U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
           National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory
   Annual Emissions and Fuel Consumption for an "Average" Passenger Car1
per mile (mi)
  Hydrocarbons     Urban ozone (smog)     2.9 grams (g)     12,500      2.9 g/mi X 12,500 mi X 1 lb/454 g
                  Air toxics
  Carbon Monoxide  Poisonous gas
                22 grams
  Nitrogen Oxides    Urban ozone (smog)     1.5 grams
                  Acid rain
  Carbon Dioxide    Global warming
  Gasoline          Imported oil
                0.8 pound (Ib)     12,500
                0.044 gallon       12,500
            22 g/mi X 12,500 mi X 1 lb/454 g
                          1.5 g/mi X 12,500 mi X 1 lb/454 g
                          0.044gallon/mi X 12,500 mi
Pollution/Fuel Consumption4
                                                                        = 80 pounds of hydrocarbons
                              = 606 pounds of carbon monoxide
                                          = 41 pounds of nitrogen oxides
                                          = 10,000 pounds of carbon dioxide
                                          = 550 gallons of gasoline

   1.  These are averages. Individual vehicles may travel more or less miles and may emit more or less pollution per mile than indicated here. Emission
      factors and pollution/fuel consumption totals may differ slightly from original sources due to rounding.
   2.  The emission factors used here come from standard EPA emission models. They assume an "average," properly maintained car on the road in 1997,
      operating on typical gasoline on a summer day (72-96F).  Emissions may be higher in very hot or very cold weather.
   3.  Average annual mileage source: EPA Office of Mobile Sources Assessment and Modeling Division.
   4.  Fuel consumption is based on average in-use passenger car fuel economy of 22.5 miles per gallon. Source: US DOT/FHA, Highway Statistics 1995.
                                                                                                                  April 1997