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Need Information On USTs?

If you need information on underground
storage tanks (USTs), this leaflet will
help you  identify what you need and
explain how to get it. Most materials are
available free, as described below.

•  Toll-free numbers, fax, or mail:
   You can call EPA's toll-free RCRA/
   Superfund Hotline at 800 424-9346 and
   order up to 30 free copies of each title.
   Just identify the titles you want. (Hotline
   operators can also answer questions
   about LIST requirements.) Or you can
   call NCEPl, our publication warehouse,
   at their toll-free number: 800 490-9198.
   You can also fax your order to NCEPl at
   513 891-6685. Or mail your request to:
   NCEPl, Box 42419, Cincinnati, OH

•  The Internet:
   Most of the materials listed in this leaflet
   are available on EPA's Office of
   Underground Storage Tanks (OUST)
   web site at http://www.epa.gov/OUST/.
   Look under the "publications" section of
   the Home Page. You can read
   documents online, download them, or
   order  printed copies. The Home Page is
   a vast resource for other UST-related
   material as well.

General  Information
UST Program Facts: Implementing Federal
Requirements For USTs (510-B-96-007)
Concise, comprehensive review of the federal UST
program that focuses on: overview of the UST
program; preventing releases; detecting releases;
cleaning up releases; financial responsibility; state
UST programs; Leaking Underground Storage Tank
Trust Fund; and the brownfields initiative. [16 pages]

Financing UST Work: Federal And State
Assistance Programs (510-B-95-010)
Booklet identifies potential sources of financial
assistance to cover the costs of upgrading, replacing,
or closing an UST, or of cleaning up an UST release.
[30 pages]

The UST Poster (530-UST-90-002)
Attractive 4-color poster on the danger of leaking
USTs, the obvious signs of a leak, and notifying state
environmental officials.
Federal UST  Requirements...

in plain language

Musts For USTs: A Summary Of Federal
Regulations For USTs (510-K-95-002)
Comprehensive and easy-to-read summary of
federal UST requirements for installation; release
detection; spill, overfill, and corrosion protection;
corrective action; closure; reporting; and record-
keeping. Extensively updated and revised in 1995,
this edition replaces earlier editions. [36 pages]  Also
available in Spanish as Normas Y Procedimientos
Para T.S.A. (530-UST-90-001).

Closing Underground Storage Tanks: Brief Facts
(510-F-96-004) Trifold leaflet presents "brief facts" on
properly closing USTs in order to comply with federal
closure requirements.

Dollars And Sense: Financial Responsibility
Requirements For USTs (510-K-95-004)
Clear explanation of the "financial responsibility"
required of UST owners and operators by federal
UST regulations. [16 pages]

1998 Deadline Requirements

Don't Wait Until 1998: Spill, Overfill, And
Corrosion Protection For USTs (510-B-94-002)
Easy-to-read booklet explains how UST owners and
operators can comply with the 1998 deadline for
upgrading, replacing, or closing USTs installed
before December 1988. Booklet surveys spill, overfill,
and corrosion protection equipment and methods, as
well as replacement and closure options, and
provides a quick compliance checklist. [16 pages]
Also available in Spanish as No Espere Hasta El

Don't Wait Until 1998: Brief Facts (510-F-95-002)
Trifold leaflet presents "brief facts" for UST owners
and operators on what they need to do to meet the
1998 deadline for compliance with requirements to
upgrade, replace, or close USTs installed before
December 1988.

Are You Upgrading An Underground Storage
Tank System?  (510-F-97-009)
Leaflet can help UST owners and operators make
sound decisions about choosing tank integrity
assessment methods and upgrading USTs to meet
1998 deadline requirements.

For Additional  Publications

Catalog Of EPA Materials On Underground
Storage Tanks (510-B-97-005)
Extensive catalog lists additional materials
appropriate for those needing deeper background or
more technical information. Listings include statutes,
Federal Register notices, reports to Congress,
selected EPA directives and guidance, materials on
building state UST programs,  technical reports on
aspects of release detection and corrective action,
and detailed protocols for evaulating release
detection methods.

Release  Detection

Straight Talk On Tanks: Leak Detection Methods
For Petroleum USTs And Piping (510-K-95-003)
Easy-to-read booklet describes the basic
requirements for federally allowed release detection
methods: secondary containment with interstitial
monitoring, automatic tank gauging systems, vapor
monitoring, groundwater monitoring, statistical
inventory reconciliation, tank tightness testing with
inventory control, manual tank gauging, and leak
detection for underground piping. [28 pages]

Doing Inventory Control Right: For USTs
(510-B-93-004) Booklet describes a simple step-by-
step process that LIST owners and operators can
follow to properly conduct inventory control as part of
their release detection compliance. Includes standard
reporting forms. [16 pages]

