United States
Environmental Protection
Region 10
Pesticides Section
Seattle, Washington
May 1994
Protect Yourself from Pesticides-
Guide for Agricultural Workers (Vietnamese)

TU Bao-Ve Ban Khoi Thuoc Sau Doc-
     Chi Nam Cho Nhung Nong Nghiep Vien

 The Environmental Protection Agency revised the Worker Protection Standard for agricultural
 pesticides in August 1992. The revised Worker Protection Standard requires that agricultural workers
 be given training in basic pesticide safety.

 Protect Yourself from Pesticides:  Guide for Agricultural Workers was developed by the Environmental
 Protection Agency; it presents all of the information required for training under the Worker Protection
 Standard. Some States and Tribes have additional requirements for pesticide safety training for
 agricultural workers. Contact the State and Tribal agency responsible for pesticide enforcement in your
 area to obtain information needed to comply with all State or Tribal training requirements.

 There are other materials about the Worker Protection Standard that are being developed by EPA.  They
 include a safety poster, a handbook on pesticide safety for pesticide handlers, and a manual for
 agricultural employers.  For more information about safety training and about the revised Worker
 Protection Standard, contact

 Occupational Safety Branch (H7506C)
 Office of Pesticide Program
 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
 401 M Street, S.W.
 Washington, D.C. 20460
 (703) 305-7666

 Vao thang tarn nSm 1992, S6f Bao-vf Moi-sinh (EPA) da vit lai Mlu Ti&i-chuan Bao-v Nguoi Lao-
 dong v nhGng thu6c sau trong nghe nong. Su stia lai Mlu Tiu-chuan nay ygu cau nhung nguoi lam
 nghe" nong dupe c6 su hua'n-luygn can-ban ve" Ceich an-toan cho thu6c sau. >

Cu6n Tu Bdo-vS Ban Khdi Thuoc S&u Doc: Bach  Chi Nam Cho Nhting Ngudi Ndng Nghiep Vifri ny da du

   Pesticides help

   control pests,

   but they can

   also hurteven


   Pesticides control pests
   such as insects and
   weeds. Pesticides can
   also hurteven kill
   people. The law helps
   protect you from
   pesticide poisoning.
   You can also help
   protect yourself.
G Thuoc sau giup

   h an che'sau bo,

   nhung no cung

   co the lam thiet



   Thuoc sau dung d han
   che: c6n trung chSng
   han nhu sSu bo v^ c6
   dai. Thuoc sSu c6n c6
   thl gay len thtet
   haikl ca lam
   chgtngu6i. PhSplu$t
   c6 the giup c^c ban kh6i
   b| d^c tij thu6c siu,
   .nhung c^c ban cung c6n
   c6 th^ ty bao v chfnh
   minh ntta.

   Learn how to
   protect yourself.

   If you don't
   understand, ask
   for help.

   If pesticides are used
   where you work, your
   boss must make sure
   you are trained in
   pesticide safety.

   This book has facts
   about pesticide safety.
   If you do not
   understand this book or
   your safety training,
   ask for help.
Q Hay hoc hoi each


   chinh ban.  Neu

   khong hieu, hay

   tim sti giup 00.

   Neu thuo'c sau da dung
   6 noi ban lam vi$c, thl
   nguoi quan 1^ cua ban
   phai bao dam la ban da
   dupe huan luy^n v^ sy
   antoan chothu^csau.

   Cu6n s&ch nay c6
   nhung chi ti^t lien quan
   tdi each an toan cho
   thu<5csSu. Neu ban
   khdng hi^u s&ch nay
   hay sy hultn luy$n an
   toan cua ban, thl hay
   tim su giup da.

 i Wear clothes

   that cover

   your skin.

   You should wear dean
   work clothes each day
   that will cover your

   Long pants.

   A long-sleeved shirt.

   Shoes and socks.
Q Mac nhung flo

   phuc nao ma

   che kin fluoc da

   ngtiofi cua ban.

   Ban nfin m5c quan 60
   sach di lam m6i ngay
   d^ da ngudi cua ban
   duqrc che kin nhu:

    Quan dai.

