United States
               Environmental Protection
               Office of
               Toxic Substances
               Washington, DC 20460
August 1980
              Toxic Substances
Chemical Use
Standard Encoding
System (ChemUSES)

Volume 3
Application List and
Application List Index

Volume III —  Application List and
               Application List Index
Final Report

July 1980

EPA 560/13-80-034c
Prepared by:

Richard L Goen
Eugene C. Coyner
Thomas Gibson
Robert V. Steele
Stephen L. Brown
SRI International

Prepared under the direction of:

Steven L. Wilhelm
John N. Gevertz
Jon J. Kaufman
Office of Pesticides and Toxic Substances
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
401 M Street, S.W.
Washington, O.C. 20460
Contract No. 68-01-4109 — Research Request No. 9

     01  Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing 	      3
     10  Mining	      5
     15  Construction	     11
     20  Food and Kindred Products	     13
     21  Tobacco Products 	     13
     22  Textiles and Textile Finishing   	     15
     23  Apparel and Other Fabricated Textile Products  	     17
     24  Lumber and Wood Products	     19
     25  Furniture and Fixtures	     21
     26  Paper and Allied Products	.'	     23
     27  Printing and Publishing	     27
     28  Chemicals and Allied Products  .  .  .  .	     29
     29  Petroleum and Other Energy Processes and Products  ....     49
     30  Rubber and Plastics Products 	     53
     31  Leather, Leather Products, and Related Non-Leather
         Products	     55
     32  Stone, Clay, Glass, and Concrete Products  	     57
     33  Metals and Related Products	     61
     34  Fabricated Metal Products  	     65
     35  Machinery	     69
     36  Electrical and Electronic Equipment  	     73
     37  Transportation Equipment 	     79
     38  Instruments and Related Products 	     81
     39  Miscellaneous Manufactured Products  	     83
     40  Transportation, Communications, Utilities, and
         Pollution Control	     87

I     APPLICATION LIST (Continued)
      70  Services	       89
      80  Building Applications  .  .	       91
      90  Public Administration  	       93
      95  General Processes    	       95
      98  Application not Known	       96
      99  Application not Found	       96
II    INDEX	       97



01.01-2        Crops
01.01.01-3        Grains        Wheat        Rice
"•: .01.01.03-6        Corn
Oi.01.01.04-7        Grains n.e.c. (e.g., rye, oats, barley, sorghum)
01.01.02-4        Pulses        Soybeans        Peanuts        Beans (except soybeans)        Peas        Pulses n.e.c.
01.01.03-5        Sugar crops        Sugar beets        Sugar cane
01.01.04-6        Roots and tubers        Potatoes        Sweet potatoes        Carrots        Roots and tubers n.e.c.
01.01.05-7        Vegetables (except pulses, roots, and tubers)        Lettuce        Cabbage        Tomatoes        Sweet corn        Vegetables n.e.c.
01.01.06-8        Melons (e.g., canteloupe, watermelon)
01.01.07-9        Fruits        Berry crops  (e.g., strawberries, raspberries,
                           currants)        Grapes        Citrus fruits (e.g., oranges, grapefruit, lemons,
                           limes)        Deciduous tree fruits (e.g., apples, plums,
                           peaches, pears)        Fruits n.e.c. (e.g., dates, olives, avocados)
01.01.08-0        Nuts (from trees; e.g., walnuts, pecans; excludes
01.01.09-1        Fiber crops        Cotton        Fiber crops n.e.c. (e.g., flax)
01.01.10-2        Tobacco
01.01.11-3        Hay, silage, and forage (vegetable matter, fresh  or
                           preserved, that is gathered and fed to
                           animals as roughage)
01.01.12-4        Horticultural specialties        Ornamental nursery products        Horticultural specialties n.e.c. (e.g., mushrooms
                           and herbs)

01.02-3        Livestock production, dairy farming, and related products
01.02.01-4        Livestock production and products (except poultry and
                           specialties)        Beef cattle (includes raising cattle and feed lot
                           operations)        Hogs
01 .'"2.01.03-7        Sheep and goats (for meat and milk)        Wool (sheep wool and mohair)        Livestock products n.e.c.
01.02.02-5        Dairy farming (milk)
01.02.03-6        Poultry and eggs        Chickens        Turkeys        Chicken eggs        Poultry specialties (e.g., geese, ducks, pheasanns/
01.02.04-7        Animal specialty production and related products        Furbearing animals (e.g., fox, mink) and raw furs        Horses        Animal specialties n.e.c. (e.g., dogs, canaries,
                           laboratory rats, bees and honey)

01.03-4        Animal services
01.03.01-5        Veterinary services (e.g., practice of veterinary
                           medicine, animal hospitals)
01.03.02-6        Livestock services
01.03.03-7        Animal specialty services (e.g., artificial insemina-
                           tion, testing dairy cows, pet care except
                           veterinary services)

01.04-5        Forestry (excludes logging, which is classified in 24.01)
01.04.01-6        Forest nurseries (growing trees for reforestation)
01.04.02-7        Gathering of forest products (e.g., tree seed, gums,
01.04.03-8        Forestry services        Firefighting and prevention        Forest pest control        Reforestation        Forestry services n.e.c.

01.05-6        Horticultural services
01.05.01-7        Lawn and garden services (includes general landscaping)
01.05.02-8        Ornamental shrub and tree service.-

01.06-7        Fishing, hunting, and trapping
01.06.01-8        Fishing        Finfish (e.g., cod, salmon)        Shellfish (e.g., lobsters, oysters)        Marine products n.e.c. (e.g., seaweed, turtles)
01.06.02-9        Fish hatcheries, fish farms, preserves, and other
01.06.03-0        Hunting, trapping, and game management

lb-0        MINING  (Includes exploring for minerals, extracting  them
                           from the ground, and preparing them  for
     •                      market.  Minerals include: solids  such as coal,
                           metallic ore and stone; liquids, excluding
                           water, such as petroleum; and gases  such as
                           natural gas.  Specify an activity  from
                           10.07 Mining and related activities, and a
                           product from the categories: 10.01 Metallic
                           ores; 10.02 Coal, lignite, and other solid
                           fuels; 10.03 Oil and gas; 10.04 Nonmetallic
                           minerals; or 10.05 Construction minerals).

10.01-1        Metallic ores (includes mining, milling, beneficiating,
                         ,  and otherwise preparing metallic ores;
                           should be preceded by one or more  activities
                           listed under 10.07).
10.01.01-2        Ferrous ores        Iron ore        Manganese ore
10.01.0'1.03-5        Nickel ore        Tungsten ore '       Chromium ore        Columbium ore  '      Molybdenum ore
10".01.01.08-0        Vanadium ore        Ferrous ores n.e.c.
10.01.02-3  '      Copper ore
10.01.03-4        Lead ore
10.01.04-5        Zinc ore
10.01.05-6        Gold ore
10.01.06-7        Silver ore
10.01.07-8        Bauxite and other aluminum ore
10.01.08-9        Platinum ore
10.01.09-0        Mercury ore
KhOl.10-1        Titanium ore
10.01.11-2        Radioactive ores
10'.01.11.01-3        Uranium ore        Thorium ore        Radioactive ores n.e.c.
10.01.12-3        Rare earth ores
10.01.13-4        Metallic ores n.e.c.

10.02-2        Coal, lignite, and other solid fuels (includes
                           underground and strip mining ores, and
                           preparation such as breaking, cleaning, and
                           screening; should be preceded by one or more
                           activities listed under 10.07).
10.02.01-3  '      Anthracite
10.02.02-4     •   Bituminous and subbituminous coal
10.02.03-5        Lignite
10.02.04-6        Peat
10.02.05-7        Solid fuels n.e.c. (includes oil shale and  tar  sands)

10.03-3        Oil and gas (should be preceded by one or more activities
                           listed under 10.07).
10.03.01-4        Crude petroleum
10.03.02-5        Natural gas
10.03.03-6        Natural gas liquids (liquid hydrocarbons produced
                           from oil and gas field gases)
10.03.04-7        Gas products n.e.c. (e.g., byproducts of gas treating
                           such as ethane and propane)

10.04-4        Nonmetallic minerals (except fuels 10.02 and 10.03, and
                           and construction minerals 10.05; should be
                           preceded by one or more activities listed
                           under 10.07)
10.04.01-5        Graphite
10.04.02-6        Asbestos        Chrysotile asbestos        Crocidolite asbestos        Amosite asbestos (Cummington-Grunerite)        Asbestos n.e.c. (includes tremolite asbestos,
                           anthophyllite asbestos and actinolite asbestos)
10.04.03-7        Barite
10.04.04-8        Borate
10.04.05-9        Clay minerals        Bentonite (includes fuller's earth, attapulgite,
                           and sepiolite)        Kaolin (includes ball clay)        Clay minerals n.e.c.
10.04.06-0        Diatomite
10.04.07-1        Feldspar (includes aplite)
10.04.08-2        Fluorspar and cryolite
10.04.09-3        Gypsum and anhydrite
10.04.10-4        Mica
10.04.11-5        Rock salt
10.04.12-6        Soda ash (includes natrol, nahcolite,  trona,
                           clawsonite, and similar sodium carbonate
10.04.13-7        Talc (includes pyrophyllite)
10.04.14-8        Fertilizer minerals        Phosphate rock.        Potash        Sulfur
10.04.15-9        Nonmetallic minerals n.e.c. (includes mining of
                           glauconite, kyanite, magnesite, meerschaum,
                           nepheline, syonite, olivine,  perlite,
                           staurolite, glauber's salt, tripoli,
                           vermiculite, and wollastonite)

10.05-5        Construction minerals (includes the mining and preparation
                           of marble, limestone, gravel, and other
                           construction minerals; should be preceded by
                           one or more activities listed under 10.07).
10.05.01-6        Marble (includes quarrying of dimensional products
                           as rough blocks and slabs, as well as crushed
                           and screened marble)
10.05.02-7        Limestone (includes dimensional, crushed and
                           screened products)
10.05.03-8        Dolomite (includes dimensional, crushed, and
                           screened products)
10.05.04-9        Granite (includes dimensional, crushed, and
                           screened products)
10.05.05-0        Traprock (includes quarrying of basalt, gabbro,
                           and diabase)
10.05.06-1        Sandstone, slate, and quartzite (includes
                           dimensional and sized products)
10.05.07-2        Gravel (includes the production of sized, crushed,
                           and screened gravels)
10.05.08-3        Sand and silica
10.05.09-4        Lightweight aggregate (includes the mining and
                           preparation of natural rock materials, such
                           as pumice or volcanic cinders, as well as
                           slags and synthetic cinders)
10.05.10-5        Construction minerals n.e.c.

10.06-6        Geothermal fluids (drilling and equipping wells;
                           geothermal power generation is in 40.03.01).

10.07-7        Mining and related activities (should be followed by a
                           product from 10.01, 10.02, 10.03, 10.04, or
10.07.01-8        Mineral exploration (includes geological exploration,
                           and the general search for mineral deposits,
                           and their extension in known producing
                           operations)        Geological exploration (includes field reconnaissance
                           activities, either on site or through remote
                           instrumentation)        Geocheraical exploration (includes the search for
                           mineral concentration anomalies, based on the
                           relative abundance of chemical elements)        Geophysical exploration (includes the physical
                           methods used to gain information on
                           subsurface mineral anomalies)        Exploration n.e.c.

10.07.02-9        Mine production (includes the common activities
                           of ore extraction from open-pit and
                           underground operations, such as the use of
                           explosives, ore haulage, etc.)        Open-pit mining        Underground mining        Ore dredging        Hydraulic mining        In-situ mining        Quarrying
10.07.03-0        Well production (production of oil and gas from wells;
                           including completing and equipping the well,
                           and the installation of offshore platforms)        Production well drilling        Production well operation (actual extraction of
                           oil and gas)        Primary recovery (production of oil and gas
                           via natural reservoir pressure)        Secondary recovery (injection of water into
                           partially depleted oil wells to maintain
                           reservoir pressure)        Tertiary recovery (advanced recovery methods
                           such as steam injection, in-situ combustion,
                           carbon dioxide injection, and micellar methods)        Unconventional recovery of oil and gas (e.g.,
                           extraction of gas from tight formations or
                           geopressured brines)        Treatment of oil and gas products (e.g.,
                           separating, emulsion breaking, desilting;
                           excludes refining, see 29.01)
10.07.04-1        Ore beneficiation        Ore comminution (includes ore crushing and grinding)        Ore sizing        Ore screening        Hydraulic classification (includes use of
                           cyclones, trommels,  spiral classifiers, and
                           miscellaneous sedimentation tanks)        Air classification (includes use of elutriators,
                           air cyclones, and similar air classifiers)        Physical ore concentration        Jigging (cleaning ore by agitating in water)        Sluicing        Heavy media concentration        Spiral concentration        Tabling        Cycloning        Electrostatic concentration        Magnetic concentration        Sulfide flotation        Oxide flotation

-------        Salt flotation        Native metal flotation        Silicate flotation        Physical concentration n.e.c. (includes
                           flocculation)        Concentrate dewatering        Concentrate filtration        Thickening  .      Thermal drying
10.07.05-2        Hydrometallurgical extraction (the treatment of ores
                           by wet processes)        Ore leaching (includes cyanidation, ammonia
                           leaching, acid leaching, and use of other
                           leachants)        Solvent extraction (exposing ore to a solvent
                           in which the component to be extracted is
                           soluble)        Ion exchange extraction (removal of metal ions from
                           solution by means of an ion exchange resin
                           or liquid)        Electrowinning (extracting a metal from a solution
                           of its soluble salt by ,an electrolytic cell)

15-5        CONSTRUCTION (Specify an activity from 15.03 Special
                           contraction activities, and, if appropriate,
                           a product from 15.01 Building construction
                           or 15.02 Construction other than buildings)

15.01-6        Building construction (should be preceded by an
                           activity from 15.03 when appropriate)
15.01.01-7        Residential buildings        Single-family dwellings        Multi-family dwellings        Residential buildings n.e.c. (e.g., dormitories,
15.01.02-8        Industrial and utility buildings, plants and ware-
                           houses (e.g., factories, petroleum refineries,
                           power plants)
15.01.03-9        Office buildings
15.01.04-0        Stores and other mercantile buildings
15.01.05-1        Hospitals, religious and educational buildings
15.01.06-2        Nonresidential buildings n.e.c.

15.02-7        Construction other than buildings
15.02.01-8        Highways and streets
15.02.02-9        Bridges and tunnels
15.02.03-0        Pipelines        Water pipelines        Sewer pipelines        Oil and gas pipelines        Pipelines n.e.c.
15.02.04-1        Communication lines and power lines
15.02.05-2        Marine construction (e.g., dams, dredging, docks)
15.02.06-3        Non-building construction n.e.c.

15.03-8        Special construction activities (should be followed by
                           a product from 15.01 or 15.02 where appropriate;
                           when these activities are conducted as main-
                           tenance rather than construction, use 80.02.02)
15.03.01-9        Plumbing, heating, and air conditioning
15.03.02-0        Painting, paperhanging, and decorating
15.03.03-1        Electrical work
15.03.04-2        Masonry and other stonework
15.03.05-3        Plastering, dry wall, and acoustical work
15.03.06-4        Terrazo, ceramic tile, marble, and mosaic installation
15.03.07-5        Insulation
15.03.08-6        Carpentry
15.03.09-7        Flooring (installation of hardwood flooring,
                           resilient tile flooring, and carpeting)
15.03.10-8        Roofing
15.03.11-9        Sheet metal work
15.03.12-0        Glass and glazing work
15.03.13-1        Structural steel erection
15.03.14-2        Concrete work
15.03.15-3        Excavation, tunneling, and earth moving


15.03.16-4        Water well drilling
15.03.17-5        Special construction activities n.e.c.


20.01-1        Food products
20.01.01-2        Food and beverages for human consumption
20.01.02-3        Animal food and feed

20.02-2        Food additives
20.02.01-3        Direct food additives (non-food substances added to
20.02.02-4        Secondary direct food additives (substances used in
                           processing, preparing, or treating foods
                           that may enter the foods)
20.02.03-5        Indirect food additives (substances used in articles
                           that contact food (e.g., in food packaging;
                           excludes the food packaging itself which is
                           listed under the materials from which the
                           packaging is constructed, i.e., under 24.05.xx
                           Wood containers, 26.xx Paper, 30.02.xx
                           Plastics, 32.0.1.xx Glass, and 34.01.xx
                           Metal cans)

20.03-3        Non-food-and-drug fat-and oil products (not used in
                           pharmaceutical, medicinal,- or food appli<
                           tions; excludes tall oil, see
20.03.01-4        Animal fats land oils        Inedible tallow        Animal fats and oils n.e.c.
20.03.02-5        Marine oils        Sperm oil        Fish oil
20.03.03-6        Vegetable oils (excludes tall oil, see        Soybean oil        Linseed oil        Cottonseed oil        Coconut oil        Vegetable oils n.e.c.

22-2 '       TEXTILES AND TEXTILE  FINISHING   (Includes  yarn  produced
           v,                 from fiber,  fabrics  produced  from  yarn,
                            and nonfabricated  textile products,  but
                            excludes  apparel  and other  fabricated  textile
                            products;  specify  an activity from 22.03
                            Textile finishing  and coating, and,  if
                            appropriate,  a product  from 22.01  Yarn
                            and fabrics)

22.01-3        Yarn and fabrics (should  be preceded by an activity  from
                            22.03  when appropriate)
"2-2-.01.01-4         Cotton yarn and fabrics    x   Cotton yarn  (use only when fabric is unknown)        Cotton woven fabrics        Cotton knit  fabrics              •.   -'        Cotton nonwoven-f.arbics  (includes felt)        Cotton industrial  fabrics        Tire cord and fabric
22.01.'01.05.02-1        Cotton industrial fabrics  n.e.c.
22.01.02-5"    .    Wool yarn'and fabrics        Wool  yarn (use  only.when fabric. ,is  unknown)    ^  •>-''   Wopl  woven fabrics   '          •        .    ,  •        Wool  knit fabrics     ,   Wool  nonwqven fabrics (includes felt)        Wool  industrial fabrics                  ;
22.01.03-6     '    Natural  fiber yarn and fabrics n.e.c.        Natural fiber yarn  (use  only  when fabric is  unknown)        Natural fiber woven fabrics        Natural fiber knit  fabrics        Natural fiber nonwoven  fabrics
22.01'..03.05-1        Natural fiber industrial fabrics
22.01.04-7   -     Man-maderfiber  yarn and fabrics       Man-made',fiber  yarn (use only when  fabric is unknown)        Man-made fiber  woven fabrics
22,01.04.03-0        Man-made fiber  knit fabrics        Man-made fiber  nonwoven  fabrics        Man-made fiber  industrial  fabrics        Tire cord and fabric
22.01.04:65.02-4        Man-made  fiber  industrial  fabrics n.e.c.
22.01.05-8         Blended  fiber and  fabrics        Blended fiber yarn  (use  only  when fabric is  unknown)        Blended fiber woven fabrics        Blended fiber knit  fabrics        Blended fiber nonwoven  fabrics (includes felt)        Blended fiber industrial fabrics        Tire cord and fabric        Blended fiber industrial fabrics n.e.c.

22.02-4        Textile goods n.e.c.  (e.g., cordage and twine, thread,
                            padding,  and  upholstery products)

22.03-5        Textile finishing and coating (should be followed by a
                           product from 23.01 when appropriate)
22.03.01-6        Finishing (physical or chemical treatment of yarn or
                           fabrics)        Bleaching        Dyeing        Printing        Chemical finishing n.e.c. (applying chemicals to
                           fabrics to impart properties such as
                           flame resistance)        Physical finishing (e.g., pressing, heat treating)
22.03.02-7        Coating (coating fabrics with plastics materials;
                           rubberized fabrics are in 30.01.10)


23.01-4        Apparel (includes all personal attire except footwear,
                           see 31.03.01, and rubber or plastics clothing,
                           see 30.01.03, 30.02.03, and 30.02.10)
23.01.01-5        Men's clothing (includes teenagers'; excludes
                           children's and infants' apparel, see 23.01.03)        Men's outerwear        Suits and tailored jackets        Coats (overcoats, topcoats, raincoats)        Dress and sport trousers        Jeans and work pants        Nontailored jackets        Dress and sport shirts        Work shirts        Sweaters        Hats and caps        Swimsuits        Sportswear (except swimsuits; e.g., ski pants,
                           wet suits, track suits)        Men's outerwear n.e.c. (e.g.,
                           neckties, gloves)        Men's underwear and nightwear        Underwear        Nightwear and robes        Socks
23.01.02-6        Women's apparel (includes teenagers'; excludes children's
                           and infants' apparel, see 23.01.03)        Women's outerwear        Dresses        Suits and jackets        Coats and capes (e.g., toppers, car coats,
                           raincoats)        Skirts        Blouses and shirts        Slacks and jeans        Sweaters        Hats, caps, millinery        Swimsuits        Sportswear (except swimsuits; e.g., ski suits)        Women's outerwear n.e.c.        Women's underwear and nightwear        Brassieres, girdles, and corsets        Hosiery (including pantyhose and socks)        Women's underwear n.e.c. (e.g., panties, slips) .        Nightwear and robes

24-4      '  LUMBER AND WOOD PRODUCTS (except, furniture)

24.01-5        Timber production (logging operations and products)
24.01.01-6        LogSv(e.g., sawlogs, veneer logs, bolts)
24.01.02-7        Round timbers (e.g., piles, posts, poles)
24.01.03-8        Rough hewn or split.wood  (e.g., split fencing,
24.01.04-9        Pulpwood
24.01.05-0        Firewood

24.02-6        Lumber and wood stock  ,
24.02.01-7        Lumber (hardwood and softwood finished lumber, e.g.,
                           boards, dimension lumber, structural timber;
                           excludes flooring and siding, see 24.02.04)
24.02.02-8        Lumber stock (e.g., flitches, cants)
24.02.03-9        Wood cut stock (e.g.-, for furniture components,
                           barrel staves)
24.02.04-0        Flooring and siding-
24.02.05-1        Molding
24.02.06-2        Shingles and shakes
24.02.07-3        Lumber mill residuals (e.g., chips, bark,- shavings,
                           sawdust, hogged  fuel, wood flour, excelsior)

24.03-7        Formed wood (wood sheets or.  structural shapes
                           composed of wood particles or layers of wood
                 \         bonded together)
24.03.01-8        Plywood and veneer
24.03.02-9        Laminated structural members
24.03.03-0        -Composition board (e.g.,  hardboard, particleboard)

24.04-8      " Millwork (fabricated wood parts, e.g., window units,
                           doors, frames, and furniture parts)
             i -W    '

24.05-9        Wood containers, pallets, and skids
24.05.01-0        Wood boxes        Wood boxes for food and beverages        Wood boxes for industrial and other uses
24.05.02-1 '       Wood pallets and skids
24.05.03-2        Cooperage (e.g. hogsheads, barrels, kegs, tanks,
                           and vats)
24.05.04-3        Wood containers n.e.c.

24.06-0        Wood preserving (treating wood with creosote and other
                           preservatives to prevent decay and to protect
                           against fire and insects)

24.07-1        Prefabricated wood structures and building components
                           (e.g., buildings, cooling towers, precut
                           building packages, and components
                           such as walls and floors)

24.08-2        Mobile homes (excludes motor homes, see,
                           and campers, see 37.07.01)

24.09-3        Prefinished lumber and wood panels

24.10-4        Cork products (excludes cork seals and gaskets,
                           which are classified in 35.06.09)
24.10.01-5        Cork stoppers
24.10.02-6        Cork sheet and board
24.10.03-7        Cork tile
24.10.04-8        Cork products n.e.c.

