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       Headquarters Information Resources Center Web Site is Up!

           The EPA Headquarters Information Resources Center (IRC) announces its
     new web site at:  httptfwww.epa.gov/natlibra/hqirc/
           The site features information on the IRC facilities, location, and publication
     holdings, and also offers access and instructions to logging on to the Online
     Library System (OLS).  The Government information Locator Service (GILS) is
     featured, along with a mechanism for submitting questions or comments.
     Information and links for INFOTERRA lead patrons to a description of the
     international services offered within the IRC.  The Enviro-Newsbrief and Internet
     Newsbrief email listservers are also discussed, and subscription information is
           A special section accessible by EPA staff members only offers enhanced
     access to services within the IRC. This section provides a mechanism for
     submitting InterObrary Loan (ILL) and Research Request forms through email. It
     also features a quick link to the curriculum for the IRC developed classes,
     "Navigating the "Net; Searching for Environmental Information" . The new
     Cambridge Scientific Abstracts database is also available through the "EPA Staff'
     information link.  Information about the Internet Consulting team and the "Surf
     Shop" discusses the roles of each component with regards to designing and
     organizing Agency home pages.
           The IRC is dedicated to helping everyone navigate their way through a range
     of services and resources.  Check out the new web site and try some of its features
     for yourselves!    *
            Cambridge Scientific Abstracts Training Available!

           If you have internet access available through Agency LAN Services, set a bookmark
     for the Intranet address: http://epawww.epa.gov/jqintral/hqcirc/abtcsa.htm
     This page contains a description (published in the January-February "Catalyst") of the new
     database searching product available through the Information Resources Center:
     Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA). Click on "Link to CSA Gateway" and you can begin
     searching. Agricola from the National Agricultural Library has been recently added to the
     available databases. The years 1986 through present are covered.  CSA plans to add files
     covering 1976 through 1985 in the near future.
           The IRC has a training program available for EPA staff searching the CSA. If you
     would like our staff to schedule a training session for up to eight people from your office,
     please let us know. Call Ted Sherman at 202-260-6947 or Carol DeAngelo at
     202-260-1757 for scheduling or further information about this helpful service.  •>

              EPA Information Resources Center (3404) WSM2904 202-260-5922

             Book Bites
      Here are some recent aquisitions to
the IRC.  Check them out!
Mann, Charles C, and Mark L. Plummer.
Noah's Choice: The Future of Endangered
Species. New York, NY: Alfred A. Knopf, 1995.
      Noah's Choice addresses several
social and political issues connected with
the preservation of endangered species,
and the ambiguity of the Endangered
Species Act. Sometimes the preservation
of an endangered species can result in
severe social and economic hardships for
many people, thus calling the Act into
question. This and other recurring
questions are addressed.

Sachs, Aaron.  Eco-Justice: Linking Human
Rights and the Environment.  Washington,
DC: WorldWatch, 1995.
      Eco-Justice looks at some of the
less obvious social implications of
environmental mis-management.  All over
the world, the reckless use of
environmental resources is having a
detrimental effect on the livelihood, culture,
and lives of many local peoples.   For these
and related reasons, Sachs recommends
that human rights and environmental
groups combine forces to work toward
common goals at the national and
international level, as has already
happened at the local level.
GF 75 .822 1995

Shabecoff, Philip. A Fierce Green Fire: The
American Environmental Movement.  New
York, NY: Hill and Wang, 1993.
      In this book, Philip Shabecoff, former
environmental columnist for the New York
Times, presents a historical overview of
environmental awareness in the United
States over the last hundred years. Of
particular interest is the political impact of
this growing movement from the 1960's to
the present.

