What   Is  SunWise?
       SunWise is a free, fun, and interactive
       environmental and health education pro-
       gram that aims to teach children and
their caregivers how to protect themselves from
overexposure to the sun. The SunWise Program
has been a tremendous success in kindergarten
through 8th grade schools. It was pilot-tested in
130 schools in 38 states during the 1999-2000
school year and is now being incorporated as a
teaching tool in more than 14,000 schools
throughout the nation.
What  Do You Receive?        SunWise  in Action
SunWise Tool Kit
   More than 40 cross-curricular classroom
   activities for K-8 learning levels that are aligned
   with national educational standards
   SunWise: A Sun Safety Program for K-8 video
*  UV-sensitive Frisbee
SunWise Internet Learning Site and UV
   Resources on sun protection, health and the
*  Daily reports and measurements of UV radiation
   Online interactive educational activities for kids
SunWise Publications
   Posters, brochures, newsletters, activity books
   (Spanish versions also available)
All materials are public domain and FREE
Here are some examples of what schools just like.
yours are doing with SunWise:
   Holy Cross Lutheran School (Dallas, IX)
   and teacher Carlos Olivo developed a SunWise
   school policy involving the entire school and
   local health advisors. They teach children how
   to properly apply sunscreen and encourage
   them to wear hats, sunglasses, and protective
   clothing. Mr. Olivo even set up UV and ozone
   alert bulletin boards and he provides UV
   updates in the school newsletter. He also works
   closely with members of the community to raise
   money for school shade structures and to inte-
   grate SunWise into the yearly health fair.
        i Township School's  (Hampton, NJ)
   Karen Delgado found that SunWise blended
   perfectly with health and science education. Her
   older students created sun-safe skits, songs and
   puzzles for younger students, in addition to pro-
   moting sun-safety at the school's annual field
                   School's  (Glendora, CA)
   Greg Morrison teaches his science students
   how to collect, report, and analyze UV-related
   data. One favorite class activity is using hand-
   held UV monitors to  measure the intensity of UV
   rays. With help from a local Rotary Club grant,
   students are also taught about the effect of UV
   rays on human skin and health  using UV-sensi-
   tive beads.