24.11-5        Compressed wood fuel (e.g., fireplace logs, fuel pellets)

24.12-6        Wood products n.e.c. (e.g., wood bowls, clothes pins,
                           wood ladders)


26.01-7        Pulp (paper and chemical grades)
26.01.01-8        Chemical cellulose pulp (sulfate and sulfite)
26.01.02-9        Sulfite pulp
26.01.03-0        Sulfate pulp
26.01.04-1        Mechanical wood pulp (e.g., stone groundwood,
26.01.05-2        Soda pulp
26.01.06-3        Semichemical pulp
26.01.07-4        Chemimechanical pulp
26.01.08-5        Reclaimed paper pulp
26.01.09-6        Paper-making pulps from nonwood fibers
26.01.10-7        Papermaki'ng pulp n.e.c.  ,
26.01.11-8        Pulp mill by-products       Pulp mill turpentine        Pulp mill tall oil and other chemical by-products

26.02-8        Paper (basic paper stock;  excludes converted paper
                           products, see 26.05)
26.02.01-9      •  Newsprint
26.02.02-0        Printing, writing, and related papers (except
                           newsprint)        Coated papers        Uncoated free sheet papers        Uncoated groundwood-containing papers        Thin papers (e.g.,, bible, carbonizing,
                           cigarette, condenser)        Cotton fiber papers        Bleached bristols        Printing, writing, and related papers n.e.c.
26.02.03-1        Packaging papers (excludes: laminated, coated, and
                           treated packaging papers, see,
                 , and; paper bags and
                           liners, see 26.05.03; die cut paper products,
                           see 26.05.04; paper wrapping products, see
                           26.05.08; paper products for food packaging,
                           see; and paperboard packaging
                           products listed under 26.06)      ,  Unbleached or bleached kraft papers (e.g.,
                           wrapping, bag, sack)        Glassine, greaseproof, and vegetable parchment
                           papers (when coated or otherwise treated,
                           are classified in 26.05.01)        Packaging papers n.e.c.
26.02.04-2        Special industrial papers (e.g., wallpaper stock,
                           filter paper)
26.02.05-3        Tissue and absorbent paper products stock        Sanitary and facial tissue stock        Napkin, towelling and wiper stock        Miscellaneous tissue, stock (e.g., wadding,
                           waxing, wrapping)

26.03-9        Paperboard (except industrial and construction  paperboard,
26.03.01-0        Linerboard (facings for finished corrugated  or
                          solid fiber board)        Kraft linerboard        Recycled linerboard
26.03.02-1        Corrugating medium
26.03.03-2        Paperboard for carton manufacture
26.03.04-3        Fiber tube, can, and drum stock
26.03.05-4        Paperboard n.e.c.

26.04-0        Industrial and construction paper and paperboards
26.04.01-1        Gypsum wallboard facings
26.04.02-2        Roofing and building paper stock
26.04.03-3        Wet machine board (e.g., binders board, shoe
                           and trunk fiberboard)
26.04.04-4        Special industrial paperboard (e.g., gasket  stock,
                           automotive panel stock)
26.04.05-5        Insulating board and hard pressed panels (boards made
                           from pressed fibrous material and used as
                           building boards for insulation, sheathing,
                           siding, paneling, and similar applications)
26.04.06-6        Cellulose insulation (loose fill)
26.04.07-7        Asphalt and tar saturated building materials
                           (building paper, board, and non-asbestos felt
                           saturated with asphalt or tar; e.g., tar paper,
                           roofing board, asphalt shingles and roofing;
                           asphalt floor tiles are classified  in
                 , and asphalt and tar saturated
                           asbestos felts are classified in
26.04.08-8        Industrial and construction paper and paperboard n.e.c.

26.05-1        Converted paper products
26.05.01-2        Coated, laminated and treated paper products
                           (coated printing and writing paper  is classi-
                           fied in        Gummed paper products (coated with adhesive that
                           requires moistening prior to application;"
                           e.g., tape, labels, seals, stamps)        Pressure sensitive paper products (coated with
                           adhesive that adheres to dry surfaces with
                           pressure alone; e.g., tape, labels, protective
                           paper)        Laminated, coated, and treated papers for food
                           packaging and service (e.g., waxed
                           wrapping paper; food liners are
                           classified in        Laminated, coated, and treated papers for
                           sanitary products (e.g. , soap impregnated
                           papers)   v        Laminated, coated, and treated papers for other
                           than food and sanitary products

26.05.02-3        Envelopes, stationery and similar products        Envelopes        Stationery paper (e.g., boxed stationery,
                           wedding announcements, cards)        Tablets, pads, notebooks and similar products        Ream wrapped papers (e.g., typewriter and
                           reproduction papers)        Carbon paper and carbonless copy paper        Business machine paper (e.g., adding machine tapes,
                           computer paper, copier paper rolls)
26.05.03-4        Paper bags and liners        Paper bags and liners for food and food service
                           (e.g., candy, tea, sandwich, bakery,
                           pet food)        Paper bags and liners for commercial and
                           household service (e.g., garbage,
                           shopping, wardrobe, grocery)        Shipping sacks and industrial multiwall bags
                           (e.g., cement bags, sand bags)
26.05.04-5        Die cut paper and board        Die cut paper and board for food service (e.g.,
                            doilies, cake boards)        Die cut paper and board except food service
                           (e.g., file folders, automotive panels,
                           tabulating cards)
26.05.05-6        Pressed and molded pulp goods        Pressed and molded pulp goods for food packaging
                           and service        Pressed and molded pulp goods for industrial or
                           commercial use (e.g., papier-mache articles,
                           bituminous fiber pipe)
26.05.06-7        Sanitary paper products        Sanitary napkins and tampons        Disposable diapers        Toilet tissue        Facial tissue        Sanitary paper products n.e.c.
26.05.07-8        Industrial, household, and commercial absorbent
                           paper products (e.g., paper towels, pads,
                           napkins, wipers)
26.05.08-9        Paper wrapping products, (e.g., gift wrapping paper,
                           wrapping'tissue, creped wadding)
26.05.09-0        Wallpaper
26.05.10-1        Miscellaneous paper products        Miscellaneous papejr products for
                           food packaging and service (e.g., salt and
                           pepper envelopes)        Miscellaneous paper products (e.g., shelf paper,
                           cigarette paper, displays, games,
                           drafting paper, map paper)

26.06-2        Paperboard products
26.06.01-3        Paperboard containers        Corrugated containers (including pads, partitions,
                           flat sheets, and rolls)        Solid fiber boxes
26.06.02-4        Folding cartons and setup boxes except food
                           packaging and food service
26.06.03-5        Food packaging and food service products        Milk and other beverage cartons        Food service paper products (e.g., paper cups,
                           trays, food pails, straws)        Food packaging products (e.g., butter, ice cream,
                           cereal cartons, frozen foods, meat trays)
26.06.04-6        Fiber tubes, cans, drums and similar items        Fiber tubes, cans, and drums for food packaging        Fiber tubes, cans, and drums except food packaging
26.06.05-7        Paperboard products n.e.c.        Paperboard products for medical and food service
                           products n.e.c.        Paperboard products except medical, food, and
                           food service products n.e.c. (e.g.,
                           displays, unprinted tags, laminated tile)

27-7        PRINTING AND PUBLISHING,(Specify an activity from 27.02
                           Printing and related activities, and a
                           product from 27.01 Printed products)

27.01-8        Printed products (should be preceded by an activity
                           from 27.02 when appropriate)
27.01.01-9        Newspapers
27.01.02-0        Periodicals
27.01.03-1        Books (hardbound and paperbacks)
27.01.04-2        Business forms
27.01.05-3        Catalogs and directories
27.01.06-4        Business service publications
27.01.07-5        Labels and wrappers
27.01.08-6        Audiovisual aids
27.01.09-7        Greeting cards
27.01.10-8        Custom printed products (e.g., invitations, circular^.
27.01.11-9        Printed products n.e.c.

27.02-9        Printing and related activities (should be followed by a
                           product from 27.01 when appropriate)
27.02.01-0        Printing        Letterpress        Lithography        Engraved plate printing        Gravure        Photocopying        Printing n.e.c.
27.02.02-1        Bookbinding
27.02.03-2        Typesetting
27.02.04-3        Photoengraving
27.02.05-4        Electrotyping and stereotyping
27.02.06-5        Lithographic platemaking
27.02.07-6        Printing-related activities n.e.c.


             Compositional Terms   [28.01 Inorganic chamicals, and
                      28.02 Organic chemicals, give compositional terms
                      that define chemicals in terms of the constituent
                      elements and the molecular structure.  The remainder
                      of the chemicals section contains primarily
                      end-use terms that refer to finished chemical

28.01-9        Inorganic chemicals (includes carbon and carbon compounds
                           commonly considered to be inorganic, i.e.,
                           carbon oxides and sulfides, cyanogen,
                           halocyanides, cyanic and hydrocyanic acids,
                           bicarbonates, carbonates, cyanides, cyanates,
                           thiocyanates and carbides; excludes certain
                           "organo" compounds, see 28.02.05 to 28.02.08)
28.01.01-0        Alkalies and chlorine        Chlorine        Sodium hydroxide        Sodium bicarbonate and carbonate        Potassium bicarbonate, carbonate and hydroxide
28.01.02-1        Industrial gases        Acetylene        Carbon dioxide        Nitrogen        Oxygen        Helium        Argon        Nitrous oxide        Hydrogen        Carbon monoxide        Sulfur dioxide
28.01.03-2        Industrial inorganic acids        Sulfuric acid (includes oleum, excludes
                           sulfur trioxide, see 28.01.07)        Hydrochloric acid        Nitric acid        Hydrofluoric acid        Fluosilicic acid
28.01.03..06-8        Hydrocyanic acid        Chlorosulfuric acid        Sulfamic acid        Phosphoric acid

28.01.04-3        Common simple salts (combinations of one of the  follow-
                           ing cations and one of the following anions)
                           Cations: ammonium, sodium, potassium, calcium,
 ^                                 and magnesium
                           Anions:  chloride, sulfate, sulfite, nitrate,
                                  phosphate, silicate and hypochlorite        Simple salts n.e.c. (combinations of one of the
                           cations ammonium, sodium, potassium, calcium,
                           or magnesium, and any ion or radical not listed
                           in 28.01.04 or which cannot be classified in
                           28.01.05, e.g., includes nitrite, bromide,
                           cyanide, perchlorate, persulfate, sulfide, and
                           thiocyanate, and excludes chromate, titanate,
                           permanganate, etc.; also includes hydrides,
                           oxides, and peroxides of sodium, potassium,
                           calcium and magnesium, and the hydroxides,
                           bicarbonates and carbonates of calcium and
28.01.05-4        Selected elements and their inorganic compounds
                           (excludes certain "organo" compounds, see
                           28.02.05 to 28.02.08; certain metals, see 33;
                           alloys, see 33.01.04 and 33.02; and ores,
                           see 10)        Potassium, rubidium and cesium (for sodium and
                           lithium see 33.02.12 and 33.02.08)—6        Compounds of lithium, rubidium and cesium (for
                           compounds of sodium and potassium see 28.01.01,
                           28.01.04 and        Calcium        Beryllium and beryllium compounds        Strontium and strontium compounds        Barium and barium compounds        Radium and radium compounds        Titanium compounds (for elemental titanium see 33.02.13)        Zirconium compounds (for elemental zirconium see
                           33.02.13)        Hafnium and hafnium compounds        Vanadium compounds (for elemental vanadium see 33.02.13)        Niobium (columbium) and niobium compounds        Tantalum compounds (for elemental tantalum see 33.02.13)        Chromium and chromium compounds        Manganese compounds (for elemental manganese see
                           33.02.13)        Iron compounds (for elemental iron see 33.01.02)        Cobalt compounds (for elemental cobalt see 33.02.13)        Nickel compounds (for elemental nickel see 33.02.13)        Copper compounds (for elemental copper see 33.02.01)        Silver compounds (for elemental silver see 33.02.11)        Gold compounds (for elemental gold see 33.02.07)        Zinc compounds (for elemental zinc see 33.02.04)        Cadmium compounds (for elemental cadmium see 33.02.06)

-------        Mercury compounds (for elemental mercury see 33.02.10)        Boron and inorganic boron compounds (includes
                           boron carbide, boric acid and borohydrides;
                           excludes organoboron compounds, see 28.02.05)        Aluminum compounds (for elemental aluminum see 33.02.02)        Gallium, germanium, indium, and thallium and their
                           compounds        Scandium, ytterbium and the lanthanide
                           series (elements 57-71, e.g., cerium,
                           neodymium, etc.) and their compounds        Noble gases and their compounds (except elemental
                           helium and argon, see 28.01.02; includes
                           neon, krypton, xenon, and noble gas compounds;
                           excludes polonium, see        Arsenic compounds (for elemental arsenic see 33.02.12        Antimony compounds (for elemental antimony see
                           33.02.13)        Bismuth compounds (for elemental bismuth see 33.02.05)        Selenium and selenium compounds        Tellurium and tellurium compounds        Polonium and polonium compounds        Tin compounds (for elemental tin see 33.02.13)        Lead compounds (for elemental lead see 33.02.03)        Actinium, thorium, and protactinium and their
                           compounds        Uranium and uranium compounds (except uranium
                           oxide, see 29.06.01, and enriched uranium,
                           see 29.06.02)        Transuranic elements and compounds        Metals and metal compounds n.e.c. (includes all
                           metallic elements and their compounds not
                           classified elsewhere in 28.01.05 or in 33;
                           for metallic ores see 10.01)
28.01.06-5        Inorganic nitrogen compounds        Ammonia, anhydrous and aqueous        Urea        Hydroxylamine and hydrazine        Inorganic nitrogen compounds n.e.c. (includes
                           cyanogen and halocyanides; excludes nitrous
                           oxide, see; certain acids, see
                           28.01.03; and compounds that can be classified
                           in 28.01'.04, e.g., ammonium salts and sodium
                           cyanide; and 28.01.05, !e.g., iron nitride)
28.01.07-6        Inorganic sulfur compounds n.e.c (excludes compounds
                           that can be classified in 28.01.04 or 28.01.05;
                           also excludes sulfur dioxide, see;
                           certain acids, see 28.01.03; carbon sulfides,
                           see 28.01.08; phosphorus sulfides, see
                 ; silicon sulfides, see 28.01.10;
                           and certain halogen-containing compounds, see
                           28.01.11; includes sulfur trioxide, hydrogen
                           sulfide; for elemental sulfur see

28.01.08-7        Carbon and inorganic carbon compounds n.e.c. (includes
                           carbon black, activated carbon and diamond;
                           excludes graphite, see 10.04.01; coke, see
                           29.02.08 and; and compounds that
                           can be classified in 28.01.04, 28.01.05, or
                           28.01.06; also excludes silicon carbides,
                           see 28.01.10, carbon dioxide and carbon
                           monoxide, see 28.01.02; includes carbonyl
                           halides, carbon sulfides, and thiophosgene)
28.01.09-8        Inorganic phosphorus compounds        Phosphorus        Phosphorus pentoxide        Inorganic phosphorus compounds n.e.c. (includes
                           phosphorus cyanide, cyanate and thiocyanate
                           and phosphorus compounds containing halogen,
                           hydrogen, sulfur, nitrogen, or silicon;
                           excludes compounds that can be classified in
                           28.01.04 or 28.01.05; phosphoric acid, see
                  and organophosphorus compounds,
                           see 28.02.06)
28.01.10-9        Silicon and inorganic silicon compounds n.e.c. (excludes
                           compounds that can be classified under 28.01.04,
                           e.g. sodium silicate, or in 28.01.05, e.g. iron
                           silicide; also excludes fluosilicic acid, see
                 ; silica, see 10.05.08; organo-
                           silicon compounds, see 28.02.07; includes
                           silicon halides, nitrides, carbides, hydrides,
                           sulfides, oxyhalides, thiocyanates, etc.)
28.01.11-0        Halogens, interhalogen compounds, and compounds
                           containing halogen plus only sulfur, or oxygen,
                           or hydrogen or any combination of these elements
                           (includes fluorine, bromine, iodine, chlorine
                           dioxide, iodine pentafluoride, thionyl chloride;
                           excludes chlorine, see, hydrochloric
                           acid, see, hydrofluoric acid, see
                 , chlorosulfuric acid, see
28.01.12-1        Miscellaneous inorganic compounds and elements        Ozone        Hydrogen peroxide        Water (chemical grade)        Mixed inorganic compounds n.e.c. (e.g., mixed metal
                           compounds)        Inorganic compounds and elements n.e.c. in 28.01

            Compositional Terms [continued]

28.02-0        Organic chemicals (chemicals containing carbon, except
                           compounds commonly considered as inorganic,
                           i.e., carbon and carbon oxides and sulfides,
                           cyanogen, halocyanides, cyanic and hydrocyanic
                           acids, bicarbonates, carbonates, cyanides,
                           cyanates and thiocyanate salts and carbides,
                           see 28.01)
28.02.01-1        Hydrocarbons (contain only carbon and hydrogen)        Acyclic (contain no ring structures; includes
                           paraffins, olefins, dienes, alkylenes, e.g.,
                           isooctane, butadiene, vinyl acetylene,
                           isoprene, butylenes; excludes acetylene,  see
                 , natural gas, see 10.03.02, and
                           pipeline quality gas from coal, see
                         Alicyclic (may contain acyclic substituents;
                           contain at least one ring but no aromatic
                           rings, e.g., cyclohexane, cyclohexene,
                           methylcyclopentane)        Aromatic (may contain acyclic and/or alicyclic
                           substituents; contain at least one aromatic
                           ring; e.g., benzene, styrene, toluene, xylenes,
                           anthracene, indene, biphenyl, stilbene)
28.02.02-2         Monofunctional organic compounds (contain only one
                           type of substituent.  In this classification
                           system acyclic hydrocarbon groups are not
                           considered as valid functions but rather  as
                           "non-functions"; groups containing carbon-
                           carbon double and triple bonds are not class-
                           ified separately but are included with their
                           saturated counterparts.  However, aromatic
                           groups (e.g., phenyl) are considered to be
                           separate, valid functionalities.  As a result
                           of this system, for example, cresol, which has
                           a methyl group as well as a hydroxyl group
                           attached directly to an aromatic ring, should
                           be classified as monofunctional (
                           Aromatic hydroxy compounds), but benzyl alcohol,
                           which does not have the hydroxyl group attached
                           to the aromatic ring and thus has two function-
                           alities (aromatic ring and hydroxyl), must be
                           classified under Polyfunctional organic com-
                           pounds (28.02.04).  Similarly, toluidine  is
                           classified as an Aromatic amine (
                           while phenylethylamine is polyfunctional
                           (28.02.04).  Compounds with two or more identi-
                           cally classifiable functionalities are categor-
                           ized under the appropriate level of Monofunc-
                           tional organic chemicals.  Thus, ethylene glycol,
                           with two hydroxyl groups, is classified under

                           Acyclic hydroxy compounds ( and
                           dibromochloropropane is classified under Acyclic
                           halogenated hydrocarbons (        Halogenated hydrocarbons (contain only carbon, one
                           or more of the following elements — fluorine,
                           chlorine, bromine, iodine, — and possibly
                           hydrogen)        Acyclic (e.g., chloroform, trichloroethylene,
                           vinyl chloride, dibromochloropropane,
                           dichlorodifluoromethane)        Alicyclic (contain the halogen(s) attached
                           to a non-aromatic ring; e.g., bromocyclopentane,
                           dichlorocyclohexane)        Aromatic (contain the halogen(s) attached
                           to an aromatic ring; e.g., chlorobenzene,
                           o-dichlorobenzene, chlorofluorobenzene,
                           p-bromotoluene)        Hydroxy compounds (contain at least one C-O-H
                           function)        Acyclic (e.g., ethanol, butanediol, ethylene
                           glycol, glycerin, pentaerythritol)        Alicyclic (contain the hydroxyl function(s)
                           attached to a non-aromatic ring, e.g., cyclohexanol)        Aromatic (contain the hydroxyl function(s)
                           attached to an aromatic ring, e.g., phenol,
                           naphthol, resorcinol, cresol, alkyphenols)        Ethers (contain the ether function, C-O-C; excludes
                           epoxides, see and oxygen hetero-
                           cycles, see        Acyclic (e.g., dimethyl ether, diethyl ether,
                           methyl t-butyl ether)        Alicyclic (contain the ether function attached to
                           a non-aromatic ring, e.g., dicyclohexyl ether)        Aromatic (contain the ether function attached to
                           an aromatic ring, e.g., diphenyl ether, anisole)        Peroxides, hydroperoxides, and acyl peroxides
                           (contain one of the following functions: C-O-O-C,
                           C-O-O-H, C(=0)-0-0-C(=0) )        Acyclic (e.g., t-butylhydroperoxide,
                           lauroyl peroxide)        Aromatic (e.g., benzoyl peroxide)        Ketones (contain the ketone function,   C-C(=0)-C )        Acyclic (e.g., methyl ether ketone, acetone,
                           mesityl oxide)        Alicyclic (contain the ketone function attached
                           to a non-aromatic ring, e.g., cyclohexanone,
                           methylcyclopentanone)        Aromatic (contain the ketone function attached
                           to an aromatic ring, e.g., benzophenone,
                           alkylanthraquinone)        Aldehydes (contain the -CHO function)        Acyclic (e.g., acetaldehyde, acrolein,

                           isobutyraldehyde, formaldehyde)        Aromatic (contain the aldehyde function
                           attached to an aromatic ring, e.g., benzaldehyde)        Epoxides (contain an oxygen-containing
                           three-membered ring, e.g., ethylene oxide,
                           propylene oxide)        Carboxylic acids and their salts, acid halides,
                           and anhydrides (contain the acid function C(=0)GH,
                           acid halide C(=0)X where X=F, Cl, Br, or 1, or
                           the anhydride function C(=0)-0-C(=0) )        Acyclic (e.g., acetic acid, acetic anhydride,
                           propionyl chloride, maleic anhydride (related
                           to an acyclic acid))        Alicyclic (contain the function(s) attached
                           to a non-aromatic ring, e.g., cyclohexanecarboxylI;
                           acid)        Aromatic (contain the acid, acid halide, or
                           anhydride function attached to an aromatic
                           ring, e.g., benzoic acid, benzoyl chloride,
                           phthalic anhydride, isophthalic acid)        Esters (contain the function C(=0)-0-C )        Acyclic and alicyclic (contain no aromatic rings,
                            e.g. , ethyl acetate, methyl methacrylate,
                            dicyclopentyl maleate)        Lactones (contain the ester as part of a non-
                           aromatic ring structure, e.g., gamma-
                           butyrolactone)        Aromatic (contain the ester function(s) attached
                           to an aromatic ring, Ar-C(=»0)-0-C, or
                           C(=0)-0-Ar, e.g., butyl benzoate, dimethly
                           phthalate, phenyl acetate)
                           acetate)        Amides (contain the amide function'C(=0)-NRR',
                           where R and R'=H alkyl or aryl)        Acyclic and alicyclic (contain no aromatic rings,
                        (e.g., acetamide, acrylamide, dimethylfonnamide)        Lactams (contain the amide function as a part
                           of a non-aromatic ring, e.g., caprolactam)        Aromatic (contain the amide function
                           attached to an aromatic ring, e.g., benzamide,
                           phthalamide, acetanilide)        Amines, amine salts, and quaternary ammonium compounds
                           (contain the amine function, C-NRR', or the
                           ammonium function, C-N*RR'R", where R, R'
                           and R""* H, alkyl, cycloalkyl or aryl;
                           excludes nitrogen heterocycles, see
                         Acyclic (e.g., methylamine, triethylamine,
                           ethylenediamine, hexamethylenediamine,
                           dimethyl distearyl ammonium chloride)

-------        Alicyclic (contain the amine function(s) attached
                           to a non-aromatic ring, e.g., cyclohexylamine)        Aromatic (contain the amine function(s) attached
                           to an aromatic ring, e.g., aniline, naphthyl-
                           amine, toluene-2,4-diamine, toluidine)        Nitro hydrocarbons (contain the nitro function C-N02)        Acyclic (e.g., 2-nitropropane, nitroparaffins)        Aromatic (contain the nitro function attached
                           to an aromatic ring, e.g., nitrotoluene,
                           dinitrobenzene)        Nitriles (contain the nitrile function, C=N)        Acyclic (e.g., acetonitrile, acrylonitrile)        Aromatic (contain the nitrile function
                           attached to an aromatic ring, e.g., benzonitrile)        Mercaptans (thiols) (contain the thiol function, C-Sii)        Acyclic (e.g., ethyl mercaptan)        Aromatic (e.g., benzenethiol)        Thioethers (sulfides) (contain the sulfide
                           function, C-S-C, e.g., dimethylsulfide;
                           excludes sulfur heterocycles, see        Sulfonic acids, sulfonic acid salts, and sulfonyl
                           halides (contain the function SOjX where
                           X = OH, halogen, OM, where M = metal ion)        Acyclic (e.g., methanesulfonyl chloride)        Aromatic (contain the S02X function
                           attached to an aromatic ring, e.g.
                           benzenesulfonic acid, sodium p-toluenesulfonate)        Monofunctional organic chemicals n.e.c.        Acyclic        Alicyclic        Aromatic
28.02.03-3        Heterocycles (contain at least one heteroatom (N,0,S)
                           as an integral part of a single ring or fused
                           ring system.  The heterocycle may have other
                           other functionalities (e.g., oxo functions
                           in purines) attached directly to the ring).        Nitrogen heterocycles (contain as the only heteroatom
                           at least one nitrogen atom as part of a ring,
                           e.g., pyridine, acridine,  quinoline, triazoles,
                           adenosine, dichloroisocyanuric acid, piperidine;
                           excludes Lactams)        Oxygen heterocycles (contain as the only heteroatom
                           at least one oxygen atom as part of a ring,
                           e.g., furan, tetrahydrofuran, dioxane,  coumarone,
                           xanthenes; excludes Lactones
                           and anhydrides)        Sulfur heterocycles (contain as the only heteroatom
                           at least one sulfur atom as part of a ring,
                           e.g., thiophene, episulfides)

-------        Mixed heteroatom heterocycles (contain at least two
                           different heteroatoms as integral parts of
                           the ring system, e.g., thiazole, oxazoles,
28.02.04-4        Polyfunctional organic compounds (contain at least
                           two different classifiable types of functional
                           groups as defined under 28.02.02; e.g.,
                           ethanolamine, which has both hydroxyl and
                           amino group; benzyl alcohol, which has hydro/.' .
                           and aromatic functions; other examples include
                           chloroacetic acid, amino acids, dichlorophenol,
                           and salicyclic acid)
28.02.05-5        Organoboron compounds (contain boron, carbon, and at
                           least one other element; e.g., trimethylbororj
28.02.06-6        Organophosphorus compounds (contain phosphorus, carbon,
                           and at least one other element; e.g.,
                           triphenylphosphine, trimethyl phosphite,
                           dimethyl phosphorodithioic acid (DMPA);
                           excludes phosphorus cyanide, thiocyanate and
                           cyanate, see
28.02.07-7        Organosilicon compounds (contain silicon, carbon, and
                           at least one other element; e.g., tetramethyl-
                           silane, dichlorodimethylsilane; excludes
                           cyanide, thiocyanate and cyanate, see 28.01.11)
28.02.08-8        Organometallic compounds (contain a metal atom
                           bound to at least one carbon atom; e.g.,
                           ferrocene, nickel tetracarbonyl; the metallic
                           elements include: actinium, aluminum, antimony.
                           bismuth, chromium, cobalt, copper, gallium,
                           germanium, hafnium, indium, iridium, iron,
                           lead, lithium, magnesium, manganese, mercury,
                           molybdenum, nickel, niobium, osmium, palladium,
                           platinum, polonium, rare earths (lanthanides),
                           rhenium, rhodium, ruthenium, scandium, silver,
                           tantalum, technetium, thallium, thorium, tin,
                           titanium, uranium, vanadium, yttrium, zinc,
                           zirconium; excludes bicarbonates, carbonates,
                           cyanides, cyanates, thiocyanates, see 28.01)        Organoaluminum compounds (e.g., triethylaluminura)        Organocobalt compounds (e.g., cobalt carbonyls)        Organochromium compounds (e.g., bis-cyclopentadienyl
                           chromium)        Organolead compounds (e.g., tetraethyl lead)        Organomanganese compounds (e.g., MMT)        Organomercury compounds (e.g., dimethyl mercury)        Organonickel compounds (e.g., nickel tetracarbonyl)        Organotin compounds (e.g., tetraphenyltin, di-n-
                           butyltin dilaurate)        Organometallic compounds n.e.c.
28.02.09-9        Organic chemicals n.e.c. (compounds not classifiable
                           in 28.02.01 - 28.02.08; other exceptions are
                           noted at 28.02)

            End-Use Terms   [the remainder of the chemicals section
                          contains primarily end-use terms that refer
                          to finished chemical products; for compositional
                          terms see 28.01 and 28.02]

28,03-1        Gum and wood chemicals
28.03.01-2        Softwood and gum chemical products        Turpentine (see also pulp mill by-product
                           turpentine,        Pine oil        Wood rosin, pitches and tars        Softwood and gum chemical products n.e.c. (excludes
                           tall oil and other pulp mill chemical  byproducts,
28.03.02-3        Hardwood chemical products        Charcoal        Natural tanning mixtures        Hardwood chemical products n.e.c.
28.03.03-4        Gum and wood chemicals n.e.c.

