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• 8 Tools for Watershed Protection in
  Developing Areas
• ABC's of TMDLs for Stakeholders
• Introduction to Trading for Water Quality
• Low Impact Development Strategies, Tools and
  Techniques  for Sustainable Watersheds
• Using EPA's Draft Handbook for Developing
  Watershed Plans to Restore and Protect Our
• Sustainable Funding for Watershed Groups
• Integrating  Wetlands into Watershed Protection
• Influencing  Behaviors Using Social Marketing
• Integrating  Drinking Water into Watershed
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The Watershed Academy is a focal point in EPA's Office of Water for
 providing training and information on implementing watershed
approaches. The Academy sponsors live classroom training, online
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EPAs free monthly Webcasts provide training and
information for busy watershed practitioners like you.
Anywhere in the world, you can have this valuable
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These 2-hour Web seminars help watershed
organizations, agencies, municipalities, and private
industry create more sustainable communities using
a comprehensive watershed approach.
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• Get the  latest training from today's top watershed
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• Go to www.epa.gov/watershedwebcasts for a list of
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• Then follow the instructions.
Each Webcast includes a Web-based slide
presentation  with companion audio. You can elect to
participate either by telephone or streaming audio
through the Internet. The registration page provides
links to various media players and lets you check
your computers capabilities. Question-and-answer
periods offer  participant interaction with the
Registration  is on a first-come, first-served basis and
opens approximately one week prior to each seminar.

How do I  access  past Webcasts?
Archives of previous Webcasts are posted
at www.epa.gov/watershedwebcasts
and available at your        >"^*
convenience  anytime!!
Like the live training      *
classes, the archives    /
include:               j-

• Presentation slides
 (with embedded audio)  .
 that you can view on-line  •
 or download and print.

• Biographies and pictures of the

• A brief abstract.

• Links to additional resources.
What are our Webcast participants
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"Thank you so much for the professional, interesting,
and informative session. I applaud your efforts -
excellent learning tool."
"There were six of us at my office that tuned in to this
program. The Webcast is a very effective forum, and
it's nice to not have  to travel!"
"I have been in the watershed non-profit field for
15 years. This was a very useful and concise
presentation that  I can share with my staff and
volunteer directors.  I plan to implement
recommendations in our 2006 funding plan

The materials presented in these Webcasts are reviewed
by EPA staff for technical accuracy. However, the views of
the speakers and the  speakers organizations are their own
and do not necessarily reflect those of the  EPA. Mention
of any commercial enterprise, product, or publication does
not mean that EPA endorses them.