United States
             Environmental Protection
Office of Administration and
Resources Management
Research Triangle Park, NC 27711
January 2006
        Annual Report
        Fiscal Year 2005
Toddlers at the new First Environments Early Learning Center

                    Research Triangle Park, NC 27711
                                                          OFFICE OF
                                                        AND RESOURCES
      I am pleased to present the Fiscal Year 2005 OARM-RTP Annual Report, which
highlights  the accomplishments  of  the  Office  of  Administration  and Resources
Management, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

      OARM-RTP faced many unique challenges in Fiscal Year 2005, from completing
construction of our new child  care facility to ongoing work in improving the energy
efficiency of our facilities.  The Human Resources Management Division continued to
act as a leader in the human resources community playing a vital role in the move to
line of business as well  as helping the agency win  its first competitive  sourcing
competition.  Throughout 2005  OARM-RTP continued to insure the safety of  its
employees  through security  upgrades at the new childcare center and the National
Computer Center.  OARM-RTP helped the campus celebrate  the 35th Anniversary of
Earth  Day  with  a  week  long celebration  that included  the  signing of EPA-RTP's
Environmental Management System self-certification and the dedication of the National
Computer Center as a LEED Silver certified building.

      As  an active  member of the  Research Triangle  community, OARM-RTP
continued its role as  President of the Owners  and Tenants Board of the  Research
Triangle Foundation.   The Triangle community recognized OARM-RTP's  significant
contributions through many prestigious awards.   The Scientist Magazine named RTP
the number one  place to  work for post-docs in America.  The publication,  Carolina
Parent honored  EPA-RTP  as one of the "40 Family Friendly Places to Work in North
Carolina" for the second year in a row, and EPA-RTP was also awarded for being one
of the top  workplaces  for  commuters.   These  awards  highlight  OARM-RTP's
commitment to its employees and  its community.

      None of the accomplishments highlighted  here nor those you will see elsewhere
in this report would be possible if not for the hard work of our employees that help us to
achieve our goal of being the Agency's Flagship Administrative Organization.

                                              William G. Laxton
                                              Director, OARM-RTP

                                                   OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                    RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK
4 .

                                           OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                        AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                           RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK

FY2005 HIGHLIGHTS                                        7

MISSION / ORGANIZATION                                   9

BUDGET/STAFFING                                        11


ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES DIVISION                           25




                                                  OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                               AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                   RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK
   OARM-RTP completed the construction of the First Environments Early
   Learning Center, on the RTP main campus/ (P. 28)

   OARM-RTP, in conjunction with OARM-HQ, implemented many energy saving
   tools and measures including; the Laboratory Controls Optimization Project,
   Vivarium Controls Optimization Project, and Metering Project. (P. 26)

   OARM-RTP's  Vision 2010 was completed and presented to the Assistant
   Administrator and Deputy Assistant Administrator and now stands as a
   blueprint for workforce planning within OARM. (P. 22)

   The Human Resources Management Division took the lead in developing the
   agenda and timeline for the move to Line of Business.  They also helped the
   Agency win its first competitive sourcing competition.  (P. 33)

   The Information Resources Management Division successfully deployed
   Patchlink which is a centralized database system that distributes security
   patches to user desktops in a timelier manner. (P. 48)

   The Administrative Services Division, with the assistance of OAM, awarded
   three contracts: operations and maintenance (Small Business), warehouse
   operations (Small Business), and audio visual operations (Veterans). (P. 25)

   The Health, Safety, and Sustainable Development Staff led the effort to
   implement and certify RTP's Environmental Management System. (P. 16)

   OARM-RTP led EPA-RTP's celebration of the 35th Anniversary of Earth  Day in
   which we dedicated the National Computer Center as a LEED Silver certified
   building. (P. 17)

   OARM-RTP continued to improve security on the campus with upgrades at the
   National Computer Center and the new First Environments Early Learning
   Center. (P. 26)

   EPA-RTP was named one of the "40 Family Friendly Places to Work in North
   Carolina" by Carolina Parenting magazine, and was also named the top place in
   America to work for Post-Docs by The Scientist magazine. (P. 21)


                                                    OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                 AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                     RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK
The Office of Administration and Resources Management at Research Triangle Park,
North Carolina is proud to provide day to day and strategic support services to all EPA-
RTP customers including:

•  RTP components of the Office of Research and Development (ORD), which includes
   the headquarters for three national laboratories dedicated to air research, and two
   RTP-based components of national labs located outside RTP;

•  The Office of Air Quality, Planning and Standards (OAQPS), which is responsible for
   development and promulgation of regulation standards as authorized by the Clean
   Air Act;

•  The Office of Environmental Information (OEI), which operates the Agency's RTP-
   based National Computer Center, runs the Agency's telecommunications wide area
   network, operates the Agency's public access infrastructure, and makes Agency-
   wide Information Systems  procurements.

•  The Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO), which staffs the RTP-based
   National Contract Payment function, is responsible for payment of all EPA contracts,
   small purchases, and  provides local accounting and finance support to RTP clients;

•  The Office of Acquisition Management (OAM) which  provides contract placement
   and management support to RTP-based programs and components of national labs
   located outside of RTP;
•  The Office of the General Counsel (OGC), which staffs an RTP office, is used
   primarily in support of RTP contracts management; and

•  The Office of Civil Rights (OCR), which  provides an RTP unit to assist managers
   and employees in achieving Agency Equal Employment  Opportunity goals.

•  The Office of the Inspector General  (OIG), which provides audits, inspections, and
   investigations of EPA  and contractors.

The Products and Services provided by OARM-RTP include:

   •   RTP local voice and  data/telecommunication services;

                                                     OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                  AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                      RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK
   •  Computer hardware and software assistance and training through the operation
      of RTP Information Centers;

   •  Human Resources and personnel services to our RTP community; Headquarters
      ORD; and the remote laboratory sites of Corvallis, OR; Duluth, MN; Las Vegas,
      NV; Cincinnati, OH; Narragansett, Rl; Athens, GA; and Gulf Breeze, FL

   •  Library services for RTP clients, primarily used by the scientific and technical

   •  Administrative Services, including facility and space management, property,
      supplies, printing, mail operations, security, and health and safety operations.

To provide these services, OARM-RTP is organized into three Divisions: 1) the
Information Resources Management Division (IRMD), 2) the Administrative Services
Division (ASD) and 3) the Human Resources Management Division (HRMD).  The
Divisions support and are supported by the Office of the Director which reports directly
to the Assistant Administrator of the Office of Administration and Resources
           Health, Safety, and
        Sustainable Development
                               Human Resource
                             Management Divisi
rvices Division
nformation Resources
Management Division
                    OARM-RTP Organizational Structure
                                     ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2005

                                                OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                             AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK
                          OARM FY05 Budget
          • Payroll-18%
          o Other Customer Support - 20%
          D Library/Journals - 4%
          • Utilities - 39%
rj Office Support -1%
• Custodial - 6%
• Dialtone/Labor - 4%
D Security - 8%
FTE Utilization
Office of the Director
Health, Safety, and Sustainable
Administrative Services
Human Resources Management
Information Resources
Management Division



                                                  OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                               AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                   RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK

                                                  OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                               AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                   RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK
Health, Safety, and Sustainable Development Staff


The Health, Safety, and Sustainable Development Staff (HSSDS), working from within
the Office of the Director, OARM-RTP, serves as the primary OARM-RTP focal point for
developing safe and healthy workplaces, high-performance and environmentally-sound
facilities, sustainable business operations, innovative and responsive customer service,
and strong communications, outreach and community relations. HSSD functions fall
into the following four major program areas:

      Health and Safety
•  Fire and life safety
•  Employee health and fitness
•  Indoor environmental quality.

      Environmental Stewardship
•  Regulatory compliance
•  Environmental management system
•  Energy conservation

      Sustainable Campus Development
•  New campus project close out
•  Child care and fitness center development
•  RTP federal site environmental quality
•  Long-range campus planning

      Communication and Customer Service
•  OARM service quality, marketing and customer communication
•  EPA/RTP community relations and outreach
Major FY2005 Accomplishments

Health and Safety

•   Fitness Center - managed the Healthy Environments Fitness Center (HEFC) at
    the EPA-RTP campus, serving more than 825 members. Available for use by all

   ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2005                                       13

                                                       OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                    AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                        RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK

     EPA employees, HEFC was awarded the "Outstanding Fitness Center of the Year"
     award by the Federal Occupational Health (FOH) in FY04.

 •   Health and Productivity Management Pilot Design - researched options for a
     first-ever HPM program at EPA-RTP. Procured support through contracts and the
     FOH interagency agreement to launch the 6-month, 250-person pilot in early 2006.

 •   Emergency Response & Preparedness - conducted quarterly pre-fire and
     emergency planning with the local fire department. Conducted annual emergency
     evacuation drills in each of our facilities.