28.04-2        Dyes and pigments (includes active ingredients and.
                           formulated products)
28.04.01-3        Dyes        Acid dyes (applied from acid bath to wool,
                           silk, and nylon)        Azoic dyes and components (color formed on fiber
                           by coupling with a diazo compound)        Basic dyes (water soluble, positive-ion-carrying
                           dyes used on a variety of fibers)        Direct dyes (applied directly, usually to natural
                           fibers; primarily derived from benzidine)        Disperse dyes (non-ionic dyes applied from water
                           dispersions, primarily to man-made fibers)        Fiber-reactive dyes (anionic dyes applied by
                           chemical reaction with cellulosic fibers)        Food, drug, and cosmetic dyes        Solvent dyes (applied from a solvent)        Vat dyes (applied in a reduced form, then oxidized
                           on the fiber)        Colorless dyes (fluorescent brighteners)        Dyes n.e.c.
28.04.02-4        Organic pigments        Monoazo pigments        Disazo pigments        Acid and basic dye pigments        Quinacridone pigments        Phthalocyanine pigments        Other polycyclic pigments        Organic pigments n.e.c.

28.04.03-5        Inorganic pigments and fillers        Titanium pigments        White lead pigments        White opaque pigments n.e.c. (includes antimony
                           and lithopone pigments)        Extender pigments and fillers (includes whiting
                           and blanc fixe)        Colored inorganic pigments

28.05-3        Surface active agents
28.05.01-4        Anionic surface-active agents        Carboxylic acid salts        Phosphoric and polyphosphoric acid esters
                           and salts        Alkylbenzenesulfonic acids and salts        Lignin sulfonates        Sulfonic acids and sulfonates  n.e.c.        Sulfated alcohols and salts        Sulfated ethers and salts        Anionic surface-active agents  n.e.c.
28.05.02-5        Cationic surface-active agents        Amine oxides and oxygen-containing amines        Amines not containing oxygen        Quaternary ammonium salts        Cationic surface-active compounds  n.e.c.
28.05.03-6        Nonionic surface-active agents        Carboxylic acid amides        Carboxylic acid esters        Benzenoid ethers        Nonbenzenoid ethers        Nonionic surface-active agents  n.e.c.

28.06-4        Drugs (includes active ingredients and formulated products)
28.06.01-5        Human drugs
28.06.02-6        Animal drugs

28.07-5        Washing, cleansing, and sanitation products,
                           toiletries and cosmetics
28.07.01-6        Household soaps, detergents and cleansers        Household soaps        Toilet soaps        Soap powders and flakes   .        Medicated soaps        Household soaps  n.e.c. (excludes shampoos,
                           see        Household detergents and cleansers        Dishwashing machine compositions  (includes
                           rinse aids)        Household light-duty detergents (for handwashing
                           delicate garments and  dishes,  and light-duty
                           household cleaning)

-------        Household heavy-duty detergents (for machine
                           laundry and heavy-duty household cleaning)        Household scouring cleansers (powdered
                           cleaning products usually containing an
                           abrasive, a surfactant, and a bleach)        Household presoaks (for soaking heavily soiled
                           articles prior to regular laundering; usually
                           contain enzymes)        Household detergents and cleansers  n.e.c.
28.07.02-7        Nonhousehold soaps, detergents and cleansers        Nonhousehold soaps        Nonhousehold dry soaps (chips, powdered, etc.)        Nonhousehold liquid soaps        Mechanics' hand soap (excludes waterless
                           hand cleaners, see        Nonhousehold soaps  n.e.c.        Nonhousehold detergents        Nonhousehold machine dishwashing compounds
                           (includes rinse aids)        Nonhousehold scouring cleansers        Nonhousehold heavy-duty detergents
                           (includes commercial laundry detergents)        Nonhousehold detergents  n.e.c.
28.07.03-8        Polishes, sanitation goods,
                           specialty cleaning preparations,
                           and laundry aids        Polishing preparations        Automobile polishes and waxes        Floor polishes        Shoe polishes        Leather dressings (except shoe polishes)        Metal polishes        Polishing preparations  n.e.c.        Sanitation goods (excludes pesticides)        Household sanitizers and disinfectants        Dairy, farm, and food plant sanitizers
                           and disinfectants        Restaurant and bar glassware rinse sanitizers
                           and disinfectants        Deodorants (room, rug, upholstery, etc.)        Janitorial supply sanitizers and
                           disinfectants        Sanitation goods  n.e.c.        Specialty cleaning preparations        Window cleaning preparations        Oven cleaners        Ammonia-based cleaners (contain 5-10% ammonia;
                           may contain a small amount of a soap or
                           detergent)        Dry cleaning spotting preparations (liquid)        Carpet and upholstery cleaning preparations

-------        Waterless hand cleaners (excludes mechanics'
                           hand soap, see        Sweeping compounds (preparations comprising
                           particulate matter, such as sawdust, impregnated
                           with an anti-dusting ingredient, such as light
                           mineral oil)        Specialty cleaning preparations  n.e.c.        Laundry aids        Fabric softeners        Starch preparations        Laundry bluing preparations        Laundry bleaches        Ironing aids (preparations, usually aerosol
                           formulations, containing lubricants, such as
                           waxes, applied to fabrics to facilitate
                           ironing)        Laundry aids  n.e.c.
28.07.04-9        Toilet preparations and cosmetics

28.08-6        Paints and allied products
28.08.01-7        Trade sales finishes (includes oil types and
                           water-based, excludes aerosols, see
                         Exterior trade sales finishes (excludes finishes
                           specifically formulated for spray application,
                           see        House paints (includes primers, undercoats,
                           and enamels)        Barn and roof paints        Traffic paints        Automotive and machinery refinish paints,
                           enamels and lacquers        Exterior varnishes and stains (excludes
                           marine, see        Masonry water emulsion paints        Marine trade sales finishes        Exterior trade sales finishes  n.e.c.        Interior trade sales finishes (excludes finishes
                           specifically formulated for spray application,
                           see        Oil-type interior paints and enamels
                           (includes primers, undercoats, tinting bases)        Water-based interior paints and enamels
                           (includes primers, undercoats, tinting bases)        Interior varnishes, shellacs and stains        Trade sales lacquers (except automotive
                           and machinery, see        Interior trade sales finishes        Trade sales spray finishes (finishes especially
                           formulated for spray-type applications)

28.08.02-8        Industrial finishes        Industrial maintenance paints (specially
                           formulated coatings for demanding exposure
                           conditions)        Exterior industrial maintenance paints        Interior industrial maintenance paints        Marine finishes (except trade sales finishes, see
                         Transportation finishes (original equipment, includo
                           automotive)        Furniture and fixture finishes, industrial        Appliance and heating equipment finishes, industrial        Industrial wood and composition flat stock finishes        Industrial metal sheet, strip and coil finishes        Container and closure finishes (e.g., for cans,
                           bottles, and screw caps)        Paper and paperboard finishes (excludes pigment
                           binders; see also coated papers,        Electrical insulating varnishes        Powdered coatings        Industrial finishes n.e.c.
28.08.03-9        Miscellaneous paint and allied products        Sealants (viscous compositions that are poured,
                           extruded, or spread into joints or voids,
                           usually in a thick layer, to seal against
                           water, air, vermin, etc.; includes caulks,
                           putties, pipe thread dopes, and glazing
                           compounds; excludes hydraulic cements, see
                           32.02; also excludes adhesives, see 28.13)        Drying oil-based sealants (e.g., linseed or
                           soybean oil)        Synthetic polymer-based sealants (e.g.,
                           polyurethane, butyl or silicone rubber, acrylic)        Asphalt-based sealants        Wood fillers and sealers (includes spackling
                           compounds and shellac-based sealer
                           coatings)        Paint and varnish removers        Thinners        Aerosol finishes (aerosol formulations of
                           paints, enamels, lacquers, etc.)        Organosols and plastisols (finely divided
                           dispersions of resins in plasticizers; organosols
                           also contain volatile solvent)        Paint and varnish driers (additives, usually
                           metallic salts, that catalyze the oxidation of
                           coatings)        Pigment dispersions (dispersions of pigments
                           in an appropriate medium used in the manufacture
                           of inks, coatings, and plastics)        Ink vehicles (liquid portion of an ink,
                           including resin, drying oil and solvent)

2S .08.03.10-9        Miscellaneous paint and allied products  n.e'.c.
                            (excludes hobby, crafts and art supplies,
                            see 39.06)

28.09-7        Resins, plastics, elastomers and man-made fibers
28.09.01-8        Thermosetting plastics and resin materials        Alkyd  resins        Epoxy  resins        Melamine resins        Phenolic and other tar acid resins        Unsaturated polyester resins        Polyether and polyester polyols for polyurethanes        Polyurethane elastomers and plastics (excludes
                            spandex fiber, see        Silicone resins (excludes silicone elastomers,
                            see        Urea-formaldehyde resins        Thermosetting plastics and resin materials n.e.c.
                            (excludes thermosetting acrylics)
28.09.02-9        Thermoplastic plastics and resin materials (excludes
                            fiber uses)        Acrylic resins (includes thermosetting acrylics)        Cellulosic plastics        Acetal resins        Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene resins        Polyamide resins        Saturated polyester resins (includes polybutylene
                            and polyethylene terephthalate)        Polyethylene resins        Polypropylene resins        Polystyrene plastics materials (includes copolymers
                            but not ABS resins, see        Vinyl  resins        Polyvinyl acetate and copolymers        Polyvinyl chloride and copolymers        Polyvinyl alcohol        Vinyl resins  n.e.c. (includes vinylidene
                            chloride resins)        Fluoropolyraer plastics (includes polymers and
                            copolymers of tetrafluorethane, vinyl fluoride,
                            vinylidene fluoride, chlorotrifluorethylene, etc.)        Polyimide and polyamide-imide resins        Engineering resins  n.e.c. (dimensionally stable
                            plastics capable of sustaining high stresses;
                            includes polycarbonate, polysulfone, and
                            polyphenylene oxide resins)        Thermoplastic resins  n.e.c.
28.09.03-0        Elastomers        Acrylonitrile-butadiene elastomers (N-type)        Butadiene elastomers        Chloroprene elastomers (neoprene)

-------         Ethylene-propylene elastomers (includes terpolymers)
.         Natural rubber         Silicone elastomers         Chlorinated rubbers         Styrene-butadiene elastomers (S-type)         Styrene-butadiene-vinylpyridine elastomers         Polyisoprene elastomers (excludes natural rubber,
                            see         Fluorinated elastomers         Polysulfide elastomers         Butyl elastomers         Chlorosulfonated  elastomers         Synthetic elastomers   n.e.c. (excludes polyurethane
                            elastomers,  see
 28.09.04-1         Man-made fibers (includes  staple and continuous
                            filament;  excludes yarns, see 22.01, and
                            fiberglass,  see 32.01.03)         Cellulosic man-made fibers         Rayon         Cellulose acetate         Cellulose triacetate         Cellulose man-made fibers  n.e.c.         Nylon fibers         Nylon staple         Nylon monofilament         Acrylic fibers (at least 85% acrylonitrile)         Polyester fibers         Polyolefin fibers  (excludes polypropylene fibers,
                            see         Polypropylene         Modacrylic fibers  (copolymers containing less
                            than 85% acrylonitrile)         Spandex (segmented polyurethane) fibers         Vinyon (polyvinyl  chloride) fibers         Aramid (aromatic)  nylon fibers         Fluorocarbon fibers         Organic fibers  n.e.c.

 28.10-8         Agricultural chemicals
 28.10.01-9         Fertilizers         Nitrogenous fertilizers (excludes compounds that can
                            be classified in  28.01.05, 28.01.06, or 28.01.07)         Phosphatic fertilizers  (excludes compounds that
                            can be classified in  28.01.05 or 28.01.06, and
                            phosphoric  acid,  see         Fertilizer materials  of organic origin (e.g.,
                            sewage sludge,  tankage, manure;  for waste
                            water residue treatment see         Mixed fertilizers

28.10.02-0        Pesticides and biocides (includes active substances
                           and preparations)        Insecticides        Herbicides        Fungicides        Rodenticides        Bactericides (excludes sanitation goods, see
                         Algicides        Fumigants        Preservatives (excludes food additives, see 20.02)        Animal repellents        Insect attractants        Insect repellents        Pesticides and biocides n.e.c.
28.10.03-1        Agricultural chemicals n.e.c. (includes soil condit:-.

28.11-9        Explosives and related products
28.11.01-0        Fuses
28.11.02-1        Detonating caps
28.11.03-2        Dynamite
28.11.04-3        Detonator explosive compounds
28.11.05-4        High explosives
28.11.06-5        Propellents
28.11.07-6        Flares
28.11.08-7        Fireworks and other pyrotechnics
28.11.09-8        Explosives and related products n.e.c.

28.12-0        Inks
28.12.01-1        Writing inks
28.12.02-2        Printing inks        Letterpress inks        Lithographic and offset inks        Gravure inks        Flexographic inks        Printing inks n.e.c.

28.13-1        Adhesives (substances used, commonly in thin  layers,
                           for bonding one surface to another)
28.13.01-2        Inorganic adhesives        Soluble silicate adhesives        Powdered glass and silica-based cements        Inorganic adhesives n.e.c. (excludes hydraulic
                           cements, see 32.02)
28.13.02-3        Organic adhesives        Natural organic adhesives        Animal and fish glues        Vegetable pastes, glues, and mucilages
                           (includes starch, natural rubber- and rosin-
                           based)        Organic adhesives of mineral origin
                           (includes asphalts and non-vegetable pitches)

-------        Synthetic organic adhesives        Elastomer-based (e.g., synthetic rubber-based)        Thermoplastic resin-based (for hot melts,
                           e.g., polyethylene- or polyamide-based)        Thermosetting resin-based (includes epoxy,
                           polyvinyl butyral- and phenol-formaldehyde-based)        Silicone cements        Synthetic organic adhesives n.e.c.

28.14-2        Miscellaneous chemical products (includes active
                           ingredients and formulated products)
28.14.01-3        Gelatin
28.14.02-4        Embalming chemicals
28.14.03-5        Vitreous enamels (frit)
28.14.04-6        Reagents
28.14.05-7        Water and waste-water treatment chemicals (e.g.,
                           deionizers, water softeners)
28.14.06-8        Metal treating compounds (e.g., rust removers,
                           fluxing, plating, pickling and brazing compounds,
                           rust inhibitors and degreasing solvents)
28.14.07-9        Ore processing chemicals (e.g., liquid ion exchange
                           compounds, collectors)
28.14.08-0        Textile chemicals (e.g., textile sizes, soil retardants,
                           flame retardants, dyeing assistants; excludes
                           dyes and pigments, see 28.04)
28.14.09-1        Paper chemicals (e.g., paper sizes, coating formulations;
                           excludes dyes and pigments, see 28.04, inks,
                           see 28.12, and biocides, see 28.10.05)
28.14.10-2        Leather chemicals (e.g., tanning chemicals; excludes
                           dyes and pigments, see 28.12)
28.14.11-3        Oil and natural gas drilling, production and
                           transmission chemicals (e.g., drilling muds,
                           enhanced oil recovery chemicals, gas odorants)
28.14.12-4        Petroleum product additives (e.g., lubricant and
                           fuel additives)
28.14.13-5        Automotive, aerospace, and machinery chemicals n.e.c.
                           (includes deicers, antifreezes, coolants, non-
                           petroleum-based fluids; excludes petroleum
                           derived oils and greases, see 29.02.06,
                           polishes, see 28.07.03, and petroleum product
                           additives, see 28.14.12)
28.14.14-6        Plastics and rubber chemicals (includes additives,
                           e.g., plasticizers and processing aids, e.g.,
                           mold release products; excludes dyes and pigments,
                           see 28.04)
28.14.15-7        Flavor and fragrance chemicals (e.g., perfume active
                           ingredients,  flavor for dentifrices; excludes food
                           and beverage flavors and fragrances, see 20.02)
28.14.16-8        Concrete additives (includes accelerators and
                           air entraining agents)
28.14.17-9        Fire extinguishants
28.14.18-0        Photographic chemicals

28.14.19-1        Biological media (e.g., culture nutrients)
28.14.20-2        Chemicals used in chemical processes and in formulations
                           (excluding active ingredients)        Catalysts (e.g., initiators for polymerization)        Solvents and diluents (e.g., extenders for dyes)        Raw materials and intermediates for chemical processes        Chemicals used in chemical processes and in formula' i rn\
                           (excluding active ingredients) n.e.c.
28.14.21-3        Chemicals for electronics and television equipment
28.14.22-4        Chemical products n.e.c.


29.01-0        Petroleum refinery processes
29.01.01-1        Treatment of crude oil and refinery products        Desalting of crude oil        Solvent extraction (includes dewaxing)        Acid/clay treatment of lubricating oils        Sweetening processes (desulfurization)
29.01.02-2        Petroleum distillation
29.01.03-3        Catalytic processes        Catalytic cracking        Hydrocracking        Hydrotreating and hydrodesulfurization        Catalytic reforming        Isomerization        Alkylation'        Catalytic processes n.e.c.
29.01.04-4        Thermal processes        Thermal cracking        Thermal reforming        Coking        Thermal processes n.e.c.
29.01.05-5        Waste oil refining
29.01.06-6        Petroleum refining processes n.e.c.

29.02-1        Petroleum products (except asphalt; see 29.05)
29.02.01-2        Petroleum fuels        Gasoline        Automotive gasoline (excludes gasohol, which  i?
                           classified in 29.04.03)        Aviation gasoline        Jet fuel        Kerosene        Distillate oil        Distillate heating oil        Diesel fuel        Residual fuel oils        Refinery gas        Liquefied refinery gas
29.02.02-3        Unfinished oils and base stocks        Petrochemical feedstocks        Naphtha        Feed stock oils        Petrochemical feedstocks n.e.c.        Lubricating oil and grease base stocks        Virgin lubricating oil and grease  base stocks        Lubricating oil and grease base stocks from
                           waste oil

29.02.03-4        Petrolatum (petroleum jelly)
29.02.04-5        Petroleum waxes (solid hydrocarbons)
29.02.05-6        Petroleum solvents (petroleum distillates used for
                           their solvent properties in applications
                           such as dry cleaning solvents and paint
29.02.06-7        Lubricating oils and greases        Lubricating oils (oils used for lubricating the
                           bearing parts of machinery)        Hydraulic and transmission oils        Electrical insulating oils        Metalworking oils (includes cutting oils)        Lubricating greases (a compound of a mineral oil
                           with a soap or other thickener, used for
                           lubricating machinery)        Lubricating oils and greases n.e.c.
29.02.07-8        Road oils (non-asphaltic; for asphaltic road oils
29.02.08-9        Petroleum coke
29.02.09-0        Petroleum products n.e.c.

29.03-2        Coal products (excludes chemicals derived from coal,
                           classified in 28; and coke, classified in
29.03.01-3        Fuel gases and synthetic liquid fuels (derived from coal)        Fuel gases        Synthesis gas (i.e. low Btu gas)        Pipeline quality gas (i.e. high Btu gas)        Synthetic liquid fuels from coal        Coal pyrolysis        High pressure hydrogenation        Fisher-Tropsch synthesis (liquid hydrocarbons
                           converted from coal gases)        Synthetic fuels from coal n.e.c.
29.03.02-4        Fuel briquettes
29.03.03-5        Coal products n.e.c.

29.04-3        Synthetic hydrocarbon fuels except from coal
29.04.01-4        Shale oil
29.04.02-5        Fuels from tar sands
29.04.03-6        Fuels from biomass (includes solid waste fuels,
                           alcohol fuels, and gasohol)

29.05-4        Asphalt and tar products (derived from petroleum and coal;
                           asphalt and tar saturated building materials
                           such as building and roofing paper and boards
                           and asphalt shingles are classified in 26.04;
                           asphalt tile in; and asphalt and
                           tar saturated asbestos felts in

29.05.01-5        Asphalt and tar paving products        Asphalts and asphaltic mixtures        Bituminous road materials        Asphalt paving blocks        Asphaltic road oils        Asphalt and tar paving products n.e.c.
29.05.02-6        Asphalt construction coatings, cements, and mastics
29.05.03-7        Asphalt and tar products n.e.c.

29.06-5        Nuclear energy products
29.06.01-6        Yellowcake (uranium oxide, U308;
                           uranium compounds for non-fuel uses are
                           classified in
29.06.02-7        Enriched uranium
29.06.03-8        Reprocessed nuclear fuel
29.06.04-9        Heavy water
29.06.05-0        Nuclear fuel elements
29.06.06-1        Isotopes
29.06.07-2        Plutonium
29.06.08-3        Nuclear wastes
29.06.09-4        Nuclear energy products n.e.c.

29.07-6        Energy products n.e.c.


