United States
Environmental Protection
Region 10
1200 Sixth Avenue
Seattle WA 98101
Interest Groups

 This directory includes a listing of organizations active in concerns related to the environment.

 We have contacted each group listed and these groups have provided the information on their organizations.

 Any list is subject to additions and revisions. Please use the last page to note any errors or additions.

                      Constituency Coordinator, MD-103
                    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
                               1200 Sixth Avenue
                          Seattle, Washington 98101

              Environmental and Emergency Phone Numbers

              General Information

              State Environmental Agency Information

              Other State Environmental Numbers

              Public Interest Groups

              EPA Regional Offices




Additional copies are available from:
                               Publication Clerk
                                   U.S. EPA
                           1200 6th Avenue, MD-108
                          Seattle, Washington 98101


Public Access Numbers for Emergency and Environmental Information
    Asbestos Hazards Emergency Response Act (AH ERA)
       Asbestos Ombudsman Karen Brown
          (asbestos in schools)
       Regional Information (schools)
      (800) 368-5888

      (206) 442-2970
     National Emergency Response Center                            (800) 424-8802
       (oil and hazardous spills)                                     24-hour number

     Region 10 Emergency Number                                   (206) 442-1263
                                                                 24-hour number

     Emergency Planning and Community Rght To Know, Title III         (206) 442-4349
     Toxic Release Inventory/Release reporting requirements            (206) 442-1091
     EPA Criminal Investigations Office                               (206) 442-8306
     EPA Publcations Center (Washington, D.C.)                        (206) 382-2080
     Region 10 Information Office                                    (206) 442-1200
     Small Business Ombudsman                                    (800) 368-5888
       (Information on regulation requirements, etc.)

     National Pesticides Hotline                                      (800) 858-7378
       in pesticide poisoning cases provides medical personnel or citizens
       with assistance

     Radon Technical Assistance                                    (206) 442-7660

     Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)
       RCRA Ombudsman                                          (206) 475-9361
       Regional RCRA Ombudsman                                   (206) 442-2871

     "Superfund"  Hotline                                            (800) 424-9346
       General and technical assistance on hazardous waste regulations
       and hazardous material spills, abandoned waste sites, etc. (Monday
       through Friday, 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 pm)

     Toxic Substances Information                                   (202) 554-1404
       Regional Information                                          (206) 442-1094
     Underground Storage Tanks (LIST)
       Washington, D.C. RCRA Hotline
       Does not give Regional Information

       Regional LIST Program Manager

     Chemical Advisory Information
     Chemical Emergency Preparedness
       Provides Information on toxic chemicals
       (800) 424-9346
closed by 1:30 pm PST

       (206) 442-0344

       (800) 424-9065
       (800) 535-0202
     Consumer Product Safety Commission                           (800) 638-2772
        Provides Information on consumer product hazards, asbestos in the home, etc.
     Hazardous Waste
        Information and technical assistance clearinghouse relating to
        solvents, acids, sludges, filters, pesticides, etc. Free assistance
        (funded by EPA).
       (800) 458-5886
       8:30-4:30 EST

Public Access Numbers for Emergency and Environmental Information

        Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA)
           Information on hazardous materials                             (800) PLAN FOR

        National Institutes of Health                                      (800)442-6237
           Cancer Information

        Region 10 Emergency Response Commissions

           "Community Right to Know", Title III of the Comprehensive
           Environmental Response, Conservation and Liability Act (CERCLA
           or Superfund), provides for State Emergency Response

           Alaska State Emergency Response Commission
           Dept. of Environmental Conservation                             (907) 465-2600

           Idaho State Emergency Response Commission
           Division of Environment                                        (800) 334-5898

           Oregon State Emergency Response Commission
           State Fire Marshall                                            (800) 378-2885

           Washington Emergency Response Commission                    (206) 586-8966
            Hazard Communication/Community Right to Know                  (800) 633-7585
            Department of Ecology

 Environmental Information

   You have an environmental concern or emergency and don't know what to do? Look In Your Telephone
 Book! Consult your telephone book (under the name of your city or county) for the local agency/office
 responsible for environmental concerns. Many cities have a citizen's complaint bureau or ombudsman who will
 give you assistance or direct you to the right place. You may also wish to contact your local county council or
 county commissioners, mayor, or members of the city council.

   States and local governments may have environmental requirements more stringent or covering more issues
 than the federal laws (i.e., many cities have local noise ordinances that are more restrictive than federal law).

 Environmental Emergencies

   Fire departments should be notified of any hazardous spill or accident.  Many fire departments have staff
 trained in identifying and handling toxic/hazardous materials.  Fire departments are usually close to the scene
 and therefore able to respond quickly and notify the other appropriate authorities.

   The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also has an emergency response telephone number (206
 442-1263) which is a 24-hour number for reporting oil spills, hazardous material spills, etc.  In reporting or
 requesting assistance, clearly give your name, address, telephone number, location of the spill/hazard, and
 probable source of the material. Providing as much information as possible assists in a prompt response.

    Public Access Numbers for Emergency and Environmental Information

Other Environmental Information

  Public libraries as well as school and university libraries are excellent sources of environmental information.
The U.S. EPA Regional Library, 1200 Sixth Avenue, MD-108, Seattle, Washington 98101, (206) 442-1289,
can provide assistance on technical publications, bibliographies, etc. A limited number of EPA brochures are
also available.

                                 EPA films are available through:
                                    Film Distribution Center
                                        13500 NE 124th
                                  Kirkland, Washington 98034
                                        (206) 820-2592

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA): Copies of government documents may be requested through the
FOIA process. The written request should clearly identify the document, location of document if known, date of
document, etc. Information on FOIA is available at the following address or by calling the FOIA Officer at
(206) 442-4280.

                               Freedom of Information Act Officer
                              U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
                                    1200 Sixth Ave., MD-103
                                   Seattle, Washington 98101

  Presidential Environmental Youth Award applications are available to schools, Scouts, Campfire, other
youth groups, and individuals. The awards program encourages local environmental awareness for youth and
their communities. Applications and information and available through telephone requests (206 442-4280) or by
writing to the above address.

  The Federal Register provides a uniform  system for making available to the public regulations  and legal
notices issued by federal agencies. Available by subscription or in many public libraries.

  EPA's Small Business Ombudsman is available to help small businesses understand and comply with
federal environmental regulations. Toll-free telephone (800)-368-5888 (when telephoning, remember the three
hour time difference in Washington, D.C.-  Atlantic Coast time is three hours earlier than Pacific Coast time).


