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You  can have a positive impact
on the environment:
•  recycle  your plastic bottle
•  carpool  with your friends
•  turn out the lights when
   you leave the  house
You'll find the information you need to make environmentally
responsible choices about the products you buy, the resources you
use, and the waste you create at Your Environment. Your Choice.
Visit the Web site to:
• Find tips on how to reduce, reuse, recycle.
• Read news stories about what other teens are doing.
• Calculate your carbon footprint.
•Tell us what you are doing to help your environment.
                                            You can make a difference. Learn how at
                                             or email resource-challenge@epa.gov.
              United States
              Environmental Protection
                                             Your Environment. Your Choice, is sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection
                                             Agency's (EPA) Resource Conservation Challenge, a national effort to conserve
                                             natural resources and energy by managing materials more efficiently.