30.01-1        Rubber products
30.01.01-2        Reclaimed rubber (derived from vulcanized scrap rubber)
30.01.02-3        Tires and inner tubes (includes tire sundries and
                           repair materials; tire retreading and recap-
                           •ping is classified in 70.11.04) '
30.01.03-4        Rubber personal wear        Rubber footwear (e.g., rubber boots)        Rubber heels and soles        Rubber clothing (e.g., industrial gloves,
                           household aprons, rainwear)
30.01.04-5        Rubber hose and belting        Hose and ducting        Power transmission and conveyer belts
30.01.05-6        Sponge and foam rubber goods (e.g., seat cushions,
                           carpet pads)
30.01.06-7        Rubber floor and wall coverings (e.g., mats, stair
                           treads, tiles)
30.01.07-8        Rubber druggist and medical sundries (e.g., water
                           bottles, infants nipples, household and
                           surgical gloves, prophylactics, diaphragms)
30.01.08-9        Rubber mechanical goods (molded, extruded, and
                           lathe cut rubber mechanical goods; excludes
                           gaskets and seals, classified in 35.06.09)        Parts for vehicles, machinery and equipment        Damping devices and mounts
30.01.09-0        Sheet rubber, linings, covered rolls, and rubber film
                           for industrial use
30.01.10-1        Rubber coated fabrics (e.g., for garments,
                           protective coverings, upholstery, tarpaulins,
                           truck covers, and air-supported structures)
30.01.11-2        Inflatable rubber products (e.g., rubber boats,
                           pontoons, life rafts, and balloons, except
                           toy balloons)
30.01.12-3        Stationery sundries (e.g., rubber bands, erasers,
                           rubber brushes)
30.01.13-4        Rubber dipped goods (e.g., coated metal parts)
30.01.14-5        Rubber wire and cable coverings
30.01.15-6        Formulated rubber products (e.g., adhesives,
                           sealants, coatings)
30.01.16-7        Rubber goods n.e.c.

30.02-2        Plastics products (specify an activity from 30.02.16,
                           and, if appropriate, a product from
                           30.02.01 to 30.02.15)
30.02.01-3        Plastics film and sheeting (except packaging, see
                           30.02.05 and 30.02.06)
30.02.02-4        Plastics rods, tubes and other stock shapes
30.02.03-5        Plastics apparel (e.g., rainwear)
30.02.04-6        Furniture components and furnishings (e.g., mattress
                           cores, foam seat cushions, carpet cushions,
                           awnings, rigid furniture parts)


30.02.05-7        Plastics food packaging        Film        Trays        Rigid containers
30*02.05.04-1        Pouches        Caps and closures
30.02.06-8        Plastics non-food packaging        Film        Trays and shipping pads        Barrels and drums        Rigid containers (except barrels and drums)        Caps and closures
30.02.07-9        Industrial plastics products (identify with
                           specific application if known, e.g.,
                  Automobiles)        Housings and cabinetry        Mechanical components and parts        Foamed insulation and padding        Industrial plastics products n.e.c.
30.02.08-0        Building and construction plastics products        Panels, doors, and partitions (metal partitions
                           are classified in 25.06)        Insulating foams        Floor, counter, and wall coverings (includes
                           asphalt linoleum and plastics tiles and sheets;
                           asphalt and vinyl asbestos tiles are classified
                           in        Pipe and fittings        Plumbing fixtures and parts        Structural accessories (e.g., moldings, trim,
                           window frames, rain gutters)        Building and construction plastics products n.e.c.
30.02.09-1        Dinnerware, tableware, and kitchenware (includes
                           disposable dinnerware and cups)
30.02.10-2        Plastics footwear
30.02.11-3        Consumer and institutional plastics products (e.g.
                           utility containers, sponges, ice buckets,
                           plastics hardware, hospitalware, laboratory-
30.02.12-4        Plastics bags and liners
30.02.13-5        Formulated plastics products (e.g., adhesives,
30.02.14-6        Plastics wire and cable coverings
30.02.15-7        Plastics products n.e.c.
30.02.16-8        Plastics forming processes (should be followed by a
                           product from 30.02.01 to 30.02.15)        Injection molding        Extrusion molding        Compression molding        Blow molding        Plastics forming processes n.e.c.

                           (includes products made of non-leather
                           materials such as vinyl, other plastics, or
                           fabrics that are similar to leather products)

31.01-2        Leather tanning and finishing

31.02-3        Boot and shoe cut stock

31.03-4        Leather products and related non-leather products
                           (products that are commonly made of leather,
                           but includes such products made of non-leather
                           materials such as vinyl, other plastics, or
                           fabrics; leather apparel is classified in 23)
31.03.01-5        Footwear (except rubber or plastics footwear,
                           see and 30.02.10; includes
                           athletic shoes)
31.03.02-6        Luggage
31.03.03-7        Leather and non-leather furnishings
                           (belts are classified in 23.01.04)        Handbags        Billfolds and wallets        Leather furnishings n.e.c.
31.03.04-8        Saddles
31.03.05-9        Upholstery leather (identify with type of
                           upholstered product if appropriate)
31.03.06-0        Leather products n.e.c.


32.01-3        Glass (specify an activity from 32.01.01 Glass
                           finishing, and a product from 30.01.02
                           Flat glass, 32.01.03 Fibrous glass, 32.01.04
                           Glass containers, or 32.01.05 Glassware)
32.01.01-4        Glass finishing (should be followed by a product from
                           32.01.02, 32,01.03, 32.01.04, or 32.01.05
                           when appropriate)        Chemical treatment (e.g., for acid polishing or
                           staining)        Glass coating (e.g., enamel, metallic coating)        Glass finishing n.e.c.
32.01.02-5        Flat glass (should be preceded by an activity from
                           32.01.01 when appropriate)        Laminated glass        Plate and float glass        Sheet glass (including stained glass)        Tempered glass        Flat glass n.e.c.
32.01.03-6        Fibrous glass (should be preceded by an activity from
                           32.01.01 when appropriate)        Textile type fiber        Glass wool
32.01.04-7        Glass containers (should be preceded by an activity
                           from 32.01.01 when appropriate)        Beverage bottles        Beer bottles        Soft drink bottles       Milk bottles        Beverage bottles n.e.c.        Food containers, except dairy products        Dairy products containers, except milk        Pharmaceutical containers        Toiletries and cosmetics containers        Household products containers        Chemical and industrial containers        Glass containers n.e.c.
32.01.05-8        Glassware (except containers; should be preceded by
                           an activity from 32.01.01 when appropriate)        Table and kitchen glassware (e.g., drinking glasses,
                           cookware; includes crystal ware)        Lighting and electronic glassware (e.g., light bulb
                           blanks, electronic tube blanks, lamp parts)        Technical, scientific, and industrial glassware        Ophthalmic lens blanks        Mirrors        Glassware n.e.c.
32.01.06-9        Glass products n.e.c.

32.02-4        Cement, hydraulic
32.02.01-5        Portland cement
32.02.02-6        Hydraulic cement n.e.c.

32.03-5        Concrete products
32.03.01-6        Concrete block and brick
32.03.02-7        Concrete pipe
32.03.03-8        Precast concrete products (e.g., roof and floor  slabs,
                           wall panels, septic tanks)
32.03.04-9        Prestressed concrete products
32.03.05-0        Ready-mixed concrete (Portland cement concrete
                           delivered in a plastic and unhardened state)

32.04-6        Lime (e.g., quicklime and hydrated lime produced from
                           limestone and other substances)

32.05-7        Gypsum products
32.05.01-8        Plaster building boards
32.05.02-9        Building plasters
32.05.03-0        Industrial plasters
32.05.04-1        Gypsum products n.e.c.

32.06-8        Structural clay products
32.06.01-9        Brick and structural clay tile
32.06.02-0        Ceramic wall and floor tile
32.06.03-1        Clay refractories (for heat resistance)
32.06.04-2        Vitrified clay sewer pipe and fittings
32.06.05-3        Structural clay products n.e.c.

32.07-9        Ceramics and related products (excludes porcelain
                           electrical supplies, classified in 36.04.03)
32.07.01-0        Vitreous plumbing fixtures (e.g., china
                           and earthenware toilets, sinks, towel racks)
32.07.02-1        Food utensils (includes cookware)
32.07.03-2        Chemical, technical, and industrial pottery ware
32.07.04-3        Art, decorative, and novelty pottery (e.g., vases and
32.07.05-4        Ceramic products n.e.c.

32.08-0        Cut stone and stone products (e.g., building stone,
                           monuments, and paving blocks)

32.09-1        Miscellaneous non-metallic mineral products
32.09.01-2        Abrasive products        Grains, powders, and flour abrasives and
                           abrasive compounds        Bonded abrasive products        Coated abrasive products        Metal abrasives (e.g., steel grits, steel wool,
                           scouring pads)

32.09.02-3        Asbestos products (excludes gaskets and sealing
                           devices which are classified in 35.06.09)        Asbestos friction materials (e.g., brake linings)        Asphalt and vinyl asbestos floor tile        Asbestos textiles        Asbestos felts (e.g., asphalt or tar saturated
                           roofing)        Asbestos insulation (e.g., pipe insulation)        Asbestos-cement products        Roof tiles        Sheets and wallboard        Pipe        Asbestos-cement products n.e.c.
32.09.03-4        Minerals and earths, ground or treated (e.g.,
                           aggregate, slag, vermiculite, clay, graphite)
32.09.04-5        Mineral wool        Structural insulation        Industrial and equipment insulation
32.09.05-6        Non-clay refractories
32.09.06-7        Inorganic fibers and crystals
32.09.07-8        Non-metallic mineral products n.e.c.


33.01-4        Basic iron and steel
33.01.01-5        Coke and related products        Coke (from coal)        Coke oven gas        Coke oven products n.e.c.  (e.g.,  screenings,
                           breeze, ammonia, tar, oils)
33.01.02-6        Iron        Iron and related products        Pig iron and hot metal        Blast furnace gas        Blast furnace products  n.e.c.  (e.g.,  slag,
                           sinter)        Ironmaking processes        Blast furnace ironmaking        Direct reduction ironmaking        Submerged electric arc  furnace  ironmaking        Ironmaking processes n.e.c.
33.01.03-7        Steel        Steel ingots and semifinished shapes        Steelmaking processes        Basic oxygen furnace        Open hearth furnace        Electric furnace        Steelmaking processes n.e.c.        Steel finished shapes        Steel sheet and strip        Steel bars        Steel structural shapes and piling        Steel pipe and tube        Steel wire        Steel finished shapes n.e.c.
33.01.04-8        Ferroalloys        Ferrosilicon        Ferromanganese   .     Ferrocolumbium        Ferronickel        Ferrochromium        Ferroalloys n.e.c.
33.01.05-9        Iron and steel castings        Gray iron castings        Malleable iron castings        Steel castings        Alloyed steel castings        Carbon steel castings        Iron and steel castings n.e.c.

33.02-5        Basic nonferrous metals
33.02.01-6        Copper        Primary copper        Copper reverberatory smelting        Other copper smelting  (electric  smelting,
                           and processes such  as Outokumpu, Noranda,
                           Worca, and Mitsubishi)        Secondary copper (production of copper and
                           copper alloys from  scrap)        Copper finished and semifinished shapes        Copper wire        Copper rods, bars, and other shapes        Copper sheet, strip, and plate        Copper pipe and tube        Copper and copper alloy castings
                           (e.g., bearings, gears, and other castings
                           from brass, bronze, and other copper alloys)        Copper and copper alloy products n.e.c. (includes
                           copper and copper alloy powders)
33.02.02-7        Aluminum        Primary aluminum        Conventional aluminum  smelting (includes
                           aluminum electrolysis Hall-Heroult process)        Nonconventional aluminum smelting (processes
                           such as Alcoa and Alcan)        Aluminum refining        Secondary aluminum        Aluminum finished and semifinished  shapes        Aluminum wire        Aluminum rods, bars, and structural shapes        Aluminum sheet, strip, and plate        Aluminum tube and pipe        Aluminum foil        Aluminum and aluminum  alloy products n.e.c.
                           (e.g., aluminum powders)
33.02.03-8        Lead        Primary lead        Blast furnace lead production (roasting and
                           subsequent smelting of lead concentrates)        Other primary lead production (Imperial Smelting
                           Process, and other  nonconventional smelting
                           by direct reduction)        Lead pyrorefining (pyrometallurgical refining
                           of lead in kettles)        Lead electrorefining        Secondary lead (recovery  of lead from scrap)        Lead finished and semifinished shapes        Lead sheet, strip, and plate (includes
                           battery plates, and materials for sound and
                           radiation insulation)        Lead sheathing

-------        Lead alloy metals (e.g., solders, type metal,
                           caulking compounds)        Lead pipe and tube (includes
                           collapsible lead tubes, and lead pipe for
                           plumbing applications)        Lead foil        Lead and lead alloy products n.e.c.
33.02.04-9        Zinc        Primary zinc        Electrolytic zinc production (electrowinning of
                           zinc from oxide and roasted ores by
                           hydrometallurgical processes, such as the
                           Jarosite process)        Pyrometallurgical zinc smelting  (smelting of
                           zinc by processes such as the
                           electrothermic retort, the horizontal retort,
                           the vertical retort, the Imperial Smelting
                           Process, and the Sterling Process)        Zinc refining        Secondary zinc        Zinc finished and semifinished shapes        Zinc galvanized shapes (metal shapes, other
                           than zinc, that have been treated by zinc
                           galvanization)        Zinc and zinc alloy cast and die-cast shapes        Zinc sheet, strip, and plate
33.02.05-0        Bismuth
33.02.06-1        Cadmium
33.02.07-2        Gold
33.02.08-3        Lithium
33.02.09-4        Magnesium
33.02.10-5        Mercury
33.02.11-6        Silver
33.02.12-7        Sodium
33.02.13-8        Miscellaneous nonferrous metals (antimony, arsenic,
                           platinum and platinum-group metals,
                           tantalum, tin, titanium, cobalt, nickel,
                           vanadium, manganese, and zirconium; metallic
                           elements not classified in 33 are classified
                           in 28.01.06)

34-4        FABRICATED METAL PRODUCTS (Specify an activity from
                           34.09 Metal processing, and a product from
                           34.01 to 34.08)

34.01-5        Metal cans and shipping containers (should be preceded
                           by an activity from 34.09 when appropriate)
34.01.01-6        Metal cans        Food cans (except aerosol)        Beverage cans (e.g., beer and soft drink cans)        Nonfood cans (except aerosol)        Food aerosol cans        Nonfood aerosol cans
34.01.02-7        Metal shipping barrels, drums, kegs, and pails        Food barrels, drums, kegs, and pails        Nonfood barrels, drums, kegs, and pails

34.02-6        Metal forgings and stampings (except containers formed
                           by stamping, see 34.01; should be preceded
                           by an activity from 34.09 when appropriate)
34.02.01-7        Iron and steel forgings
34.02.02-8        Nonferrous forgings        Aluminum and aluminum-based alloy forgings        Nonferrous forgings n.e.c.
34.02.03-9        Crowns and closures (for glass and metal containers)
34.02.04-0        Metal stampings n.e.c., (e.g., nonautomotive job
                           stampings, stamped and spun kitchen utensils,
                           stamped and pressed vitreous enameled products)

34.03-7        Fabricated structural metal products (should be preceded
                           by an activity from 34.09 when appropriate)
34.03.01-8        Fabricated structural metal (e.g., for buildings,
                           bridges, ships, transmission towers, radio
                           towers, offshore oil and gas platforms, and
                           tunneling and subway work)
34.03.02-9        Metal doors, sash, door and window frames, and trim
34.03.03-0        Fabricated plate work (e.g., heat exchangers,
                           steam condensers, power boilers, gas cylinders,
                           metal tanks and vessels, and fabricated steel
34.03.04-1        Sheet metal work (e.g., culverts, flumes, irrigation
                           pipe, roofing and roof drainage equipment,
                           ductwork, metal flooring and siding; instal-
                           lation of sheet metal work is classified  in
34.03.05-2        Architectural and ornamental metalwork (e.g.,
                           heating and air conditioning registers,
                           fences, gates, fire escapes, metal studs)
34.03.06-3        Prefabricated metal buildings and components
34.03.07-4        Metalwork n.e.c. (e.g., concrete reinforcing bar and
                           bar joists, and miscellaneous metal building

34.04-8        Screw machine products and fasteners  (should  be  preceded
                           by an activity from 34.09 when appropriate)
34.04.01-9        Screw machine products (nonstandard items  made  for
                           specialized applications)
34.04.02-0        Bolts, nuts, screws, rivets, washers, and  other
                           standard fasteners

34.05-9        Heating equipment (except electric and warm air  furnaces)
                           and plumbing fixtures (should be  preceded  by
                           an activity from 34.09 when appropriate)
34.05.01-0        Metal sanitary ware (enameled iron, cast iron,  and
                           pressed metal plumbing fixtures,  e.g.,
                           bathtubs, toilets, sinks)
34.Q5.02-1        Plumbing fixtures and trim (brass  goods)
34.05.03-2        Heating equipment (except electric and warm air furnaces;
                           electric heaters are classified in 36.03.07,
                           warm air furnaces in, and heat pumps
                           in        Boilers        Radiators        Heating furnaces (except warm air)        Domestic heating stoves        Solar heating equipment        Heating equipment n.e.c.

34.06-0        Cutlery, hand tools, and general hardware (should  be
                           preceded by an activity from 34.09 when
34.06.01-1        Cutlery        Table and kitchen cutlery        Cutlery n.e.c. (e.g., scissors, shears, trimmers,
                           snips, razors and razor blades)
34.06.02-2        Hand and edge tools (e.g., pliers, hammers, wrenches,
                           handsaws, screwdrivers, axes, knives, shovels,
                           hoes, rakes; power driven tools are  classified
                           in 35)
34.06.03-3        Hardware (except cutlery and hand  tools)        Furniture hardware (e.g., handles, drawer  slides,
                           casters)        Builders hardware (e.g., locks, door and window
                           hardware, door hangers and tracks)        Hardware n.e.c.

34.07-1        Ordnance and accessories, except vehicles and guided
                           missiles (combat vehicles are classified in
                 , and guided missiles in 37.06;
                           should be preceded by an activity from 34.09
                           when appropriate)
34.07.01-2       vSmall arms ammunition (30 mm and under)
34.07.02-3        Ammunition (except for small arms)
34.07.03-4        Small arms (e.g., pistols, rifles, shotguns, machine-
34.07.04-5        Ordnance and accessories n.e.c. (e.g., howitzers,
                           mortars, rocket projectors and flame throwers)

34.08-2        Miscellaneous fabricated metal products (should be
                           preceded by an activity from 34.09 when
34.08.01-3        Steel springs (except wire, see 34.08.03; includes
                           hot and cold formed coil and leaf springs)
34.08.02-4        Valves and pipe fittings (except plumbers brass goods,
                           which are classified in 34.05.02)        Automatic regulating and control valves        Pneumatic and hydraulic valves for power transfer        Plumbing and heating valves and specialties (except
                           plumbers brass goods)        Metal valves for piping systems and equipment n.e.c.
                           (except plumbing and heating valves)        Metal fittings, flanges and unions for piping systems        Fittings and assemblies for tubing and hose (except
                           plumbers brass goods)        Air ventilating valves
34.08.03-5        Wire springs (e.g., for upholstery, valves)
34.08.04-6        Fabricated wire products n.e.c. (e.g., wire cables,
                           screening, fencing, nails, barbed wire,
                           concrete reinforcing mesh, paperclips)
34.08.05-7        Metal foil and leaf        Converted aluminum foil packaging products (not
                           laminated to other materials)        Laminated aluminum foil rolls and sheets for
                           packaging use        Converted aluminum foil for non-packaging applica-
                           tions        Metal foil and leaf n.e.c.
34.08.06-8        Cast metal cookware (for stamped metal cookware see
34.08.07-9        Mintage other than money (for mintage of money see
34.08.08-0        Fabricated metal products n.e.c. (e.g., safes and
                           vaults, collapsible tubes, flat metal
                           strapping, permanent magnets, and steel boxes
                           for packaging)

34.09-3        Metal processing (should be followed by a product from
                           34.01 to 34.08 when appropriate, or if
                           applicable, with other products such as
                           37.01.01 Motor vehicles, or Steel
34.09.01-4        Electroplating, plating, anodizing, and polishing
34.09.02-5        Etching and engraving
34.09.03-6        Brazing, welding, soldering, and adhesive bonding
34.09.04-7        Machining
34.09.05-8        Galvanizing and other hot dip coatings
34.09.06-9        Metal coatings n.e.c. (painting, lacquering,
                           enameling, rust inhibiting coatings)
34.09.07-0        Surface cleaning and conditioning (e.g., descaling,
                           rust removal; excludes degreasing, see 95.02.11)
34.09.08-1        Metal processing n.e.c.

35-5        MACHINERY (other than electrical and electronic equipment
                           and transportation equipment; machines
                           powered by electric motors are included with
                           the exception of household appliances,
                           computers, and office equipment, which are
                           classified in 36; includes parts and attach-

35.01-6        Engines and turbines (excludes electric generation equipment)
35.01.01-7        Turbines (includes steam, gas and hydraulic turbines
                           used for mechanical drive; turbine-generator
                           sets are classified in 36.01.01, and aircraft
                           turbine engines in 37.02.02)
35.01.02-8        Steam engines
35.01.03-9        Reciprocating engines n.e.c. (includes gasoline, diesel
                           and gas engines, and outboard motors; except
                           automotive and aircraft engines, which are
                           classified in 37.01 and 37.02)
35.01.04-0        Engines n.e.c. (e.g., Stirling engines, Wankel engines,
                           excluding automotive engines, see 37.01.02)

35.02-7        Farm and garden machinery
35.02.01-8        Farm machinery and equipment (e.g., wheel tractors
                           and attachments, dairy machines, sprayers
                           and dusters, elevators, blowers, planting,
                           seeding and fertilizing machinery, plowing,
                           cultivating and harvesting equipment; farm
                           hand tools are classified in 34.06.02)
35.02.02-9        Lawn and garden machinery (e.g., mowers, powered lawn
                           lawn and garden tools;  hand tools are class-
                           ified in 34.06.02)

35.03-8        Construction, mining, and materials handling machinery
                           and equipment
35.03.01-9        Construction machinery (includes heavy machinery and
                           equipment such as bulldozers, concrete mixers,
                           tractors, shovel loaders, power cranes,
                           draglines, shovels, scrapers, graders, rollers,
                           off-highway trucks and trailers)
35.03.02-0        Mining machinery (e.g., underground mining and
                           mineral beneficiation machinery and equipment,
                           crushing, pulverizing and screening machinery)
35.03.03-1        Oil field machinery (includes oilfield and gasfield .
                           drilling machinery and equipment, production
                           machinery and equipment, and other oilfield
                           and gasfield machinery and tools; excludes
                           pumps, see 35.06.01)
35.03.04-2        Water well drilling machinery








   Materials handling equipment
      Elevators, escalators, and moving walkways
      Conveyors and conveying equipment
      Hoists, cranes, and monorails (overhead industrial
            cranes, hoists, and monorail systems for
            installation in industrial and commercial
      Industrial trucks, tractors, trailers and stackers
            (used for handling materials)
      Materials handling equipment n.e.c.

Metalworking machinery
   Machine tools, metal cutting types (e.g., lathes,
            drilling machines)
   Machine tools, metal forming types (e.g.,.
            punching and stamping machines)
   Special dies, tools, jigs, and fixtures
   Machine tool accessories (e.g., small cutting tools
            for machine tools and metalworking machinery,
            precision measuring tools)
   Rolling mill machinery
   Metalworking machinery n.e.c. (e.g., gas welding and
            cutting apparatus, automotive maintenance
            equipment, and machines for wire weaving and

Special industry machinery and equipment
   Food products machinery (e.g., pasteurizers, choppers
            and grinders, canning machinery, meat and
            poultry processing machinery, and packaging
            and bottling machinery)
   Textile machinery (e.g., carding and combing machinery,
            knitting and weaving machinery, bleaching and
            dyeing machinery)
   Woodworking machinery (e.g., sawing equipment,
            plywood-makng machinery, jointers, planers,
   Pulp and paper industries machinery (e.g., barkers and
            chippers, bleaching equipment, digesters,
            beaters, calenders, bagmaking machinery)
   Printing trades machinery (e.g., printing presses,
            typesetting machinery, binding machinery,
            papercutting machinery, lithographic plates)
   Chemical industries and petroleum refineries machinery
            (e.g., distillation equipment, evaporators,
            solid-liquid and gas-liquid separators,
            filtering devices, dryers)

35.05.07-7        Foundry machinery (e.g., foundry pouring equipment,
                           molding machinery, flasks, core-making
                           machinery, blast-cleaning machinery)
35.05.08-8        Plastics-working machinery (e.g., compression,
                           injection, and blow molding machinery,
                           extrusion machinery, thermoforming machinery,
                           granulators, pelletizers)
35.05.09-9        Rubber-working machinery (e.g., high intensity solids
                           mixers, extruding machinery, vulcanizing
                           presses, tire-building equipment)
35.05.10-0        Special industry machinery n.e.c. (e.g., smelting and
                           refining, cement making, glassworking, and
                           metal cleaning machinery and equipment)

35.06-1        General industrial machinery and equipment
35.06.01-2        Pumps and pumping equipment
35.06.02-3        Bearings (ball bearings, roller bearings, and other
35.06.03-4        Compressors and vacuum pumps
35.06.04-5        Blowers and fans
35.06.05-6        Industrial speed changers, drives, and gears
35.06.06-7        Industrial furnaces, ovens, and kilns
35.06.07-8        Mechanical power transmission equipment n.e.c.
35.06.08-9        General industrial machinery n.e.c. (e.g., nonfood
                           packing and packaging machinery, filters and
                           strainers, automatic fire sprinkler equipment;
                           for food packaging machinery, see 35.05.01)
35.06.09-0        Gaskets and seals

35.07-2        Power driven hand tools (electric and nonelectric, e.g.,
35.07.01-3        Drills
35.07.02-4        Saws
35.07.03-5        Sanders
35.07.04-6        Power driven hand tools n.e.c.