              The States and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

  National environmental laws require close coordination and cooperation between states and the federal
government in establishing environmental standards, planning environmental programs as well as enforcing
environmental laws and regulations.

  Region 10 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is unique in having satellite EPA operations offices
located with state agencies to facilitate state-federal requirements and provide information to the public.

  Region 10 includes Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Other U.S. EPA Regions are listed
on page 30.

                        Information on State agencies is included on the following pages.

State of Alaska
Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC)
Commissioner Dennis D. Kelso
    P.O. Box 0
    Juneau, Alaska 99811
    (907) 465-2600
    (FTS) 8-(907) 465-2601

Northern Alaska Environmental Center
    218 Driveway
    Fairbanks, Alaska 99701
ADEC Regional Offices

1001 Noble St. .Suite 350
Fairbanks, Alaska 99707

3601 "C" Street
Anchorage, Alaska 99519-6650

Air Pollution Control Agency-Air Resources
    (Kenai - Greater Anchorage Borough)
    P.O. Box 196650
    Anchorage, Alaska 99519-6650
    (907) 343-4843

Air Pollution Control Agency
    (Fairbanks-North Star-Borough)
    Box  1267
    Fairbanks, Alaska 99707
    (907) 452-4761
EPA Alaska Operations Offices

Federal Building, Room E55
701 C Street. Box 19
Anchorage, Alaska 99513
(907) 271-5083

3200 Hospital Drive
Juneau, Alaska 99801

    500 S. Alaska, Suite A
    Palmer, Alaska 99645
    (907) 745-7378

                                                   State  of Idaho
Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (IDHW)
   450 W. State Street
   Director's Office - 10th Floor
   Boise, Idaho 83720
   (208) 334-5500
   (FTS) 8-554-5500

Division of  Environmental Quality
Idaho Department of Health & Welfare
   450 West State Street - 5th Floor
   Boise, Idaho 83720
   (208) 334-5839
Local IDHW Offices

21 10lronwood Parkway
Couer d'Alene, Idaho 83814
(208) 667-3524

150 N. 3rd Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho 83201

11 18 F Street
PO Drawer B
Lewiston, Idaho 83501
(208) 799-3430

801 Reserve Street
Boise, Idaho 83720
(208) 334-2823

963 Blue Lakes Blvd., Suite 3
Twin Falls, Idaho 83301
(208) 734-9520

Air Quality Board
Ada County Courthouse
Boise, Idaho  83706
                                                          EPA Idaho Operations Office

                                                          422 W. Washington Street
                                                          Boise, Idaho 83702
                                                          (208) 334-1 450
                                                          (FTS) 8-554- 1450
Idaho State Department of Agriculture
P.O. Box 790
Boise, Idaho 83706

  State  of Oregon
  Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)
      8116thAve. S.W.
      Portland, Oregon 97204
      (503) 229-5696
      In Oregon, (800) 452-4011
   DEQ Regional and Branch Offices

   Astoria Branch Office
   Clatsop County Courthouse
   Astoria, Oregon
   (503) 325-8660

   Northwest Regional Office
   811 S.W. 6th Ave.
   Portland, Oregon 97204
  (503) 229-5263

  Williamette Valley Region
  750 Front St.,N.E., Suite 120
  Saiem, Oregon 97310
  (503) 378-8240

  Coos Bay Branch Office
  490 N. Second
  Coos Bay, Oregon 97420
  (503) 269-2721

 Roseburg Branch Office
 1937 W. Harvard Blvd.
 Roseburg, Oregon  97470
 (503) 440-3338

 Southwest Regional Office
 201 W. Main St., Room 202
 Medford, Oregon 97501
 (503) 776-6010

 Central Region
 2150 N.E. Studio Road
 Bend, Oregon 97701

 Eastern Region
 700 S.E.  Emigrant
 Pendleton, Oregon 97801
 (503) 276-4063/4065
EPA Oregon Operations Office

811 S.W. Sixth Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97204
(503) 221-3250
(FTS) 8-423-3250

Oregon State Department of Agriculture
635 Capitol Street N.E.
Salem, Oregon 97301
(503) 378-3776

Sfafe of Washington
Washington State Department of Ecology
(Mail Code) PV-11
Olympia, Washington 98504
(206) 459-6003
Regional DOE Offices

Southeast Regional Office
7272 Cleanwater Lane
Olympia, Washington 98504-6811
(206) 753-2353
Northwest Regional Office
4350150th Ave.
Redmond, Washington 98052-5301
(206) 867-7000

Eastern Regional Office
N. Monroe, Suite 100
Spokane, Washington 99205-1295
(509) 456-2926

Central Regional Office
3601 West Washington
Yakima, Washington 98903-1164
(509) 575-2490
               EPA Washington Operations Office

               C/O Department of Ecology
               Olympia, Washington 98504
               (206) 753-9437
               (FTS) 8-434-9437
State of Washington Air Pollution Agencies

Douglas County Air Pollution Control
110 3rd St. N.E.
East Wenatchee, Washington
Douglas County Air Pollution Control
Douglas County Courthouse
Waterville, Washington 98858
Benton-Franklin-Walla Walla
Counties (Tri-County)
Air Pollution Control Authority
650 George Washington Way
Richland, Washington 99352
(509) 946-4489

Grant County Clean Air Authority
Grant County Courthouse
P.O. Box 37
Ephrata, Washington 99352
(509) 754-2011
              Puget Sound Air Pollution Control
              Authority (PSAPCA) (King, Pierce,
              Kitsap and Snohomish Counties)
              P.O. Box 9863
              Seattle, Washington 98109
              (206) 344-7330

              Tacoma PSAPCA Branch Office
              901 Tacoma Ave. South
              Tacoma, Washington 98402
              (206) 383-5851

              Southwest Air Pollution Control
              Agency, (Clark, Cowlitz, Skamania,
              Wahkiakum Counties)
              Vancouver, Washington 98665
              (206) 696-2508
               Yakima County Clean Air Authority
               North First and East B St.
               201 County Courthouse, Room 212
               Yakima, Washington

State of Washington
Northwest Air Pollution Control
2nd and Pine
Mount Vernon, Washington 98273
(206) 336-5705
Olympia Air Pollution Control
Authority (Clallam, Grays Harbor,
Jefferson, Mason, Pacific and
Thurston Counties)
120 East State Ave.
Olympia, Washington 98501
(206) 353-4881

Washington State Department of Agriculture
Chemical Branch
406 General Administration Building
Olympia, Washington 98501
(206) 753-5064

                                   Other State Environmental Numbers

Emergency spills/accidents (oil, hazardous substances)                (800) 478-9300
Environmental Permit Information                                  (907)465-2615
   (collect calls accepted during working hours)