•   Alarm and Communication System Upgrades - implemented upgrades to the fire
    alarm system including voice connectivity to the National Computer Center,
    separating fire building B & C fire zones and installing fire alarm systems at our two
    outdoor fuel storage facilities.

•   Child Care Center Safety - developed fire alarm requirements for the new EPA
    daycare facility, the First Environments Early Learning  Center (FEELC).
    Coordinated and conducted safety inspections of the new daycare facility, developed
    the FEELC occupant emergency plan and trained the child care center staff.

•   Child Care Center IEQ - coordinated construction air quality testing for the new
    child  care center, FEELC.  Also directed chamber testing of furniture for the FEELC
    to ensure compliance with EPA-RTP specification for new furniture and to help
    provide a healthy indoor environment for children at the center.

•   Traffic and Pedestrian Safety - developed plans and  coordinated projects to
    improve pedestrian and vehicular travel on campus.  Improvements include
    pedestrian walkways, traffic calming, upgraded pedestrian crossings, improved sight
    distances at intersections, and removed roadside obstructions to comply with traffic
    safety regulations.  Initiated a review process to ensure that future roadway work
    complies with USDOT requirements.

•   Wellness - managed the health and wellness program at RTP, offering medical
    surveillance exams, influenza vaccines, tetanus boosters, and screening for
    glaucoma, high blood pressure, diabetes, and skin cancer.  Provided seminars such
    as stress management,  blood borne pathogens, high blood pressure, diabetes, skin
    cancer and "Weight Watchers at Work." The EPA Health Unit conducted 121
    personnel health examinations and 259 medical monitoring exams, served 2,343
    acute care visitors, and provided 375 flu shots.
 14                                           ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2005

                                                       OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                    AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                        RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK

•   Health and Fitness Fair - coordinated the First Annual EPA-RTP Health & Fitness
    Fair. Information and screenings were available from 12 vendors including a
    dermatologist, chiropractor, the American Cancer Society, Department of Health and
    American Heart Association.

•   Health and Safety Inspections - performed ongoing monthly quality assurance
    inspections of all EPA-RTP buildings.  Identified and  reported more than 1,000
    safety, health and environmental corrective actions (AED devices, exit lights, fire
    extinguishers, fire wall penetrations, smoke doors, water damage and stains, etc.).
    Tracked  remedial actions to ensure correction.

•   Incident Response - Coordinated spill responses related to research fueling and
    other incidents. Prevented mold growth by marking moisture levels for removal of
    wet materials after flood and leak incidents.

•   Technical Advisory Services - advised OARM Divisions and EPA program offices
    on regulatory compliance issues. Provided technical advice, rule interpretation, work
    order review, design assistance and review, quality assurance inspections, and
    implementation options for more than 250 actions. Technical expertise was offered
    in a variety of areas, including:

          o     Accessibility - ADA
          o     Safety and health - OSHA
          o      Fire and life safety - NEC, NFPA
          o      Indoor air quality - ASHRAE
          o     Building integrity - FMR and building codes
          o     Traffic and pedestrian safety - US DOT, MUTCD

•   Outdoor Fitness - installed three outdoor fitness stations along the lakeside walking
    trail, and installed two basketball goals for lunchtime and off-hours fitness.

•   Red Cross Blood Drives - coordinated quarterly blood drives, continually  exceeded
    goals set by the American Red Cross and collected more than 300 pints of blood.

•   Indoor Environmental Quality Operations - Coordinated the OARM response to
    various indoor air quality complaints during the year, characterizing problems and
    presenting options for corrective action where needed.  Developed technical
    capabilities by attending the NIH Surgeon General's IAQ Workshop.  Served as a
    resource to dozens of outside  organizations seeking expertise on building IAQ
    issues throughout the year.
   ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2005                                           15

                                                     OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                  AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                      RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK
•  Safety Committees - represented OARM on the EPA-RTP Safety Committee, as
   well as the ORD Safety Committee, ensuring continuous collaboration with our
   science community, other EPA offices and the Union.

 Environmental Stewardship

•  100% Green Power - the RTP energy team coordinated its NC Green Power
   program with the national green power procurement by headquarters to make the
   RTP campus 100% green power.  As a result, all electrical use at EPA-RTP is offset
   by purchases of biomass-generated power.

•  Environmental Compliance Reporting - completed annual reporting requirements
   for SARA Title III, Clean Water Act (CWA) and Underground Storage Tank (UST)

•  Environmental Management System Self-Certification - led the effort to meet the
   EMS "Self Certification" objective, ensuring that RTP beat the Agency's  deadline by
   several months. Provided joint leadership with the ORD EMS  coordinator, building a
   seventeen-member EMS team at RTP that worked effectively to prepare for and
   respond to the self certification audit, ensuring that RTP completed its work ahead of

•  Employee Awareness and Training - trained 79% of EPA-RTP employees  and
   contractors  in EMS essentials between November 2004 and January 2005.
   Supported EPA's Earth Day 2005 event, which embraced the EMS name as  its
   theme - "everyone for the environment," or simply "e4e." Reached more than 500
   people on Earth Day through learning exercises  and educational materials.

•  ISO 14001 Launch - initiated EMS
   implementation activities and acquired
   contractor support for ISO 14001
   certification. RTP plans to be the Agency's
   second ISO 14001 site, with certification as
   early as 2006.

•  Energy Conservation Team - coordinated
   the EPA-RTP Energy  Conservation Team,
   organizing monthly meetings and quarterly
   senior management briefings. Facilitated a
   collaborative process that brings together
WE Boxes in Penthouse

                                                      OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                   AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                       RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK
    RTP and headquarters staff and contractors. Set priorities and implemented about a
    dozen major energy conservation activities. The Laboratory Controls Optimization
    Program (LCOP), alone, has reduced lab airflow by 110,000 cubic feet per minute
    for an expected savings of more than $270,000 per year. More savings are
    expected as projects continue to be implemented through 2006.

•   Regional Air Quality - coordinated EPA's participation in SmartCommute@RTP,
    the region's leading ridesharing and alternative transit promotion program. Enlisted
    200 EPA employees and contractors for the 2005 SmartCommute Challenge. Also
    managed Ozone Action activities as part of the State's Air Awareness program,
    reducing EPA commuter travel by more than 4,000 miles this year.

•   Environment@RTP - represented EPA on the RTP regional environmental working
    group. Helped organize and carry out two electronic waste recycling events this

 Sustainable Campus Development

 •   National Computer Center LEED
    Silver - led the process to qualify the
    NCC as a "LEED-Silver" certified
    facility. Partnered with the designer
    and builder to raise the performance
    above the contractual requirement of
    "bronze" to receive the higher award.
    This  was the first silver award in North
    Carolina and the first for EPA.

                                         RTP Management with Congressmen David Price
                                        and OEI Assistant Administrator Kim Nelson at
                                        LEED Dedication

 •   Fluid Modeling Facility Lease - managed this follow-on leasing action for the Page
    Road facility.  Led  a joint ORD and OARM process to develop requirements and
    initiate leasing action through GSA.  Addressed safety and indoor environmental
    quality needs while meeting research, office and warehousing requirements in an
    improved facility.

 •   Pervious Parking at the Human Studies Facility - negotiated an  increase in
    parking for EPA's Chapel Hill laboratory in exchange for a site realignment desired
    by the University of North Carolina.  Installed EPA-RTP's first pervious pavement, a
    stormwater - best management practice.

                                                     OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                  AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                      RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK

•   ORD Realignment - managed a major realignment of ORD space to meet the
    needs of new organizations. Consolidated staff in locations throughout the RTP
    campus for the National Center for Computational Toxicology, National Homeland
    Security Research Center, National Program Directors, ORD Communications
    Team and ORD Information Technology Team. Saved  about $35,000  by in-
    sourcing space planning work, rather than using outside design services.

•   Space Planning - in addition to the ORD realignment, HSSD developed numerous
    options for meeting a variety of changing organizational space needs at EPA-RTP,
    including the following:

         o     OAQPS studio (options for new space in E Wing or the NCC)
         o     OAQPS server room (removed from E Wing for energy savings)
         o     OGC (consolidation of file rooms and offices)
         o     OCR/Hoteling Space (expansion of hoteling)
         o     ORD Communications1 Team (initial change, prior to ORD realignment)
         o     ORD IT Team  (initial change, prior to ORD realignment)

•   Transition Management - coordinated the implementation of all space
    realignments handled during the year. Tracked efforts within OARM-RTP to provide
    our customers with coordinated services including information technology, furniture,
    moves and communication with employees and the Union. Followed up with
    customers to ensure 100% satisfaction with space transitions.

•   Truck Maintenance Facility - developed a program of requirements for an
    extension to the High Bay Building to house support activities for the truck chassis
    dynamometer operation. Moved the planned project from the Burden's Creek site,
    eliminating at least $200,000 in road and bridge infrastructure costs.

•   Campus Directional Signs - designed a new sign plan to enhance our visitors'
    ability to find their way through the campus. Analyzed all navigational issues,
    defined sign locations and clarified text requirements to ensure clear language and
    proper placement.