35.08-3        Service machinery
35.08.01-4        Vending machines
35.08.02-5        Commercial laundry, dry cleaning, and pressing machines
35.08.03-6        Measuring and dispensing pumps (e.g., for gasoline, oil
                           and grease)
35.08.04-7        Commercial cooking and food warming equipment
35.08.05-8        Service industry machinery n.e.c. (e.g.
                           water softeners, commercial floor waxing and
                           polishing machines, sewage purification
                           equipment, and commercial and industrial
                           vacuum cleaners)

35.09-4        Refrigeration, air conditioning, and warm air heating
35.09.01-5        Refrigeration equipment (e.g., commercial refrigeration
                           and freezers, truck and rail refrigeration
                           units, refrigerated food cases, ice making
                            machines, water coolers, dairy milk coolers;
                           excludes home refrigerators and freezers,
                           which are classified in 36.03.02)
35.09.02-6        Air conditioning equipment (for industrial, commercial
                           and residential use)        Room air conditioners        Unitary air conditioners        Motor vehicle air conditioners
35.09.03-7        Warm air heating equipment (for industrial, commercial,
                           and residential use)        Warm air furnaces (includes electric)        Heat pumps

35.10-5        Non-electrical machinery n.e.c.

                           equipment, apparatus, and supplies for the
                           generation, storage, transmission, transform-
                           ation, and utilization of electric energy;
                           includes communication equipment, household
                           .appliances, computers, and office equipment;
                           industrial machinery and equipment powered
                           by electric motors are classified in 35)

36.01-7        Electric power equipment
36.01.01-8        Electric power generating equipment (power plant
                           construction is classified in 15.01.02)        Thermal generating equipment (driven by steam
                           from combustion or nuclear heat;  includes
                           steam turbines and generators;  power boilers
                           are classified in 34.03.03)        Hydroelectric generating equipment (includes
                           turbines, pump-turbines, generators and
                           motor-generators)        Nuclear reactors (associated generating equipment
                           is classified in        Diesel electric generators (diesel engines that
                           drive the generators are classified in
                           35.01.03)        Gas turbine generators        Solar electric generating equipment (includes
                           solar collectors and generators)        Electric power generating equipment n.e.c.
36.01.02-9        Transformers        Power and distribution transformers (includes
                           liquid-immersed and dry type utility
                           distribution transformers, large and small
                           power transformers, and secondary unit sub-
                           station transformers)        Fluorescent lamp ballasts        Specialty transformers (except fluorescent lamp
                           ballast; includes transformers for. signalling,
                           doorbells, toys, machine controls, furnace
                           ignition, mercury and sodium vapor lamps,
                           instrument applications,, and commercial and
                           industrial general purpose transformers)        Power regulators, reactors, boosters, and
                           transformers n.e.c.
36.01.03-0        Switchgear and switchboard apparatus        Switchgear (except ducts and relays)        Power circuit breakers        Panelboards and switches        Fuses and fuse equipment        Low voltage circuit breakers        Duct and busways

-------        Control circuit relays        Electric power surge controls        Switchgear n.e.c.

36.02-8        Electrical industrial apparatus
36.02.01-9        Motors and generators (for industrial, transportation,
                           and control applications;  excludes electric
                           power generating equipment, which is classi-
                           fied in 36.01.01)
36.02.02-0        Industrial controls (e.g., motor starters and
                           controllers, electronic controls, control
36.02.03-1        Electric welding apparatus
36.02.04-2        Carbon and graphite products for electrical applications        Electrodes        Brushes        Carbon and graphite products n.e.c. (e.g., contacts,
                           brush plates, welding rods, resistance
                           elements, bushings and bearings)
36.02.05-3        Capacitors for industrial use
36.02.06-4        Rectifying apparatus
36.02.07-5        Condensers
36.02.08-6        Electrical industrial apparatus n.e.c.

36.03-9        Household appliances
36.03.01-0        Cooking equipment (includes household ranges,
                           surface cooking units, and ovens, both
                           electric and nonelectric, and outdoor
                           cooking equipment; commercial cooking
                           equipment is classified in 35.08.04)
36.03.02-1        Refrigerators and freezers (commercial refrigeration
                           equipment is classified in 35.09.01)
36.03.03-2        Laundry equipment (commercial laundry equipment is
                           classified in 35.08.02)
36.03.04-3        Small household  appliances (e.g., fans, electric
                           blankets, blenders, food processors, clothes
                           irons, hot plates, toasters, coffeemakers,
                           electric razors, and shavers)
36.03.05-4        Vacuum cleaners
36.03.06-5        Sewing machines                  :
36.03.07-6        Electric heaters (portable, baseboard, or wall units)
36.03.08-7        Household appliances n.e.c. (e.g., water heaters,
                           dishwashing machines, waste disposers)

36.04-0        Electric lighting and wiring equipment
36.04.01-1        Electric lamps (electric bulbs, tubes and related
                           light sources including photoflash units;
                           excludes lighting fixtures and other lamp
                           components, which are classified in 36.04.04,
                           36.04.05, 36.04.06, and 36.04.07)

36.04.02-2        Current-carrying wiring devices (e.g., attachment
                           plugs, outlets, lamp sockets, switches,
                           bus bars, lightning rods)
36.04.03-3        Noncurrent-carrying wiring devices (e.g. ,
                           electrical insulators and insulating materials,
                           electrical conduit and fittings)
36.04.04-4        Residential lighting fixtures (includes  lamps and
                           lamp shades)
36.04.05-5        Commercial and institutional lighting fixtures
36.04.06-6        Industrial lighting fixtures
36.04.07-7        Street and highway lighting luminaries
36.04.08-8        Vehicular lighting equipment (e.g., motor vehicle
                           headlights, vehicle interior lights)
36.04.09-9        Lighting equipment n.e.c. (e.g., outdoor lighting
                           equipment, hand portable equipment, non-
                           electric lighting equipment, and ultraviolet
                           infrared health lamp fixtures)

36.05-1        Consumer electronics
36.05.01-2        Radios (household, portable and auto radios, and
                           radiophonograph combinations)
36.05.02-3        Television sets
36.05.03-4        Audio systems and components        Phonographs        Tape recorders and players        Audio components (e.g., tuners, speakers, micro-
                           phones, amplifiers, turntables; includes
                           commercial sound systems)        Electronic equipment kits (for assembly by the
                           consumer)        Audio systems and components n.e.c.
36.05.04-5        Video home recorders and players
36.05.05-6        Electronic games
36.05.06-7        Records and tapes        Phonograph records        Audio and video tape        Video discs
36.05.07-8        Consumer electronics n.e.c.

36.06-2        Communication equipment
36.06.01-3        Telephone and telegraph apparatus        Telephone switching and switchboard equipment        Telephone sets        Telephone and telegraph apparatus, equipment and
                           components n.e.c. (e.g., telephone carrier
                           and repeating equipment, teleprinter units,
                           telegraph switching and carrier equipment,
                           and data sets)

36.06.02-4        Radio and television communication equipment        Commercial, industrial, and military communication
                           equipment (except telephone equipment)        Radio and television broadcast equipment, and
                           closed circuit systems        Intercommunication equipment, signal, and alarm
                           systems (includes traffic control systems;
                           excludes telephone and telegraph intercommun-
                           ication equipment)        Microwave and mobile telephone communication equipment        Space satellite-borne communications systems        Citizens radio communications equipment        Radio and television communications equipment n.e.c.
36.06.03-5        Communication equipment n.e.c. (e.g., fiber optics
                           and laser communication equipment)

36.07-3        Search and detection, navigation, and guidance systems
                           and equipment
36.07.01-4        Electronic navigational aids (missile-borne and
                           space vehicle-borne navigation and guidance
36.07.02-5        Electronic search and detection apparatus (including
                           infrared, radar, and sonar)
36.07.03-6        Electronic warfare systems

36.08-4        Office and computing equipment
36.08.01-5        Computers and auxiliary equipment        Computers (except auxiliary equipment)        Magnetic storage media (e.g., magnetic tape, disks)        Computer auxiliary equipment (e.g., computer
                           terminals, printers; excludes magnetic storage
                           media, see
36.08.02-6        Calculators, accounting machines, and cash registers        Calculators (includes adding machines and
                           electronic calculators)        Accounting and bookkeeping machines        Cash registers (both mechanical and electronic)
36.08.03-7        Typewriters and word processors (includes
                           mechanical typewriters)
36.08.04-8        Office copiers and duplicating machines
36.08.05-9        Office equipment n.e.c.

36.09-5        Electronic military, industrial, and commercial
                           systems n.e.c.

36.10-6        Electronic components and accessories
36.10.01-7        Electron tubes (except cathode ray tubes)
36.10.02-8        Cathode ray tubes        Cathode ray television picture tubes        Cathode ray tubes (except television tubes)

36.10.03-9        Semiconductors and related devices        Integrated and hybrid microcircuits        Transistors        Diodes and rectifiers        Optoelectronic devices        Microwave semiconductors n.e.c.        Semiconductor devices n.e.c. (e.g., solar cells,
                           zener diodes, semiconductor parts)
36.10.04-0        Electronic capacitors
36.10.05-1        Electronic resistors
36.10.06-2        Electronic coils and transformers (except for
                           power transmission, see 36.01.02)
36.10.07-3        Electronic connectors
36.10.08-4        Electronic components n.e.c.

36.11-7        Miscellaneous electrical equipment and supplies
36.11.01-8        Storage batteries
36.11.02-9        Primary batteries (wet and dry)
36.11.03-0        X-ray apparatus and parts
36.11.04-1        Electrical equipment for internal combustion engines
                           (e.g., ignition harness and cable sets,
                           battery charging generators, starting motors,
                           ignition coils, spark plugs, distributors)
36.11.05-2        Miscellaneous electrical equipment and supplies n.e.c.
                           (e.g., lamp bulb components, Christmas tree
                           lights, electric chimes)

37-7        TRANSPORTATION EQUIPMENT (applies to the manufacture of
                           the equipment; transportation operations
                           and maintenance are classified in 40.01)

37.01-8        Motor vehicles and parts
37.01.01-9        Motor vehicles        Automobiles (includes utility vehicles)        Trucks (includes truck tractors and truck trailers)        Buses (except trolley buses, see 37.04.03) and
                           fire department vehicles        Motor homes        Combat vehicles (tanks, self-propelled weapons,
                           and other tactical vehicles and carriers)
37.01.02-0        Motor vehicle parts and accessories n.e.c. (motors
                           and generators are classified in 36.02.01,
                           vehicular lighting equipment in 36.04.08,
                           electrical ignition systems in 36.11.04, and
                           vehicle seat covers and trimming in 23.03.01)

37.02-9        Aircraft and parts
37.02.01-0        Aircraft        Military aircraft        General aviation aircraft        Commercial transport aircraft        Modifications, conversions, and overhaul of
                           aircraft and engines        Aircraft research and development
37.02.02-1        Aircraft engines and engine parts        Aircraft engines        Aircraft engine parts and accessories
37.02.03-2        Aircraft parts and accessories (except engines,  see

37.03-0        Ship and boat building and repairing
37.03.01-1        Ship building and repairing (military and commercial)        Nonpropelled ships (e.g., barges, dredges)        Commercial self-propelled ships        Military ships        Ship repair (in ship yards)
37.03.02-2        Boat building        Motorboats (inboard and outboard, except houseboats)        Boats (sailboats, rowboats, canoes, houseboats;
                           excludes motorboats, see
37.03.03-3        Ship propulsion systems        Conventional propulsion systems (turbine, diesel)        Nuclear propulsion systems
37.03.04-4        Ship auxiliary systems and equipment

37.04-1        Railroad equipment
37.04.01-2        Locomotives, self-propelled units,  and parts
37.04.02-3        Passenger and freight train cars
37.04.03-4        Rail transit cars, trolley buses, and other light
                           rail vehicles
37.04.04-5        Parts and accessories for railroad and rail transit

37.05-2        Motorcycles, bicycles, adult tricycles, and parts (excludes
                           children's tricycles* see 39.04.03)
37.05.01-3        Bicycles and parts
37.05.02-4        Motorcycles and parts
37.05.03-5        Mopeds and parts

37.06-3        Guided missiles, space vehicles and parts
37.06.01-4        Guided missiles and space vehicles        Missile and space vehicle systems        Missile and space vehicle research and development
37.06.02-5        Missile and space propulsion units and parts
37.06.03-6        Missile and space vehicle parts and accessories (except
                           propulsion, see 37.06.02)

37.07-4        Miscellaneous transportation equipment
37.07.01-5        Travel trailers and campers (mobile homes are class-
                          ified in 24.08)
37.07.02-6        Off-road vehicles (e.g., dune buggies, trail bikes)
37.07.03-7        Miscellaneous transportation equipment, n.e.c. (e.g.,
                           golf carts, snowmobiles, wheelbarrows, boat


 38.01-9         Engineering and scientific instruments
 38.01.01-0        Aerospace instruments and controls (e.g.,  navigational
                            instruments, gyroscopes,  and automatic pilots)
 38.01.02-1        Laboratory and scientific instruments (except optical,
                            classified in 38.03)
 38.01.03-2        Surveying and drafting instruments
 38.01.04-3        Laboratory furniture

 38.02-0         Measuring and controlling devices
 38.02.01-1        Automatic temperature controls
 38.02.02-2        Process control instruments (includes
                            industrial instruments for measurement,
                            display, and control of process variables)
 38.02.03-3        Meters and counting devices (e.g., gas meters,
                            gasoline dispensing meters, speedometers)
 38.02.04-4        Test and measuring equipment (includes
                            integrating instruments,  test equipment, and
                            all other electrical measuring instruments)
 38.02.05-5        Measuring and controlling devices  n.e.c. (e.g.,
                            aircraft engine instruments; physical
                            properties testing and inspection equipment;
                            commercial, meteorological and general purpose
                            instruments; and nuclear  radiation detection
                            and monitoring instruments)

 38.03-1         Optical instruments (e.g., lasers, fiber optics devices,
                            optical analytical instruments, binoculars,
                            optical sighting and fire control equipment)

.38.04-2         Medical instruments and supplies
 38.04.01-3        Surgical and medical instruments and apparatus         Surgical and medical instruments (e.g., suture
                            needles, eye, ear, nose and throat instruments,
                            bone drills, hypodermic syringes  and needles)         Medical monitoring and diagnostic equipment  (e.g.,
                            electrocardiographs, blood pressure apparatus,
                            ophthalmoscopes, cystoscopes)         Therapeutic equipment (e.g., kidney dialysis
                            equipment, defibrillators, respirators)         Surgical and medical apparatus  n.e.c. (e.g.,
                            anesthesia apparatus, sterilizers,
                            clinical laboratory equipment)
 38.04.02-4        Medical appliances and supplies         Surgical supplies (e.g., surgical dressings  and
                            sutures)         Orthopedic and prosthetic appliances (e.g.,
                            braces, crutches, wheel chairs, artificial
                            limbs, pacemakers, hearing aids)         Medical appliances and supplies n.e.c.  (e.g.,
                            first aid kits)

38.04.03-5        Dental equipment and supplies

38.05-3        Ophthalmic goods
38.05.01-4        Eyeglasses
38.05.02-5        Contact lenses
38.05.03-6        Ophthalmic goods n.e.c. (e.g., industrial goggles,
                           magnifying glasses)

38.06-4        Photographic equipment and supplies
38.06.01-5        Still picture equipment        Cameras        Light meters        Flash units        Projectors        Film processing equipment        Camera lenses        Still picture equipment n.e.c.
38.06.02-6        Motion picture equipment (includes cameras, projectors,
                           screens, and processing equipment)
38.06.03-7        Microfilming, blueprinting, brownprinting, and white
                           printing equipment
38.06.04-8        Photographic film and sensitized plates (except X-ray,
                           see 38.06.08; includes motion picture film)
38.06.05-9        Sensitized photographic paper and cloth (silver halide
38.06.06-0        Sensitized photographic paper and cloth (other than
                           silver halide type; includes blueprint type,
                           diazo type, and brownprinting type paper and
                           cloth, and sensitized paper for photocopy
38.06.07-1        Prepared photographic chemicals
38.06.08-2        X-ray film

38.07-5        Watches and clocks


39.01-0        Jewelry
39.01.01-1        Precious metal jewelry
39.01.02-2        Costume jewelry
39.01.03-3        Jewelers' materials and lapidary works

39.02-1        Silverware, plated ware, and stainless steel ware
                           (hollow ware and flatware made of silver,
                           nickel silver, pewter, or stainless steel; or
                           metal plated with silver, gold, or other metal)
39.02.01-2        Hollow ware (e.g., teapots, pitchers; includes toilet-
                           ware, ecclesiastical ware, and related
39.02.02-3        Flatware (knives, forks, spoons, and carving sets)

39.03-2        Musical instruments
39.03.01-3        Pianos and organs
39.03.02-4        Wind instruments except organs and accordions
39.03.03-5        Musical instruments n.e.c.

39.04-3        Toys, games, and children's vehicles
39.04.01-4        Dolls
39.04.02-5        Games and puzzles
39.04.03-6        Children's vehicles (e.g., baby carriages, tricycles;
                           excludes bicycles, which are classified in
39.04.04-7        Infants' toys (e.g., rattles)
39.04.05-8        Toys n.e.c. (e.g., doll houses, toy trains, blocks,
                           toy balloons)

39.05-4        Sporting and athletic goods
39.05.01-5        Fishing equipment
39.05.02-6        Golf equipment
39.05.03-7        Football equipment
39.05.04-8        Basketball equipment
39.05.05-9        Tennis equipment
39.05.06-0        Baseball equipment
39.05.07-1        Playground equipment
39.05.08-2        Sporting and athletic goods n.e.c. (e.g., gymnastic
                           equipment, pool tables, bowling balls,
                           skis, wading pools; excludes athletic clothing,
                           see and, and  .
                           and shoes, see 31.03.01)

39.06-5        Hobby, crafts, and art supplies
39.06.01-6        Hobby supplies        Powered models (e.g., remote controlled airplanes,
                           electrically operated model trains, operating
                           model cars)        Static models and kits (e.g., model airplane kits)        Science kits and sets (e.g., chemistry sets)        Hobby supplies n.e.c.
39.06.02-7        Craftwork supplies        Macrame supplies        Ceramics craftwork supplies        Leather craftwork supplies        Metal craftwork supplies        Plastics craftwork supplies        Woodworking supplies        Needlework supplies        Craftwork supplies n.e.c.
39.06.03-8        Art supplies        Art equipment (e.g., brushes, drawing tables,
                           palettes; excludes art materials)        Artists' pigments, paints, pastels, and inks        Modeling clay and modeling and sculpting materials        Artists' crayons        Art materials n.e.c.

39.07-6        Pens, pencils, and office supplies
39.07.01-7        Pens and mechanical pencils
39.07.02-8        Lead pencils
39.07.03-9        Marking devices (e.g., rubber stamps, stencils,
                          stamp pads)
39.07.04-0        Inked ribbons (e.g., for typewriters and computers)

39.08-7        Notions (excludes trade sales thread and yarn,
                           which are classified in 22.02)
39.08.01-8        Artificial flowers
39.08.02-9        Buttons
39.08.03-0        Needles, pins, and fasteners
39.08.04-1        Decorative trim
39.08.05-2        Notions n.e.c.

39.09-8        Other miscellaneous manufactured products
39.09.01-9        Brooms and brushes
39.09.02-0        Signs and advertising displays
39.09.03-1        Burial caskets
39.09.04-2        Fire extinguishers
39.09.05-3        Matches
39.09.06-4        Candles
39.09.07-5        Furs (dressed and dyed)
39.09.08-6        Umbrellas, parasols, and canes
39.09.09-7        Christmas tree ornaments (excludes lights, see 36.11.05)
39.09.10-8        Coin-operated amusement equipment

39.09.11-9        Smoking accessories (e.g., pipes, cigar holders,
39.09.12-0        Pet supplies (e.g., feeding dishes, brushes, collars,
                           leashes; excludes pet food, see 20.01.02)
39.09.13-1        Wigs and accessories
39.09.14-2        Personal industrial safety equipment (e.g.,
                           respiratory protection equipment,
                           face protective devices;  eye protection
                           devices are classified in 38.05.03)
39.09.15-3        Vacuum and insulated bottles, jugs, chests
39.09.16-4        Miscellaneous manufactured products n.e.c.

                           (Applies to the conduct of operations and
                           maintenance in these functions;  construction
                           of the facilities is classified in 15, and
                           the manufacture of the equipment and supplies
                           is classified in the various manufacturing

40.01-1        Transportation
40.01.01-2        Railroads
40.01.02-3        Passenger transit
40.01.03-4        Trucking and warehousing        Trucking        Warehousing        Grain storage        Cold storage        Chemical and petroleum product storage        Warehousing n.e.c.
40.01.04-5        Water transportation
40.01.05-6        Air transportation
40.01.06-7        Pipelines

40.02-2        Communications
40.02.01-3        Telecommunications
40.02.02-4        Radio and television broadcasting
40.02.03-5        Satellite communications

40.03-3        Electric power utilities
40.03.01-4        Electric power generation
40.03.02-5        Electric power transmission and distribution

40.04-4        Gas utilities
40.04.01-5        Gas storage and liquefaction
40.04.02-6        Gas transmission and distribution

40.05-5        Water supply and use (excludes drinking water treatment
                           sludges, see
40.05.01-6        Water purification
40.05.02-7        Water softening
40.05.03-8        Water fluoridation
40.05.04-9        Water treatment n.e.c.           :

40.06-6        Pollution control
40.06.01-7        Air pollution control        Stack gas cleaning        Residue treatment (includes sludge)        Gaseous emission treatment n.e.c.
40.06.02-8        Liquid waste treatment        Non-water liquid waste treatment (includes oil-
                           carrier and Carver-Greenfield processes)

-------        Waste water and waste water residue treatment        Waste water treatment        Waste water residue treatment (includes drinking
                           water treatment sludge; for fertilizer from
                           sewage sludge, see
40.06.03-9        Solid waste treatment (excludes sludges generated
                           from water or air treatment; solid waste
                           means any garbage, refuse, or other discarded
                           solid or semisolid material; recovery of fuels
                           from solid waste is-classified in 29.04.03)

70-0        SERVICES  (Includes personal, business, repair, recreation,
                           medical, and educational services;
                           building services are classified in 80)

70.01-1        Laundry and dry cleaning
70.01.01-2        Laundry and linen supply
70.01.02-3        Dry cleaners        Self-service dry cleaners        Commercial dry cleaners
70.01.03-4        Diaper service

70.02-2        Beauty and barber shops
70.02.01-3        Beauty shops
70.02.02-4        Barber shops

70.03-3        Shoe shining and repair

70.04-4        Funeral services

70.05-5        Personal services n.e.c.

70.06-6        Photography and photofinishing
70.06.01-7        Photography
70.06.02-8        Photofinishing
70.06.03-9        Photocopying

70.07-7        Disinfecting and exterminating services

70.08-8        Computer and data processing services

70.09-9        Laboratories (unspecified)
70.09.01-0        Laboratories (except medical and dental)
70.09.02-1        Testing laboratories
70.09.03-2        Laboratory analyses
70.09.04-3        Laboratory research and development

70.10-0        Business services n.e.c.

70.11-1        Automotive services
70.11.01-2        Automobile painting
70.11.02-3        Automobile repair                :
70.11.03-4        Automobile washing, cleaning, and polishing
70.11.04-5        Tire retreading and recapping

70.12-2        Repair services (except auto)
70.12.01-3        Electrical repair        Radio and television repair        Refrigeration and air conditioning service and
                          repair        Appliance repair        Office machine repair        Electrical repair n.e.c.

70.12.02-4        Reupholstery and 'furniture repair
70.12.03-5        Machinery repair (e.g., repair of engines,
                           farm machinery, construction equipment)        Welding and brazing        Machinery repair n.e.c.
70.12.04-6        Heating systems maintenance and repair
70.12.05-7        Bicycle repair
70.12.06-8        Watch and clock repair
70.12.07-9        Jewelry repair
70.12.08-0        Repair services n.e.c.

