WASHINGTON, D.C. 20460
                                                       OFFICE OF
                                              SOLID WASTE AND EMERGENCY RESPONSE
                       AUG   1 1992
                                        OERR DIRECTIVE 9200.4-12A
SUBJECT:  Change in Distribution of OERR Memoranda and Directives

FROM:     Henry L. Longest II, Director
          Office of Emergency and Remedia

TO:       All OERR Staff

     This directive amends OERR Directive  9203.1-01,  dated
June 9, 1992, to include additional  offices  in pur distribution
list and to change the directive number to 9200.4-12A.   This
directive provides a list of addressees and  courtesy copies who
will be sent all OERR memoranda, directives  and other formal


     Communication with the OSWER community  and Regional
counterparts has been emphasized; however, implementation of this
directive will ensure that all necessary groups are informed.


     Effective immediately, memoranda, directives, and other
formal communications to the Regional Division Directors are to
be addressed as follows:

     Director, Waste Management Division
       Regions I, IV, V, VII
     Director, Emergency and Remedial Response Division
       Region II
     Director, Hazardous Waste Management  Division
       Regions III, VI, VIII, IX
     Director, Hazardous Waste Division
       Region X
     Director, Environmental Services Division
       Regions I, VI, VII, X
                                                           Printed on Recycled Paper

     Courtesy copies should be provided to each office within
OSWER and every OERR Division Director.  To ensure that no one is
overlooked, the following oeople/offices are to be included:

     Don Clay
     OERR Division Directors
     Bruce Diamond, OWPE
     David W. Ziegele, OUST
     Sylvia Lowrance, OSW
     Walter Kovalick, TIO
     James Makris, CEPPO
     Tim Fields, SRO
     Larry Starfield, OGC

     Formal communications to Regional Branch Chiefs should be
addressed as follows:

     Regional Removal Managers
     Regional Waste Management Branch Chiefs

     Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
cc:  Don Clay
     Richard Guimond
     Bowdoin Train