Air Quality Index Recording                                       (208) 334-2788
Emergency Response                                                334-5879
Hazardous Materials                                                 362-9015
Radiation Incidents                                                   334-4090
Permit Information
   Water Quality                                               (208) 334-5867
   Air Quality                                                  (208) 334-5898
   Waste                                                     (208) 334-5879

Permit Informaion                                               (800) 452-4011
Air Quality Recording                                            (503) 229-6397
Underground Storage Tanks                                           229-5731

Hazardous Waste Information                                     (800) 633-7585
Underground Storage Tanks                                      (800) 826-7711
Recycling Information                                          (800) RECYCLE
Woodsmoke Information                                         (800) 523-4636
Hazardous Waste Sites                                          (800) 458-0920
Automobile Emissions                                           (800) 248-9993


Alaska Center for the Environment
  (725 members)
  1069 W. 6th Avenue
  Anchorage, Alaska 99501
  (907) 274-3621

Clearinghouse and coordinating facility to expand
awareness of environmental issues.
Alaska Chamber of Commerce
  310 Second Street
  Juneau, Alaska 99501
  (907) 586-2323

  801 B St.,Suite 406
  Anchorage, Alaska 99501
  (907) 278-3741

  Contact: George Krusz, President
Alaska Environmental Lobby, Inc.
  P.O. Box 22151
  Juneau, Alaska 99802
  (907) 586-2345
  Contact: Gail Gatton

A coalition of 20 Alaska environmental groups seeking
to influence legislative and administrative actions on
resource policy to ensure sound resource
conservation and development within the state of
Alaska:  a citizens lobbying effort.
American Lung Association of Alaska
  605 Barrow Street, Suite 2
  Anchorage, Alaska 99501
  (907) 276-5864
  Contact: Deborah Williams

Prevention and control of lung disease and factors
which cause lung disease; support of healthful air
Alaska Outdoor Council
(8,000 41 clubs)
  Box 211091
  Fairbanks, Alaska 99521
  (907) 333-3661
  Contact: Ron McAlpine

Conservation and educational organization dedicated
to wise use of natural resources.
Alaska Public Interest Research Group
(4,000 members)
  Box 1093
  Anchorage, Alaska 99510
  (907) 278 3661
  Contact: Jeff Bohman, Executive Director
Alaska Conservation Foundation
(2,000 donor/member individuals and families)
  430 W. 7th Ave., #215
  Anchorage, Alaska 99501
  Contact: Jim Stratton, Vice-President

To provide financial support to conservation
organizations in Alaska.
Audubon Society - Alaska Regional Office
(1,500 members)
  308 G Street, Suite 219
  Anchorage, Alaska 99501
  Contact: David Cline

Concerned with wildlife conservation and education;
wise use of land and water.

  Anchorage Audubon Society
    P.O. Box101161
    Anchorage, Alaska 99510

  Arctic Audubon Society
    P.O. Box 82098
    College, Alaska 99708
    (907) 479-2846
    Contact: A. Crosby

  Juneau Audubon Society
    P.O. Box021725
    Juneau, Alaska 99802
    (907) 789-7540
    Contact: MaryLou King

  Kenai Peninsula Audubon Society
    695 Sycamore Circle
    Kenai, Alaska 99611

  Kodiak Audubon Society
    P.O. Box 2433
    Kodiak, Alaska 99605
    (907) 486-6498
    Contact: S.M. Studebaker
Denali Citizens Council
(200 members)
  Box 41
  McKinley Park, Alaska 99755
  (907) 276-6586
  Contact: Jeff Bohman, President

To encourage prudent ecological management of
Denali Natinal Park and vicinity.

Friends of the Earth
(300 members)
  1069 W. 6th
  Anchorage, Alaska 99501
  (907) 452-7335
  Contact: Margie Gibson

The preservation, restoration, and rational use of the
ecosphere with emphasis on protection of Alaska
coastal resources.
Izaak Walton League
(800 members)
  Box 670650
  Chugiak, Alaska 99567

Environmental priorities are protection of fish, wildlife,
water and forests.
Lynn Canal Conservation, Inc.
(30 members)
  P.O. Box 964
  Haines, Alaska 99827
  (907) 766-2360
  Contact: Vivian Menaker

Promotes conservation of resources through public
education for the Lynn Canal area and the Tongass
National Forest.
League of Women Voters of Alaska
(500 members)
  307 Bawden Street
  Ketchikan, Alaska 99901
  Contact: Paula Zinger

Supports policies of long-range planning for
conservation and development of natural resources
leading to clean, healthy air and water.

  Anchorage Chapter
    P.O. Box 1345
    Anchorage, Alaska 99510

  Tanana Valley Chapter
    P.O. Box 1974
    Fairbanks, Alaska 99707
    (907) 456-8963
    Contact: Darlene Kostrub, (907)479-7535

  Juneau Chapter
    8926 Birch
    Juneau, Alaska 99801

  Kenai Peninsula Chapter
    Box 3874
    Soldotna, Alaska 99669

  Ketchikan Chapter
    P.O. Box 6133
    Ketchikan, Alaska 99901
  Matanuska Valley Chapter
    Box 717
    Wasilla, Alaska 99687
Northern Alaska Environmental Center
  218 Driveway
  Fairbanks, Alaska 99701
Sierra Club
(1300 members)
  241 E. Fifth Avenue
  Anchorage, Alaska 99501
  (907) 276-4048
  Contact: Jack Hession

  Denali Group
    do P.O. Box 80871
    Fairbanks, Alaska 99708

  Knik Group
    P.O. Box 2025
    Anchorage, Alaska 99510

  Juneau Group
    P.O. Box 32633
    Juneau, Alaska 99803
    (907) 789-0292
    Contact: Mike Sakaris

  Sitka Conservation Society
    do P.O. Box 2158
    Sitka, Alaska 99835
Southeast Alaska Conservation Council
(900 members)
  P.O. Box 21692
  Juneau, Alaska 99802
  Contact: Bart Koehler
Trustees for Alaska
  725 Christensen Drive, #4
  Anchorage, Alaska 99501
  (907) 276-4244
  Contact: Patti J. Saunders

Legal advice, workshop on hazardous waste for
Wilderness Society
(62,000 nationwide)
  419 Sixth Street, Suite 321
  Juneau, Alaska 99801
  (907) 586-4284
  Contact: Fletcher Shives

Dedicated to the preservation of wilderness and wise
management of other public lands.

