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  What is TOXINFO1
  Welcome to the first issue of TOXINFO, the new and improved version of Tox Talk.
  Like Tox Talk,  TOXINFO is issued by the Library for the Office of Pollution  Prevention and Toxics
  (OPPT). This bimonthly newsletter will provide you with a listing of recent articles, book reviews, and
  abstracts published in periodicals subscribed to by the OPPT Library.
  TOXINFO is not intended to be a comprehensive review of the literature of toxicology, epidemiology,
  public health, analytical chemistry, or pollution prevention. Library staff scan the library's periodicals
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  volume and issue number, and pagination. For added ease in retrieval the date of the issue follows the
  citation. No author is listed for edited columns. Please note that items noted as being distracts are only
  that; the full paper or article is not included in the journal.
  The format for book  and software reviews includes author or editor, book title, type of review, journal
  abbreviation, volume and issue number, and pagination.  The issue date of the journal again follows each

  We hope that you find TOXINFO informative.  Please keep  in mind, that this is only a partial listing of
  articles found in the literature.  Comprehensive database searches for OPPT staff on ANY subject can
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                                  SUBJECTS INCLUDED IN THIS ISSUE
      Airborne Pollutants
      Aquatic Toxicology
      Cancer and Carcinogenesis
      Environmental Regulation
      Fuller enes
      Human Exposure
   Occupation and Reproduction
   Occupational Exposure
   Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
   Reproductive &
     Developmental Toxicology
   Risk Assessment
   Smoking and Tobacco
   Statistical Methods
                                            SELECTED ARTICLES
"Air  Pollution:  No Place  Like a  Mobile  Home.1'  Sci News
  140(16):247.  (19 Oct. 1991)
BAGLEY, S.T. et al.  "Characterization of Organic Extracts from
  Standard Reference Materials 1649, 'Urban Dust/Organics', and
  1650, 'Diesel Paniculate Matter', Usinga Microsuspension Assay.
  A  WHO/1PCS/CSCM  Study."   Mutat  Res  276(1/2):81-86.
  (Jan./Mar. 1992)
CREBELLI, R. et al. "Mutagenicity Spectra in Bacterial Strains of
  Airborne  & Engine  Exhaust Particulate Extracts."  Mutat Res
  261(4):237-248. (Dec. 1991)
FRANK, W.; H.J.C. Neves, and H. Frank.  "Levels of Airborne
  Halocarbons at Urban & Mountain Forest Sites in Germany & at
  the Atlantic Coast."  Chemosphere 23(5):609-626.  (1991)
KHAN, M.F. and G.S.D. Gupta.  "Cellular & Biochemical Indices
  of BronchoalveolarLavage for Detection of Lung Injury Following
  Insult by Airborne Toxicants." ToxicolLett 58(3):239-256. (Nov.

KHAN, M.F.; G.S.D.  Gupta, and R.F. Henderson. "Commentary
  on 'Cellular & Biochemical Indices of BronchoalveolarLavage for
  Detection  of Lung  Injury  Following   Insult by  Airborne
  Toxicants'."  Taxicol Lett 58(3):235-238. (Nov. 1991)
MUMFORD, J.L.  et al.   "Indoor Air Pollutants from Unvented
  Kerosene Heater Emissions in Mobile Homes: Studies on Particles,
  Semivolatile  Organics,  Carbon  Monoxide &  Mutagenicity."
  Environ Sci & Tech 25(10): 1732-1738.  (Oct. 1991)
PLINKE, M.A.E. et al. "Experimental Examinaiion of Factors Thafl,
  Affect Dust Generation."  Am Ind Hyg Assoc J 52(12):521-528.
  (Dec. 1991)
SAVARD,  S.; R. Otson, and G.R. Douglas.  "Mutagenicity &
  Chemical Analysis of Sequential Organic Extracts of Airborne
  Particulates."  Mutat Res 276(1/2):101-116.  (Jan./Mar. 1992)

TURPIN, B.J. "Los Angeles Summer Midday Paniculate Carbon:
  Primary  &  Secondary  Aerosol."    Environ  Sci  &  Tech
  25(10): 1788-1793.  (Oct. 1991)
ALAM,   M.K.;   O.E.   Maughan,  and   M.D.   Van   Ert.
  "Physicochemical Characterization of Industrial Effluents & Their
  Effect  on Fish  Survival."  J  Environ  Sci  Health  Part  B
  B26(5/6):683-696. (1991)
AXELSSON, B.  and L. Norrgren.  "Parasite Frequency & Liver
  Anomalies in Three-Spincd Stickleback, Gasierosteiis aculeatus
  (L.), after Long-Term Exposure to Pulp Mill Effluents in Marine
  Mesocosms."   Arch Environ Contain  Toxicol 21(4):505-513.
  (Nov. 1991)
BERGMAN,  H.L., and  J.S. Matticc.    "Lake  Acidification &
  Fisheries Project:  Acclimation to Low pH & Elevated Aluminum
  by Trout." Can J Fish Aquat Sci 48(10):1987-1988.  (Oct. 1991)
DE FLORA, S.; M. Bagnasco, and P.  Zanacchi.  "Genotoxic.j
  Carcinogenic & Teratogenic Hazards in the Marine Environment,'

