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                         Environmental Protection
Office of Water
April 2000
vvEPA           Becoming  a  WAVE  Supporter

                              Water Alliances for Voluntary Efficiency (WAVE) is part of the U.S. Environmental
                              Protection Agency's (EPA's) long-term effort to prevent pollution and reduce demands
                         on the nation's water and energy resources. WAVE is a voluntary partnership that encourages
                         commercial businesses and institutions to examine water usage and implement water effi-
                         ciency programs. WAVE has two types of participants: Partners and Supporters. WAVE
                         Partners include the lodging industry, office buildings, and educational institutions.

                         Who are WAVE Supporters?
                         WAVE Supporters represent a variety of resource-conscious commercial and governmental
                         entities: equipment manufacturers and suppliers, water management companies, consulting
                         firms, state and local governments, and utilities. Supporters demonstrate their commitment
                         to the environment by implementing (where profitable) water-efficient practices, including
                         installation of low-flow fixtures.

                         How  do Supporters help the WAVE Program?
                         The most important role of a WAVE Supporter is to help publicize the benefits of efficient
                         water management — from both economic and environmental points of view — and assist
                         Partners with their conservation efforts! WAVE Supporters can also make their customers
                         and clients aware of the WAVE Program and the benefits of being a WAVE Partner. EPA pro-
                         vides WAVE Program literature and water management software — WAVE "Saver — specific
                         to each type of WAVE Partner.
     Water Alliances For
     Voluntary Efficiency
                        What can WAVE*Saver do?
                        WAVE »Saver, a windows-based software package Available from EPA, enables facility engi-
                        neers and managers to survey and track water use, and identify specific water saving oppor-
                        tunities. The program includes full-motion video demonstrations, color photos and graphics,
                        and online tutorials.
                        WAVE*Saver allows you to track
                        water use throughout the facili-
                        ty. You can then identify and
                        evaluate a variety of water effi-
                        ciency measures to save water in
                        those functions. WAVE*Saver
                        has budgeting and forecasting
                        features, and also  includes an
                        automated WAVE  report feature
                        to make completing and submit-
                        ting efficiency measures reports
                        as simple as printing! Operating
                        instructions are included in the
                        "help" feature, making a paper
                        copy unnecessary.
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How Can I Join?
WAVE membership is only a phone call away! Call 202 260-7288 for complete information on
becoming a WAVE Partner or Supporter. You also can write to the WAVE Program at U.S. EPA
(4204), Ariel Rios Building, 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20460; or visit our
site on the Internet at . Don't just go with the flow, ride the
WAVE of water efficiency by joining those WAVE members who have already made the commit-
ment to conserve our vital water resources while saving money.

EPA cannot endorse specific WAVE Supporters, nor recommend that WAVE Partners conduct
business with any Supporter to the exclusion of non-Supporter companies.
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