Association of Idaho Cities
  3314 Grace St.
  Boise, Idaho 83703
  Contact: James Weatherby, Executive Director
Audubon Society

Concerned with wildlife conservation and education;
wise use of land and water resources; protecting life
from pollution, radiation, and toxic substances; world
population stabilization.

  Golden Eagle Audubon Society
    3509 Kootenai
    Boise, Idaho 83707
    (208) 343-0492
    Contact: E. Sonnenberg

  Palouse Audubon Society
    P.O. Box 3606
    University Station
    Moscow, Idaho 83843

  PortNeuf Valley Audubon Society
    960 Wayne Street
    Pocatello, Idaho 83201
    (208) 233-0585
    Contact: Joan  Downing
Ducks Unlimited, Inc., Idaho
(5,202 members in Idaho, 580,000 nationwide)
  P.O. Box 7808
  Boise, Idaho 83729
  (208) 386-5326
  Contact: Ed Gorman, 1986 State Chair

Concerns are the acquistion and preservation of
wetlands for the nesting, breeding, and hatching of
Idaho Association of Commerce and
  P.O. Box 389
  Boise, Idaho 83701
  Contact: Matt Eames
Idaho Conservation League
(1,500 members)
  P.O. Box 844
  Boise, Idaho 83701
  (208) 345-6933
  Contact: Mary E. Kelly

Goal: Research and education of environmental
Idaho Department of Fish and Game
200 members
  5202 S. 5th Street
  Pocatello. Idaho 83201
  (208) 232-4703
  Contact: Jack Connelly

Promote education of public and conservation and
wise use of wildlife and its habitat.
Idaho Environmental Council
(200 members)
  1820 N. 7th
  Boise, Idaho 83702
  (208) 385-1304(work) 345-2030,(home)
  Contact: Alan Hausrath

Works for the preservation and wise use of scenic and
historic open space, wildlife, wilderness, and outdoor
recreational resources.
Idaho Lung Association
  2621 Camas Street
  Boise, Idaho 83705
  (208) 344-6567
  Contact: Bill Smith

Dedicated to the prevention and control of lung
disease and prevention of air pollution.
Idaho Natural Resources Legal Foundation,
  P.O. Box 1946
  Boise, Idaho 83701
  (208) 939-6822
  Contact: Edwin W. Stockly
Idaho State Federation of Garden Clubs,
(500 members in Idaho, 30,000 members nationwide)
  Rt. 2, Box 10
  Kamiah, Idaho 83536
  Contact: Mrs. Tom Pethel

Education: plant kingdom in all its facets of food, fibre,
health needs, decorative needs through workshops,
training, and scholarships.

Environment: focus this term is on hazardous waste
utilizing workshops at all organizational levels.

Idaho State University Student Union
Outdoor Program and Cooperative
Wilderness Handicapped Outdoor Group
(6,000 participants)
  Pocatello, Idaho 83209
  Contact: Ron Walters

Environmental and conservation education,
particularly in relation to wilderness; provide support
group for disabled persons using the outdoors.
Idaho Wildlife Federation
(2,000 members)
  2405 Fifth Street
  Lewiston,  Idaho 83501
  (208) 246-9046
  Contact: Kent Henderson, President

Purpose is to protect the environment for wildlife
Kootenai Environmental Alliance
(240 members)
  P.O. Box 1514
  Couer d'Alene, Idaho 83814
  Contact: Emanuel Schorr

Concerned with environmental issues in Kootenai
County as well as state-wide issues. Keeps public
aware of topical issues.
League of Women Voters of Idaho
  131 S. Holmes
  Shelly, Idaho 83274
  Contact: Joy Myers

Non-partisan organization promoting active citizen
partcipation in government, including environmental
League of Women Voters of Idaho Falls
  P.O. Box 2093
  Idaho Falls, Idaho 83403
  Contact: Dee Hill

Non-partisan organization promoting active citizen
participation in government, including environmental
environmental quality of the Idaho panhandle and to
educate the community on matters of environmental
Payette Lakes Wildlife Federation, Inc.
  P.O. Box 433
  McCall, Idaho 83638
  Contact: E.R. Bunch, President

Protection of sportsmen's rights, management of fish
and game resources.
Sierra Club-Northern Rockies Region
(1,800 members)
  P.O. Box 552
  Pocatello, Idaho 83701
  (208) 344-4565
  Contact: Edwina Allen

To explore and promote the wild places of the earth
and practice and promote responsible use of the
earth's resources through education, public
participation, and all lawful means.
Society for Range Management-Idaho
(260 Idaho members; 5,000 nationwide)
  1330 Filer Avenue East
  Twin Falls, Idaho 83301
  (208) 734-3600
  Contact: Ken Sanders
Panhandle Environmental League
(60 members)
  P.O. Box 963
  Sandpoint, Idaho 83864
  (208) 263-0347
  Contact: Ruth Watklns

Purpose: To maintain, protect and improve the

American Lung Association of Oregon
  1776 SW Madison
  Portland, Oregon 97205
  (503) 224-5145
  Contact: Christine Stillger

Wide variety of resources on smoking, second-hand
smoke, lung diseases, occupational health, air
conservation speakers, written materials, A-V-
Association of Oregon Industries
  P.O. Box 12519
  Salem, Oregon 97309-0519
  (508) 588-0050
  Contact:  Tom Donaca
Association of Oregon Recyclers
f 162 companies, individuals, and municipalities.)
  P.O. Box66241
  Portland, Oregon 97266
  (503) 761-8075
  Contact: Kathy Cancille, Office Manager

Represents Oregon recycling operations, provides
information on recycling.
Audubon Society, of Portland, Inc.
(5,000+ members)
  5151 NW Cornell Road
  Portland, Oregon 97210
  (503) 292-6855
  Contact: Claire Puchy, Executive Director

Promotes wildlife and environmental education and
appreciation; active in state and local environmental
issues and preservation of habitat. Maintains Wildlife
Care Center which provides free wildlife rehabilitation
services for the public.

