The  WaterSense
           esearch has shown that by using water-effi-
           cient products and practices, homeowners
           can help save natural resources and reduce
      their water consumption and costs. In order to real-
      ize these savings, consumers need to be able to
      identify products and services that use less water
      while performing as well as or better than conven-
      tional models.

      WaterSense, a partnership program sponsored by
      the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is
      making it easy to find and select water-
      efficient products with a label backed
      by independent testing and certi-
      fication. WaterSense will also
      recognize professional service
      programs that incorporate
      water efficiency.

      In order to use the label, a
      company must sign a
      WaterSense partnership
      agreement. Among other
      things, the partnership agree-
      ment defines the roles and
      responsibilities of EPA and the
      partnering organization, as well as
      proper use of the label on products, on
      packaging, and in marketing and other promo-
      tional materials.  Products that bear the WaterSense
      label meet all the criteria in EPA's specifications for
      water efficiency  and performance.
                             Generally speaking, WaterSense labeled products
                             will be about 20 percent more water efficient than
                             conventional models in the same category. In addi-
                             tion, WaterSense labeled products perform their
                             intended function as well as or better than their
                             less efficient counterparts.

                             Look  for the Label

                             The WaterSense label first appeared on profession-
                                al certification programs for landscape irrigation
                                      professionals. These WaterSense labeled
                                          programs verify professional profi-
                                            ciency in water-efficient irrigation
                                              system design, installation/
                                                maintenance, and auditing.
                                                The program will allow
                                                 homeowners to ask for pro-
                                                 fessionals who partner with
                                                 the WaterSense program.

                                                 WaterSense also has made
                                                the label available for water-
                                               efficient products in the
                                              home, beginning with toilets.
                                           As defined by EPA's WaterSense
                                         specification, high-efficiency toilets
                                     (HETs) use less than 1.3 gallons per flush.

                             Find the most up-to-date list of labeled products
                             and programs on the WaterSense Web  registry in
                             mid-2007. Please visit .
September 2007
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