martWaySM is a symbol of excellence
     for cleaner and more effi,
transportation options. SmartWay
distinguishes only products and services
that meet superior environmental
performance characteristics. Look for the
SmartWay mark next time you are in the
market 1
           US EPA Certified
           US £PA Certified
What Can You  Do?
•  Choose a cleaner vehicle. Use EPA's Green Vehicle
  Guide to choose the cleanest vehicle available that
  meets your needs. The choice you make will af|C(- the
  quality of the air we breathe because passenger cars
  and trucks are major contributors to air pollution.
•  Choose a more fuel-effi     vehicle. The better
  gas mileage a vehicle gets, the less fuel it burns.
  That means less pollution and less carbon dioxide, a
  greenhouse gas, are added to the atmosphere. To help
  you select a more fuel-efficient vehicle, visit the Green
  Vehicle Guide atwww.epa.gov/greenvehicles.
•  Drive fewer miles. Vehicles contribute almost one-
  third of the country's smog-forming gas fumes and
  other pollutants. Whenever possible, take public
  transportation, rideshare, and/or combine activities
  into one trip.
•  Maintain your vehicle properly. Your vehicle is
  designed to perform best when properly maintained.
  A poorly maintained vehicle can pollute signifj.ant}y
  more than one that is well maintained.
•  Refuel wisely. When the weather is warm, try to
  refuel early in the morning or late in the evening.
  This will reduce the release of smog-forming gas
  emissions during the heat of the day, when smog
  forms most easily. On Ozone Action Days, try not
  to refuel at all. Never top offyour tank beyond the
  automatic shutoffpoint.
                                                        November 2007

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                                                                                                 You  Have
                                                                                          *+            *+.   ^       '-**•
                                                                                          Green Options!
                                                                                                    .' .'vRLJt'j   •        .   '•'•"

No matter what  size  vehicle you need,  you  have green options!
Even with the abundance of information about
vehicles available to consumers today, buying the
most environmentally friendly vehicle can be a real
challenge. To help consumers identify the greenest
vehicles in any class, the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA) has added new and improved
features to the Green Vehicle Guide.

What is  the
Green Vehicle  Guide?
The Green Vehicle Guide is an interactive resource
that rates cars and trucks based on emissions and fuel
efficiency. The Green Vehide Guide can help you choose the
cleanest, mostfael-efficient vehicle that meets your needs.
Vehicles with low emissions and good fuel economy are
important for the environment because they create less
air pollution and conserve natural resources.
 Go to the Green Vehide Guide
  now to start looking for your
         new green vehide.

How Does the Guide Work?
The Green Vehide Guide is easy to use, with a newly
redesigned format that makes shopping for green vehides
even easier. With just a didc of a mouse, consumers can
search the guide's comprehensive database and compare
the environmental performance and fuel economy of
all vehicle models and types, induding cars, sport-utility
vehides, pick-up trucks, and vans. The guide compares
vehide emissions using Air Pollution and Greenhouse
Gas scores. The scores are used to rate the amount of
smog-producing pollutants and carbon dioxide emissions,
respectively, on ascale of 0-10, with 10 being the "greenest"
score in each case.
                                       Improved  Features
                                       The Green Vehicle Guide now has new features,
                                       navigation, and content including:
                                       • SmartWaySMand
                                        SmartWay Elite™
                                        designations that easily
                                        distinguish the cleanest and
                                        most fuel-efficient vehicles.
                                       • Advanced search and sort
                                        functions, which allow more detailed comparisons
                                        of up to three vehides at a time.
                                       • Photos of models for easy vehicle identification.
                                       U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
                            Search:   <~ All EPA <* This Area
                            :,rt.=,t!.:.n a Ait Quality » Green VRhi.-ie Suide
                                                                 are here! EPA Home »T
              Use this guide to choose the cleanest and most fuel-efficient vehicle that meets your
              needs. Low emissions and good fuel economy are both important for the environment.
                                                   martWay vehicles are good
                                                  environmental performers.
                                                  r   %    r
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