•   Main Campus Construction Close-Out - monitored campus close-out activities
    with  GSA, headquarters and ASD.  Coordinated EPA's review of financial records in
    preparation for closeout of our interagency agreement with GSA.

•   Site Restoration - defined requirements to restore campus wetlands, landscaping
    and construction spoil areas. Contracted for services through GSA, and tracked
    progress on this item which  is currently on hold until 2006.
18                                         ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2005

                                                       OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                    AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                        RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK

 •  Facilities Benchmarking - coordinated data acquisition and analysis for the Kincy
    Operations and Maintenance baseline report, comparing EPA-RTP budgets,
    contractors and staffing to other similar facilities. Findings will help inform staffing
    and funding decisions for facilities operations in the coming fiscal years.

 Communication and Customer Service        -   '

•   35th Anniversary of Earth Day - organized the largest Earth Day on record at EPA-
    RTP. Led a volunteer group in organizing this major event which was the public
    launch of EPA-RTP's environmental management system "e4e." Drew more than
    600 EPA participants to events ranging from college student presentations to live
    music.  Sent about 100 employees into the community as environmental volunteers,
    and collected hundreds of donated items for local charities.

•   EPA-RTP Service Center - supported the OARM-RTP innovations team, the
    "WOW!" group, in developing a Service Center at the heart of the main campus.
    Developed content and managed the initial installation and monthly change-outs of
    program material at the Center.

•   Poster Program - managed posters and displays throughout all EPA-RTP facilities.
    Nearly 300 locations were served, ranging from oversized atria exhibits to glass
    stands and cafe table-top displays. In all, about 2,500 product change-outs were
    made during the year, installing new material at each location on a scheduled basis.

•   Public Outreach and Education - reached over 3,000 people through  more than
    100 tours, seminars and presentations. Shared information on EPA's sustainable
    facilities and operations with students, government officials, academics and industry
    representatives. The effectiveness of this outreach is evident in the fact that nearly
    half of the "Sustainable North Carolina" private sector environmental award
    recipients this year were directly assisted by HSSD. This year, presentations and
    tours included:

         o  Research Facilities Summit at Berkeley, California
         o  NC.Sustainable Energy Conference
         o  Earth Action Fest 2005
         o  EPA Air Camp
         o  UNC Sustainable Facilities Roundtable
         o 'LEED Workshop, Triangle Area
         o  Duke University Greening Initiative
   ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2005                                          19

                                                     OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                  AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                      RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK

         o  National Science Foundation
         o  NC DENR Pollution Prevention Program
         o  South Carolina Department of Agriculture
         o  Social Security Administration
         o  EPA - Administrator Steve Johnson, ORD managers, ORD SHEM
            managers, OARM senior managers and many others
         Private and Non-Profit Organizations:
         o  National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program
         o  Institute for National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation
         o  Advanced Vehicle Research Center of NC
         o  NC Museum of Life and Science
         o  Research Triangle Foundation
         o  SAS Institute
         o  Duke Power
         o  Honda Americas Corporation  R&D
         o  Public Service Company of NC
         Professional Associations:
         o  US Green Building Council
         o  American Institute of Architects
         o  Greater Triangle Regional Council
         o  NC Climate Connection
         o  Durham Chamber of Commerce
         o  National Association of Industrial and Office Partnerships
         o  Leadership Triangle

         o  UNC Center for Sustainable Enterprise
         o  Duke Environmental Alliance
         o  Nicholas School of the Environment
         o  NC School  of Science and Mathematics
         o  Colleges and Universities including UNC Chapel .Hill, Elon, UNC Asheville,
            NC State, Duke, Shaw, NC Central, NC A&T and others

         o  World Affairs Council, Humphrey Fellows
         o  Visitors from Ghana, Liberia, China, Malaysia, Panama, Romania, Serbia
            and  Montenegro, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Dubia and other countries.

    Publications - distributed nearly 10,000 educational products including "Our Green

                                                      OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                   AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                       RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK

    Campus," "The Greening Curved" the EPA/RTP organizational brochure, green
    building bookmarks, walking trails brochures and the National Computer Center
    LEED story.

 •   Media Coverage - wrote', edited or contributed material to a number of external
    publications, websites and articles, including:

         o   Energizing the EPA, AE- Cyling@
         o   Environmental Building News, APurchasing Green Power@
         o   Triangle Business Journal, ABuilding Green@
         o   The Scientist
         o   Carolina Parent
         o   Department of Energy (Website), AHigh Performance Buildings©
         o   Raleigh News and Observer
         o   Durham Herald Sun
         o   AQS Indoor Air Quality White Paper

•   EPA Public Affairs  - handled nearly 2,000 inquiries from the general public and
    other EPA offices. Responded to web and telephone inquiries by providing
    information and referrals on questions ranging from employment opportunities to
    environmental building design and indoor air quality.

•   Product Design  and Development • produced informational materials for the EPA
    Library, IT, Recycling, Human Resources, EMS and other OARM programs. The full
    range of products included  brochures, flyers, bookmarks, posters, notepads,
    stickers, labels, tote  bags and more. Professionally-designed items were developed
    as follows:

         o   EP.A Library (brochure, posters and large displays)
         o   IT Spyware Alerts Posters (5 different images)
         o   Training Catalog  (paper and web)
         o   Student loan Brochure
         o   Recruitment Brochure
         o   HRMD  Training and Career Posters'(13 Versions)
         o   Recycling  (web and posters)
         o   Food Waste Compost Signs
         o   2005 Earth Day Posters, Bags, Mugs, Post-its, etc.
         o   NCC Silver LEED (brochure and posters)
         o   Environmental Management System (presentation and training materials)
         o   Walking Trails (brochures and large displays)
         o   Top-40 Family Friendly Places to Work (two separate magazine ads, plus

   ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2005                                         21

                                                       OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                    AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                        RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK
          o Airport Recruitment Posters (6 versions)
          o County-specific Recycling Book Marks (5 versions)
          o Energy Conservation (multiple posters)
          o Child Care Center (brochure and cards)
          o EPA-RTP Campus Virtual Tour (web page graphics)
          o Fume Hood Operation Posters
          o Hybrid Vehicle Signs

 Value-Added Services

•   Vision 2010 - led development of QARM-RTP's five-year strategic workforce plan.
    This evaluation identified a detailed path forward, based on trends and benchmarks,
    providing a clear picture of the Office's performance capabilities and staffing needs.

•   National Homeland Security Drill - HSSD's Public Health Service Officer joined
    the HHS Secretary's Emergency Response Team during the Top Officials III
    exercise. The $16 million exercise was a Congressionally mandated exercise to test
    the nation's readiness to deal with multiple terrorist attacks using weapons of mass

•   Hurricane Katrina Response - deployed HSSD's Public Health Service Officer to
    support the hurricane relief efforts along the Gulf Coast.

                                             OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                          AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                              RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK

                     CONCERNING THE


If you have any questions about the material in this section of the report, please
contact the Health, Safety, and Sustainable Development Staff Director:
Chris Long
  ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2005                                   23

                                                  OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                               AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                   RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK

                                                      OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                   AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                       RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK
 Administrative Services Division

 Through its 15.5 federal employees and over 200 contractors, the Administrative
 Services Division (ASD) provides customers with facility related support to the RTP
 main campus along with three other buildings located in RTP, Chapel Hill, and Durham.
 The main campus at Research Triangle Park is home to the National Computer Center
 (NCC) and the main buildings; A through E and the High Bay. ASD provides all support
 services to our employees.

 Services include:

 Engineering Support                 Facilities Operations
 Security                           Maintenance and Improvements Support
 Property and Supply Management     Conference Center Support
 Audio Visual Support                Lakeside Cafe
 Employee Store                    Transportation Services
 Nationwide Home Relocation         Warehouse and Mail Services

•   Awarded a new operations and maintenance contract valued at nearly $60

•   Managed O&M activities including 202 work orders, 2943 preventive
    maintenance repairs, and 3372 service calls: The total value of this work

•   Implemented a Facility Management Database including a Work Order
    Management Database which insures that all stakeholders' interests are
    represented as well as a tracking tool for labor hours and associated costs;
    an Incident Tracking Database in which all abnormal facility events are
    recorded for analysis; and a Service Call Database which tracks the routine
    maintenance requests from customers to insure completion as well as
    operation trouble shooting.