Trzyna, Thaddeus, Elizabeth Margold,  and
Julia K. Osborn, eds. World Directory of
Environmental Organizations (Fifth Edition).
London, UK: Earthscan Publications, 1996.
      This publication, subtitled "A
handbook of national and international
organizations and programs, governmental
and non-governmental, concerned with
protecting the earth resources," has been
updated several times, and is a valuable aid
for environmental researchers. The book is
divided into three major sections. The first,
called "Who's Doing What," describes how
various groups are addressing specific
issues.  The second section contains brief
overviews of environmental organizations
all over the world, grouped by continent.
The third section deals with organizations
and projects connected with the United
Nations.  A few appendices provided
supplemental  information to primary
INTLREF S920.W671996  *

                           Internet «Sites of Interest
      The following is a list of Internet Sites that have been featured recently in the
Internet Newsbrief, a weekly publication of the EPA Headquarters Information Resources
Center. You may subscribe to the INB by sending a message to:
listserver@unixmail.rtp.epa.gov.  Leave the subject line blank, or put a period in the
subject area; then type the following in the body of the message: subscribe
INTERNETNB-L firstname lastname.
EPASuperfund home page revised

The U.S. EPA Office of Solid Waste and
Emergency Response has unveiled a new
Superfund home page to improve access to
information about the program via the Internet.
The new site includes an expanded section
about the Superfund program, specific
information on Superfund sites, and community
tools for involvement in Superfund.  There are
also collections of technical resources,
initiatives and programs, and frequently asked

The Environmental Health Clearinghouse

The Environmental Health Clearinghouse is an
NIEHS Clearinghouse offered through
Information Ventures, Inc. The Clearinghouse
functions as an easily accessible, free source of
information on environmental health effects.
The purpose of the EHC is to help the public
get answers to their questions  about
environmental health and related issues. The
EHC can provide information on an assortment
of environmental topics including worker
exposure, hazardous waste sites, chemical
spills and releases, information for schools and
students and other environmental health topics.
The Clearinghouse uses environmental health
technical information specialists to handle
inquiries and provide online computer searches,
mailing NIEHS publications, conducting
research on inquiries, and/or referring the public
to appropriate governmental agencies or to
private sector organizations.
Drinking Water and Health Fact Sheets

The U.S. EPA Office of Groundwater and
Drinking Water has introduced fact sheets
about chemicals that may be found in some
public or private drinking water supplies.  These
chemicals may cause health problems if found
in amounts greater than the health standard set
by the U.S. EPA.  The consumer version  of the
fact sheet describes the chemical and how it is
used, why the chemical is being regulated, what
the health effects are, how much of the
chemical is produced, how much is released
into the environment, and several other
important facts about the chemical. The
technical version of the fact sheets contains
similar information plus the chemical and
physical properties, trade names for the
chemical and other regulatory information. The
versions currently available include consumer
versions for inorganic chemicals and technical
versions for synthetic organic chemicals.

Waste Prevention World

The California Integrated Waste Management
Board's Waste Prevention World site focuses
on "doing more with less".  It's about efficiency
and rethinking daily activities. The site features
specific tips on reducing waste at home, in the
business place, and when landscaping. It also
offers an online database for a topical search,
as well as recycling coordination  information.
There are also links to Waste Reduction
Training Programs, as well as links to additional
sites.     *
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Conferences, Meetings,

    Symposiums, Workshops
      This is a list of selected meetings
and conferences chosen for their potential
interest to EPA staff.  If EPA staff wish to
have an EPA-sponsored event listed here,
please forward the information to The
Catalyst, IRC,  401 M St., SW-3404,
Washington, DC 20460 or email

Water Quality Standards Academy Basic
Course July 28-August 1,1997, Washington,
DC. Organized by The Cadmus Group, Inc.,
this course is free of charge, but you must pre-
apply to attend. For more information contact:
Kate Belmont, Water Quality Standards
Academy Coordinator at 703-931-4604 or fax
International Symposium on the Year 2000:
Mastering the Millennium Rollover June 9-10,
1997, Gaithersburg, MD.  Sponsored by several
groups, among them the National Institute of
Standards and Technology, Data
Administration Management Association,
Office of Management and Budget and the
Department of Defense. For more information
contact: Judith Newton, NIST at 301-975-3256
or fax 301-975-948-2067 or email
jnewton@nist.gov or http://www.nist.gov/y2k.
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