    Ao lay dai.

    GiSy v^ d6.

   At work, look for
   soap and water.
   At work, you must be
   provided with soap,
   water, and towels if the
   areas where you work
   have had pesticides
   applied in at least the
   last 30 days. Pesticides
   dry on crops as a
   powderthis powder
   is the residue.  A
   residue can remain on a
   crop many days after
a 6 nfli lam viec,

   hay tint ttiindi

   flexa phong va


   6 noi lam vide, ban can
   dugc phai cung cap xh .
   ph&ng, nude, va khan
   lau nu noi ban lam d3
   c6 rai thu6c sau t6i
   thieu Id trong v6ng 30
   ngay trudc d6. Thuoc
   sau kho dong 6 tren cay
   c6 nhu 1 bOt phanb6t
   pha'n nay IS cha't cdn
   ton tai lai cua thu6c
   sau. Chkt nay 06 th^
   dpng lai 6 trSn la rau
   hay lua rat la nhieu
   ngay sau khi thu6c s2u
   da duoc rai.

   Wash your hands
   and face before
   you eat, drink,
   smoke, or chew
   Your hands and face
   may get pesticides on
a Rtiatayvamat
   cua ban trutic
   khi ban an, uong,
   hut thuot la, hay
   nhai sing-gum
   lay va m$t cua ban c6
   the1 truyfcn nhiem thuoc
   sau len c^c thij neu

  Wash your hands
  before using the
  toilet at work.
a Rfataytrutickhi
  fli ve-sinh 6 noi
  lam viec cua

   Stay out of areas

   where pesticides

   are being

   applied. II

   pesticides drift

   to where you are

   working, get out!

   It is against the law for
   anyone to apply
   pesticides in an area
   where you are working,
   or to let pesticides drift
   onto you.
Q Tranh nhOng ntii

   ma thuoc sau

   dang fltfdc ri.

   Neu thuo'c sau tir


   nfli cua ban dang

   lam viec, lap tile

   rdi khoi noi do!

   LuSt phap cam \h
   khOng ai duoc rSc rai
   thu6c sau noi ma ban
   dang lam viec, hay la
   de thuoc sSu bay len
   t6i ngudi cua ban.

   If you see this

   sign, or ones

   like it, keep out!

   This sign means that
   pesticides are in the
   area. You must have
   special training and
   protection to go into the
Q Ne'u ban nhin

   thay bdng chQ

   nhu the nay, hay

   nhflng dang chQ


   thi rdi fli xa ra!

   Bang chQ nay ra dau
   hiu Ih c6 thudc slu
   hien difn 6 trong vung
   d6. Ban can phdi c6 su
   huSn luy^n dc bit v&
   su bao ve an toan mdi
   c6 thl di vao not d6,

   Stay out of
   areas your boss
   tells you not to
   Even if no sign is posted.
a Trnh nhflng ndi
   ma ngiifli quan ly
   (chu nhan) cua
   khong nen vao...

   Cho du 1^ hot d6 khdng
   c6 de bing c^m.

   Never take
   pesticides or
   home from
   They are not safe for
   use around the home.
Q Difng nao gid
   mang thuoc sail
   hoac thting flung
   thuoc sau tirndi
   lam ve nha.

   Nhfing v|t nay khdng
   c6 an toan d^ dung cho
   chung quanh nha 6

                         Keep children

                         away from areas

                         where pesticides

                         might be.

                         At home, keep
                         pesticides away from
                      a Hay gifl cac trfe


                        nhflng ndi c6 the

                        co thuoc sau.

                        6 nhi, hay c^t giQ
                        thu6'c sau ngoai tarn vdi
                        cia c^c tre nh6.

   After work each

   day, wash your
   whole body,
   including your

   Use plenty of soap and
   water. Then put on
   clean clothes.
o Hay tarn rite, ke

   ca goi flau, sau

   mdi ngay lam

   viec ve.