•   Implemented a Preventive Maintenance  Database to be used as a decision-
    making tool for prioritization of Predictive and Preventive Maintenance
    activities to insure the longevity of building equipment and systems as well as
    a toolfor diagnoses and optimization of building performance.
   ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2005                                         25

                                                       OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                    AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                        RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK
   Initiated numerous Energy Management/Conservation Projects in FY05
   including LCOP (Laboratory Controls Optimization Project), VCOP (Vivarium
   Controls Optimization Project), Duke
   Metering Project, Human Studies Facility
   Recommissioning Projects, Building A
   Humidification and Heat Recovery
   Project, Central Utility Plant (CUP)
   Integration Project, Building Sub-Metering
   Project, High Bay Building Energy
   Assessment Project,
   Occupied/Unoccupied Energy Setback
   Verification and Implementation Project,
   and Building Automation System (BAS)
   Controls Master Plan.
                                          Reverse Osmosis Skid in Area B

   Initiated Security Enhancement Projects including bollard installation at final
   three critical locations insuring perimeter security; enforcing policies related to
   access control including vehicle hangtags (3096 issued), personal badges
   (838 issued), and keys;  evaluation of security camera locations, operation,
   and data storage and management. Additional site and infrastructure security
   activities include coordination between EPA and NIEHS, communication with
   US DOT, and consultation with traffic engineering consultants and various
   security consultants.

   Processed 44,972 visitors onto campus.

   Responded to 563 custodial service calls and managed an extensive
   recycling program. Quantities of waste collected for recycling include: 91371
   pounds of paper, 6495 pounds glass, 2393 pounds of newspaper and
   magazines, 1868 pounds of plastic, 3886 pounds of aluminum, 69100 pounds
   of cardboard B totaling 175,113 pounds or 88 tons of solid waste diverted
   from the local landfill. Additional recycling activities including: 16324 pounds
   of scrape metal, 3289 toner cartridges, and 263 wood pallets. Chart below:

                                                   OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                    RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK
                   Pounds of Recycled Waste
  • Paper -91,371

  n Glass - 6,495
  • Plastic-1,868
l Card board-69,100
l Aluminum -3,886
D Scrap Metal-16,324
1 Newspaper/Magazines - 2,393
Disposed of 18,913 computer tapes, previously used at the EPA National
Computer Center in a unique manner.  Identified a private company that
refurbishes used computer tapes for resale. A sell of the computer tapes was
negotiated which included the shipment at purchaser's expense.  Savings
were also realized by avoiding landfill fees.

Composted 91,670 pounds of food waste collected from the Lakeside Cafe.
To close the cycle of food waste to compost, onsite landscape projects used
200 cubic yards of the composted food waste for soil amendment.

Developed and implemented a furniture acquisition database which tracks
furniture activities from the customer's request through design, procurement,
delivery, and installation.

Managed 128 furniture acquisitions and 282 furniture service calls.  A portion
of the acquisitions supported 40 office moves and reconfiguration, many of
which were in support of the ORD reorganization.  Management of
acquisitions included evaluation, repair, and reutilization of damaged product
resulting in a reduced contract need on our furniture management contract.

Packages delivered 25,553; Incoming mail delivered 1,500,000;  Buckets of
mail handled 3,024; Packages shipped 5,433; and Equipment moved 6,817.

Upgraded Conference Center and Audio/Visual services including DVD
players, portable sound system, and additional TVs and VCRs in the loan

                                                      OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                   AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                       RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK

   pool.  Secured 1963 conference center reservations (several of which were
   major events hosted in the Research Triangle Park, NC) which are entered
   into a database that feeds a touchscreen in the lobby service center informing
   a fluid audience of what is happening and where it is happening in realtime.

   .Provided full support for 28 conferences including signage, catering,
   audio/visual, preplanning consultations, and security.

   Developed and implemented a paperless registration and recertification tool
   to support the EPA-RTP Transportation Subsidy Program. This tool is web-
   based on the EPA:RTP intranet.

   Managed 13 employee relocation moves and 10 equipment freight shipments.

   Managed 540 pickup and 550 delivers to the local record storage warehouse
   as well as 75 transfers to the National Archives and Records Administration in
   Atlanta, GA.

   Managed property resulting in the inventory of 10,372, items, with a value of
   over $102 Million, which is the largest in the Agency. Transfer of 207 items,
   sale of 10 items, donation of 344 items, transferred for recycling of 1050
   electronic items, and process of 925 new accountable items.

   Provided engineering and design review of the First Environments Early
   Learning Center. This is a 184-child care facility co-owned by the National
   Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and the Environmental Protection
   Agency at Research Triangle Park.  Also, provided the day-to-day
   Government construction oversight of contractor activities and construction
   contract management.

   Provided engineering expertise for the Energy Management activities and
   initiatives involving the Central Utility Plant (CUP) with the National Institute of
   Environmental  Health and Sciences. Activities include the installation and
   .management of a metering system procurement of major energy-consuming
   mechanical and electrical components of the CUP.

   Received the LONESTAR AWARD from the US Southeast Green Power at
   the Energy Summit for work done in creating and implementing renewable
   sources of energy for the EPA-RTP campus.
28                                          ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2005

                                                     OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                  AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                      RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK
The New First Environments Early Learning Center

                                              OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                           AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                               RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK
                     CONCERNING THE


If you have any questions about the material in this section of the report, please
contact the Division's Director:
Sam Pagan

                                                    OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                 AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                    RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK
Human  Resources Management Division


The Human Resources Management Division (HRMD) provides comprehensive
human resources services to EPA clients located at Research Triangle Park, NC;
Athens, GA; Corvallis, OR; Gulf Breeze, FL; Las Vegas, NV; Narragansett, Rl;
Duluth, MN; Cincinnati, OH; and Washington, DC.  These services include:

•     Position Management and Classification;

•     Staffing and Pay;

•     Labor and Employee Relations including Quality of Work Life Programs;

•     Employee Development and Training;

•     Benefits and Retirement; and

•     Human Resources Strategic Planning.
 Newport, OR
  Las Vegas, NV
       71    ".'.
                                                       ~  n
•'•••  ORDJ!
DulufJ^MNJjGrosse Isle, MI_,	, -  	
•'  ,  85'"M ' 1-.     «      l2m   :  ORD
                 ^^^^^ Narragansett, RI
       •- •"- ORD    |
       Cincinnati, OH I	
       ';;; 136    MSB  "	ORD""  I
               ORD   • Washington, DC i
            Reston, VA H     365     j
                                                    OARM; OAR; ORD;
                                                   Chapel H|IL&(RTP, NC
                                                  -.'<.  •••-•-vi.i.os-
                                                      OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                   AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                       RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK
Program Statistics
•   The 20 employees in HRMD service approximately 2106 employees in 32 locations
    in 26 different states. HRMD processed 7,758 personnel actions. There were 205
    employees hired. This includes 119 permanent, 36 summers, 21 post-doctoral, and
    29 other employees.

•   The Staffing Team advertised a total of 260 vacancy announcements; 110 under
    delegated examining and 150 under merit promotion. There were 9,141 applicants
    for these vacancy announcements; 6,763 via delegated examining and 2,378 in
    merit promotion. The Summer Program resulted in additional 2,784 applicants.

•   The Classification Team contributed with a substantial workload by classifying 573
    positions; issuing 90 classification advisories; providing  consultation for 24 ORD
    peer panel reviews and  28 consultations for national expert and national super
    expert positions. HRMD  processed 10 reorganizations.
    HRMD processed 2,945 awards such
    as time off, on-the-spot, and special act
    awards for both individuals and teams
    encompassed a significant amount of
    effort. About 1,815 other actions such
    as promotions, name changes,
    reassignments, realignments, and life
    insurance were also processed. A
    significant number of the promotion and
    reassignment actions were either non-
    routine or complex. Even with the
    majority of employees using Employee
    Express, 674 payroll transactions were
    entered in the EPAYS / People Plus
                                           Phyllis Edwards is HRMD's SEE Employee
                                           that processed almost 3,000 awards in FY05
    The Benefits Officer, along with other staff members, calculated 152 initial
    retirement estimates for potential retirees. Estimates were completed for 149
    voluntary retirements, 2 disability retirements, and 1 Death in Service for FY 2005.
    Training continues to be a major focus of EPA-RTP with 1100 requests processed
    by the Training Officer for employees to attend training events.

                                                      OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                   AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                       RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK

•   The Labor/Employee Relations Team provides labor/management relations
    services for seven bargaining units and advises approximately 200 supervisors on a
    wide variety of employee and labor relations issues.  This year the LER Team
    handled 3 PAPs, 1  PIP, 18 disciplinary actions and 11 grievances.

HR Line of Business

•   HRMD is participating on the Agency's HR Line of Business Workgroup. The RTP-
    HRO is a workgroup leader for the HR LOB Business Process Validation
    Workgroup. Staff members have actively participated in the accomplishments of
    this workgroup which assessed human resources functional areas and developed
    flow charts. These charts will be used in identifying future system and process
    requirements in HR LOB environment. The HRO has briefed ARAs and other
    senior management officials on HR LOB initiatives and made recommendations for
    future agency direction. This effort will continue to be a significant factor in the
    workload and future direction of HRMD.

•   An internal OPF review began in June 2005. This review is for the purpose of
    quality control as well as initial preparation for the upcoming conversion to
    Electronic-OPFs. This effort works in concert with the HR LOB effort.

