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            Wetland  Quotes
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Wetland Quotes Continued.
In a green place lanced through
With amber and gold and blue - -
A place of water and weeds,
and roses pinker than dawn
And ranks of lush young reeds
And grasses straightly withdrawn
From graven ripples of sands.
The still blue heron stands.
      -"The Blue Heron" by Theodore
      Goodridge Roberts
                                           A habitat is where if s at
                                           Keep them so the ducks can quack,
                                           The marshes filter the water's dirt,
                                           They're homes for many who we don't
                                                 want hurt.
                                           Save The Wetlands
                                     SO 561
  A dawn wind stirs on the great marsh. With almost imperceptible slowness, it
  rolls a bank of fog across the wild morass. Like the white ghost of a glacier, the
  mists advance, riding over phalanxes of tamarack, sliding across bog meadows
  heavy with dew. A single silence hangs from horizon to horizon.
                               -AJdo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac
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