   Nen dung th$t nhteu xS
   ph6ngvanu6c. Rbi
   m3c vao nhQng quan ao

                            Keep dirty work

                            clothes away

                            from non-work

                            clothes and

                            from the family


                           Pesticides may get on
                           your clothes at work.
                           Wash your work
                           clothes, including your
                           cotton gloves before
                           using them agian.
                        Q GiQ nhQng quan

                           do di lam da-ban

                           rieng ra vfii

                           nhfing quan do

                           khfing phi fle di

                           lam va nhung

                           quan do fle giat

                           cua gia dinh.

                           Thu6c sau co thg dfnh
                           vao qu^n ao ciia ban tu
                           noilamvi^c. Git
                           nhQng quln ao di lam
                           cua ban, k ca bao lay
                           vai g6n trudc khi mSc
                          chung trc> lai.

 i Pesticides are

   applied in

   different ways:

   Liquids or sprays.

   Powders or granules.


   Pesticides may be in
   many places. Pesticides
   may be on plants and
   on the soil. Often you
   can't tell pesticides are
a Thuoc sdu fluac

   rac rai rat nhieu


   Nuot hay bui nu6c xjt

   Bpt pha'n hay hat nho.

   Hoi khi.

   Thuoc sSu c6 the* 6 rft
   nhifeunoi. ThuScsSu
   c6 th^ 6 trn thuc-v$t
   (cay c6i) va trdn dS't.
   Binh thudng ban khong
   the biet duqc thuo'c siu
   6 nhijng noi d6.

Pesticides my
be in irrigation
water and on
                                                 Q Thuoc sau c6 the
                                                    6 trong nude tttftii
                                                    va d trong nhflng
                                                    dung cu tufii

   Pesticides may
   be in storage
   areas and in
   places where
   pesticides are
   mixed and
Q Thuoc sau co the
  d trong nha kho
  va of Hiring nai
  ma thuoc sau da
  dtfdc pha che'
  va chuyen chd.

                                  Pesticides drift
                                  from where they
                                  are being
                               Q Doi khi thuoc
                                  sau b| gio cuon
                                  fli tii noi chung
                                  dang flUflc dp-
Move Away!
 Roi Xa Ra!

   Pesticides can

   hurt you if:

    They get on your skin.

    They get on your eyes.

    You breathe them.

    You swallow them.

   Workers are hurt most
   often by getting
   pesticides on their skin.
Q Thuoc sau co the

   gay touting tich

   tdi cho ban neu:

    Chung bm ten da
     thit cua ban.

    Chung bay vao mat
     cua ban.

    Ban hit chung vao.

    Ban nuo't chung vao.

   PhSn nhieu nhflng
   ngudi lam bi thuong
   tich thuong la do thuoc
   sau bm len da thjt cua

                          Pesticides may
                          hurt you right

                          If pesticides get on or in
                          you, they may make
                          you sick right away, or
                          hours later.
                       a Thuoc sau c6 the

                          lam haf toi ban

                          ngay lap We.

                          Neu thufic sSu b&m l&n
                          hay vao ngudi cua ban/
                          chung c6 the lam cho
                          ban bi benh ngay lap
                          tuc, hay la nhifeu
                          dbng ho sau dd.

   Pesticides may
   cause skin
   rashes or hurt
   your nose,
   throat, or eyes.
Q Thuoc sau c6
  chufng ban da
  hay Id lam dau
  mui, cuong
  hong, va mat
  cua ban.

Throwing up/6i mua

Tired/Nlt mdi
Sweaty/Ra mo hoi
                                                        Pesticides can
                                                        make you feel
                                                        sick in different
                                                     a ThuD'c sau co the
                                                        lam cho ban
                                                        vfii nhieu each
                                                        khac nhau.
Headache/Nhtfc flau
Dizziness/Chong mat
     pains and
     Bap thjt hi
     dau va co rut

   Other signs of
   poisoning are:


    Trouble breathing.

    Very small pupils of
    your eyes.
Q Nhflng dau hieu
   triing doc khac
   cua thuoc sau
   nhu la:

    Chiy nude dSi.

    Bi kh6 thd.

    Con nguoi trong m&t
    cua ban bj nh6 lai.