Competitive Sourcing

•   In August 2004, EPA announced a A-76 standard competition for the vendor
    payment function in EPA. The RTP Financial  Management Center Director was
    appointed as the Agency Tender Official. HRMD was asked to participate on the
    Most Efficient Organization (MEO) Team. The team was assembled to perform key
    task such as reviewing and providing extensive comments to the performance work
    statement;  developing an efficient and cost competitive organization structure that
    met all requirements; and developing a technical and cost proposal. The end result
    of this effort, in July 2005, was a winning proposal that resulted in a more efficient
    and cost effective organization. HRMD is now involved in the implementation stage
    of the MEO and the new organizational structure as Well as addressing labor
    relations issues.

•   IRMD continues to be involved in various A-76 competitions.  Currently, the staff is
    assisting ORD with preliminary planning for several streamlined competitions. The
    staff is also attending "all hands" information briefings presented by the Office of.
    Competitive Sourcing to OAR and ORD employees to respond to appropriate labor
    and human resources issues.
   ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2005                                          33

                                                       OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                    AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                        RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK

 •   In late October 2004, the A-76 standard competition for human resources benefit
     services was canceled by the Agency. Several HRMD staff members had
     participated for several months prior to the cancellation in reviewing the
     performance work statement and in developing the Agency's MEO technical and
     cost proposal.

 Outreach and Awareness Efforts

•   Issued the sixth volume of "Sharing the News" in July.  The newsletter reports on the
    latest human resources events following issues such as the development of the new
    performance management system and the proposed increase in locality pay for the
    Raleigh/Durham area. It reports on current benefits issues, lists all new employees
    during the past quarter, and features a "Hot Links" page which includes quick links to
    web pages on a variety of subjects. Articles are gathered during the quarter; some
    linked to other articles and some composed by the HRMD newsletter staff.

•   As part of HRMD's outreach efforts in the academic community, a staff member
    served as a panelist on a Federal Government Career Symposium sponsored by
    UNC-Chapel Hill Career Services Office. In addition, participated in the UNC-
    Chapel Hill Center for Sustainable Enterprise Winter Symposium Career Fair and
    other career fairs at UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke University, North Carolina State
    University, North Carolina Central University and North Carolina A&T State
    University. During these events, staff discussed available career opportunities and
    provided employment and benefits information to career fair attendees.

 Customer Service

•   One of the major success stories for HRMD has been the quality of customer
    services  provided to supervisors and  administrative officers in the program offices.
    Meetings and conference call are conducted by a cross-functional team with
    program  office representatives on a regular basis (either weekly, bi-weekly, or
    monthly). During these meetings, current and anticipated actions are discussed
    along with strategies and solutions. Electronic or hard-copy Personnel Action Status
    Reports are provided to managers/supervisors at least on a  monthly basis.

•   Distributed a total of 388 customer service forms since the beginning of October
    2004.  The forms allow a rating on a scale of 1-5, five being the highest rating.  No
    forms were received with a rating below the "acceptable" level which is 3.
34                                           ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2005

                                                       OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                    AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                       RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK
 Site Visits to Clients
•   Conducted site visits to customers located in Cincinnati, Narragansett, Athens, Gulf
    Breeze, Duluth, and Chapel Hill. Site visits included presentations on benefits,
    OPFs, SF-52s & SF-50s, position classification issues and training. Each visit was
    concluded by a Q&A session and satisfaction was measured by the receipt of
    positive customer service forms which were passed out after each visit.

 Position Management, Classification and Pay

•   As part of the HRMD process improvement initiative, standardized position
    descriptions are being developed for administrative positions (program
    analyst/management analyst) to improve service to our customers.  Standardized
    positions descriptions have been developed for many other occupations to
    streamline the classification process for managers and supervisors.

•   Assisted ORD in the RRB Administrative Support Consolidation pilot. This project
    impacts 54 positions and will serve to consolidate administrative support services for
    the QRD HQ components located in the Ronald Reagan Building.

 Recruitment and Staffing

 •   In March 2005, HRMD began participating in the Bureau of Labor Statistics Job
    Openings and Labor Turnover Survey.  Monthly statistics are provided to DOL on:
    Employment (number of employees who worked or received pay); Job Openings;
    Hires; Quits; Separations (layoffs, discharges & terminations); and other
    (retirements, transfers, employee disabilities, and deaths).  This data.is collected by
    DOL and summary reports are  provided to all participants.  HRMD will use this data
    for strategic planning efforts with our customers.

 •   In July 2005, a table was developed to assist managers and supervisors on how to
    determine the effects of a QSI on waiting periods for within-grade increases.  This
    table is posted on the HRMD-RTP web page, was included in the July newsletter,
    and posted on HRMD's "What's New" page, and should answer many questions on
    the subject. It was also added to the AO Handbook revision.

 •   HRMD continues to take the lead in administering the ORD post-doctoral program.
    In FY 2005, HRMD assisted ORD in developing a new "Cross-ORD" post-doctoral
    program to facilitate the hiring of employees who will support ORD research that
    cuts across traditional Lab/Center lines.  HRMD also aided in the development of  a
    revised post-doctoral program policy for the National Center for Environmental
   ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2005                                          35

                                                      OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                   AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                       RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK

   Assessment, having identified the need for such a revision following the assumption
   of human resources servicing responsibility in 2004.  In addition, through HRMD's
   guidance, post-doctoral program policies were established this year for the Office of
   Science Policy and the National Center for Computational Toxicology. The various
   post-doctoral program opportunities generate a great deal of interest from the public;
   in FY 2005, over 200 applications were received and around 300 inquiries
   concerning the program were answered.

•   Reported to the Agency on OPM's 45-Day Hiring Plan Report. RTP recruitment
    efforts fall below the 45-day hiring standard recommended by 0PM. In addition,
    HRMD provides timely DEU reports to 0PM and maintains the SF-39 log, and other
    staffing logs to support case files.

Labor and Employee Relations, Reasonable Accommodations and Quality of
Work Life

•   Responded to an  AFGE proposal on 4/10 compressed work schedule. A
    negotiating team was selected, ground rules developed and the parties convened
    for several days of negotiation.  However, in the end, the union withdrew their
    proposal.  It is anticipated this issue will continue to surface until an AFGE Master
    Agreement is executed.

•   The LER Team has been  actively involved in competitive sourcing issues affecting
    serviced bargaining unit employees. The team is continuing to research issues
    posed by the managers, labor organizations and bargaining unit employees.  This
    will continue to be a resource intensive issue over the next few years.

•   The most time intensive issue facing the LER Team is in advising and consulting
    with supervisors and managers on disciplinary actions.  This time investment is in
    no way reflected in the numbers of adverse action cases processed. However,

   were many informal and formal actions proposed and effected by supervisors which
   are addressed in the statistical portion of this report.

•   This year, the team processed one MSPB case which was settled at pre-hearing
    level and one arbitration case in which management was sustained. One
    noteworthy fact is that the LER Team did not process any ULPs this year.

•   Investigated several bogus degree cases referred by the OIG.  These cases
    involved degrees claimed  from unaccredited universities and their relationship with
    appointments, promotions or other employment issues.

36                                          ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2005

                                                     OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                  AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                      RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK
•  The RTP Labor-Management Partnership Council continued to meet on a quarterly
   basis addressing common cross-organizational issues. The Council is committed to
   facilitating labor/management issues and will continue to fulfill this unique role. The
   HRO serves as a member of the Council.
•   Coordinate with the FLRA, Gulf
    Breeze management and NAGE
    and NAIL union officials to resolve a
    Montrose petition filed to change the
    union affiliation. The FLRA issued a
    ruling to effect the change in
    recognition for Gulf Breeze
    bargaining unit from NAGE to NAIL.
    As a result of this change, a
    significant issue regarding union
    dues deductions arose. This issue
    was ultimately resolved after weeks
    of communication between, OPM,
    EPA OCFO and NAIL union officials
    and bargaining unit employees.
                                      HRMD's LER Team, Velda Holmes and Jim Reno
•   The LER Team played a significant role in negotiating reorganizations with
    respective unions. This year RTP processed 10 reorganizations which resulted in
    many impact and implementation issues with the majority concerning space

•   An HRMD Specialist serves as Local Area Reasonable Accommodations
    Coordinator as an additional duty. Eleven reasonable accommodation cases were
    addressed this year. Support included advising employees/managers on legal
    /regulatory requirements, working with safety and facilities managers to provide
    accommodations and report to OCR/HQ.

Benefits and Retirement

•   HRMD received a total of 54 applications for the early out/buy out. Approximately
    one-half of the applicants were located at RTP; the other half were located in DC
    and in ORDs outlying laboratories.  Over 80% of the applicants were at the GS-14
    or 15 level, and the remainder were secretaries and assistants.

                                                      OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                   AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                       RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK

 •  Of the 54 applicants, 22 decided to retire, and another four received deferred
    retirements.  For those who decided to retire, HRMD reviewed retirement
    applications, processed retirement paperwork, and processed personnel actions.

