMD
8475 Jackson Road, Suite 215
Sacramento, CA 95826
(916) 386-6650

San Bernardino County
(Desert Portion)
Richard Wales or Steve Jenkins
San Bernardino County APCD
15428 Civic Drive, Suite 2OO
Victorville, CA  92392
(619) 243-8200

San Diego County
Jimmy Cooksey
San Diego County APCD
9150 Chesapeake Drive
San Diego, CA  92123
(619) 694-3340

San Joaquin County
San Joaquin County APCD
P.O. Box 2009
Stockton, CA 95201
ATTN: Lakhmir Grewal
  APCD Director
(209) 468-3400
Contact: Jim Czarnecki
(209) 468-3476

San Luis Obispo County
San Luis Obispo County APCD
2156 Sierra Way, Suite B
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(805) 549-5912

Santa Barbara County
George F. Tise, II
Santa Barbara County APCD
240 East Highway 246, Suite 207
Buellton, CA 93427
(805) 686-5012

Region 9 State Contacts
                                          Region 10 State Contacts
Stanislaus Count7
Mark Macedo
Stanislaus County APCD
1716 Morgan Road
Modesto, CA 95351
(209) 525-4152

Tulare County
Joel Martins
Environmental Health Division
Tulare County APCD
Health Building
County Civic Center
Vlsalia, CA 93291
(209) 733-6441

Ventura County
Jay Nicholas
Ventura County APCD
800 South Victoria Avenue
Ventura, CA 93009
(805) 654-5031

Tolo and Northern Solano
Bill Schuldt
Yolo-Solano County APCD
P.O. Box 1006
Woodland, CA 95695
(916) 666-8146/47

Ken Hall
Clean Air Branch
Hawaii Dept. of Health
P.O. Box 3378
2611 Kllihau Street
Honolulu. HI 96801
(808) 543-8200

Washoe County
Brian Wright
Environmental Health/Air
Washoe County District Health
P.O.Box 11130
1001 East Ninth Street
Reno, NV 89520
(702) 328-2620

Clark County
Harold Glasser
Air Pollution Control Division
Clark County Health District
P.O. Box 4426
Las Vegas, NV 89127
(702) 383-1276
                                                         REGION 10
For Notification
Tom Wilson
Alaska Operations Office
Room 537, Federal Building
222 W. 7th Ave. #19
Anchorage, AK 99513-7588
(907) 271-5083

For Disposal
Alaska Dept. of Environmental
3601 C Street, Suite 1350
Anchorage, AK 99503
(907) 563-6529

Tim Trumbull
422 W. Washington Street
Boise, ID 83702
(208) 334-1626

Sara Armltage
State Asbestos Program
Oregon Dept. of Environmental
811 S.W. 6th Avenue
Portland, OR 97204
(503) 229-5186

Lane County
Tom Freeman
Lane Regional Air Pollution
Control Authority (LRAPA)
225 North 5th Street, Suite 501
Springfield, OR 97477
(503) 726-2514

Region 10 State Contacts
Washington     Ken Fukutomi
               Washington Dept. of Ecology
               4350 150th Avenue NE
               Redmond, WA 98502
               (206) 867-7107

               J. Phillip Cooke
               Tri-Counties Air Pollution Control
               650 George Washington Way
               Richland.WA 99352
               (509) 946-4489

               Terry Nyman
               Northwest Air Pollution Authority
               302 Pine Street, Suite 207
               Mount Vernon, WA 98273
               (206) 428-1617

               Chuck Peace
               Olympic Air Pollution Control
               120 East State Avenue
               Olympia, WA 98103
               (206) 586-O593 xlOO

               Puget Sound
               Joe Eng
               Puget Sound Air Pollution
               Control Agency
               20O West Mercer Street, Room
               Seattle, WA 98119-3958
               (206) 296-7335
Richard Serdoz
Southwest Air Pollution Control
1308 N.E. 134th St., Suite D
Vancouver, WA 98685-2747
(206) 574-3058
(800) 633-0709

Ron Edgar
Spokane County Air Pollution
  Control Authority
W. 1101 College Avenue,
Room 230
Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 456-4727 x!05

Taklma County
Yakima County Clean Air
County Courthouse
Yakima, WA  98901
(509) 575-4116

                                   State Index
Alabama 	14
Alaska  	22
Arizona	20
Arkansas   	17
California   	20
Colorado 	20
Connecticut	13
Delaware	13
District of Columbia	13
Florida	14
Georgia	15
Hawaii	22
Idaho	22
Illinois	16
Indiana 	16
Iowa  	19
Kansas 	 19
Kentucky	15
Louisiana	17
Maine 	13
Maryland	14
Massachusetts	13
Michigan	16
Minnesota	16
Mississippi 	15
Missouri  	19
Montana  	20
Nebraska	19
Nevada  	22
New Hampshire	13
New Jersey  	13
New Mexico	17
New York	13
North Carolina	15
North Dakota	20
Ohio  	16
Oklahoma	17
Oregon	22
Pennsylvania	14
Puerto Rico  	13
Rhode Island	13
South Carolina 	15
South Dakota 	20
Tennessee  	16
Texas	17
Utah 	20
Vermont  	13
U.S. Virgin Islands	13
Virginia	14
Washington	23
West Virginia	14
Wisconsin	16
Wyoming	20




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