70.13-3        Amusement and recreation services
70.13.01-4        Bowling alleys, billiards, and pool
70.13.02-5        Spectator sports
70.13.03-6        Individual sports
70.13.04-7        Amusement parks and arcades
70.13.05-8        Skating rinks (ice and roller skating)
70.13.06-9        Recreation services n.e.c.

70.14-4        Medical services
70.14.01-5        Physicians
70.14.02-6        Dentists
70.14.03-7        Medical practitioners n.e.c.
70.14.04-8        Medical and dental laboratories
70.14.05-9        Hospitals and hospital services
70.14.06-0        Nursing homes
70.14.07-1        Medical and dental clinics
70.14.08-2        Health services n.e.c.

70.15-5        Educational services

70.16-6        Social services

70.17-7        Museums, art galleries, and botanical and zoological gardens

70.18-8        Services n.e.c.

80-0        BUILDING APPLICATIONS (Specify an activity from 80.02
                           Building-related activities, and a product
                           from 80.01 Building categories)

80.01-1        Building categories (should be preceded by an activity
                           from 80.02 when appropriate)
80.01.01-2        Offices
80.01.02-3        Factories
80.01.03-4        Stores        Food stores        Non-food stores
80.01.04-5        Restaurants and bars
80.01.05-6        Service stations and garages
80.01.06-7        Warehouses
80.01.07-8        Lodging places
80.01.08-9        Schools
80.01.09-0        Hospital buildings
80.01.10-1        Recreation buildings
80.01.11-2        Dwellings
80.01.12-3        Other buildings

80.02-2        Building-related activities (should be followed by a
                           product from 80.01 when appropriate)
80.02.01-3        Cleaning       Window cleaning       Floor waxing, polishing, and cleaning       Carpet cleaning       Rest room cleaning       Building cleaning n.e.c.
80.02.02-4        Maintenance
80.02.03-5        Disinfecting and exterminating

90-0        PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION (Includes activities unique to
                           government and not covered under 40.06
                           Pollution control, 70 Services, or 80 Build-
                           ing applications; excludes activities involv-
                           ing ordinary office work)

90.01-1        Public order and safety
90.01.01-2        Police protection
90.01.02-3        Fire protection
90.01.03-4        Other public order

90.02-2        National security (unique activities of the Army, Navy,
                           and Air Force)

90.03-3        Money production
90.03.01-4        Mintage (for mintage other than money, see 34.08.07)
90.03.02-5        Paper money

90.04-4        Miscellaneous public administration

95-5        GENERAL PROCESSES (to be used with a particular application
                 where specification of a process would help clarify
                 the use of chemicals in the manufacture of a product,
                 or when only the general process in which the chemical
                 is used is known; for processes and activities related
                 to particular industries," see Mining 10.07, Construction
                 activities 15.03, Textile finishing and coating 22.05,
                 Petroleum refinery processes 29.01, Plastics forming
                 processes 30.02.16, Glass finishing 32.01.02, Ironmaking
                 processes, Steelmaking. processes,
                 Metal processing 34.09).

95.01-6        Chemical processes
95.01.01-7        Crystallization
95.01.02-8        Distillation
95.01.03-9        Precipitation
95.01.04-0        Filtration
95.01.05-1        Dissolution
95.01.06-2        Extraction
95.01.07-3        Digestion
95.01.08-4        Reaction
95.01.09-5        Refining
95.01.10-6        Smelting
95.01.11-7        Condensation
95.01.12-8        Reduction
95.01.13-9        Oxidation
95.01.14-0        Electrolysis
95.01.15-1        Retorting
95.01.16-2        Etching
95.01.17-3        Gas purification
95.01.18-4        Evaporation
95.01.19-5        Dyeing
95.01.20-6        Dehydration
95.01.21-7        Chemical processes n.e.c.

95.02-7        Mechanical processes
95.02.01-8        Forging
95.02.02-9        Molding
95.02.03-0        Drawing
95.02.04-1        Annealing
95.02.05-2        Machining                         :
95.02.06-3        Grinding
95.02.07-4        Polishing
95.02.08-5        Plating
95.02.09-6        Casting
95.02.10-7        Stamping
95.02.11-8        Degreasing        Cold cleaning        Vapor degreasing        Conveyorized degreasing        Alkaline wash degreasing
95.02.12-9        Die cutting

95.02.13-0        Pressing
95.02.14-1        Bonding
95.02.15-2        Pulverization
95.02.16-3        Crushing
95.02.17-4        Extrusion
95.02.18-5        Rolling
95.02.19-6        Mechanical processs n.e.c.

95.03-8        General manufacturing processes
95.03.01-9        Assembling
95.03.02-0        Fabricating
95.03.03-1        Forming
95.03.04-2        Blending
95.03.05-3        Drying
95.03.06-4        Cleaning
95.03.07-5        Coating
95.03.08-6        Formulating
95.03.09-7        Packing
95.03.10-8        Heating
95.03.11-9        Cooling
95.03.12-0        Lubricating
95.03.13-1        General manufacturing processes n.e.c.



32.09.01          Abrasive products
23.01.04          Academic gowns
28.14.16          Accelerators, concrete       Accounting machines       Acetal resins       Acetylene       Acid halides
15.03.05          Acoustical work       Acrylic fibers       Acrylic resins, emulsions and sheet       Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene resins       Actinium and its compounds       Acyclic hydrocarbons       Acyl peroxides       Adding machine tapes       Adding machines
34.09.03          Adhesive bonding
28.13             Adhesives, except plastics
30.02.13          Adhesives, plastics
39.09.02          Advertising displays       Aerosol cans (food)       Aerosol cans (nonfood)       Aerosol finishes
28.14.13          Aerospace chemicals
38.01.01          Aerospace instruments
10.05.09          Aggregate, mining
32.09.03          Aggregate, preparing
28.10             Agricultural chemicals
01                Agriculture
35.09.02          Air conditioning equipment
15.03.01          Air conditioning installation
34.03.05          Air conditioning registers       Air conditioning repair
28.14.16          Air entraining agents
90.02             Air Force
40.06.01          Air pollution control
40.01.05          Air transportation
37.02.01          Aircraft
38.02.05          Aircraft engine instruments       Aircraft engines       Alarm systems                  :
29.04.03          Alcohol fuels       Alcohols       Aldehydes       Algicides       Alicyclic hydrocarbons
28.01.01          Alkalies
28.08             Alkyd paints       Alkyd resins       Alkylation
33.01.04          Alloys, ferrous       Aluminum, primary

-------       Aluminum, secondary       Aluminum and aluminum-based alloy forgings       Aluminum compounds       Aluminum finished and semifinished shapes    Aluminum foil       Aluminum foil for non-packaging applications       Aluminum foil packaging products       Aluminum foil rolls and sheets, laminated
10.01.07          Aluminum ore       Amides       Amines and amine salts
28.02.04          Amino acids       Ammonia
28.01.04          Ammonium salts, inorganic
34.07.02          Ammunition, except small arms
34.07.01          Ammunition, small arms       Amplifiers
39.09.10          Amusement equipment, coin-operated
70.13.04          Amusement parks       Anesthesia apparatus       Anhydrides, organic acid
10.04.09          Anhydrite
20.01.02          Animal food
01.03.01          Animal hospitals
20.03.01          Animal oils
01.03             Animal services
01.02.04          Animal specialty production
95.02.04          Annealing
34.09.01          Anodizing
10.02.01          Anthracite
28.14.13          Antifreezes
33.02.13          Antimony       Antimony compounds       Antimony pigments
30.02.03          Apparel, plastics
23.01             Apparel, textile       Apples       Appliance repair
36.03             Appliances, household       Aprons, rubber household
01.06.02          Aquaculture       Aramid nylon fibers       Argon
34.07.03          Arms, small
90.02             Army       Aromatic hydrocarbons
33.02.13          Arsenic       Arsenic compounds       Art equipment
70.17             Art galleries
39.06.03          Art supplies
39.08.01          Artificial flowers

36.11.01          Batteries, storage
36.11.04          Battery charging generators
10.01.07          Bauxite       Beans
35.06.02          Bearings
70.02.01          Beauty shops
23.02.03          Bedding
25.01.03          Beds       Bedspreads
25.01.02          Bedsprings       Beef cattle       Bees
23.01.04          Belts
25.05             Benches, work
10.07.04          Beneficiation, ore       Bentonite       Berry crops       Beryllium and its compounds       Beverage bottles       Beverage cartons
20.01.01          Beverages
70.12.05          Bicycle repair
37.05.01          Bicycles
37.07.02          Bikes, trail
39.09.02          Billboards       Billfolds
70.13.01          Billiards
38.03             Binoculars
28.10.02          Biocides
28.14.19          Biological media
29.04.03          Biomass fuels
33.02.05          Bismuth       Bismuth compounds
10.02.02          Bituminous coal       Bituminous road materials       Blanc fixe       Blankets
36.03.04          Blankets, electric    Blast furnace gas    Blast furnace products    Bleaches, laundry       Bleaching, textile
36.03.04          Blenders
95.03.04          Blending
25.08             Blinds, window
39.04.05          Blocks, children's
32.03.01          Blocks, concrete       Blood pressure apparatus    Blouses, girls'    Blouses, women's
35.06.04          Blowers
38.06.03          Blueprinting equipment

01.03.03          Artificial insemination       Artificial limbs
10.04.02          Asbestos
32.09.02          Asbestos products       Asbestos-cement products
10.04.12          Ash, soda
32.07.04          Ashtrays, ceramic       Asphalt floor tile
26.04.07          Asphalt paper building materials
29.05             Asphalt products       Asphalt roofing
26.04.07          Asphalt shingles
95.03.01          Assembling
39.05             Athletic goods       Attractants, insect
36.05.03          Audio systems       Audio tape
27.01.08          Audiovisual aids
38.01.01          Automatic pilots    Automobile polishes and waxes
70.11.02          Automobile repair       Automobiles
28.14.13          Automotive chemicals
35.04.06          Automotive maintenance equipment
70.11             Automotive services    Aviation gasoline       Avocados
23.03.03          Awnings
34.06.02          Axes
39.04.03          Baby carriages       Bactericides
26.05.03          Bags, paper
23.03.02          Bags, textile
30.02.12          Bags and liners, plastics
35.06.02          Ball bearings       Ballasts, fluorescent lamp
30.01.11          Balloons
25.09             Bar fixtures
34.03.07          Bar joists
34.08.04          Barbed wire
70.02.02          Barber shops       Barges
10.04.03          Barite       Barium and its compounds
24.02.07          Bark       Barley
34.01.02          Barrels, metal, shipping
24.05.03          Barrels, wood
39.05.06          Baseball equipment
39.05.04          Basketball equipment
34.05.01          Bathtubs
36.11.02          Batteries, primary

-------    Bluing, laundry
26.04.05          Board, insulating
24.02.01          Boards
37.03.02          Boat building
37.07.03          Boat trailers
30.01.11          Boats, rubber  .       Boilers, heating
34.03.03          Boilers, power
34.04.02          Bolts, metal
24.01.01          Bolts, wood
95.02.14          Bonding       Bone drills
27.02.02          Bookbinding       Bookkeeping machines
27.01.03          Books       Boots, rubber
10.04.04          Borate       Boron and inorganic boron compounds
70.17             Botanical gardens       Bottles, beverage
39.09.15          Bottles, vacuum
30.01.07          Bottles, water
70.13.01          Bowling alleys
39.05.08          Bowling balls       Boxes, fiber
26.06.02          Boxes, setup
34.08.08          Boxes, steel
24.05.01          Boxes, wood
23.01.03          Boys' clothing       Braces       Brake linings    Brassieres       Brazing (in machinery repair)
34.09.03          Brazing (in metal fabrication)
28.14.06          Brazing compounds
32.06.01          Brick
29.03.02          Briquettes, coal       Bristols, bleached
39.09.01          Brooms
38.06.03          Brownprinting  equipment
39.09.01          Brushes                        ';•       Brushes, artists'       Brushes, electric
30.01.12          Brushes, rubber
30.02.08          Building and construction plastics products
80                Building applications
32.05.01          Building boards, plaster
80.01             Building categories
24.07             Building components, prefabricated wood
15.01             Building construction
80.02.02  '        Building maintenance
26.04.07          Building materials, asphalt paper

34.03.07          Building materials, miscellaneous metal
26.04.02          Building paper stock
80.02             Building-related activities
34.03.06          Buildings and components, prefabricated metal
35.03.Or          Bulldozers       Burglar alarms
39.09.03          Burial caskets
36.04.02          Bus bars       Buses
37.04.03          Buses, trolley
27.01.04          Business forms       Busways
39.08.02          Buttons       Cabbage       Cabinetry, plastics
25.02             Cabinets, filing
25.01.03          Cabinets, household
30.02.14          Cable coverings, plastics
30.01.14          Cable coverings, rubber
33.02.06          Cadmium       Cadmium compounds       Calcium
28.01.04          Calcium compounds, inorganic       Calculators       Camera lenses
38.06.02          Cameras, motion picture       Cameras, still picture
37.07.01          Campers
39.05.08          Camping equipment
26.03.04          Can stock, fiber       Canaries
39.09.06          Candles
39.09.08          Canes       Canoes
34.01.01          Cans, metal
01.01.06          Canteloupe
24.02.02          Cants
23.03.03          Canvas products
36.10.04          Capacitors, electronic
36.02.05          Capacitors, industrial use    Caps, men's    Caps, women's
70.11.02          Car repair    Car wax
28.01.08          Carbon and carbon compounds, inorganic
28.02             Carbon compounds, organic       Carbon dioxide       Carbon monoxide       Carbon paper       Carboxamides       Carboxylic acids and their salts
27.01.09          Cards, greeting

15.03.08          Carpentry       Carpet cleaning    Carpet cleaning preparations
30.02.04          Carpet cushions, plastics
30.01.05          Carpet pads, rubber
15.03.09          Carpeting installation
23.02.01          Carpets       Carrots       Cars
37.04.02          Cars, railroad
37.04.03          Cars, transit       Cartons, beverage
26.06.02          Cartons, paperboard
39.02.02          Carving sets       Cash registers
39.09.03          Caskets       Casters
95.02.09          Casting
33.01.05          Castings, iron and steel
27.01.05          Catalogs       Catalysts       Catalytic cracking       Catalytic reforming
36.10.02          Cathode ray tubes       Cattle       Caulks
26.04.06          Cellulose insulation       Cellulose plastics       Cellulosic man-made fibers
32.02             Cement, hydraulic
28.13.02          Cements, adhesive
32.06.02          Ceramic tile
15.03.06          Ceramic tile installation       Ceramics craftwork supplies
32.07             Ceramics products       Cerium and its compounds       Cesium       Cesium compounds
25.01.03          Chairs, household
25.02             Chairs, office
25.01.01          Chairs, upholstered       Charcoal
28.01.05          Chemical elements, selected       Chemical intermediates
95.01             Chemical processes    Chemical storage
28                Chemicals
28.14.13          Chemicals, aerospace
28.10             Chemicals, agricultural       Chemistry sets
39.09.15          Chests, insulated       Chickens

39.04.03          Children's vehicles
36.11.05          Chimes, electric       Chlorinated hydrocarbons       Chlorinated rubbers       Chlorine      u,       Chlorosulfuric acid
36.11.05          Christmas tree lights
39.09.09          Christmas tree ornaments       Chromium and its compounds       Chromium ore
25.03             Church pews
39.09.11          Cigar holders       Cigarette paper
10.05.09       .   Cinders, volcanic       Circuit breakers, low voltage       Circuit breakers, power       Citizens radio       Citrus fruits       Clay, modeling
32.09.03          Clay, prepared
10.04.05          Clay minerals
32.06.03          Clay refractories
32.06.04          Clay sewer pipe
32.06.01          Clay tile    Cleaners, oven    Cleaners, waterless hand
95.03.06          Cleaning
80.02.01          Cleaning, buildings       Cleaning preparations, specialty    Cleansers, household    Cleansers, nonhousehold       Clinical laboratory equipment
70.14.07          Clinics, medical and dental
38.07             Clocks
34.02.03          Closures, metal
22.01             Cloth
38.06.06          Cloth, photographic
23.02.05          Cloth napkins
36.03.04          Clothes irons
24.12             Clothespins                     :
23.01             Clothing
23.01.03          Clothing, boys'
23.01.03          Clothing, children's
23.01.03          Clothing, girls'
23.01.03          Clothing, infants'
23.01.03          Clothing, juniors'
23.01.01          Clothing, men's
23.01.02          Clothing, misses'       Clothing, rubber
23.01.02          Clothing, women's
23.01.01          Clothing, youths'
23.01.04          Clothing accessories

10.02             Coal
29.03.02          Coal briquettes       Coal coke       Coal gas
29.03             Coal products    Coal pyrolysis
30.01.10          Coated fabrics, rubber
26.05.01          Coated paper products       Coated papers
95.03.07          Coating
34.09.06          Coating, metal
22.03.02          Coating, textile
30.02.13          Coatings, plastics    Coats, men's    Coats, women's
33.02.13          Cobalt       Cobalt compounds       Coconut oil       Cod
36.03.04          Coffeemakers
90.03.01          Coinage       Coke, coal
29.02.08          Coke, petroleum       Coke oven gas       Coke oven products       Coking, petroleum    Cold storage       Columbium and columbium compounds       Columbium ore       Combat vehicles
36.06             Communication equipment
40.02             Communications
24.03.03          Composition board
35.06.03          Compressors       Computer paper
70.08             Computer services
36.08.01          Computers
32.03.05          Concrete, ready-mixed
28.14.16          Concrete additives
35.03.01          Concrete mixers
32.03             Concrete products             "
34.03.07          Concrete reinforcing bar
34.08.04          Concrete reinforcing mesh
15.03.14          Concrete work
95.01.11          Condensation
36.02.07          Condensers, electrical
34.03.03          Condensers, steam
15.01             Construction, building
15.02             Construction, non-building
15.03             Construction activities
35.03.01          Construction equipment
10.05             Construction minerals

38.05.02          Contact lenses
34.02.03          Container crowns       Containers, corrugated
32.01.04          Containers, glass
26.06.01          Containers, paperboard
38.02             Controlling devices       Conveyor belts, rubber       Conveyors and conveying equipment
35.08.04          Cooking equipment, commercial
36.03.01          Cooking equipment, household
32.07.02          Cookware, ceramic
34.08.06          Cookware, cast metal          Coolants
95.03.11          Cooling
24.07             Cooling towers
24.05.03          Cooperage       Copier paper rolls
36.08.04          Copiers       Copper, primary       Copper, secondary    Copper castings       Copper compounds       Copper finished and semifinished shapes
10.01.02          Copper ore
70.06.03          Copying services
22.02             Cordage
24.10             Cork products       Corn       Corrugated containers
26.03.02          Corrugating medium    Corsets
28.07.04          Cosmetics       Cotton
22.01.01          Cotton yarn and fabrics       Cottonseed oil       Counter coverings, plastics
25.07             Counters, office and store
38.02.03          Counting devices       Covers, mattress
01.02.02          Cow's milk                      ":
39.06.02          Craftwork supplies       Cranes, overhead industrial
35.03.01          Cranes, power       Crayons, artists'
01.01             Crops
34.02.03          Crowns, container
10.03.01          Crude oil       Crude oil, desalting       Crude oil treatment
10.03.01          Crude petroleum
95.02.16          Crushing
35.03.02          Crushing, pulverizing, and screening machinery

-------       Crutches
10.04.08          Cryolite       Crystal ware
95.01.01          Crystallization
32.09.06          Crystals, inorganic
28.14.19          Culture nutrients
34.03.04          Culverts       Cups, paper       Currants
23.02.02          Curtains
34.06.01          Cutlery
35.04.04          Cutting tools       Cyclic amines       Cyclic ethers
34.03.03          Cylinders, gas       Cystoscopes
01.03.03          Dairy cow testing
01.02.02          Dairy farming
35.02.01          Dairy machines       Damping devices, rubber
70.08             Data processing services       Dates       Deciduous tree fruits
15.03.02          Decorating       Defibrillators
95.02.11          Degreasing
28.14.06          Degreasing solvents
95.01.20          Dehydration
28.14.13          Deicers
28.14.05          Deionizers
70.14.07          Dental clinics
38.04.03          Dental equipment and supplies
70.14.04          Dental laboratories
70.14.02          Dentists    Deodorants, except personal       Desalting of crude oil
25.02             Desks, office
25.03             Desks, school       Desulfurization
38.02.05          Detection and monitoring instruments, nuclear radiation       Detergents, household          ;       Detergents, nonhousehold
28.11.02          Detonating caps
28.11.01          Detonating fuses
28.01.08          Diamond
70.01.03          Diaper service    Diapers, cloth       Diapers, disposable
30.01.07          Diaphragms
10.04.06          Diatomite
26.05.04          Die cut paper and board
95.02.12          Die cutting

35.04.03          Dies, metalworking       Diesel electric generators    Diesel fuel
95.01.07          Digestion       Diluents
24.02.01          Dimension lumber
30.02.09          Dinnerware, plastics       Diodes
27.01.05          Directories
36.03.08          Dishwashing machines       Disinfectants
80.02.03          Disinfecting, building
70.07             Disinfecting services
25.07             Display cases
36.03.08          Disposers, waste
95.01.05          Dissolution       Distillate oil
95.01.02          Distillation
29.01.02          Distillation, petroleum
36.11.04          Distributors       Dogs
39.04.05          Doll houses
39.04.01          Dolls
10.05.03          Dolomite       Door hardware
34.03.02          Doors, metal       Doors, plastics
24.04             Doors, wood
38.01.03          Drafting instruments
35.03.01          Draglines
23.02.02          Draperies       Drawer slides
95.02.03          Drawing       Drawing tables       Dredges       Dredging    Dresses, girls'    Dresses, women's    Dressings, leather             "",
35.03.03          Drilling machinery and equipment, oil and gas
35.04.01          Drilling machines
28.14.11          Drilling muds       Drills, bone
35.07.01          Drills, power hand tool       Drinking glasses
35.06.05          Drives
28.06             Drugs
26.03.04          Drum stock, fiber
34.01.02          Drums, metal
70.01.02          Dry cleaners
35.08.02          Dry cleaning machines    Dry cleaning spotting preparations

15.03.05          Dry wall installation       Dryers, paint and varnish
95.03.05          Drying       Ducks       Duct, electrical       Ducting, rubber
34.03.04          Ductwork
37.07.03          Dune buggies
36.08.04          Duplicating machines
95.01.19          Dyeing       Dyeing, textile
28.14.08          Dyeing assistants
28.04.01          Dyes
28.11.03          Dynamite
15.03.15          Earth moving
32.09.03          Earths, ground or treated
39.02.01          Ecclesiastical ware
34.06.02          Edge tools
70.15             Educational services       Eggs
28.09.03          Elastomers
36.03.04          Electric blankets
36.11.05          Electric chimes
36.03.07          Electric heaters
36.04.01          Electric lamps
36.04             Electric lighting and wiring equipment
36.02.01          Electric motors, industrial
40.03             Electric power
36.01             Electric power equipment       Electric power surge controls
36.02.03          Electric welding apparatus
36.04.03          Electrical conduit
36                Electrical equipment       Electrical fuses
36.02             Electrical industrial apparatus
36.04.03          Electrical insulators
38.02.04          Electrical measuring instruments
15.03.03          Electrical work       Electrocardiographs       Electrodes
95.01.14          Electrolysis                   :
36.10.01          Electron tubes
36.10             Electronic components
36.10.07          Electronic connectors
36                Electronic equipment       Electronic equipment kits       Electronic flash units
36.05.05          Electronic games       Electronic tube blanks
36.07.03          Electronic warfare systems
36.05             Electronics, consumer
28.14.21          Electronics chemicals

34.09.01          Electroplating
27.02.05          Electrotyping       Elevators
28.14.02          Embalming chemicals
34.02.04          Enameled products, vitreous
28.08             Enamels, except vitreous
28.14.03          Enamels, vitreous
38.02.05          Engine instruments, aircraft
38.01             Engineering instruments
35.01             Engines, except aircraft ana1 automotive       Engines, aircraft
35.01.03          Engines, reciprocating
35.01.02          Engines, steam       Engraved plate printing
34.09.02          Engraving
28.14.11          Enhanced oil recovery chemicals       Envelopes       Epoxides       Epoxy resins       Equipment parts, rubber
30.01.12          Erasers       Escalators       Esters
95.01.16          Etching, chemical
34.09.02          Etching (metal processing)       Ethers       Ethers, cyclic
95.01.18          Evaporation
15.03.15          Excavation
28.11             Explosives       Extender pigments       Extenders
80.02.03          Exterminating (for buildings)
70.07             Exterminating services
28.14.17          Extinguishants, fire
95.01.06          Extraction
95.02.17          Extrusion
38.05.01          Eyeglasses    Fabric softeners
95.03.02          Fabricating
22.01             Fabrics
39.09.14          Face protective devices       Facial tissue
36.03.04          Fans, household
35.06.04          Fans, industrial
35.02.01          Farm machinery
01                Farm products
34.04.02          Fasteners, metal
20.03.01          Fats, animal       Feed lot operations
39.09.12          Feeding dishes       Feedstocks, petrochemical