 •  Planned a Health & Wealth Fair which was held in November 2004. Five local
    health care representatives attended the fair providing information on plan benefits
    and answers questions from clients or potential clients. Our local Health Unit was
    available for a wide variety of health assessments.  Federal employees received
    cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure checks during the fair and were offered the
    opportunity to register for glaucoma screenings and tetanus shots.

 •  Sponsored two sessions of Workers'  Compensation Training for all of EPA-RTP
    Managers and Supervisors. A representative from  the Department of Labor
    facilitated the event which covered a  variety of issues including the responsibility of,
    a supervisor when an employee is injured in the line of duty and benefits
    entitlements, etc.

 •  Arranged five visits during the year from area health care providers for the
    convenience of RTF employees.  These visits allow employees to resolve health
    care issues individually and in person with their health care representatives.

 Employee Development and Training

•   Coordinated the following training events for RTF employees in FY05: CSRS
    Retirement Workshop, FERS Retirement Workshop, Mid- Career Financial Planning
    Workshop, EZ Hire 101, Technical Writing, Identity Theft Briefing, Gang Awareness
    Briefing for Parents, Purchase Card Training for OARM and OAQPS Staff, and IDP
    Training Workshops.

•   Conducted IDP Training Sessions for  NHEERL Staff; co-chaired for 2005 EPA RTF
    Career Development Day; participated in site visits to NHEERL Labs in Gulf Breeze

    and Duluth; was speaker for an NHEERL Career Evolution event;  participated on
    2005 Women's History Month planning committee; was an Ad Hoc member of
    OAQPS Training Team; was a member of OAQPS Management Development
    Team; and conducted Monthly "Ask the Training Officer" sessions in the Main
    Campus Library.

•   On behalf of OCR-RTP, made arrangements for speakers, coordinated all logistics
    for speakers and attendees, for the annual EEO Refresher Training  presented to 25
    EEO Counselors from our serviced organizations. The training was held in Las
    Vegas, NV.

 38                                          ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2005

                                                       OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                   AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                       RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK
•   HRMD is working closely with the Office of Human Resources and Office of Chief
    Financial Officer on the Payroll migration to the Defense Finance and Accounting
    Service (DFAS). The main focus during this phase is data clean-up.

•   HRMD continues to pursue process improvements through the use of automation
    tools. Two areas of focus are awards and separation checkout. HRMD is
    dependent on other sources and funding for automation upgrades.  Due to budget
    constraints, no progress was made in this area this year. However, it is on the
    agenda for FY06.

•   HRMD provides manpower support to the Office of Human Resources PeoplePlus
    Customer Assistance Staff.  Local RTP responsibilities include responding to
    requests from Agency HR Specialists to resolve problems and provide training to
    users on entering actions when processing personnel and payroll actions. The
    specialist participates in the bi-weekly Agency PeoplePlus conference calls.
    Developed and conducted SameTime training sessions for HR employees regarding
    several PPL functions.

 Day Care             '

 •   Coordinating the transition from the current child care location to the new facility
    being built on the EPA Campus. The new center has approximately 25,000 square
    feet of space for administration, classroom, storage, bathrooms, and  kitchen to
    accommodate up to 188 children, an increase of approximately 54 new enrollees.
    This new child care center is jointly sponsored by the EPA and the National Institute
    of Environmental Health Sciences.

 •   Coordinated regular transition meetings between the Center Director, NIEHS staff,
    and OARM personnel to discuss timetables and action items for office and
    classroom furniture, the physical move, indoor air quality testing, data and physical
    security upfitting, phone and PC installation, orientation programs for staff and
    parents, issuance of parking hang tags, ID badges for staff, and voice mail and
    Lotus Notes training.

 •   Developed the new IAG/MOU for the operations and maintenance of the new

 •   Adapted the New Occupants' Handbook for the child care staff. The Handbook
    describes the campus policies and procedures for the child care staff on such things
   ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2005                                          39

                                                     OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                  AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                      RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK
   as identification badges, security (building and campus access), transportation and
   parking, hang tags, etc.
                                     ^Picture of classroom in new FEELC
Performance Management and Awards

•   Training was provided to supervisors and employees on the Performance and
    Recognition System (PARS) during the months of July and August 2005. HRMD
    conducted four sessions for supervisors/managers including one session in
    Washington. Seven sessions were held for employees including videoconferencing
    sessions for our off-site laboratories.

                                             OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                          AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                              RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK

                     CONCERNING THE

If you have any questions about the material in this section of the report, please
contact the Division's Director:
Mary S. Day
  ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2005                                   41

                                                   OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                    RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK
42                                        ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2005

                                                     OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                  AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                      RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK
 Information Resources Management Division	


 The Information Resources Management Division (IRMD) provides information
 technology goods and services to all EPA-RTP offices. IRMD is responsible for
 the local delivery of a wide variety of technology and information systems support

    •  Local Telecommunications;

    •  Voice Mail;

    •  Local Area Network (LAN) Administration; .

    •  Hardware and Software Installation and Support;

    •  Computer Training;

    *  Applications Development;

    •  E-Mail Support;

    •  PC Troubleshooting; and;

    •  Streamlining/Reinvention through technology and automation


•   OARM Work Order System - Developed and deployed the OARM Work Order
    System. The system provides workflow capabilities to building management,
    engineering, IT, contract procurement, and health and safety service areas and
    facilitates information sharing amongst OARM, customers, and OARM contractor
    staffs. Data flow and integration between the work order system, the Archibus facility
    management system, the RTP Locator and Lotus Notes provide real-time oversight of
    work-in-progress. Upcoming enhancements will further integrate the system with the
    Preventative Maintenance, Furniture, Equipment, and Data Telecomm modules in

•   Incident Tracking System - Developed an Incident Tracking System for ASD. This

    ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2005                                         43

                                                        OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                    AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                        RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK
   system provides ASD staff and contractors with the ability to record, track, and
   analyze facility-related service issues that arise after normal working hours.

   IRMD Budget Tracking System - Deployed the budget tracking system to IRMD.
   This system allows staff to monitor and track obligations and expenditures associated
   with their service areas. The system specifically provides oversight capabilities to the
   division's budget officer by providing the ability to forecast surpluses and shortfalls,
   record and trend  invoice payments, safeguard against loss of expiring funds, and
   track the  receipt of funds from paying customers.
   National Property Database -Completed the
   development of the Agency's National
   Property Database. The system, currently
   being deployed to every region, provides an
   interactive real-time interface to property
   managers and custodial officers and
   facilitates the management of both decaled
   and non-decaled property.
                                            Eddie Sanders and James Cheeks, the brain
                                            trust behind the National Property Database
   New Cold Fusion and Oracle Production Environment - Replaced the Cold Fusion
   and Oracle production and development server environments. Additionally, new
   versions of the development and database software was upgraded.  The new
   environment provides redundant hardware and software capabilities, failover
   functionality, and improved backup and recovery options.

   Archibus Upgrades - Upgraded the RTP facility management system, Archibus, to
   the latest release. The new version provides an improved client interface and
   performance enhancements. The web version of the system, Web Central, was also
   upgraded.  Archibus represents a central facility resource repository for RTP by
   providing building schematics, space planning, and capacity management functions.
    Budget System Implementation - Integral to the implementation of the IRMD Budget
    System. Input numerous budget transactions including: allocations, payments,
    adjustments and purchase requests. Ensured the integrity of the system through

                                                        OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                     AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                        RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK

    countless reconciliations of data and the creation of detailed accounting books for
    the Division. The effort resulted in a central accounting system for the
    standardization of business practices across the various service areas of the

 •   Accounting for Customer Money - Integral in the receipt, posting and accounting of
    millions of dollars in customer money.  Efforts in this area led to the ability to track
    "Green Dollars" from initial commitment through obligations and ultimately payment.

 «.  Successful Bank Card Audit - Successfully completed an extensive audit of the
    Division's Bank Card. Was able to account for allpurchases and maintained the
    appropriate documentation and justification for procurements.  Effective financial
    management practices are critical to the overall success of the Division's mission

 Data Telecommunications

•   FEELC Backbone - Led the successful installation of the $70K copper and fiber optic
    communication backbone between the RTP Main Facility and the new Child Care
    Center.  Coordinated work between multiple contracting staff and  ensured projected
    was delivered on time  and within costs.

•   Annual IT Security Training - Took the initiative to create a CDROM of the annual
    security training material for showing at staff meetings and designated training
    forums.  The method of delivery eliminated the online problems encountered by users
    when taking the course and ensured all office employees completed the required
    training in minimal time.

•   Network Redesign Project - The aim of this project was to mitigate any potential for a
    spanning tree recalculation on the local area network from impacting the National
    Computer Center (NCC). The project resulted in the logical separation of the campus
    network between local resources and the NCC. The local Data Telecommunication
    staff physically "rewired" network connections and completed several network
    administrative actions  in this effort (i.e. pruning VLANs and minimizing trunking
    across the network). The end of this project now falls to the NCF to complete as all
    actions for our local staff have been accomplished.