                     Pesticides may
                     harm some
                     people more
                     than others.
                   a Thuoc sau co the
                     gay thuong tfch
                     ngitii kltic nhau.


   pesticides on or

   in you may have

   effects after

   months or years

   have passed.

   Delayed effects may be
   cancer, or harm to your
   kidneys, liver, or
   nervous system.

   Another delayed effect
   may be birth defects, if
   pregnant women are
   exposed to pesticides.
a Oethuocsau

   bam len hay vao

   ngufdi cua ban c6

   the bi anh hiring

   toi ban nhieu

   thang hay nam

   ve sau fld.

   Anh-hu6ng cua su lau
   dai c6 the dua tdi ung
   thu, hay lam hai th^n,
   gan, hay hf than kinli
   cua ban.

   M6t anh-hu6ng lau dai
   khac to co the bi thieu
   thai, ne'u la phu nQ c6
   thai ma 6 gin nhung
   noi c6 thuoc sau.

   Medical help is
   listed on or near
   a pesticide-
   safety poster at
   your work.
   Make sure you know
   where this and the
   nearest phone are.
a SU giup flfi y-te
   thuong ghi tren
   hay gan bang
   thong ttio suf an
   to^n cua thudc
   sau d ndi lam
   vlec cua ban.
   Ban phai nen bi^t ban
   nay nSm 6 dau cung vdi
   noi dien thoai nao gan

   If you or

   someone else

   gets sick while

   working, tell

   your boss right


   Your boss must make
   sure you get to medical
   help if you think you've
   been poisoned at work
   by pesticides.
Q Neu ban hay

   ngufli nao khac

   bj benh dang

   trong luc lam

   viec, hay ndl vfii

   nguoi quan ly

   cua ban ngay

   lap Me.

   Ngu6i quan ty cua ban
   phai ch5c chan la ban
   duoc su giup dd cua y
   te khi ban nghl rang
   ban da bi dpc til thuoc
   sau 6 noi lam vic.

                          Your boss will



                          about the


                          Your boss must give you
                          or your doctor the name
                          and other information
                          about the pesticide that
                          might have made you
                       Q Nguoi quan ly


                          ban Diet chi tiet

                          ve thuoc sau.

                          Ngudi quan ly hay bac
                          si cua ban phai cho ban
                          biet rd ten cung nhu chi
                          Hft ve chat  thu6c sSu
                          mi n6 lam cho ban b|

   If a pesticide

   gets on you, get

   it off right away!

   1. Take off clothing
      that has pesticide
      on it.

   2. Rinse skin right
      away with water.

   3. Wash with soap
      and water as soon
      as possible.
Q Neu c6 thuoc

   sau dfnh len

   ngitii cua ban,
   hay trut bo

   chung ngay lap

   1.  HSy c6i do dang
      m3c ma bi dfnh
      thu6"c s3u.

   2.  H5y xa nude len da
      ngay 12p hie.

   3.  Hay nla v6i nude
      va xa phdng cang
      nhanh cang t6t.

                      If you begin to
                        (eel sick or your
                        eyes, skin, or
                        throat hurt, go to
                        a doctor right
                        Your boss must make
                        sure you are taken to a
                        clinic or doctor.

                     Q Neubanbatflau
                        cam thay b| benh
                        hay mat, da,
                        hong cua ban bj
                        dau, di gap bac
                        si ngay lap ttifc.
                        Ngudi quan ty cua ban
                        phai chSc chan la ban
                        duoc dua tdi mot bf nh-
                        nghim vi^n hay mpt
                        bac si.

If you or

someone else

swallows a

pesticide, get

medical help

right away!

1.  Call a poison
    control center or
    doctor, or go to the
    doctor if it's faster.
    Give the name of
    the pesticide and
    the first aid
    directions from the

2.  If you can't call for
    help, or while you
    wait for help,
    follow the first aid
    steps on the label.

3.  Get to a doctor as
    soon as possible!
    Have the name of
    the pesticide with

                        G Neu ban ho3c

                           ngufli nao khac

                           nuot phai thuoc


                           giup flO cua y-te

                           ngay lap tflc.