10.04.07          Feldspar       Felts, asbestos
34.03.05          Fences, metal
24.01.03          Fencing, split
34.08.04          Fencing, wire
33.01.04          Ferroalloys
10.01.01          Ferrous ores
10.04.14          Fertilizer minerals
28.10.01          Fertilizers       Fiber boxes
01.01.09          Fiber crops
38.03             Fiber optics devices
26.03.04          Fiber tube, can, and drum stock
26.06.04          Fiber tubes, cans, drums
26.04.03          Fiberboard
32.09.06          Fibers, inorganic
28.09.04          Fibers, man-made
25.02             Filing cabinets
28.04.03          Fillers, inorganic
30.02.01          Film, plastics
38.06.08          Film, X-ray       Film processing equipment
70.06.03          Film processing services
26.02.04          Filter paper
35.06.08          Filters
95.01.04          Filtration       Finfish       Finishes, aerosol
28.08.02          Finishes, industrial
28.08.01          Finishes, trade sales
22.03.01          Finishing, textile       Fire alarms       Fire department vehicles
34.03.05          Fire escapes
28.14.17          Fire extinguishants
39.09.04          Fire extinguishers
90.01.02          Fire protection
35.06.08          Fire sprinkler equipment       Firefighting, forest
24.11             Fireplace logs
24.01.05          Firewood
28.11.08          Fireworks       First aid kits
01.06.02          Fish farms
01.06.02          Fish hatcheries       Fish oil    Fisher-Tropsch synthesis
01.06.01          Fishing
39.05.01          Fishing equipment       Fittings, metal
25.09             Fixtures, bar
25.07             Fixtures, office and store

23.03.05          Flags
28.14.08          Flame retardants, textile
34.07.04          Flame throwers       Flanges, metal
28.11.07          Flares       Flash units
39.02.02          Flatware
28.14.15          Flavor chemicals       Flax
24.02.02          Flitches       Floor cleaning       Floor coverings, plastics
30.01.06          Floor coverings, rubber    Floor polishes       Floor tile, asphalt       Floor tile, vinyl asbestos       Floor waxing
34.03.04          Flooring, metal
24.02.04          Flooring, wood
15.03.09          Flooring installation
39.08.01          Flowers, artificial
34.03.04          Flumes       Fluorescent brighteners       Fluorescent lamp ballasts
40.05.03          Fluoridation       Fluoropolymer plastics
10.04.08          Fluorspar  .       Fluosilicic acid
28.14.06          Fluxing compounds
30.01.05          Foam rubber goods
30.02.04          Foam seat cushions       Foamed insulation, plastics    Foil, aluminum    Foil, lead
34.08.05          Foil and leaf, metal
20.01.02          Food, animal
20.02             Food additives       Food packaging, paperboard
36.03.04          Food processors
20.01             Food products
39.05.03          Football equipment
31.03.01          Footwear
30.02.10          Footwear, plastics       Footwear, rubber
01.01.11          Forage
24                Forest products
01.04             Forestry
01.04.03          Forestry services
95.02.01          Forging
34.02             Forgings
39.02.02          Forks
95.03.03          Forming

27.01.04          Forms, business
95.03.08          Formulating
01.02.04,01       Fox
28.14.15          Fragrance chemicals
34.03.02          Frames, metal door and window
24.04             Frames, wood
36.03.02          Freezers, household
01.01.07          Fruits       Fruits, citrus       Fruits, deciduous tree
28.14.12          Fuel additives
29.04.03          Fuels, alcohol
29.04.03          Fuels, biomass
29.03 '            Fuels, coal products    Fuels, diesel       Fuels, jet
29.06.05          Fuels, nuclear
29.06.03          Fuels, nuclear, reprocessed
29.02.01          Fuels, petroleum
29.04.03          Fuels, refuse-derived
10.02             Fuels, solid
29.04.03          Fuels, solid waste
29.04             Fuels, synthetic, except from coal
29.03.01          Fuels, synthetic, from coal
24.11             Fuels, wood       Fumigants
70.04             Funeral services       Fungicides       Furbearing animals
70.12.04          Furnace repair       Furnaces, heating
35.06.06          Furnaces, industrial       Furnaces, warm air
31.03.03          Furnishings, leather
30.02.04          Furnishings, plastics
23.02             Furnishings, textile
25                Furniture
38.01.04          Furniture, laboratory
30.02.04 „         Furniture components, plastics
24.04             Furniture parts, wood         ":.
70.12.02          Furniture repair
39.09.07          Furs, dressed and dyed       Furs, raw
28.11.01          Fuses, detonating       Fuses, electrical       Gallium and its compounds
34.09.05          Galvanizing
01.06.03          Game management
39.04.02          Games
36.05.05          Games, electronic
40.06.03          Garbage disposal
35.02.02          Garden and lawn tools, powered

01.05.01          Garden services    Gas, blast furnace       Gas, coal       Gas, coke oven
10.03.02          Gas, natural
29,02.01.06       Gas, refinery    Gas, synthesis
35.03.03          Gas and oil drilling machinery and equipment
34.03.03          Gas cylinders
38.02.03          Gas meters
28.14.11          Gas odorants
10.03.04          Gas products
95.01.17          Gas purification       Gas turbine generators
40.04             Gas utilities
35.04.06          Gas welding and cutting apparatus
28.01.02          Gases, industrial
35.06.09          Gaskets
29.04.03          Gasohol       Gasoline
38.02.03          Gasoline dispensing meters
35.08.03          Gasoline pumps
34.03.05          Gates, metal
35.06.05          Gears       Geese
28.14.01          Gelatin
36.01.01          Generating equipment, power
36.11.04          Generators, battery charging
36.02.01          Generators, industrial
10.06             Geothermal fluids       Germanium and its compounds    Girdles
23.01.03          Girls' apparel
32.01             Glass
32.01.04          Glass containers
32.01.01          Glass finishing       Glass wool
15.03.12          Glass work
38.05.03          Glasses, magnifying            '%       Glassine papers
32.01.05          Glassware
15.03.12          Glazing       Glazing compounds    Gloves, men's
30.01.07          Gloves, rubber household       Gloves, rubber industrial    Glues, animal and fish    Glues, vegetable       Goat's milk       Goats
38.05.03          Goggles, industrial
33.02.07          Gold

-------       Gold compounds
10.01.05          Gold ore
37.07.03          Golf carts
39.05.02          Golf equipment
35.03.01          Graders    Grain storage
01.01.01          Grains
10.05.04          Granite       Grapefruit       Grapes
10.04.01          Graphite
32.09.03          Graphite, treated
10.05.07          Gravel       Gravure       Gray iron castings       Grease stocks       Greaseproof papers       Greases
27.01.09          Greeting cards
95.02.06          Grinding
36.07             Guidance systems
37.06.01          Guided missiles
28.03             Gum chemicals       Gummed paper products
01.04.02          Gums
34.07.03          Guns
39.05.08          Gymnastic equipment
10.04.09          Gypsum
32.05             Gypsum products
38.01.01          Gyroscopes       Hafnium and its compounds       Halides, acid       Halogenated hydrocarbons
28.01.11          Halogens and halogen compounds, inorganic
34.06.02          Hammers    Hand cleaners, waterless
34.06.02          Hand tools       Handbags
34.06.02          Handsaws
26.04.05          Hard pressed panels
24.03.03          Hardboard
34.06.03          Hardware
30.02.11          Hardware, plastics    Hats, men's    Hats, women's
01.01.11          Hay
36.04.08          Headlights, motor vehicle       Hearing aids
34.03.03          Heat exchangers       Heat pumps
36.03.07          Heaters, electric
36.03.08          Heaters, water

95.03.10          Heating
34.05.03          Heating equipment, except warm-air and electric
35.09.03          Heating equipment, warm-air
34.03.05          Heating registers
15.03.01          Heating system installation
70.12.04          Heating systems repair       Heating valves
35.03.01          Heavy machinery
29.06.04          Heavy water       Heels, rubber       Helium       Herbicides       Herbs
28.02.03          Heterocycles
39.06.01          Hobby supplies
34.06.02          Hoes       Hogs
24.05.03          Hogsheads, wood       Hoists
39.02.01          Hollow ware
24.08             Homes, mobile       Homes, motor       Honey       Horses
01.05             Horticultural services
01.01.12          Horticultural specialties       Hose, rubber       Hose and tube fittings and assemblies    Hosiery
25.04             Hospital furniture
70.14.05          Hospitals
01.03.01          Hospitals, animal
30.02.11          Hospitalware, plastics
36.03.04          Hot plates       Houseboats
36.03             Household appliances    Household cleansers       Household detergents
25.01             Household furniture            ".       Housings, plastics
34.07.04          Howitzers
01.06.03          Hunting       Hybrid microcircuits
32.02             Hydraulic cement       Hydraulic mining       Hydraulic oils       Hydrazine
28.02.01          Hydrocarbons       Hydrocarbons, halogenated       Hydrochloric acid       Hydrocracking       Hydrocyanic acid

-------       Hydrodesulfurization       Hydroelectric generating equipment       Hydrofluoric acid       Hydrogen       Hydrogen peroxide •   Hydrogenation
10.07.05          Hydrometallurgical extraction       Hydroperoxides       Hydrotreating       Hydroxy compounds, organic       Hydroxylamine             <       Hypodermic syringes and needles
36.11.04          Ignition coils
36.11 ..04          Ignition harness and cable sets       In-situ mining       Indium and its compounds
36.02.02          Industrial controls
28.08.02          Industrial finishes
30.02.07          Industrial plastics products
39.09.14          Industrial safety equipment, personal
23.01.03          Infants' apparel
39.04.04          Infants' toys
30.01.11          Inflatable rubber products
70.08             Information systems       Ingots, steel       Initiators       Ink vehicles
39.07.04          Inked ribbons
28.12             Inks, except artists'       Inks, artists'
30.01.02          Inner tubes
28.01.03          Inorganic acids, industrial
28.01             Inorganic chemicals (by composition)
28.01.05          Inorganic compounds of selected elements       Inorganic pigments, colored       Insect attractants       Insecticides
01.03.03          Insemination, artificial
38                Instruments
39.09.15          Insulated chests
26.04.05          Insulating board       Insulating foams, plastics       Insulation, asbestos
26.04.06          Insulation, cellulose
32.09.04          Insulation, mineral wool
15.03.07          Insulation installation
36.04.03          Insulators, electrical       Integrated microcircuits       Intercommunication equipment       Intermediates, chemical    Iron
33.01.05          Iron castings

-------       Iron compounds
34.02.01          Iron forgings       Iron ore    Ironing aids       Ironmaking processes
34.03.04          Irrigation pipe       Isomerization
29.06.06          Isotopes    Jackets, nontailored, men's    Jackets, tailored, men's    Jackets, women's
32.01.04          Jars, glass    Jeans, men's    Jeans, women's       Jet fuel
39.01.03          Jewelers" materials
39.01             Jewelry
70.12.07          Jewelry repair
34.02.04          Job stampings
34.03.07          Joists, bar       Kaolin
34.01.02          Kegs, metal
24.05.03          Kegs, wood       Kerosene       Ketones       Kidney dialysis equipment
34.02^04          Kitchen utensils, stamped and spun
30.02.09          Kitchenware, plastics
39.02.02          Knives, flatware
34.06.02          Knives, tool
26.01.03          Kraft (sulfate) pulp       Kraft papers
27.01.07          Labels, printed
70.09             Laboratories
70.14.04          Laboratories, medical and dental       Laboratory equipment, clinical
38.01.04          Laboratory furniture
38.01.02          Laboratory instruments
30.02.11          Laboratoryware, plastics        ;
28.08             Lacquers    Lactams    Lactones
24.12             Ladders, wood
26.05.01          Laminated paper products
24.03.02          Laminated wood structural members
36.11.05          Lamp bulb components       Lamp parts
36.04.01          Lamps, electric
36.04.04          Lamps and lamp shades
01.05.01          Landscaping       Lanthanide series elements and their compounds
39.01.03          Lapidary works

38.03             Lasers
35.04.01          Lathes
70.01.01          Laundries       Laundry aids
36.03.03          Laundry equipment, household
35.08.02          Laundry machines
35.02.02          Lawn and garden tools, powered
35.02.02          Lawn mowers
01.05.01          Lawn services       Lead, primary       Lead, secondary    Lead alloys       Lead compounds       Lead finished and semifinished shapes    Lead foil
10.01.03          Lead ore       Lead pigments, white
39.09.12          Leashes
28.14.10          Leather chemicals       Leather craftwork supplies    Leather dressings
31.01             Leather finishing
31.03.03          Leather furnishings
31.03             Leather products       Lemons       Lens blanks, ophthalmic
38.05.02          Lenses, contact       Letterpress       Lettuce
30.01.11          Life rafts       Light bulb blanks       Light meters
36.04             Lighting equipment, electric
36.04.08          Lighting equipment, vehicular
36.04.05          Lighting fixtures, commercial and institutional
36.04.06          Lighting fixtures, industrial
36.04.04          Lighting fixtures, residential
36.04.07          Lighting luminaries, street
36.11.05          Lights, Christmas tree
10.02.03          Lignite
32.04             Lime                          ":       Limes
10.05.02          Limestone
26.03.01          Linerboard
26.05.03          Liners, paper
30.01.09          Linings, rubber       Linseed oil
40.06.02          Liquid waste treatment
33.02.08          Lithium       Lithium compounds
27.02.06          Lithographic platemaking       Lithography

-------       Lithopone pigments
01.02.01          Livestock
01.03.02          Livestock services    ..  Lobsters
25.06             Lockers       Locks
37.04.01          Locomotives
24.01             Logging
24.01.01          Logs
24.11             Logs, fireplace
28.14.12          Lubricant additives
95.03.12          Lubricating       Lubricating oil stocks
29.02.06          Lubricating oils
31.03.02          Luggage
24.02.01          Lumber
24.02.07          Lumber mill residuals
24.02.02          Lumber stock
35.04.04          Machine tool accessories
35.04.01          Machine tools, cutting
35.04.02          Machine tools, forming
34.07.03          Machineguns
35                Machinery
35.03.01          Machinery, construction
35.02.01          Machinery, farm
35.02.02          Machinery, lawn and garden
35.04             Machinery, metalworking
35.03.02          Machinery, mining
35.03.03          Machinery, oil field
35.04.05          Machinery, rolling mill
35.08             Machinery, service
35.06             Machinery and equipment, general industrial
35.05             Machinery and equipment, special industry
28.14.13          Machinery chemicals       Machinery parts, rubber
70.12.03          Machinery repair
34.09.04          Machining, fabricated metals
95.02.05          Machining, general       Macrame supplies                i
33.02.09          Magnesium
28.01.04          Magnesium compounds, inorganic       Magnetic storage media
34.08.08          Magnets
38.05.03          Magnifying glasses
80.02.02          Maintenance, building       Malleable iron castings
22.01.04          Man-made fiber yarns and fabrics
33.02.13          Manganese       Manganese compounds       Manganese ore
39                Manufactured products, miscellaneous
95.03             Manufacturing processes

10.05.01          Marble
20.03.02          Marine oils       Marine products
39.07.03          Marking devices
15.03.04          Masonry work
39.09.05          Matches
35.03.05          Materials handling equipment       Mattress covers
25.01.02          Mattresses
38.02             Measuring devices
35.04.04          Measuring tools, precision       Mechanical components, plastics
30.01.08          Mechanical goods, rubber
95.02 •            Mechanical processes
38.04.02          Medical appliances       Medical instruments
70.14.04          Medical laboratories       Medical monitoring and diagnostic equipment
70.14             Medical services
38.04.02          Medical supplies
28.06             Medicinals       Melamine formaldehyde resins
01.01.06          Melons
23.01.01          Men's clothing       Mercaptans
33.02.10          Mercury       Mercury compounds
10.01.09          Mercury ore
34.08.04          Mesh, concrete reinforcing
34.03.01          Metal, fabricated, structural
34.03.07          Metal building materials, miscellaneous
34.03.06          Metal buildings and components, prefabricated
34.01.01          Metal cans
34.09.06          Metal coating
34.01.02          Metal containers, shipping       Metal craftwork supplies
34.08.05          Metal foil and leaf
25.06             Metal partitions    Metal polishes
34.09             Metal processing               \
34                Metal products, fabricated
34.05.01          Metal sanitary ware
34.02             Metal stampings
34.08.08          Metal strapping
34.03.05          Metal studs
34.09.07          Metal surface cleaning
34.03.03          Metal tanks and vessels
28.14.06          Metal treating compounds
10.01             Metallic ores
33                Metals
33.02             Metals, nonferrous
34.03.05          Metalwork, architectural and ornamental

35.04.03          Metalworking dies, tools, etc.
35.04             Metalworking machinery
38.02.05          Meteorological instruments
38.02.03          Meters       Meters, light
10.04.10          Mica       Microcircuits
38.06.03          Microfilming equipment       Microphones       Microwave communication equipment
01.02.02          Milk, cow's       Milk, goat's    Millinery
24.04             Millwork
10.07.02          Mine production
35.03.02          Mineral beneficiation machinery
10.07.01          Mineral exploration
32.09.04          Mineral wool
10.04.05          Minerals, clay
10.05             Minerals, construction
32.09.03          Minerals, ground or treated
10.04             Minerals, nonmetallic       Mining, hydraulic       Mining, in-situ       Mining, open-pit       Mining, underground
10.05.09          Mining aggregate
10.07             Mining and related activities
35.03.02          Mining machinery       Mink
90.03.01          Mintage
34.08.07          Mintage other than money       Mirrors
39                Miscellaneous manufactured products
37.06.01          Missiles
24.08             Mobile homes       Modacrylic fibers       Model airplane kits       Model cars and trains          "...       Modeling and sculpting materials       Modeling clay       Models, powered       Mohair
28.14.14          Mold release products
95.02.02          Molding, process
24.02.05          Molding, wood       Molybdenum ore
90.03             Money       Monorails, industrial
37.05.03          Mopeds
34.07.04          Mortars
38.06.02          Motion picture equipment

-------       Motor homes
36.04.08          Motor vehicle headlights
37.01.02          Motor vehicle parts and accessories
37.01.01          Motor vehicles       Motorboats
37.05.02          Motorcycles
36.02.01          Motors, industrial electric
36.11.04          Motors, starting       Mounts, rubber       Moving walkways           .    Mucilages
28.14.11          Muds, drilling
70.17             Museums       Mushrooms
39.03             Musical instruments       Mutton
34.08.04          Nails    Naphtha       Napkin stock
23.02.05          Napkins, cloth
26.05.07          Napkins, paper       Napkins, sanitary
90.02             National security
10.03.02          Natural gas
10.03.03          Natural gas liquids
10.07.03          Natural gas production       Natural gas treatment
36.07             Navigation equipment
38.01.01          Navigational instruments
90.02             Navy    Neckties
39.08.03          Needles       Needlework supplies       Neon
27.01.01          Newspapers
26.02.01          Newsprint
33.02.13          Nickel       Nickel compounds       Nickel ore    Nightwear, men's              \    Nightwear, women's       Niobium and its compounds
30.01.07          Nipples, infant's    .   Nitric acid       Nitriles       Nitro hydrocarbons       Nitrogen
28.01.06          Nitrogen compounds, inorganic       Nitrous oxide       Noble gases and their compounds
33.02             Nonferrous metals       Notebooks

39.08             Notions
29.06             Nuclear energy products
29.06.05          Nuclear fuel
29.06.03          Nuclear fuel, reprocessed
38.02.05          Nuclear radiation detection and monitoring instruments       Nuclear reactors
29.06.08          Nuclear wastes
01.04.01          Nurseries, forest       Nursery products, ornamental
70.14.06          Nursing homes
28.14.19          Nutrients, culture
34.04.02          Nuts, metal
01.01.08          Nuts, tree       Nylon fibers       Nylon fibers, aramid       Oats
28.14.11          Odorants, gas
35.03.01          Off-highway trucks
37.07.02          Off-road vehicles
36.08             Office equipment
25.02             Office furniture       Office machine repair
10.03.01          Oil, crude       Oil, desalting of crude       Oil, distillate       Oil, pine       Oil, pulp mill, tall
29.04.01          Oil, shale
35.03.03          Oil and gas production machinery       Oil and gas recovery, unconventional
28.14.11          Oil and natural gas production chemicals
35.03.03          Oil field machinery
28.14.11          Oil recovery chemicals
10.02.05  .        Oil shale
10.07.03          Oil well production
20.03             Oils, animal, marine, and vegetable       Oils, hydraulic
29.02.06          Oils, lubricating       Oils, residual fuel            %
29.02.07          Oils, road       Oils, transmission       Oleum       Olives       Open-pit mining
38.05             Ophthalmic goods       Ophthalmic lens blanks       Ophthalmoscopes
38.03             Optical instruments
38.03             Optics devices, fiber       Optoelectronic devices       Oranges
34.07             Ordnance and accessories

10.07.04          Ore beneficiation
28.14.07          Ore processing chemicals
10.01             Ores, metallic
28.02             Organic chemicals (by composition)
28.04.02          Organic pigments
28.02.05          Organoboron compounds
28.02.08          Organometallic compounds
28.02.06          Organophosphorus compounds
28.02.07          Organosilicon compounds       Organosols
39.03.01          Organs
39.09.09          Ornaments, Christmas tree       Orthopedic appliances    Oven cleaners
36.03.01          Ovens, household
35.06.06          Ovens, industrial
95.01.13          Oxidation       Oxygen       Oysters       Ozone       Pacemakers
30.02.05          Packaging, plastics, food
30.02.06          Packaging, plastics, non-food
26.02.03          Packaging papers
95.03.09          Packing       Padding, plastics
22.02             Padding, textile
34.01.02          Pails, metal       Paint dryers  .     Paint removers
30.01.16          Paint rollers, rubber
70.11.01          Painting, automobile
15.03.02          Painting, construction       Paints, artists'
28.08             Paints and allied products    Pajamas, men's       Palettes, artists'       Panelboards
26.04.05          Panels, hard pressed       Panels, plastics              >    Panties    Pants, work    Pantyhose
26.02             Paper       Paper, carbon       Paper, cigarette       Paper, computer
38.06.06          Paper, photographic
26.04.07          Paper, tar       Paper, typewriter
26.05.03          Paper bags
28.14.09          Paper chemicals

-------       Paper cups
26.05.03          Paper liners
26.05.07          Paper napkins
26.05             Paper products       Paper rolls, copier
26.04.02          Paper stock, building
26.05.07          Paper towels
26.05.08          Paper wrapping products
26.03             Paperboard
26.06.01          Paperboard containers       Paperboard food packaging
26.06             Paperboard products
34.08.04          Paperclips
15.03.02          Paperhanging       Papers, reproduction
23.03.05          Parachutes    Paraffins, nitro
39.09.08          Parasols       Parchment papers
70.13.04          Parks, amusement
24.03.03          Particleboard
25.06             Partitions, metal       Partitions, plastics       Pastels    Pastes       Peaches       Peanuts       Pears       Peas
10.02.04          Peat
01.01.08          Pecans
39.07.02          Pencils, lead
39.07.01          Pencils, mechanical
39.07.01          Pens
27.01.02          Periodicals       Peroxides, organic
39.09.14          Personal industrial safety equipment       Pest control, forest
28.10.02          Pesticides                     \
01.03.03          Pet care
39.09.12          Pet supplies       Petrochemical feedstocks
29.02.03          Petrolatum
10.03.01          Petroleum, crude
28.14.12          Petroleum additives
29.02.08          Petroleum coke
10.07.01          Petroleum exploration
29.02.03          Petroleum jelly    Petroleum product storage
10.07.03          Petroleum production
29.02             Petroleum products
29.01             Petroleum refinery processes