 Information Technology Center

 •   OARM-RTP Hardware and Software Standards - These standards identify what a
    standard desktop is, how it is implemented in OARM-RTP, and how it is maintained
    throughout the future. The benefit of implementing hardware and software
   ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2005                                           45

                                                       OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                    AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                        RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK

    standards is to make problem resolution both quicker and less expensive by
    reducing the number of hardware and software variations that have to be maintained
    and supported by help desk staff. Additionally, PC security is improved by removing
    the risks posed by non-standard hardware and software configurations.

    One-on-One Training Sessions - Taught 129 customers in one-on-one training
    sessions. One-on-one training  sessions enhance end user productivity by having
    the trainer meet with customers at their offices, working directly with their unique
    data sets, and ensuring that the customer is using desktop applications in the most
    effective manner possible to accomplish their unique tasks. The primary user for this
    service is the scientific community with 60 out of 129 sessions being held with ORD
    and OAQPS. When compared  to the cost of attending off-site training for Microsoft
    Office applications, these one-on-one sessions save the RTP community
    approximately $10,000.

    Desktop Port Speed Upgrades - Upgraded all 10MB PCs to 100MB which improved
    end user response times for internet, intranet and server based applications.

    Help Desk Ticket Resolutions -  Resolved 3,494 information technology problem
    tickets for customers. The Information Technology Center provides help desk
    services to approximately 400 users.

    Graphics Requests - Completed 404 graphics requests which included printing,
    cutting, mounting, and displaying graphics products throughout the RTP campus

    Training Room Use  - External instructors used the two training rooms 30% of the
    time for non-IRMD instruction. Some of the external training courses which utilized
    IRMD's training rooms included SAS, GeneSpring, ORBITZ, Visual Messenger,
    Library, FDMS, Web Workgroup, ECD, RSA, HUS, TIMS, Blue Skies, MMT,
    CALPUFF, SQL Server and IRMS Business  Objects.

    Computer Class Attendance - Taught 1,914 students in 268 IRMD sponsored
    classes. IRMD sponsored training included the Microsoft Office Suite, Lotus Notes
    functions, Roxio CD and EndNote training.
46                                           ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2005

                                                    OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                 AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                     RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK
          IT Training Courses  and Attendance
                              Total Classes
• Total Students
•  COOP Site Readiness - Maintained COOP readiness through monthly maintenance
   checks. Monthly maintenance checks ensured that all operating system patches are
   properly applied to the COOP systems and that virus pattern files remain up to date
   for PCs that sit unused for the majority of the year.

•  COOP PC Upgrades - Upgraded COOP PCs to XP to improve support capabilities
   due to the withdrawal of Windows 98 as a supported operating system.  Microsoft is
   focusing its attention of improving security within the XP operating system, not on
   Windows 98. By upgrading the operating system, the COOP PCs are more reliable
   and secure in the event of an emergency. Also Installed laptops and tablet PCs at
   the COOP to improve field response capabilities.  Laptops and table PCs allow
   personnel to take a computer with them into the field to more quickly respond to
   changing events during a COOP situation.

•  Page Warehouse Desktop Protocol Upgrades - Upgraded Page Road warehouse
   PCs to Ethernet. This upgrade replaced an outdated, failing token ring network
   which provided a more reliable computing environment to Page Road  customers.

•  Main Campus Large Screen Kiosk - Deployed and supported Kiosk outside cafe
   area in Building C.  The kiosk displays environmental DVD's, the RTP Intranet page
   and CNN. Its touchscreen allows customers to select what items - such as meeting
   room location or telephone number locator - that they would like to see from the RTP
   Intranet page.

                                                        OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                     AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                        RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK

 •  Spyware Removals - Resolved multiple spyware and malware infections. Developed
    marketing information in the form of post-it notes to make customers aware of the
    dangers of downloading software from the Internet, how to identify a spyware
    infection and who to contact for removal and cleanup.

•   CRT Monitor Replacement - Upgraded all OARM-RTP CRT monitors to 17' flat panel
    monitors to reduce energy usage.

•   Child Care Center PC's - Imaged and configured over 30 PCs for the new child care
    center. These PCs will be used by child care center administrative staff and teachers
    to manage check-in and checkout, use email and Microsoft applications, and host
    children's learning software.

 •  Conference Services - Provided Internet Cafe service for multiple conferences.
    Internet cafe services provide laptops, internet connectivity, fax services and printing
    services for conference attendees.

 Local Area Network

•   Share Drive Migration off of SAN - The growth of data on the Storage Area Network
    outpaced the ability to scale capacity to meet demand. The migration of the Shared
    Drives from the SAN to a standalone server provides scalability at lower costs per

•   Facility Service Request System - Led the effort to create a comprehensive
    notification process for all personnel moves throughout the campus.  Created a
    workgroup to study the move process, define stakeholders, flowchart the workflow,
    identify the suppliers of information, and  study process improvement opportunities.
    The result of this effort is a recommendation to create a web based notification

•   Patchlink Deployment -  Led the effort to deploy a patch management tool called
    Patchlink.  Procured the hardware and software necessary to implement the system,
    directed the contractor support staff in the development of implementation
    procedures, established  the timeline for deployment, notified users of the
    implementation dates and led the implementation project. The result of this effort
    was the successful implementation of Patchlink at RTP in advance of the deadline set
    by OEI. OARM has a viable tool capable of distributing critical patches to all
    desktops in minimum time. This capability is crucial in defending against virus
    attacks and remedying system vulnerabilities.

•   Bindview 8 Deployment - Led the project to upgrade the current network scanning
48                                            ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2005

                                                        OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                     AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                        RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK

    software to Bindview 8. This version of Bindyiew will provide the ability to scan both
    Netware and Microsoft servers for both operating system and port vulnerabilities. It
    will also ensure compliance with FIBS, FISMA and GEO standards.

•   Replacement of ORD LAN Locker - Led the effort to relocate 42 scientific servers
    and switches in order to replace the LAN Locker housing the systems. The systems
    were generating excessive heat which was directly resulting in some system failure.
    Investigated ways to improve airflow in the server rooms and ultimately in the
    affected cabinet. When these efforts proved unsuccessful researched and procured
    a highly perforated LAN cabinet with 12 fans to rapidly disperse air from the
    enclosure and eliminate heat as a root cause of system failures. Coordinated with
    contractors and federal staff to ensure the removal of the server equipment, receipt of
    the new enclosure, disassembly of old cabinet, installation of new enclosure,
    reinstallation of the servers, and the relocation/reassembly of the old LAN Locker in
    another server room.  The heat problem was eliminated.

•   IDF Closet Environmental Controls - Led the study of the IDF Closets in preparation
    for the advent of Voice over IP (VoIP) technology. There are over 42 IDF closets
    across the campus. Each one of them will receive additional equipment that will
    generate more heat and require more electrical power than the IDFs are currently
    capable of supporting. The thrust of this effort is to eliminate any facility limitations
    that will hinder the deployment of the upcoming VoIP solution. So far the study has
    resulted in identifying strategies to improve air flow in these small and confined

 Lotus Notes

•   COOP Email Cluster - Because  RTP has been designated as the backup COOP site
    for Ft. Meade, IRMD deployed a new COOP email server cluster. The two-server
    cluster houses full copies of the  mail files of each employee designated as essential
    COOP personnel at both RTP and EPA Headquarters.  Because of the servers'
    purpose,  both servers are accessible remotely outside EPA's firewall.  For disaster
    recovery purposes the primary server and failover servers are located in different

•   Atomic  EMT Agency Pilot - Led the Agency pilot for the Atomic EMT centralized
    attachment system. Atomic EMT saves disk space and improves mail file
    performance by removing large attachments from mail files and storing them on a
    separate Lotus Notes server. Additional disk savings are realized by storing single
    copies of mail attachments that were originally distributed to multiple recipients.  The
    goal is to eventually modify the system's selection criteria so that mail attachments
    older than 90 days are removed from user mail files.  We anticipate a 70%-80% disk
   ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2005                                          49

                                                       OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                    AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                        RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK
    savings once this is implemented.
•   Lotus Notes 6.5.2 Deployment - Upgraded approximately 800 mail users to Lotus
    Notes version 6.5.2. The new version of Notes provides additional functionality with
    the introduction of instant messaging, the ability to color code mail and calendar
    items based on the originator name and/or subject, online awareness features, and
    unread mark indicators for all folders.

•   RTP Notes Cluster Expansion - Upgraded and expanded the RTP Lotus Notes email
    cluster.  The new cluster farm provides improved performance, additional disk space,
    and load balancing. The physical separation of the primary and failover servers
    provided an added disaster recovery benefit.

•   Domino Directory/Locator Synchronization - Imported room numberand building
    information from the RTP Locator into the Domino Directory. This improves overall
    data consistency amongst OARM systems and also provides users with a convenient
    Notes-based directory source. In FY  '06 mail drop information will be added as well.

