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     October 1998
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                         POLLUTION  PREVENTION

                                    FALL 1998
       October  7
       October  15
       October 23-24
     Pollution Prevention  Strategies for the Health
     Care Industries
     Tyngsborough, MA
     Sponsors: Massachusetts  Office of Technical
     Assistance for Toxics Use Reduction and the U.S.
     Contact: Rick Reibstein
     Phone:  (617)727-3260
     Web Site: www.magnet.state.ma.us/ota/med-p2.htm

     Green Building Conference & Trade Show
     Holiday Inn, Cranbury, NJ
     Contact: Christine  Krupka,  (732)932-9271 or
     Steven Rinaldi,  (609)984-3438

     Impact Assessment in  the Development Process:
     Advances in Integrating  Environmental Assessment
     with Economic and Social Appraisal
     University of Manchester,  UK
     Sponsors: Institute for  Development Policy and
     Management, University of Manchester; EIA Centre,
     University of Manchester;  Development and Project
     Planning Centre, University of Bradford
     Contact: Debra Whitehead,, Imoact Assessment

October 26-28
October 28-30
October 28-
November 1
October 29
Conference Secretary, Institute for Development
Policy and Management, The University of
Manchester, Crawford House, Precinct Centre,
Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9GH
Phone: (+44)0 161 275 2800
Fax: ( + 44 ) 0 161 275 882 9
E-mail: debra.whitehead@man.ac.uk
Web Site: www.art.man.ac.uk/eia/Env_conf.htm
Towards Sustainable Product Design #3.
London, UK
The Centre for'Sustainable Design
Contact: Martin Charter
Phone: 00 44 1252 892772/3
Fax: 00 44 1252 a92747
E-mail: cfsd@surrart.ac.uk
Web Site: www.cfsd.org.uk/
European Roundtable on Cleaner Production & Pre-
Conference for African Countries
,Lisbon, Portugal
Sponsor: European Roundtable on Cleaner Production
Fax: +351 1 7154084
E-mail: ercp98@ita.ineti.pt
Web Site: www.ineti.pt/ingles/
Science, Tec~ology and the Rise of Nature: The
Interface between Science, Technology and
Environmental Issues
Halifax, Canada .
Sponsors: Environmental Studies Association of,
Canada, Society for the Social Studies of Science
Contact: Richard Hadden, Department of Sociology,
Saint Mary's University~ Halifax, Nova Scotia,
Canada, B3H 3C3
E-mail: GLB@UNB.CA
Opportunities for Environmental Business in Asia:
A Special Conference on Pollution Prevention & the
Financial Crisis
Denver, CO
Sponsor: National Association of State Development
Contact: Julie S. Pike, National Association of

               State Development Agencies, 750 First Street NE,
               Suite 710, Washington DC 20002
               Phone:  (202)898-1302
               Fax:  (202)898-1312
               E-mail: jpike@nasda.com

November 15-18 Partnership & Leadership: 7th International
               Conference of the Greening of Industry Network
               Rome, Italy
               Sponsor: Centre for Clean Technology and
               Environmental Policy
               Phone: +31 53 489 3203
               Fax: +31 53 489 4850
               E-mail: T.J.N.M.deBruijn@CSTM.utwente.nl

November 16-18 National Pollution Prevention Roundtable 1998
               Annual Fall Conference
               Arlington Hotel, Hot Springs, AR
               Sponsor: National Pollution Prevention Roundtable
               Phone:  (202)466-P2P2
               Fax:  (202)466-7964
               Web Site:' www.p2.org7nppr_con.html

November 19-20 Beyond Sustainability: Integrating Behavioural,
               Economic and Environmental Research
               Amsterdam, The Netherlands
               Sponsor: The Netherlands Organisation for
               Scientific Research
               Contact: Francoise Jansen,  NWO/ESR
               Phone: 31 70 3151951
               E-mail: jansenf@nwo.nl
               Web Site: www.nwo.nl/
                           WINTER 1998

December 2     Using Screen Printing Technologies for Business
               and Environmental Success: Satellite
               Contact: Marilyn McDole
               Phone:  (608)262-0910
               E-mail:  mcdole@epd.engr.wise.edu
               Web S.ite: www.pneac.org/vc98/vc98home.html

December 3-5
December 14-16
May 2-5
June 23-26
June 24-26
Recycling Meeting & Exposition
Lake Buena Vista, FL
Sponsor: National Wooden Pallet & Container
Association (NWPCA)
Contact: Jeni Kraich
Phone: (703) 527-7667.
Fax: ( 703) 527 - 771 7
E-mail: palletmtgs@aol.com
Web Site: www.nwpca.com/ev120398.htm
1998 Waste Minimization/P2 Conference
Hyatt Regency, Chicago, lL
Sponsor: u.S. EPA Region 5
Phone: (8DO)844-9049
-E-mail: wastminconf@techlawinc.com
National Town Meeting for a Sustainable America
Detroit, Ml & Points Across America
Contact: National Town Meeting for a Sustainable
America, President's Council.on Sustainable
Development, 730 Jackson Place NW, Washington DC
20503 .
Telephone: (202) 408 - 52 96
Web Site: www.sustainableamerica.org
The 5th International Interdisciplinary Conference
on the Environment
Baltimore, MD
Contact: lEA/Kant are lis-Hickey, Assumption
College, 500 Salisbury Street, WorcesterMA 01615
Telephone: (508) 767 -7557, (508) 767 -72 96
Fax: (50.8) 767-7382
E-mail: dkantar@ass~mption.edu or
Web Site: champion.iupui.edu/-mreiter/iea.htm
1999 Open Meeting of
Global Environmental
the Human Dimensions of
Change Research

Shonan Village, Japan
Contact: Mr. Yasushl Itoh, IGES, Nippon Press
Center Building 3rd floor, 2-2-1, Uchisaiwai-cho,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-OOia,  Japan
Fax: +81 3 3595 1084
E-mail: iges-12@iges.or.jp
Web Site: www.iges.or.jp/99om-e.htm