The final piece of the
                                                       puzzle is educating others
                                                       and inspiring them to be
                                                       stewards for the environment
                                                       and their communities.
                                                                     — Don Curran,
                                                               Virco Mfg. Corporation
What Is WasteWise?
  WasteWise is a free, voluntary partnership program sponsored by
the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through which
organizations reduce municipal solid waste and select industrial
wastes, bencfitting their bottom line and the environment.

What Is the WasteWise Endorser Program?
  EPA launched the WasteWise endorser program to help spread the WasteWise message to more
organizations. Endorsers are state and local government agencies, trade associations, nonprofit organizations,
and businesses that help oSeir members, constituents, or customers realize that reducing solid waste makes
good business sense. WasteWise endorsers commit to recruiting organizations to become WasteWise
partners and providing members with ongoing promotional or technical information.

Why  Should  We Become An Endorser?
  By joining the WasteWise endorser program, organizations demonstrate their leadership in the envi-
ronmental arena and  play a pivotal role in conserving natural resources and preventing pollution. EPA
recognizes these efforts by featuring endorsers in publications arid  press releases, as well as through the
Endorser of the Year Awards Program.
  As a WasteWise endorser, you can access free resources such as  the WasteWise Technical Assistance
Team to help you design and implement your program;  the WasteWise Helpline to provide program and
technical assistance; the WasteWise Web site to present endorser  resources, and much  more!

What Does  A  WasteWise  Endorser Do?
  WasteWise is flexible and encourages endorsers to design and implement efforts that work best for
them. WasteWise endorsers commit to:
                                 *  Recruiting organizations to become WasteWise partners.
                                   This could take the form of a mailing to local businesses,
                                   articles in newsletters, or a WasteWise presentation, at an
                                   annual conference. EPA provides endorsers with all of the
                                   necessary WasteWise information and materials.
                                 *  Providing members, constituents, and customers with
                                   ongoing promotional or technical information.
                                   Endorsers might distribute promotional or technical materials,
                                   conduct waste reduction workshops, sponsor an awards
                                   program, or facilitate an information exchange among
                                   member companies, constituents, and customers.
(800) EPA WISE (372-9473)  •  email:

           WasteWise Endorser Program
What  Are Examples of Endorser Activities?
  WasteWise endorsers develop programs to fit their needs. The following are some suggestions from
current endorsers that you can incorporate into your WasteWise endorser program:
  • Advertise Your Support for WasteWise. Issue a press release announcing your endorsement of
    WasteWise, maintain a WasteWise page on your Web site, or link to the WasteWise Web site.
    United Way of America dedicates one Web page on its Intranet site to waste reduction—including a
    link to the WasteWise Web site encouraging affiliates to join the program.
  • Feature WasteWise in Your Publications. Use the sample newsletter article or press release available
    online or work with WasteWise to tailor an article to meet your needs. The New Jersey WasteWise
    Business Network devotes a quarterly newsletter to the accomplishments of WasteWise partners—spread-
    ing the WasteWise message to businesses, local governments, and other organizations in New Jersey.
                               •  Use the WasteWise Logo. Following the guidelines for using the
                                 WasteWise logo, use it on your Web site or in publications that dis-
                                 cuss WasteWise.  Newsletters, brochures, letterhead, and envelopes
                                 all sport the WasteWise logo in the city of Clifton, New Jersey.
                               •  Distribute WasteWise Publications. Pass WasteWise publications
                                 on to your members, constituents, or customers, or maintain  a tech-
                                 nical library for them to consult as needed. A list of WasteWise
                                 publications is available online. Georgia's Department of Natural
                                 Resources, Pollution Prevention Assistance Division (P2AD) makes
                                 WasteWise materials available to staff and clients at outreach
                                 events and throughout the year.
  • Offer WasteWise Presentations at Conferences and Meetings. WasteWise can supply slides and
    information packets for you to hand out. Recently, Kitsap County and King County in Washington
    co-sponsored a forum for Seattle-area businesses highlighting the benefits of WasteWise.
  • Recognize WasteWise Partners. Publicize and congratulate your members, constituents, or cus-
    tomers when they join WasteWise. As part of the Supermarket Recycling Organic Initiative,  the
    Commonwealth of Massachusetts presents awards to supermarkets for joining WasteWise.
  • Provide Technical Assistance. Offer free waste
    assessments, onsite visits, or other forms of technical
    assistance. WasteWise can provide you with materials
    tailored to specific industry sectors to help you direct
    your message. The South Carolina Department of
    Health and Environmental Control offers waste
    reduction technical assistance through onsite Business
    Recycling Assistance Program (B-RAP) visits to
    assess waste reduction and recycling opportunities.
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