  with  Special Reference to the Mediterranean Sea."  Mutat Res
  258(3):285-320. (Nov. 1991)
HUCKINS,  J.N.; J.F.  Fairchild,  and  T.P.  Boyle.   "Role of
  Exposure Mode in the Bioavailability of Triphenyl Phosphate to
     kuatic  Organisms."      Arch   Environ   Contam   Toxicol
     ;4):481-485.  (Nov.  1991)
MCCORMICK, P.V. et al.  "Response of Protistan Assemblages to
  a Model Toxicant, the Surfactant C12-TMAC (Dodectyl Trimethyl
  Ammonium Chloride), in Laboratory Streams."  Aquat Toxicol
  21(1/2):41-70.  (Nov. 1991)
MUKHERJEE, D.  et  al.    "Impairment of  Steroidogenesis &
  Reproduction in Sexually Mature Cyprinus carpio by Phenol &
  Sulfide  under  Laboratory   Conditions."      Aquat  Toxicol
  21(l/2):29-40.  (Nov. 1991)
PRASAD, M.S.  "SEM  Study on the Effects of Crude Oil on the
  Gills  & Air Breathing Organs of Climbing Perch."  Bull Environ
  Contam Toxicol 47(6): 882-889.  (Dec.  1991)
RAFI,  G.M.  et al.  "Acute & Chronic Toxicity of Endosulfan to
  Crab: Effect on  Lipid Metabolism." Bull Environ Contam Toxicol
  47(6):918-924.  (Dec. 1991)
SAITO, S.; A. Tanoue, and  M. Matsuo.  "The ito-Characters to
  Describe  Bioconcentration  of  Organic Chemicals  in  Fish."
  Chemosphere 23(6):789-800. (1991)
STALKER, M.J. et al.   "Loss  of Glutathione S-Transferases in
  Pollution-Associated   Liver  Neoplasms  in   White  Suckers
  (Caiostomus commersoni) from Lake Ontario."  Carcinogenesis
  12(12):2227-2232.  (Dec.  1991)
WALKER, R.L.;  C.M.  Wood, and H.L.  Bergman.  "Effects of
  Long-Term Preexposure to  Sublethal Concentrations of Acid &
  Aluminum on the Ventilatory Response to Aluminum Challenge in
  3rook Trout  (salvelinus fontinalus)."   Can J  Fish  Aquat Sci
   >8(10):1989-1995.  (Oct. 1991)

"Asbestos Decision Fuels Drive on Hill to Revamp TSCA."  Pestic
  &  Toxic Chem News 20(5):6.  (4 Dec.  1991)
"Asbestos Plans by Some States Ahead  of U.  S. Requirements."
  Pestic & Toxic Chem News 20(1):18. (6 Nov. 1991)
GIBBS, A.R. et al.  "Fibre Distribution  in the  Lungs & Pleura of
  Subjects with Asbestos Related Diffuse Pleural Fibrosis." Br J Ind
  Med 48(11):762-770.  (Nov. 1991)
KEYES, D.L. et  al.   "Exposure to Airborne Asbestos Associated
  with  Simulated  Cable Installation above a Suspended Ceiling."
  Am Ind Hyg Assoc J 52(ll):479-484.  (Nov. 1991)
KHAN, S.; S. Ali, and Q. Rahman. "Diminuation in Phase I and
  Phase U Drug Metabolizing Enzymes of Rat Lung by Asbestos."
  Bull Environ Contam Toxicol 47(5):660-667.  (Nov. 1991)
LAVELLE.S.M., andM. Maclomhair. "Asbestos: A Foreign-Body
  Sarcoma-Inducer."   [Abstract]  Eur J Cancer 27(Suppl. 3):S48,
  6.013.  (1991)
LEIGH, J. et al.   "The Incidence of Malignant Mesothelioma in
  Australia, 1982-1988."  Am J  Ind Med  20(5):643-656.  (Nov.
MAGNIANI, C.;  G.P. Borgo, and B. Terracini.  'Mesothelioma &
  Environmental  Asbestos  Exposure in   Casale  Monferrato."
  [Abstract]  Eur J Cancer 27(Suppl. 3):S48, 6.014. (1991)
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                                                                   3  ...

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