Manual Tank Gauging: For Small USTs
(510-B-93-005) Please note that the information in
this booklet applies only to tanks 2,000 gallons or
smaller.  Booklet describes a simple step-by-step
process that UST owners and operators can follow to
properly conduct manual tank gauging as part of
their release detection compliance. Includes standard
reporting forms. [12 pages]

Introduction To Statistical Inventory
Reconciliation: For USTs (510-B-95-009)
Booklet describes the use of Statistical Inventory
Reconciliation (SIR) to meet federal leak detection
requirements. Provides basic information on the
method—what it is, how it works, and what factors
can affect data quality—to assist UST owners and
operators in determining if SIR will meet their site
needs for release detection compliance. [12 pages]

Corrective Action

An Overview Of UST Remediation Options
(510-F-93-029) Fact sheets provide information
about technologies for cleaning up petroleum
contamination in soil and groundwater. [26 pages]

Controlling UST Cleanup Costs (510-F-92-001)
Fact sheet series on the cleanup process includes:
Hiring a Contractor, Negotiating the Contract,
Interpreting the Bill, Managing the Process, and
Understanding Contractor Code Words. [10 pages]

Introducing.. .How To Evaluate Alternative
Cleanup Technologies For UST Sites: A Guide
For Corrective Action Plan Reviewers
(510-F-95-003) Trifold promotional leaflet describes
the technical Guide (over 420 pages) that EPA
produced to help state regulators  review and
evaluate corrective action plans that call for cleanup
technologies other than conventional pump-and-treat
methods. Contains an order form  for purchasing the
Guide (for $28.00) from the Superintendent of

Introducing.. .How To Effectively Recover Free
Product At Leaking UST Sites: A Guide For State
Regulators ( 510-F-96-005) Trifold promotional
leaflet describes the Guide (over  150 pages) that
EPA developed to help state regulators understand
portions of corrective action plans that propose free
product recovery technologies. Contains an order
form for purchasing the Guide (for $17.00) from the
Superintendent of Documents.

Introducing... Expedited Site Assessment Tools
For UST Sites: A Guide For Regulators
(510-F-97-004) Trifold promotional leaflet describes
the technical Guide (over 300 pages) that EPA
produced to provide state and local regulators with
information on five UST site assessment issues.
Contains an order form for purchasing the Guide (for
$26.00) from the Superintendent of Documents.

Pay-For-Performance Cleanups: Effectively
Managing UST Cleanups (510-B-96-002)
Booklet explores how state officials, cleanup
contractors, and UST owners can use pay-for-
performance cleanup agreements to reduce the cost
and time of cleanup^nd more effectively manage
cleanup resources.
jp^nd more

You  can order  helpful videos,
at cost, as explained below:
What Do We Have Here?: An Inspector's Guide
To Site Assessment At Tank Closure *
Inspecting sites where tanks have been removed for
contamination. Includes site assessment overview;
field testing instruments; and soil and water sampling
(51 mins). Video and Booklet Cost: $45; Booklet: $5

Tank Closure Without Tears: An Inspector's
Safety Guide *
Focuses on explosive vapors and safe tank removal
(30 mins). Video and Booklet Cost: $35; Booklet: $5

Searching For The Honest Tank: A Guide To UST
Facility Compliance Inspection *
Covers steps of UST inspections from protocols and
equipment to enforcement and followup; from
cathodic protection to leak detection. Directed at
inspectors, yet also helpful to owners and operators
(30 mins). Video and Booklet $40; Booklet: $5

   *The videos above are available from:
      New England Interstate Environmental
      Training Center
      2 Fort Road
      South Portland, ME 04106
      207 767-2539
Tank Time"
Humorous presentation explains what UST owners
and operators must do to comply with the December
1998 deadline to upgrade, replace, or close tanks
installed before December 1988 (18 mins). Cost: $24

   "The video above is available from:
      Scene Three, Inc.
      1813 Eighth Avenue, South
      Nashville, TN 37203
      ATTN: Tank Time"

Doing It Right ***
Proper installation of underground tanks and piping
(40 mins).

Doing It Right II"*
Installation of spill and overfill  equipment,
observation wells, and piping leak detection
(23 mins).

Keeping It Clean: Making Safe And Spill-Free
Motor Fuel Deliveries ***
Making pollution-free deliveries to USTs. Includes
Stage 1 vapor recovery, overfill prevention and spill
containment (25 mins).

Petroleum Leaks Underground ***
How liquids and vapors move in the subsurface and
why early response to leaked petroleum is important
(29 mins).

Straight Talk On Leak Detection "*
Overview of  leak detection methods that meet
federal regulations (35 mins).

RBCA: Initial Site Assessment ***
Overview of  risk-based corrective action process
(25 mins).

    *** For the videos above, contact EPA's
        Hotline at 800 424-9346 for cost and
        ordering information.
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