  Cape Arago Audubon Society
    P.O.  Box 381
    North Bend, Oregon 97459-9998
    Contact: Ben Fawyer, President

  Central Oregon Audubon Society
    P.O. Box 5702
    Bend, Oregon 97708
    Contact: Jim Anderson, President

  Corvallis Audubon Society
    P.O. Box 148
    Corvallis, Oregon 97339
    Contact: George Burt, President

  Kalmiopsis Audubon Society
    95187 Elk River Road
    Port Orford, Oregon 97465
    Contact: Carrie Osborne
  Klamath Basin Audubon Society
    436 Delta
    Klamath Falls, Oregon 97601
    Contact: B.J. Matzen, President

  Lane County Audubon Society
    554 Kingswood
    Eugene, Oregon 97405
    Contact: Richard Lamster, President

  Oakridge Audubon Society
    P.O. Box 1299
    Oakridge, Oregon 97463
    Contact: Jon Vanderheyden, President

  Rogue Valley Audubon Society
    5220 Upper Applegate Road
    Jacksonville,  Oregon 97530
    Contact: John Keller, President

  Salem Audubon Society
    P.O. Box2013
    Salem, Oregon 97308
    (503) 363-0710
    Contact: JackSheehy

  Siskiyou Audubon Society
    2288 Williams Highway
    Grants Pass, Oregon 97527
    Contact Bob Carton, President

  Umpqua Valley Audubon Society
    P.O. Box 381
    Roseburg, Oregon 97470
    Contact: John Kennedy, President
BRING Recycling
  P.O. Box 885
  Eugene, Oregon 97440
  (503) 683-3637
  Contact: Lissa Wienholt

To divert reuseable and recyclable materials from the
waste stream through recycling.
Cascade Holistic Economic Consultants
  P.O. Box 3479
  Eugene, Oregon 97403
  (503) 686-2432
  Contact: Ken Fletcher

Non-profit forestry consultant firm providing
educational and technical assistance to conservation
groups. Publishes Forest Watch Magazine.

Cedar Mill Garden Club
Member of Oregon State Federatin of Garden Clubs
  1930 SW 139th Avenue
  Beaverton, Oregon 97005

Coordinate garden activities; promotes conservation
of native plants and wise use of natural resources.
Central Cascades Conservation Council
  P.O. Box 731
  Salem, Oregon 97308
  (503) 390-2257
  Contact: Tony George

Dedicated to the conservation of natural resources in
the central  Cascades.
Citizens for a Lead-Free Environment
(45 members)
  237 SE 17th Avenue
  Portland, Oregon 97214
  Contact: Roger Burt

Concerned with heavy metal contamination of the
environment, especially as it relates to human health.
City Club of Portland
  730 SW First Avenue
  Portland, Oregon 97204

Provides public attention and forum for public policies
and activities.
Columbia River Fishermen's Protective
(700 members)
  322 10th Street
  Astoria, Oregon 97103
  (503) 325-2702
  Contact: Bruce Crookshanks

Purpose: To protect and preserve the waters and
estuaries of the Northwest, particularly the Columbia
River and its tributaries.
Desert Trail Association
(800 members)
  P.O. Box 589
  Burns, Oregon 97720
  (503) 573-2932
  Contact: Russ Pengelly

Goals: Build a national desert trail, educate people
about the desert, desert conservation, sponsor outings
in the desert region.
Environmental Studies Center
(20 Graduate Students, 5 staff)
  104 Condon Hall
  University of Oregon
  Eugene, Oregon 97403
  (503) 686-5006
  Contact: Director

Environmental library and resource materials,
environmental research.
1,000 Friends of Oregon
(5,000 members)
  534 SW Third Avenue
  300 Willamette Building
  Portland, Oregon 97212
  (503) 223-4396
  Contact: Paul W. Ketcham

Goal: Guide local and state government
implementation of statewide planning laws through
advocacy, enforcement, and educational activities.
Major thrust is to protect agriculture, forest, coastal,
fish and wildlife resources while promoting efficient
Friends of the Columbia Gorge
(2,100 members)
  P.O. Box 40820
  Portland, Oregon 97240
  Contacts: Bowen Blair, Jr., Executive Director
           Marie Pampush, Associate Director

Friends of the Columbia Gorge was founded in
November 1980 as an educational public interest
group to work for planning and permanent resource
protection of one of the world's most beautiful and
historic areas - the Columbia River Gorge. Our
objectives are to preserve the open space of the
Gorge, to focus future development within
incorporated cities and their urban growth boundaries,
and to provide for a single, uniform management plan
for the whole Gorge.
Oregon Herpetological Society, Inc.
(37 members)
  84356 Derbyshire Lane
  Eugene, Oregon 97405
  Contact: Steven J. Aveldson

Educate members about amphibians and reptiles,
conservation of native populations of reptiles and
amphibians communication n publications, laws, etc.

     P.O. Box 1075
     Grants Pass, Oregon 97526
     Contact:  Boyd Peters

   Investigation and challenge of illegal forest practices
   on public land.
   Historic Preservation League of Oregon
   (800 members)
     P.O. Box 40053
     Portland, Oregon 97240
     (503) 243-1923
     Contact: Eric L Elseman

   The League is a private, independent, non-profit
   corporation whose purpose is to encourage the
   support and advancement of historic preservation
   through education, planning and legislation.
   Izaac Walton League of America - Oregon
   (550 members)
     208 NE 140th
     Portland, Oregon 98230
     (503) 246-8257
     (503) 254-3472
     Contact: Steve Larson
   Keep Oregon Green and Clean
   (5,000+ members)
     32135 Priceboro Drive
     Harrisburg, Oregon 97446
     (503) 995-6959
     Contact: Edgar B. Grimes

   Provides leadership for environmental youth programs
   in Oregon.
   League of Oregon Cities
     1201 Court Street NE
     P.O. Box 928
     Salem, Oregon 97300
   League of Women Voters of Oregon
   (1,600 members)
     189 Liberty St., NE #307
     Salem, Oregon 98301

   Non-partisan organization whose goal is to promote
   active citizen participation in government including
   environmental issues: air and water quality, energy,
   land use, and solid waste.
League of Women Voters-Lane County
  3429 South Park
  Eugene, Oregon 97404

League of Women Voters-Portland
  512 Willamette Building
  534 SW Third
  Portland, Oregon 97204
Multnomah Anglers and Hunters Club
(350 participants)
  P.O. BQX 13771
  Portland, Oregon 97213
  (503) 287-5067
  Contact: Jim Valentine, Chairman

Family-oriented dub interested in conservation of
natural resources.
Native Plant Society of Oregon
(860 members)
  2912 NW Arthur
  Corvallis, Oregon 97330
  (503) 758-8063
  Contact: Dan Luoma

Dedicated to increasing knowledge in identification
and conservation of the native plants of the Pacific
National Wildlife Federation
  519 SW Third, Suite 606
  Portland, Oregon 97204
  Contacts: Bruce Apple and Beth Stout

Primary mission is the wise use and protection of
natural resources.
Northwest Association of Environmental
Studies (NWAES)
(700+ members)
  104 Condon Hall
  University of Oregon
  Eugene, Oregon 97403
  (503) 686-3895
  Contact:  John H. Baldwin

