I Water Sector Incident Command System (ICS) and
           National  Incident Management System (NIMS)
              Why is Water Sector ICS/NIMS Training being offered?
              Feedback from utilities, states, EPA regions, and other
              stakeholders indicates that water sector-specific ICS and
              NIMS training remains a priority need for 2007. This new
              1-day ICS and NIMS workshop sponsored by the EPA
              Water Security Division will help water and wastewater
              utilities to better understand ICS, integrate with other first
              responders within an expanding ICS structure, and
              implement NIMS concepts and principles that will help
              utilities provide mutual aid and assistance to one another.

              What is ICS?
              ICS, or the Incident Command System, is a standardized, on-scene, all hazard incident
              management concept. ICS allows its users to adopt an integrated organizational structure to
              match the complexities and demands of single or multiple incidents without being hindered by
              jurisdictional boundaries.

              What is NIMS?
              NIMS, or the National Incident Management System, is a consistent nationwide template that
              enables all government and non-governmental organizations to work together during domestic
              incidents. NIMS requires all agencies to use ICS when responding to incidents.

              What topics will be covered at the Water Sector ICS/NIMS Training?
              The ICS/NIMS training will cover:
               ICS basics                  Unified and Area Command
               The six principles of NIMS    Mutual Aid and Assistance
              Why should I attend the Water Sector ICS/NIMS
              First, it is vital to understand ICS, as this incident management system is
              the national standard for responding to any incident anywhere in the U.S. Second, using ICS is
              required by NIMS. Third, understanding NIMS is an important step for establishing utility
              mutual aid networks. Finally, FEMA IS-100 (Introductory ICS) and IS-700 (NIMS, An
              Introduction) certifications will be available to all participants. In some locations, CEUs will also
              be offered.

              Who should attend the Water Sector ICS/NIMS Training?
              Small, medium and large water and wastewater utilities, water sector trainers, state drinking water
              primacy agencies, state wastewater permitting agencies, and federal workers with an active role
              in water sector emergency response should attend this training. There is no fee to attend this

              What are the dates for the Water Sector ICS/NIMS Training?
              Please log on to http://www.horsleywitten.com/ICStraining for a complete listing of locations and
              dates, to view a detailed agenda, and to register for a workshop.
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