29.02.04          Petroleum waxes       Pheasants       Phenolic compounds       Phenolic resins       Phonograph records       Phonographs       Phosphate rock       Phosphoric acid
28.14.21          Phosphors       Phosphorus
28.01.09          Phosphorus compounds, inorganic       Photocopying
70.06.03          Photocopying services
27.02.04        .  Photoengraving
70.06.02          Photofinishing services
28.14.18          Photographic chemicals
38.06.07          Photographic chemicals, prepared
38.06             Photographic equipment and supplies
38.06.04          Photographic film
38.06.06          Photographic paper and cloth
38.06.05          Photographic paper and cloth, silver halide
70.06.01          Photography services
70.14.01          Physicians
39.03.01          Pianos
28.14.06          Pickling compounds       Pigment dispersions       Pigments, artists'
28.04.03          Pigments, inorganic
28.04.02          Pigments, organic
24.01.02          Piles, wood       Pillow cases       Pillows       Pine oil
39.08.03          Pins    Pipe, aluminum    Pipe, asbestos-cement
32.02.01          Pipe, concrete    Pipe, copper
34.03.04          Pipe, irrigation    Pipe, lead                    \       Pipe, plastics    Pipe, steel
34.08.02          Pipe fittings, metal       Pipe fittings, plastics       Pipe thread dopes
40.01.06          Pipelines
39.09.11          Pipes, smoking
34.07.03          Pistols
39.02.01          Pitchers       Pitches
32.05.01          Plaster building boards
15.03.05          Plastering

32.05.02          Plasters, building
32.05.03          Plasters, industrial
28.14.14          Plasticizers
28.09.02          Plastics, thermoplastic
28.09.01          Plastics, thermosetting
28.14.14          Plastics additives
30.02.03          Plastics apparel
30.02.12          Plastics bags and liners
30.02.11          Plastics consumer and institutional products       Plastics craftwork supplies-
30.02.01          Plastics film
30.02.05          Plastics food packaging
30.02.10          Plastics footwear
30.02.16          Plastics forming processes
30.02.11          Plastics hardware
30.02.06          Plastics non-food packaging
30.02             Plastics products
30.02.02          Plastics rods
30.02.01          Plastics sheeting
30.02.11          Plastics sponges
30.02.02          Plastics stock shapes
30.02.02          Plastics tubes
30.02.14          Plastics wire and cable coverings
30.02.13          Plastics-based formulated products       Plastisols
39.02             Plated ware
27.02.06          Platemaking, lithographic
34.03.03          Platework, fabricated
95.02.08          Plating, general
34.09.01          Plating, metal
28.14.06          Plating compounds
33.02.13          Platinum and platinum-group metals
10.01.08          Platinum ore
39.05.07          Playground equipment    Playsuits
34.06.02          Pliers       Plumbing fixtures, plastics
32.07.01          Plumbing fixtures, vitreous
34.05.02          Plumbing fixtures and trim, metal
15.03.01          Plumbing installation       Plumbing valves       Plums
29.06.07          Plutonium
24.03.01          Plywood
24.01.02          Poles
90.01.01          Police protection       Polishes
34.09.01          Polishing, metal
95.02.07          Polishing, general       Polishing preparations
40.06             Pollution control       Polonium and its compounds

-------       Polyamide resins       Polycarbonate resins       Polyester fibers       Polyester for urethanes       Polyester resins, saturated       Polyester resins, unsaturated       Polyethylene resins       Polyimide and polyamide-imide resins       Polyolefin fibers       Polyphenylene oxide resins,       Polypropylene fibers       Polypropylene resins       Polystyrene plastics materials       Polysulfonic resins       Polyurethane       Polyvinyl resins
30.01.11          Pontoons
39.05.08          Pool tables
39.05.08          Pools, wading
32.02.01          Portland cement       Postage stamps
24.01.02          Posts       Potash       Potassium       Potassium bicarbonate       Potassium carbonate
28.01.04          Potassium compounds, inorganic       Potassium hydroxide       Potatoes
34.02.04          Pots and pans
32.07.04          Pottery, decorative
32.07.03          Pottery ware
01.02.03          Poultry
34.03.03          Power boilers       Power circuit breakers
35.03.01          Power cranes
36.01             Power equipment, electric
36.01.01          Power generating equipment
35.03.01          Power shovels       Power surge controls, electric  ?-       Power switches       Power transmission belts, rubber
35.07             Power-driven hand tools
32.03.03          Precast concrete products
95.01.03          Precipitation
35.04.04          Precision measuring tools
24.07             Prefabricated wood structures and building components       Preservatives    Presoaks
95.02.13          Pressing
35.08.02          Pressing machines       Pressure sensitive paper products


32.03.04          Prestressed concrete products
28.08             Primers
27.01             Printed products
27.02.01          Printing
26.02.02          Printing papers
38.02.02          Process control instruments
95                Processes
38.06.02          Projectors, motion picture       Projectors, slide
28.11.06          Propellents
30.01.07          Prophylactics
37.03.03          Propulsion systems, ships
37.06.02          Propulsion units, missiles       Prosthetic appliances       Protactinium and its compounds
39.09.14          Protective devices, face
90                Public administration
25.03             Public building furniture
27                Publishing
26.01             Pulp, wood
26.05.05          Pulp goods
26.01.11          Pulp mill by-products
24.01.04          Pulpwood
01.01.02          Pulses
95.02.15          Pulverization
35.03.02          Pulverizing, crushing, and screening machinery
10.05.09          Pumice
35.08.03          Pumps, gasoline       Pumps, heat
35.08.03          Pumps, measuring and dispensing
35.06.03          Pumps, vacuum
35.06.01          Pumps and pumping equipment
95.01.17          Purification, gas       Putties
39.04.02          Puzzles    Pyrolysis, coal
28.11.08          Pyrotechnics       Quarrying
10.05.06          Quartzite                      \       Quaternary ammonium compounds
36.07.02          Radar       Radiators
40.02.02          Radio broadcasting
36.06.02          Radio communication equipment       Radio repair
10.01.11          Radioactive ores
36.05.01          Radios, broadcast band       Radios, citizen band       Radium and its compounds
37.04             Railroad equipment
40.01.01          Railroads
30.02.03          Rainwear, plastics

-------       Rainwear, rubber
34.06.02          Rakes
36.03.01          Ranges
10.01.12          Rare earth ores       Raspberries       Rats, laboratory       Raw materials, chemical    Rayon       Razors and razor blades
95.01.08          Reaction
32.03.05          Ready-mixed concrete
28.14.04          Reagents
70.11.04          Recapping, tire
35.01.03          Reciprocating engines       Recorders, tape
36.05.04          Recorders and players, video, home       Records, phonograph       Rectifiers
36.02.06          Rectifying apparatus
95.01.12          Reduction       Refinery gas
95.01.09          Refining
29.01             Refining, petroleum       Reforestation
32.06.03          Refractories, clay
32.09.05          Refractories, non-clay
35.09.01          Refrigeration equipment       Refrigeration repair
36.03.02          Refrigerators, household
29.04.03          Refuse-derived fuels
34.03.05          Registers, heating and air conditioning       Regulators, power
34.03.07          Reinforcing bar, concrete       Relays, control circuit       Removers, paint and varnish
70.12             Repair services (except auto)       Repellents, animal       Repellents, insect
39.09.14          Respiratory protection equipment       Reproduction papers            \       Residual fuel oils
28.09.02          Resin materials, thermoplastic
28.09.01          Resin materials, thermosetting
36.10.05          Resistors       Respirators       Rest room cleaning
25.05             Restaurant furniture
95.01.15          Retorting
39.07.04          Ribbons, inked       Rice
34.07.03          Rifles
34.04.02          Rivets

29.02.07          Road oils       Road materials,, bituminous    Robes, men's    Robes, women's
10.05             Rock
10.04.11          Rock salt
37.06.02          Rocket engines
34.07.04          Rocket projectors       Rodenticides
30.02.02          Rods, plastics
95.02.18          Rolling
35.04.05          Rolling mill machinery
30.01.09          Rolls, rubber coated
34.03.04          Roof drainage equipment    Roof tiles       Roofing, asphalt
34.03.04          Roofing, metal
26.04.07          Roofing board
15.03.10          Roofing installation
01.01.04          Roots       Rosin, wood       Rowboats       Rubber, natural
30.01.01          Rubber, reclaimed    Rubber adhesives
30.01.12          Rubber bands
30.01.11          Rubber boats       Rubber boots
30.01.12          Rubber brushes
28.14.14          Rubber chemicals       Rubber clothing
30.01.10          Rubber coated fabrics
30.01.09          Rubber covered rolls
30.01.13          Rubber dipped goods
30.01.07          Rubber druggist and medical sundries       Rubber footwear       Rubber gloves, industrial       Rubber heels and soles
30.01.09          Rubber linings                 \
30.01.08          Rubber mechanical goods
30.01             Rubber products
30.01.09          Rubber sheet
39.07.03          Rubber stamps
30.01.12          Rubber stationery sundries
30.01.14          Rubber wire and cable coverings
30.01.15          Rubber-based formulated products       Rubbers, chlorinated       Rubidium       Rubidium compounds
23.02.01          Rugs
28.14.06          Rust removers       Rye

26.05.03          Sacks, paper
31.03.04          Saddles
34.08.08          Safes
39.09.14          Safety equipment, personal industrial       Sailboats       Salmon
28.01.04          Salts, simple
10.05.08          Sand
35.07.03          Sanders       Sandpaper
10.05.06          Sandstone       Sanitary napkins
26.05.06          Sanitary paper products
34.05.01          Sanitary ware, metal       Sanitation goods
34.03.02          Sash, metal
40.02.03          Satellite communications       Satellite-borne communications systems
24.02.07          Sawdust
24.01.01          Sawlogs
35.07.02          Saws       Scandium and its compounds
25.03             School desks
70.15             School services       Science kits       Scissors
35.03.01          Scrapers
34.08.04          Screening
35.03.02          Screening, crushing, and pulverizing machinery
38.06.02          Screens, motion picture
34.04.01          Screw machine products
34.06.02          Screwdrivers
34.04.02          Screws       Sculpting and modeling materials       Sealants
35.06.09          Seals
36.07.02          Search and detection apparatus
23.03.01          Seat covers, vehicle
30.01.05          Seat cushions       Seaweed                       %       Selenium and its compounds
36.10.03          Semiconductors
38.06.04          Sensitized plates
35.08             Service machinery
70                Services
35.08.05          Sewage purification equipment    Sewage treatment
32.06.04          Sewerpipe, clay
36.03.06          Sewing machines
36.04.04          Shades, lamp
25.08             Shades, window
24.02.06          Shakes

29.04.01          Shale oil
36.03.04          Shavers       Shears       Sheep
30.01.09          Sheet, rubber
34.03.04          Sheet metal work, fabricated
15.03.11          Sheet metal work, installation
30.02.01          Sheeting, plastics       Sheets, bed
28.08             Shellacs       Shellfish
25.06             Shelving
26.04.07          Shingles, asphalt
24.02.06          Shingles, wood
37.03.01          Ship building and repairing
34.01.02          Shipping barrels, metal    Shirts, men's dress    Shirts, men's work    Shirts, women's
31.02             Shoe leather    Shoe polishes
70.03             Shoe repair
70.03             Shoe shining
31.03.01          Shoes
34.07.03          Shotguns
35.03.01          Shovel loaders
34.06.02          Shovels
35.03.01          Shovels, power
34.03.04          Siding, metal
24.02.04          Siding, wood       Signal systems
39.09.02          Signs
01.01.11          Silage
10.05.08          Silica
28.01.10          Silicon
28.01.10          Silicon compounds, inorganic       Silicone resins
33.02.11          Silver       Silver compounds
10.01.06          Silver ore
39.02             Silverware
34.05.01          Sinks, metal
32.07.01          Sinks, vitreous
70.13.05          Skating rinks    Skirts, girls'    Skirts, women's
39.05.08          Skis    Slacks, men's    Slacks, women's
32.09.03          Slag, crushed or ground
10.05.09          Slags, mining
10.05.06          Slate

23.03.04          Sleeping bags       Slide projectors
23.02.05          Slip covers    Slips    Sludge treatment (sludge from water treatment)
95.01.10          Smelting       Smoke alarms
39.09.11          Smoking accessories       Snips
37.07.03          Snowmobiles       Soaps, household       Soaps, nonhousehold    Soaps, toilet
70.16             Social services    Socks, men's
10.04.12          Soda ash
33.02.12          Sodium       Sodium bicarbonate       Sodium carbonate
10.04.12          Sodium carbonate minerals
28.01.04          Sodium compounds, inorganic       Sodium hydroxide
25.01.01          Sofas    Softeners, fabric
35.08.05          Softeners, water
28.14.08          Soil retardants       Solar cells       Solar electric generating equipment       Solar heating equipment
34.09.03          Soldering       Soles, rubber
10.02             Solid fuels
29.04.03          Solid waste fuels
40.06.03          Solid waste treatment       Solvent extraction
28.14.06          Solvents, degreasing       Solvents, except petroleum
29.02.05          Solvents, petroleum
36.07.02          Sonar       Sorghum                       \       Sound systems, commercial       Soybean oil       Soybeans
37.06.01          Space vehicles       Spackling compounds       Spandex fibers
36.11.04          Spark plugs       Speakers
35.06.05          Speed changers
38.02.03          Speedometers       Sperm oil
30.01.05          Sponge rubber goods

30.02.11          Sponges, plastics
39.02.02          Spoons
39.05             Sporting goods
70.13.02          Sports, spectator
70.13.03          Sports, individual    Sportswear, men's    Sportswear, women's
34.08.01          Springs, steel
34.08.03          Springs, wire       Stack gas cleaning       Stackers
39.02             Stainless steel ware
28.08             Stains
24.01.03          Stakes
39.07.03          Stamp pads
95.02.10          Stamping
34.02.04          Stampings, metal       Stamps
39.07.03          Stamps, rubber    Starch, laundry
36.11.04          Starting motors       Stationery
30.01.12          Stationery sundries, rubber
34.03.03          Steam condensers
35.01.02          Steam engines
33.01.03          Steel
34.08.08          Steel boxes       Steel castings       Steel finished shapes
34.02.01          Steel forgings       Steel ingots
34.03.03          Steel plate, fabricated
34.08.01          Steel springs       Steel wool       Steelmaking processes
39.07.03          Stencils
36.05.03          Stereophonic equipment, home
27.02.05          Stereotyping       Sterilizers
10.05             Stone
32.08             Stone products
15.03.04          Stonework
40.01,03.02       Storage       Stoves, domestic
35.06.08          Strainers
34.08.08          Strappings, metal       Strawberries
36.04.07          Street lights       Strontium and its compounds       Structural accessories, plastics
24.03.02          Structural members, laminated wood
34.03.01          Structural metal, fabricated

15.03.13          Structural steel erection
24.02.01          Structural timber
34.03.05          Studs, metal
10.02.02          Subbituminous coal       Sugar beets       Sugar cane    Suits, men's    Suits, women's       Sulfamic acid       Sulfides, organic       Sulfonic acids and their salts       Sulfonyl halides       Sulfur
28.01.07          Sulfur compounds, inorganic       Sulfur dioxide       Sulfuric acid
28.05             Surface active agents
28.05             Surfactants       Surgical dressings and sutures       Surgical instruments       Surgical supplies
38.01.03          Surveying instruments       Suture needles    Sweaters, men's    Sweaters, women's    Sweeping compounds       Sweet corn       Sweet potatoes       Sweetening processes    Swimsuits, men's    Swimsuits, women's
36.01.03          Switchboard apparatus       Switches, power
36.04.02          Switches, wiring device       Switchgear    Synthesis gas
29.04             Synthetic fuels, except from coal       Synthetic liquid fuels from coal
23.02.05          Table cloths       Tables, drawing
25.01.03          Tables, household
25.02             Tables, office       Tablets
30.02.09          Tableware, plastics       Tactical vehicles
10.04.13          Talc       Tall oil, pulp mill       Tallow       Tampons       Tanks
34.03.03          Tanks, metal
24.05.03          Tanks, wood

31.01             Tanning
28.14.10          Tanning chemicals       Tanning mixtures
33.02.13          Tantalum       Tantalum compounds       Tape, adding machine       Tape, adhesive and surgical       Tape, audio and video       Tape, foil
30.02.15          Tape, plastics       Tape recorders and tape players
26.04.07          Tar paper
29.05             Tar products
10.02.05          Tar sands
29.04.02          Tar sands fuels       Tars, wood
39.02.01          Teapots
40.02.01          Telecommunications       Telegraph apparatus
36.06.01          Telephone apparatus
40.02.02          Television broadcasting
36.06.02          Television communication equipment       Television repair
36.05.02          Television sets       Tellurium and its compounds
38.02.01          Temperature controls
39.05.05          Tennis equipment
23.03.03          Tents
38.02.04          Test equipment
23.03.02          Textile bags       Textile bleaching
28.14.08          Textile chemicals
22.03.02          Textile coating       Textile dyeing
22.03.01          Textile finishing
23.02             Textile furnishings
22.02             Textile padding
22                Textiles       Textiles, asbestos             \       Thallium and its compounds       Therapeutic equipment       Thermal cracking       Thermal reforming
28.09.02          Thermoplastic plastics and resin materials
28.09.01          Thermosetting plastics and resin materials       Thinners       Thioethers       Thiols       Thorium and its compounds       Thorium ore
22.02             Thread
32.06.02          Tile, ceramic

32.06.01          Tile, clay       Tiles, floor, asphalt and vinyl asbestos    Tiles, roof, asbestos-cement
30.01.06          Tiles, rubber
24.02.01          Timber, structural
24.01.02          Timbers, round
33.02.13          Tin       Tin compounds    Tire cord and fabric, cotton    Tire cord and fabric, fiber blends    Tire cord and fabric, man-made fibers
70.11.04          Tire recapping and retreading
30.01.02          Tire sundries
30.01.02          Tires       Tissue, facial       Tissue, toilet
26.02.05          Tissue paper stock
33.02.13          Titanium       Titanium compounds
10.01.10          Titanium ore       Titanium pigments
36.03.04          Toasters
01.01.10          Tobacco
21                Tobacco products
28.07.04          Toilet preparations    Toilet soaps       Toilet tissue
34.05.01          Toilets, metal
32.07.01          Toilets, vitreous
39.02.01          Toiletware       Tomatoes
25.05             Tool stands
34.06.02          Tools, hand and edge
35.04             Tools, machine
35.07             Tools, power-driven, hand       Towelling stock
23.02.04          Towels
26.05.07          Towels, paper
39.04             Toys
35.03.01          Tractors, construction        '•$
35.02.01          Tractors, farm       Tractors, industrial
28.08.01          Trade sales finishes
37.07.02          Trail bikes
37.07.03          Trailers, boat
37.07.01          Trailers, travel
37.04             Trains
36.01.02          Transformers       Transistors
40.01.02          Transit, passenger
37.04.03          Transit cars       Transmission belts, rubber, power

-------       Transmission oils
40.01             Transportation
37                Transportation equipment       Transuranic elements and their ..compounds
01.06.03          Trapping
10.05.05          Traprock
40.06.03          Trash
37.07.01          Travel trailers
26.05.01          Treated paper products
01.01.08          Tree nuts
01.04.02          Tree seed
01.05.02          Tree services
39.04.03          Tricycles
34.03.02          Trim, metal       Trim, plastics       Trimmers
37.04.03          Trolley buses    Trousers       Trucking       Trucks       Trucks, industrial
35.03.01          Trucks, off-highway       Tube blanks, electronic
26.03.04          Tube stock, fiber
01.01.04          Tubers
36.10.02          Tubes, cathode ray
34.08.08          Tubes, collapsible
36.10.01          Tubes, electron
30.01.02          Tubes, inner
30.02.02          Tubes, plastics       Tubing and hose fittings and assemblies       Tuners       Tungsten ore
15.03.15          Tunneling
35.01.01          Turbines       Turkeys       Turntables       Turpentine, except from pulp mills       Turpentine, pulp mill          >       Turtles
22.02             Twine
27.02.03          Typesetting       Typewriter paper
39.07.04          Typewriter ribbons
36.08.03          Typewriters
39.09.08          Umbrellas
28.08             Undercoats       Underground mining    Underwear, men's       Underwear, women's       Unions, metal    Upholstery cleaning preparations

31.03.05          Upholstery leather
22.02             Upholstery products
29.06.02          Uranium, enriched       Uranium and its compounds       Uranium ore
29.06.01          Uranium oxide       Urea       Urea-formaldehyde resins
40.03             Utilities, electric power
40.04             Utilities, gas
39.09.15          Vacuum bottles
36.03.05          Vacuum cleaners
35.06.03          Vacuum pumps       Valves, air ventilating       Valves, automatic regulating and control
34.08.02          Valves, metal
34.08.02..03       Valves, plumbing and heating       Valves, pneumatic and hydraulic
33.02.13          Vanadium       Vanadium compounds       Vanadium ore       Varnish driers       Varnish removers
28.08             Varnishes
32.07.04          Vases, ceramic
24.05.03          Vats, wood
34.08.08          Vaults
20.03.03          Vegetable oils
01.01.05          Vegetables       Vehicle parts, rubber
23.03.01          Vehicle seat covers
37                Vehicles
39.04.03          Vehicles, children's       Vehicles, combat
37.07.02          Vehicles, off-road
36.04.08          Vehicular lighting equipment
35.08.01          Vending machines
24.03.01          Veneer, wood
24.01.01          Veneer logs       Ventilating valves, air       '*
32.09.03          Vermiculite
34.03.03          Vessels, metal
28.06.02          Veterinary drugs
01.03.01          Veterinary services       Video discs
36.05.04          Video home recorders and players       Video tape       Vinyl asbestos floor tile       Vinyl resins       Vinyon fibers
34.02.04          Vitreous enameled products, stamped and pressed
28.14.03          Vitreous enamels

32.07.01          Vitreous plumbing fixtures
10.05.09          Volcanic cinders
39.05.08          Wading pools       Walkways, moving       Wall coverings, plastics
30.01.06          Wall coverings, rubber    Wallboard, asbestos-cement
26.04.01          Wallboard facings       Wallets
26.05.09          Wallpaper
26.02.04          Wallpaper stock
01.01.08          Walnuts       Warehousing
35.09.03          Warm air heating equipment
23.02.04          Washcloths
34.04.02          Washers
36.03.08          Waste disposers
40.06.02          Waste treatment, liquid
40.06.03          Waste treatment, solid
29.06.08          Wastes, nuclear
70.12.06          Watch repair
38.07             Watches       Water
29.06.04          Water, heavy
30.01.07          Water bottles
36.03.08          Water heaters
35.08.05          Water softeners
40.05             Water supply
40.01.04          Water transportation
28.14.05          Water treatment chemicals
35.03.04          Water well drilling machinery
01.01.06          Watermelon    Waxes, automobile       Waxing, floor
34.07             Weapons       Welding (in machinery repair)
34.09.03          Welding (in metal fabrication)
35.04.06          Welding and cutting apparatus, gas
36.02.03          Welding apparatus, electric    "*       Weldings, plastics       Well drilling, oil and gas
15.03.16          Well drilling, water
35.03.03          Well drilling machinery, oil and gas
35.03.04          Well drilling machinery, water       Well operation, oil and gas
26.04.03          Wet machine board       Wheat       Wheel chairs
37.07.03          Wheelbarrows       White opaque pigments
38.06.03          White printing equipment       Whiting

39.09.13          Wigs
39.03.02          Wind instruments
25.08             Window blinds       Window cleaning  .  Window cleaning preparations
34.03.02          Window frames, metal       Window frames, plastics       Window hardware
25.08             Window shades
24.04             Window units, wood    Wire, aluminum    Wire, copper    Wire, steel
30.02.14          Wire and cable coverings, plastics
34.08.04          Wire cables
30.01.14          Wire coverings, rubber
34.08.04          Wire products, fabricated
34.08.03          Wire springs
35.04.06          Wire weaving and fabricating machines
36.04.02          Wiring devices, current-carrying
36.04.03          Wiring devices, noncurrent-carrying
36.04             Wiring equipment, electric
23.01.02          Women's apparel
24.01.03          Wood, roughhewn
24.01.03          Wood, split
28.03             Wood chemicals
24.05             Wood containers
24.04             Wood doors       Wood fillers
24.02.04          Wood flooring
24.04             Wood frames
24.11             Wood fuels
24.04             Wood furniture parts
24.02.05          Wood molding
24.09             Wood panels, prefinished
24.04             Wood parts, fabricated
24.06             Wood preserving
24                Wood products
26.01             Wood pulp       Wood rosin                     \
24.02.06          Wood shingles
24.02.04          Wood siding
24.02             Wood stock
24.07             Wood structures, prefabricated       Wood tars
24.12             Woodenware, kitchen and  household       Woodworking  supplies       Wool       Wool, glass
32.09.04          Wool, mineral
22.01.02 .         Wool yarn and  fabrics
36.08.03          Word processors

25.05             Work benches
27.01.07          Wrappers, printed
26.05.08          Wrapping products, paper
34.06.02          Wrenches
26.02.02          Writing papers
36.11.03          X-ray apparatus
38.06.08          X-ray film
22.01             Yarn
29.06.01          Yellowcake       Ytterbium and its compounds       Zinc, primary       Zinc, secondary       Zinc compounds       Zinc finished and semifinished shapes    Zinc galvanized shapes
10.01.04          Zinc ore
33.02.13          Zirconium       Zirconium compounds
70.17             Zoological gardens