                        1.  Goi di|n thoai cho m$t
                           co quan khien-sti (co
                           quan trvi-dpc) hay m$t
                           bic si, hay la di bic si
                           n^u nhanh hon.

                        2.  Neu ban khong thl goi
                           ai dupe, hay trong luc
                           chd dpi su giup dd, hay
                           lam theo su chl dan tren
                           nhan hif u cua thung
                           chua dung thuoc sau.

                        3.  Di bc si cang s6m cang
                           tSt!  BanhaynhtHgy
                           theo c&i ten cua loai
                           thudc siu.

   Leave closed
   areas right away
   if you start to
   teel sick or

   If you are working in an
   enclosed area, like a
   greenhouse, get to fresh
   air right away if you
   begin to feel dizzy or
   have trouble breathing.
0 Hay roi khoi ndi

   kin hdi ngay Ifp

   ttifc neu ban cm

   thay kho chiu (Hi

   benh) hay chong


   Neu ban dang lam viec
   trong mt noi dupe vay
   kfn, chang ban nhu
   trong m
                            If someone gets

                            sick from

                            breathing a


                            1.  Get them to fresh
                               air right away.

                            2.  Loosen their

                            3.  If not breathing,
                               give mouth-to-
                               mouth (CPR).
                        Q  Neu c6 ai bj

                            benh boi hit

                            phai thuoc s3u...

                            1.  Hay dua ho ra noi
                               kh6ng khi trong

                            2.  N6i rpng ao quan
                               cua hp ra.

                            3.  Ne'u hp kh6ng ttf
                               thd duoc, thi hSy
                               chuyen hoi th6 qua
                               mifng cho hp

   If somone

   passes out in an

   enclosed area,

   set helpdon't

   go in!

   Never try to rescue
   someone who has
   passed out in a
   greenhouse or other
   enclosed area unless
   you have special
   training and breathing
   equipment.  Find
   someone who can help.
a Neu cti ai bj ngat

   siu trong noi vay

   kin, hay tim su

   giiip flflflirng

   di vao flb!

   Dung bao gid tu cuu ai
   khi ho bi ngat siu trong
   nhH ki^ng trbng cay hay
   noi vay kin trfr khi ban
   d3 c6 huan-luyfn d^c
   bit vt dung cu h6 hap.
   Hay fim ngudi khac dl
   ho c6 th^ giup ban.

                          Eye damage can

                          happen fast!

                          Rinse your eyes

                          for 15 minutes.

                          If a pesticide gets in
                          your eyes, hold them
                          open and rinse them
                          with a gentle stream of
                          cool water. Rinse for 15
                          minutes if possible.
                          Then go to a doctor.
                       Q Ton tluidng tfli

                          mat co the xay

                          ra rat nhanh

                          citing!  Ph*t

                          nude len mat

                          cua ban cho


                          Neu mSt cua ban bi
                          chung phai thutfc sau,
                          hay giQ cho mSt m6 to
                          ra va phdt nude lanh Ign
                          vdi ddng nude nhe nhe.
                          N^u dugc thl phat nude
                          cho khoang 15 phut.
                          Sau d6 thi di bac si.

   Get medical

   In all cases of pesticide
   poisoning, get medical help
   as soon as possible.
a Haytimstigiup

   flO cua y-te!

   Trong mpi trudng hop
   khi trung phai thu6c
   sau ddc, hay Hm su
   giiip d9 cua
   y-te cang sdm cang t6t.