Purpose: To alert the public as to the effects of
pesticide dependence and to promote viable

Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to
Pesticides (NCAP)
  P.O. Box 1393
  Eugene, Oregon 97440
  (503) 344-5044
  Contact: Norma Grier

Purpose: To alert the public as to the effects of
pesticide dependence and to promote viable
Northwest Power Planning Council
  851 SW 6th Ave.,Suite 1100
  Portland, Oregon 97204
  (503) 222-5161
  Contact: Dulcy Mahar, Public Involvement
Oregon Bass and Panfish Club
  P.O. Box 1021
  Portland, Oregon 97207
  (503) 282-2852
  Contact: Jack Webster
Oregon Environmental Council
(2,200 members, 67 organizations)
  2637 SW Water Avenue
  Portland, Oregon 97201
  (503) 222-1963
  Contact: John Charles, Executive Director

Coalition of groups and individuals encouraging action
toward protection and restoration of the environment
through creative planning, education, and wise
Oregon Natural Heritage Data Base
  1205 NW 25th
  Portland, Oregon 97210
  (503) 229-5078
  Contact: James Kagan

Coordinates data bank information on natural areas
and rare, endangered, and sensitive plant and animal
species in Oregon.
Oregon Natural Resources Council
  1611 Lincoln Street
  Eugene, Oregon 97401
Oregon Natural Resources Council-
Northeast Oregon Field Office
  Box 394
  Prairie City, Oregon 97869
Oregon Shores Coalition
  P.O. Box 578
  Rockaway, Oregon 97136
Oregon Student Public Interest Group
(30,000 citizen members, 35,000 student members)
  P.O. Box 751
  Portland State University
  Portland, Oregon 97202
  (503) 222-9641
  Contact: Thomas Novick

OSPIRG conducts independent research, monitors
governmental and corporate actions, and advocates
for reforms to benefit the public.
Portland Recycling Team
(624 members)
  2005 N. Portland Blvd.
  Portland, Oregon 97217-4939
  (503) 228-5375
  Contact: Joli Wilkinson

Operates three 24-hour drop-off recycling centers.
Accept, process, and market full line of recyclable
materials; educate community about recycling.
Sierra Club - Oregon Chapter
(7,000 members)
  2506 NE Halsey
  Portland, Oregon 97232
  Contact: Carol Lieberman

The Sierra Club seeks to enhance and protect by all
lawful means the natural resources and human
environments of the United States and its forests,
waters, wildlife, and wilderness.

Seven Sierra Club Groups in Oregon include :
Columbia (Portland), Blue Mt. (La Grande), Mt.
Jefferson (Salem), Mary's Peak (Corvallis), Many
Rivers (Eugene),  Rogue (Medford-Ashland), Klamath
(Klamath Falls), Juniper (Bend).
Sierra Club Rogue Group
  4731 Royal Crest Road
  Medford, Oregon 97522
Southern Oregon NCAP (Northwest
Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides)
  P.O. Box 402
  Grants Pass, Oregon 97526
  Contact: Louise Racataian

Education and awareness on issues concerning
toxins, hazardous wastes, pesticides, herbicides, etc.
in forestry, agriculture and rights of way.

(325 members)
  P.O. Box 176
  Idleyld Park, Oregon 97447
  Contact: Richard J. Bauer

Primarily concerned with the protection and
enhancement of steelhead trout in the North Umpqua
River and its tributaries.
World Forestry Center
(4,000 members)
  4033 SW Canyon Road
  Portland, Oregon 97221
  Contact: Anna Browne, Communications Director
Stop Oregon Litter and Vanderalism, Inc.
  USDA-Forest Service
  P.O. Box 3623
  Portland, Oregon 97208
  Contact: Ernie McDonald

Organized to carry out education and activities to help
control public littering and acts of vandalism.
Survival Center
(6 volunteers)
  Suite 1, EMU II
  University of Oregon
  Eugene, Oregon 97403
  (503) 686-4356
  Contact: Director (changes annually)
Western Forestry and Conservation
(600 members)
  4033 SW Canyon Rod
  Portland, Oregon 97221
  (503) 226-4562
  Contact: Robert Tokarczyk

Promote the practice of forestry and the development
of forest conservation on all forest lands in western
United States and western Canada.
The Wetlands Conservancy
  P.O. Box 236
  Tualatin, Oregon 97062
  (503) 692-4006
  Contact: Jack Broome

We are a tax exempt wetlands protection land trust.
We offer wetland tours, speakers and publish a
quarterly news letter.

We are an entirely volunteer organization involved
with wetlands protection in urbanizing surrounding

Alpine Lakes Protection Society
(250 members)
  Rt.1, Box 890
  Ellensburg, Washington 98926
  (509) 925-1807
  Contact: Hal Undstrom

Dedicated to the protection of the Alpine Lakes area in
the central Cascades of Washington State.
American Lung Association of
Washington-Air Quality Coalition
(21 member organizations)
  2625 3rd Ave.
  Seattle, WA. 98121-1213
  (206)441-5100 or (800) 732-9339
  Contact: Janet Chalupnik

Coalition of health and environmental organizations
working for clean air by representing the public
interest at hearings on standards, regulations, and
Association of Bainbridge Communities
(300 members)
  P.O. Box 10999
  Bainbridge Island, Washington 98110
  (206) 842-5371
  Contacts: Charles Schmid or Elaine Hellmuth

To assure environmental protection of natural
resources in Bainbridge and work for proper land use
Association of Washington Business
  P.O. Box 658
  Olympia, WA. 98507-0658
  Contact: Roger von Gohren
Audubon Society Seattle
(4,700 members)
  619 Joshua Green Building
  4th and Pike
  Seattle, Washington 98101

  Contact: Kaethe Barton, Office Manager

Education, conservation, and enjoyment of our natural

  Blue Mountain Audubon Society
  (185 members)
    502 Boyer
    Walla Walla, Washington 99362
    (509) 529-8628
    Contact: Tom Scrlbner
  East Lake Washington Audubon Society
    P.O. Box 3632
    Bellevue, Washington 98009-3632
    (206) 232-9543
    Contact: Amy McQuade

    Lower Columbia Basin Audubon Society
    (300 members)
    9517 W. Richardson
    Pasco, Washington 99301
    Contact: Richard J. Leaumont -
            Conservation Committee Chairman

  North Central Washington Audubon
  (450 members)
    212 S. Iowa Street
    East Wenatchee, Washington 98802
    (509) 884-3272
    Contact: Sue Hoover

Territory includes Chelan, Okanagon, Douglas, and
ferry counties.