•   OARM Project Tracking System - Developed an OARM Project Tracking system for
    use by OARM office directors. The system provides a global view of current projects,
    points-of-contact, status, and due dates.  The system  resides on the  RTP Lotus
    Notes local application server managed by IRMD.

•   Notes Server Monitoring - Deployed a new Lotus Notes server monitoring system,
    GSX Monitor. This system provides paging and alert  notifications to  group email
    boxes and cell phones and enhances our response time to server problems.

•   OARM Accountability System - During a visit to HQ, the IRMD Notes Manager met
    with OARM-HQ staff to obtain customer requirements for modifying the OARM
    Accountability System.  System enhancements were finalize at RTP and replicated to
    the production system.

 Library Services

•   RTP Journals Survey - A journals usage survey was developed and deployed to RTP
    researchers to gather feedback on the value of the library's journals purchases.
    Using SurveyMonkey, a Web-based tool, the journals  survey was delivered  to
    approximately 467 library customers across the RTP campus. A marketing plan for
    the survey was developed to target customers  at multiple delivery points, including
    email announcement, library newsletter article, strategically placed posters,
    information sessions, and a lunchtime kiosk outside the cafe. The survey will be
    available for approximately one month; and to date, at only one week post release,
50                                           ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2005

                                                     OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                  AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                      RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK

we have already received a 23 percent response rate.  Results of the survey will be
used to strategically plan for the future growth of the library's collection.

Library Assessment Tools - At the request of EPA's National Library Network, EPA-
RTP Library completed detailed library assessment tools developed by the network
manager for use in strategic planning for the future of the Agency's library services.
The assessments required input on current staffing  requirements, capacity levels,
and available information resources.

Agency-wide Consolidated Journal Procurement - In an effort to gain increased
access to scientific journals and reduce subscription costs across Agency libraries,
the RTP Library's Project Officer has taken the lead on an effort to bring together
journals procurement for all EPA libraries.  At this point the Request for Information
(RFI) and Request for Proposals (RFP) for an Agency-wide journals contract have
been completed and is in process with OARM-RTP  contracts office. Award of this
contract is expected in December 2005 and will not only enable RTP to increase
electronic journal access, but also allow other Agency libraries to join in purchasing
journals they need at a discount, thereby lowering the cost per journal for each
participating library. This vehicle has a potential estimated cost of approximately $6
million over the life of contract, depending on the level of participation by other
libraries in the Network.

Web of Science Database Service - As a result of numerous requests from EPA-RTP
researchers, the library investigated options for purchasing access to a citation
database service. After meeting with our customers to evaluate different tools,
gathering information from vendors, and testing available products, we selected and
awarded a contract for Web of Science.  The procurement also includes options for
other Agency libraries to be able to participate on the RTP contract vehicle and
realize cost-savings in the process.  Web of Science will provide our scientists with
seamless desktop access to current and retrospective multidisciplinary information
from the most prestigious, high impact research journals.

Paper Reduction: From Paper to PDF - The new Minolta PS7000 Planetary
Overhead Scanner and software were installed for the Interlibrary Loan (ILL)
Department. This document scanning system facilitates the electronic delivery of
PDF articles to EPA researchers via email. This has allowed the ILL staff to respond
to our customers who have requested more electronic access to resources they
need. To date, the library has sent to our customers over 4,000 PDF articles which
otherwise would have been  printed to paper and delivered via interoffice mail.

New RTP Library. Contract - The new follow-on library contract with the University of
North Carolina's School of Information and Library Science became effective on
ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2005                                           51

                                                        OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                     AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                         RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK
    October 1, 2004, making this the 31 - year of the EPA Library's internship program.

'•   This year 19 students from three area universities - UNC Chapel Hill, North Carolina
    Central University, and UNC Greensboro - have benefited from this unique program.

•   Annual Open House - The library's annual Open House event was held this year on
    April 19, 2005, as part of the week-long Earth Day celebration on campus. The
    library welcomed over 275 customers during the event where the Book Swap was
    once again a major highlight. The library also participated in a variety of Earth Day
    festivities with other organizations across the campus, which brought new customers
    through the door. In the months leading up to the Earth Day celebrations, the library
    sponsored a Book Group that read and discussed environmentally themed books.
    This project was well received by participants who requested that the library continue
    to host this type of event for the EPA-RTP community.

•   Library Collections:

          o  The current collection statistics for EPA-RTP Library are as follows:
                •   Books-4,567       v
                •   Documents - 13,545
                •   Journals (all titles in collection) - 358
               . •   Currently received journals - 268
                •   Journals available online - 378

          o  Additions to library collection in FY2005
                •   Books - 213 (Purchases 133, donations 70, National Academies
                   Press  10)
                •   New journal titles -9.
                •   Online journals added to electronic gateway - 17

•   Library Usage Statistics:

          o  The following statistics represent services delivered  to customers:
                •   Reference questions answered - 2,305
                •   Interlibrary  loans provided - 18,471
                •   Online literature searches conducted-1,165
                •   Current awareness alerts delivered - 4,036
                •   New items cataloged - 258
                •   Retrocon items cataloged - 332
                »   Copy cards provided to researchers - 47
                •   Air Information Center documents delivered/referrals made - 570
                •   Library tours conducted - 71
52                                            ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2005

                                                       OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                   AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                       RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK
                  Customers attending formal instruction sessions - 79
                  Informal instruction sessions conducted - 111
                  Web pages created/edited - 630
                                     $21,000 will buy a 2004 Maxim
                                       Sport Boat 1800 SR3 OR...
                                     One year of Brain Research
 Illustration of Library Journal Cost

 Research and Development

•   Controls Master Plan - Created a comprehensive Facility Controls System plan
    outlining the necessary projects and estimated costs for the upgrade and integration
    of diverse Facility Controls Systems.  The creation of this plan has directly
    contributed to the receipt of funding for the iNet Stabilization project and the Human
    Studies Facility Andover System Study.

•   HSD Infinity SX (Andover) Study - Led the effort to study the Andover System in the
    Human Studies Facility in Chapel Hill. The result of the study led to the assessment
    of the current cabling infrastructure, effectiveness of controllers, network
    vulnerabilities,  and recommended integration strategies.

•   iNet Stabilization Project - Led the effort to secure the existing PC infrastructure on
    the iNet network. Implemented backup procedures, upgraded PCs, standardized file
    systems and locked down operating systems to minimize configuration changes. The
    project is the first in a string of projects under the Controls Master Plan that will
    eventually lead to the elimination of dropped data packets on the network, increased
    data trending and reporting, and ultimately Facility Control System integration.  This
    effort enables us to work  smarter not harder managing the 1.2 million square foot

 Voice Telecommunications

•   FEELC Dial Tone - Led the successful installation and activation of the 200 pair of
    copper voice telecommunication wire between the Main Facility and the Child Care

                                                       OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                    AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                        RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK

    Center. Dial Tone was delivered ahead of schedule and well prior to the acceptance
    of the building.

•   1 -2900, Emergency Telephone Enhancement - Led the effort to enhance our
    emergency telephone call system. The emergency telephone (1 -2900) rings
    downstairs in the Security Control Center (SCC).  The number of instances of the
    telephone number and limited number of devices  in the call center easily
    overwhelmed the guards and frustrated attempts to contract the SCC during multiple
    emergencies. Additional telephone lines, telephone devices, and  rollover capability
    was added to overcome existing system limitations. The project has significantly
    improved the SCC operation.

•   Sprint Cell Phone Deployment - The RTP Campus is RF adverse as such required a
    solution that would overcome the numerous "dead spots" inside the buildings.
    Several solutions were considered and some cost in excess of $1  Million to install
    arid deploy. The Sprint Cell phone (SCP 7300) was discovered to overcome at least
    90 percent of the "dead spots"  in the building for a fraction of the price of a In House
    Wireless Repeater Solution. The device was piloted by cross functional stakeholders
    and was determined to be the best solution for in building wireless communication.
    The deployment of Sprint Cell phones (SCP 7300) has saved the  Government over
    $1 Million,

•   Phone Book - Led the initiative to create a new campus wide telephone directory.

Website Management

•   EMS Website Redesign - Re-designed the Environmental Management System
    (EMS) website on the RTP Internet to provide a clear understanding of the purpose
    and need for this system, as well as make employees aware of  their role in EMS.

•   Bus Commuter System -  Developed and deployed the Bus Commuter system which
    tracks participants in alternative transportation methods that conserve fuel

•   RTP Campus Website Redesign - Re-designed the RTP Campus  website on the
    RTP Internet to provide additional information regarding EPA honors and awards,
    quick facts on building size, energy and water consumption, and environmental

•    Walking Trail Website - Developed Walking Trail website which  provides an overview
    of this amenity as well as its proper use.
54 •                                           ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2005

                                                    OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION
                                                 AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
                                                     RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK

•  Inclement Weather Website - Developed Inclement Weather website to explain the
   leave procedure for managers, employees and timekeepers
   ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2005                                        55

               EPA-RTF LIBRARY
                    CONCERNING THE

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