Your boss must

tell you about

pesticide use at


Your boss must: Warn you
about areas where pesticides
are to be applied and areas
you may not enter. Your boss
must post: The name of the
pesticide, exactly where it was
applied, the restricted entry
interval, and when the
workers may return to the
work area. This information
has to be wretten and posted
in a central location that is
easily accessible to all
workers, before the pesticides
are applied.
                                                     LJ Ngifft quan ly
                                                        cua ban pha* i ntii
                                                        cho ban biet ve
                                                        nhflng thuoc sau
                                                        dung 6 nfli lam
                                                        cua ban.
                                                        Ngu&i quan IJr cua ban phai:
                                                        Bio cho ban bit nhfing noi
                                                        nao thuoc sSu sap sua duoc
                                                        rai va nhung noi nao ban
                                                        kh&ng thl vao duov. Nguoi
                                                        quan ly cua ban phai dan
                                                        bang: Tn cua loai thuoc sSu,
                                                        dung noi se duoe rai,bao gid
                                                        se duor rai, khoang each han
                                                        ngudi lam mdi c6 th ch6 la!
                                                        khu vuc lam vifc duoc.
                                                        Nhung chi tie't nay phai duoc
                                                        vift xu&ng va dan len trong
                                                        m6t khu trung t3m nao ma tS't
                                                        ca moi nguoi lam difeu c6 th
                                                        bift toi duoc, trudc khi thuoc
                                                        sau duor rai.

    Your boss must

    no! let you work

    in some areas.

    Your boss must not let you
    work in an area where:

     Pesticides are being
     Or pesticides may drift onto

    After a pesticide is used, you
    may not enter a field during the
    Restricted Entry Interval (RED.

    The laws set different safety
    periods or REIs for different
Q  Ngtidi quan ly
    cua ban khong
    vo trong mot vdi
    Nhuoi quin \-) cua ban khong
    th de1 ban lam trong m6t noi


     Hay ia d& thuoc sau cufin
     giat ten nguoi cua ban.

    Sau khi thudc sau da duoc
    dung, ban khong th(! di vao
    dSng ruflng trong th6i gian
    Khoang-cach Han-chS Vao

    Lu|t php Up moi oi6t Ihdi
    gian an-toan kWc nhau hay
    khoang-cach han-chf (REIs)
    khic nhau cho moi ioai thu&c

                           You must have

                           special training

                           and protection

                           for some job.

                           Without extra training
                           and protection, your
                           boss must not let you:

                            Mix, load, apply, or
                             handle pesticides.

                            Work as a flagger.

                            Work in an area
                             where entry is
                        a Ban can phai co

                           stf huan luyen va

                           an loan flac biet

                           cho mot vai viec

                           Khong c6 su huan
                           luyen vh an toan them,
                           ngudi quan ty cua ban
                           khSng dupe de ban:

                            Pha trpn, chuyen chd,
                             rai, hay v$n dung
                             thu6c sSu bang lay.

                            Lam ngu5i ph^t cd.

                            Lam trong mt noi c6
                             sy cam vao.

   Your boss must
   not punish you
   for trying to
   follow these
Q Ngtiol quan ly
  (Chu nltin) cua
  ban khong fluac
  sdfa-phat (hay
  trirng phat) ban
  khi ban co gang
  lam theo nhfing
  flieu luat nay.

                           Know how to
                           protect yourself!

                           Your boss must protect
                           you from pesticides,
                           but your safety is your
                           responsibility, too.
                        Q Hay tu biet bao
                           ve chinh ban.

                           Ngubi quan ty cua
                           ban phai Mo v^ cho
                           ban trnh kh6i thuoc
                           sSu, nhung su an-
                           toan cua ban cung la
                           do trach nhim cua
                           ban nfia.

[  Remember:

   Wear clothes that
   cover your skin.
   Stay out of areas as
   instructed by your
   Move away if
   pesticides drift into
   the area where you
   are working.
   Wash with soap and
   water after work and
   before eating,
   drinking, smoking, or
   using the toilet.

 Your boss must:
  Give you  information
   about pesticides
   applied in or near
   areas where you
  Be sure you are
   trained in pesticide
  Povide you with
   soap, water, and
  Make sure your get to
   medical help if you
   think you've been
   poisoned at work by
  Provide you with extra
   training if you work in
   areas where entry is
   restricted, work as a
   flagger, mix, load,
   apply, or handle

                                                MSc nhQng quan o
                                                 ma che kin duoc da
                                                 th cua ban.
                                                Trinh nhQng noi ma
                                                 ngudi chu nhan da
                                                R6i di xa n&i c6
                                                 thu6c sau bay t6i noi
                                                 ban dang lam viec.
                                                Ria r^y bang xa
                                                 phong sau khi lam
                                                 vicx v& tru6c khi 3n,
                                                 utfng, hit thu6c, hay
                                                 la dung nha v|-sinh.