  Pilchuck Audubon Society
    7207 Lakewood Road
    Stanwood, Washington 98292
    (206) 652-9619
    Contact. Bonnie Phillips-Howard, President

  Tahoma Audubon Society
    1919 South Tyler
    Tacoma, Washington 98405
    (206) 759-0997
    Contacts: Annabelle Reed and Jean Gillmer,

  Whldbey Audubon Society
    P.O. Box1012
    Oak Harbor, Washington 98277
    (206) 679-1086
    Contact: Hank Hansen, President

To educate members and the public about wildlife
protection and improvement of habitat. To work for
clean air, clean water, wetland and old growth forest
preservation, and safe disposal of toxic and other
wastes. Nature education for elementary school
children and volunteer participation in environmental
protection and habitat improvement for birds and other
wildlife and major activities.

Citizens for Clean Water Inc.
(25 members)
  8622 Fauntiee Crest SW
  Seattle, Washington 98136
  (200) 937-4090*
  Contacts:  Edward J. Gruble and Bob O. Bower,
            Olympia 866-7768;
            Earl Morgan,
            Anacortes 293-3033

Goal: Prevention of water pollution in Puget Sound.
Dlshman Hills Natural Area Assn., Inc.
(200 contributors)
  E. 10820 Maxwell Avenue
  Spokane, Washington 99206
  Contact: Thomas H. Rogers

Purpose: To preserve the Dishman Hills in their
natural state.
Environmental Intern Program/PNW
  731 Securities Building
  1904 Third Avenue
  Seattle, Washington 98101
  Contact: Kevin Doyle
Federation of Western Outdoor Clubs
  Dept. 106
  Seattle, Washington 98102
  (206) 322-3041
Friends of the Earth-Northwest Office
(2,500 members in the NW)
  4512 University Way NE
  Seattle, Washington 98105
  Contact: David E. Ortman

Working for the preservation, restoration, and more
rational use of the earth by representing the public's
interest in the environment before administrative and
legislative bodies and in court.
Friends of the Juniper Forest
(250 members)
  204 Newell
  Walla Walla, Washington 99362
  (509) 525-8070
  Contact: Doug Morton

Provide input to governing agencies on land use in the
Juniper Forest and Franklin County; work for
Greenpeace Northwest Office
  4649 Sunnyside North
  Seattle, Washington 98103
  (206) 632-4326
  Contacts: Floye Sumida, (Director), Bill Keller,
          Jim Puckett
Hood Canal Environmental Council
(150 members)
  P.O. Box 87
  Seabeck, Washington 98380
  Contact: Joseph L Lambert

Works to protect the marine and land environment of
Hood Canal and its watershed through public
education, land use planning with resource agencies
and litigation against projects deemed unwise use of
natural resources.
Inland N.W. Wildlife Council
(450 members)
  401 North Helena Street
  P.O. Box 3286
  Spokane, Washington 99220
  Contact: Arthur Solomon, Jr., Executive Director

Goal is to preserve and protect wildlife, fishery, and
Jefferson Recycling Project
(25 members)
  Port Townsend, Washington 98365
  (206) 385-4007
  Contact: Greg Wright

Training program for developmentally disabled adults
through operation of a comprehensive county
recycling project (Jefferson County Landfill).
League of Women Voters of Washington
(2,200 members)
  810 Vance Building
  1402 Third Ave.
  Seattle, Washington 98101
  (206) 622-8961
  Contact: Nancy Pearson

Non-partisan educational and lobbying organization
taking positions on issues concerning air, water, solid
waste, energy and land use on state and national

Mid-Columbia Archaeological Society
(200 members)
  P.O Box 901
  Richland, Washington 99352
  (509) 946-4258
  Contact: Nick Paglieri, Newsletter Editor

Increase public awareness and education of
archaeology, particularity local archaeological sites.
Protect and preserve local archaeology and cultural
Mount St. Helens Protective Association
(90 members)
  2857 Rose Valley Loop
  Kelso, Washington 98626
  (206) 425-6495
  Contact: Noel McRae

Purpose is to seek and maintain management of
Mount St. Helen's area.
Mount Rainier National Park Associates
  9230 41st Avenue NE
  Seattle, Washington 98115-3802

The Mountaineers
(11,500 members)
  300 Third Avenue West
  Seattle, Washington 98119
  (206) 284-6310
  Contact: Virginia Felton, Executive Director

Goal: The exploration, study, and preservation of
mountains, forests, and water sources of the Pacific
North Beach and Pacific County
Environmental Council
(25 members)
  P.O. Box 9578
  Seattle, Washington 98109
  (206) 282-7089
  Contact: Uz Greenhagen

Purpose: To educate,  protect, and promote the wise
management of Washington's estuarine systems.
North Cascades Conservation Council
(1,500 members)
  P.O. Box 95980
  University Station
  Seattle, Washington 98145-1980
  (206) 543-3414
  Contact: Dr. Patrick Goldworthy, Chair

Protection and preservation of the scenic,
recreational, wildlife, and wilderness values of the
North Cascades of Washington.
Northwest Rivers Council
  215 Norton Building
  2nd Avenue and Cherry Street
  Seattle, Washington 98104
  Contact: Doug North
Northwest Steelhead and Salmon Council-
Trout Unlimited
(4,500 members)
  P.O. Box2137
  Olympia, Washington 98507
  Contact: Jerry Pavletich

Goal: Protection and enhancement of coldwater
fisheries resources.
Olympic Conservation Council
(15 members)
  829 East First Street
  Port Angeles, Washington 98362
  (206) 452-5541
  Contact. Dr. Harry Lydiard

Goals: Conservation and intelligent use of Olympic
Peninsula Land, air, water; support local conservation
Olympic Park Associates
  13245 40th Avenue NE
  Seattle, Washington 98125
  Contact: Polly Dyer, President
Pend Orielle Center for Appropriate
Technology (POCAT)
(10 members)
  394 Sthor Road
  Newport, Washington 99156
  (509) 447-4264
  Contact: Meg Roellich

Provides information for the development of small-
scale food production systems in northern climates,
concertrating on greenhouse design and low-cost
season extenders.
Perm a culture Insitute of North America
(600 subscribers)
  4649 Sunnyside Avenue N.
  Seattle, Washington 98103
  (206) 547-6838
  Contact: Shery Lltwin

Promote sustainable land use systems within the
context of sustainable human culture.