                                               Ngu6i quan ty cia ban
                                                 v thuSc sSu ma da
                                                 dupe rai trong hay
                                                 gan nhQng noi ma
                                                 ban lam vic.
                                                 duoc huan luyen ve
                                                 su an loan ve thufic
                                                Ph6ng bi sin cho ban
                                                 xa phbng, nude, va
                                                 khan lau.
                                                Phai chSc ISi ban duoc
                                                 su giup dQ cia y-t^
                                                 khi ban nghl ban da
                                                 bi d^c boi thuoc sau 6
                                                 noi lam vigc.
                                                 Cung cap huSn luy^n
                                                 them cho ban neu ban
                                                 lam  trong nhQng noi
                                                 ra vao c6 han ch,
                                                 lam  ngu6i pha't cd,
                                                 pha  trpn, chuydn ch6,
                                                 rai, hay vSn dung
                                                 thuSc sau.

 For more information about the Worker Protection Standard, or if you have questions or concerns
 about pesticides, contact the agency responsible for regulating pesticides in your area or the EPA
 Regional Office nearest you.

 Neu ban muon bit them chi ttet lin quan t6i Mlu Tie'u-chua'n Bio-v$ Ngudi Lao-d6ng, hay ne\i ban
 c6 nhung thac mSc gl hay lo ngai gl ye" thutfc sHu, hay lign lac vdi co s6 phu tra"ch ve" qui-lu$t cua thu6c
    trong khu vuc cua ban hay la Van Ph6ng Dia Phuong cua Sd Bo-v6 M6i-sinh (EPA) gan ban nhit.
Region 1 (MA, CT, RI, NH, VT, ME)
U.S Environmental Protection Agency, Region 1
Pesticides and Toxic Substances Branch (APT)
1 Congress St.
Boston, MA 02203
(617) 565-3273

Region 2 (NY, NJ, PR, VI)
U.S Environmental Protection Agency, Region 2
Pesticides and Toxic Substances Branch (MS-105)
2890 Woodgridge Ave,, Building #10
Edison, NJ 08837-3679
(908) 321-6765

Region 3 (PA, MD, VA, WV, DE)
U.S Environmental Protection Agency, Region 3
Toxics and Pesticides Branch (3AT-30)
841 Chestnut Building
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 597-8598
Region 4 (GA, NC, SC, AL, MS, KY, FL, TN)
U.S Environmental Protection Agency, Region 4
Pesticides & Toxic Substances Branch (4-APT-MD)
345 Courtland St., N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30365
(404) 347-5201

Region 5 (IL, Ml, MM, IN, OH, WI)
U.S Environmental Protection Agency, Region 5
Pesticides and Toxic Substances Branch (5SPT)
77 W.Jackson Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60604
(312) 886-6006
Region 6 (TX, OK, AR, LA, MM)
U.S Environmental Protection Agency, Region 6
Pesticides and Toxics Branch (6T-P)
1445 Ross Ave.
Dallas, TX 75202-2733
(241) 655-7235

Region 7 (MO, KS, I A, NB)
U.S Environmental Protection Agency, Region 7
Pesticides and Toxics Branch (TOPE)
726 Minnesota Ave.
Kansas City, KS 66101

Region 8 (CO, MT, ND, SD, UT, WY)
U.S Environmental Protection Agency, Region 8
Toxic Substances Branch (8ART-TS)
One Denver Place, Suite 500
999 18th St.
Denver,  CO 80202-2405
(303) 293-1730

Region 9 (CA, NV, AZ, HI, GU)
U.S Environmental Projection Agency, Region 9
Pesticides and Toxics Branch (A-4)
75 Hawthorne St.
San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 744-1090

Region 10 (WA, OR, ID, AK)
U.S Environmental Protection Agency, Region 10
Pesticides and Toxic Substances Branch (AT-083)
1200 Sixth Ave.
Seattle, WA 98101