Protect the Peninsula's Future
(150 members)
  253 Old Blyn Highway
  Sequim, Washington 98382
  Contact:  Eloise Kailin, Secretary

Present focus is water quality of Sequim Bay.
Puget Sound Council of Governments
  216 First Avenue South
  Seattle, Washington 98104
  (206) 464-7090
  Contact: Henry Sharpe
Recycling Hotline Program
  Department of Ecology, Pv-11
  Olympia, Washington 98504
  (800) RECYCLE
  Contact: Sally Attwood
Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI)
  1525 11th Avenue
  Seattle, Washington 98101
  (206) 323-8333

Backcounty information for recreationalists.
Save The Resources Committee
(25 members)
  P.O. Box 844
  Port Townsend, Washington 98368
  (206) 385-2797
  Contact: Andrew Palmer, Executive Director

Local organization which seeks to inform eastern
Olympic Peninsula Citizens about matters affecting
the environment of their area.
Seattle Aquarium
  Pier 59, Waterfront Park
  Seattle, Washington 98101
  (206) 625-5030
  Contact. John McMahon

Educational institution devoted to the display and
interpretation of marine biology.
Seattle Public Library
  1000 Fourth Avenue
  Seattle, Washington 98104
  (206) 386-4636

Recreation backcounty information: pilot project.
Seattle Shoreline Coalition
(200 members)
  4207 Bagley Avenue North
  Seattle, Washington 98103
  Contact: Virginia Richmond
  (206) 632-6076 (evenings), (206) 343-4838 (days)

Protection of the navigational and recreational uses of
waters and shorelines.
Sierra Club Northwest Regional Office
(Cascade Chapter)
(6,000 members)
  Seattle, Washington 98122
  Contact: Jim Bloomquist

  Sierra Club-Palouse Group
    SE 320 Dexter
    Pullman, Washington 99163
    (509)334-4211 (Home)
    (509)334-3411 (Work)
    Contact: Ron Wise

  Sierra Club-Spokane Group
    1518 MapleS.
    Spokane, Washington 99203
    (509) 747-7355
    Contact: Paula Whitson

Strives to enhance and protect by all lawful means the
natural resources and human environments of the
United States and the Earth in general.
Skagit Environmental Council, Inc.
  809 S. 15th Street
  Mt. Vernon, Washington 98273
  Contact: Fred Darvill, M.D.
Small Towns Institute
(1,400 members)
  P.O. Box 517
  Ellensburg, Washington 98926
  Contact: Kenneth Munsell, Director

Promotion of social and natural environments of small
communities as alternatives to cities and suburban
developments and the preservation of the quality of life
and community uniqueness of small towns. Publishes
the news journal "Small Town".

Volunteers for Outdoor Washington
  Seattle, Washington
  (206) 467-0278
  Contact: Becky Rueter, VOW Coordinator

Volunteer organization for trail repair, revegetation,
lake and river cleaning, etc.
Washington Environmental Council
(1,400 members + 70 organizations)
  4516 University Way Ne
  Seattle, Washington 98105
  (206) 547-2738
  Contact: Ted Pankowski

Voluntary citizens organization to protect and enhance
environment in Washington State, through agencies
monitoring, litigation, public education and advocacy.
Washington Environmental Political Action
(500 contributors)
  Seattle, Washington 98111
  (206) 623-7580
  Contact: Ken Weiner, Chair

Purpose is to evaluate, endorse, and organize
grassroots campaign support for environmentally
responsible public officals and candidates running for
state and local office.
Washington Native Plant Society
(800 members)
  Department of Botany (KB-15)
  University of Washington
  Seattle, Washington 98195
  (206) 543-1976 or 543-1942
  Contact: A.R. Kruckeberg

Concerned with  the preservation, conservation, and
study of the native plants of Washington and the
education of the public to the value of native flora and
its habitat.
Washington Natural Heritage Program
  Department of Natural Resources
  Mail Stop: EX-13
  Olympia, Washington 98504
  (206) 753-2449
  Contact: Mark Sheehan, Program Manager

Purpose is to identify and conserve outstanding
natural areas, and  to collect and store data on special
species and natural communities for resource
management and environmental assessment.
Washington Physicians for Social
(1,615 members)
  4534 1/2 University Way NE
  Seattle, Washington 98105
  (206) 547-2630
  Contact: Karen Brewer, Director

Organization of physicians, health professionals and
concerned citizens dedicated to public and
professional education about the medical
consequences of nuclear war.
Washington Sea Grant College Program
  University of Washington
  3716 Brooklyn Avenue NE
  Seattle, Washington 98105
  (206) 543-6600
  Contact: Louie S. Echols

Purpose: To accelerate the national development of
marine resources, including their conservation, proper
management, and maximum social and economic
utilization through an integrated program of education,
research and advisory service.
Washington Wilderness Coalition
  P.O. Box 45187
  Seattle, Washington 98145-0187
  Contact: Karen Fant, External Director

Slide show, speakers and brochures.
Whitman College Environmental Action
Coalition (Inactive in 1986)
(15 members)
  Environmental Houe
  Whitman College
  424 Boyer
  Walla Walla, Washington 99362
  (509) 527-5738
  Contact: Jordan Werner

A student group working to increase student
involvement in environmental issues.
The Wilderness Society
(220,000 members nationwide)
  1424 Fourth Avenue, Suite 813
  Seattle, Washington 98101
  (206) 624-6430
  Contact: Bill Arthur, Northwest Regional Director

Dedicated to preserving wilderness and wildlife,
protecting America's prime forests, parks, rivers and
shorelands, and fostering an American land ethic.

Washington Trails Association
 1305 Fourth Avenue, Suite 518
 Seattle, Washington 98101

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Regional Organization
                       U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
                                   Regional Offices
EPA Region 1
JFK Federal Building
Boston, Massachusetts 02203

EPA Region 2
26 Federal Plaza
New York, New York 10278

EPA Region 3
841 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107
(215) 597-9800

EPA Region 4
345 Courtland Street, NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30365
EPA Region 5
230 South Dearborn Street
Chicago, Illinois 60604

EPA Region 6
1201 Elm Street
Dallas, Texas 75270

EPA Region 7
726 Minnesota Avenue
Kansas City, Kansas 66101
(913) 236-2800
EPA Region 8
One Denver Place
999 18th Street, Suite 1300
Denver, Colorado 80202-2413

EPA Region 9
215 Fremont Street
San Francisco, California 94105
(415) 974-8071

EPA Region 10
1200 Sixth Avenue
Seattle, Washington 98101

National Office
U.S. Environmental Protection
401 M Street, SW
Washington, DC 20460
(202) 382-2090

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