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 Through an EPA/NOAA joint project, the
 combined records of the 28 EPA Libraries and
 22 NOAA Libraries and Information Centers
 are now available to you on a CD-ROM
 workstation. EPA/NOAA LINC is an
 automated catalog combining CD-ROM
 technology with artificial intelligence. There
 are several advantages to using LINC:

 o     Keyword Searching: using natural
       language or a combination of
       keywords, LINC produces a list of
       relevant information.

 o     Limit Search: For example, your
       search can be limited to only
       items in the Headquarters Library
       or by year of publication.

 o     Help Function: LINC has detailed
       help screens which can be
       accessed at any time during your
       search, or the Library's reference
       staff is always available to assist

 o     Audio Tutorial: Available to help
       you use the system easily and
      LINC is located near the Reference
Desk. Please contact a member of the
Library's reference staff or call 260-5921 to
arrange a training session.  Decisions  —>
Environmental Action.  We can provide the
information for decisions that lead to
environmental action. We'll keep you informed on
resources and services to help you work smarter,
as well as letting you know about developments in
new areas. This is also an open invitation for you
to use IDEA to share your new developments with
others in the Agency. Contact us for more details.
                     ne7(t great idea is in the 22Efl Headquarters Library
                     EPA Headquarters Library (PM211 A) WSM2904 202-260-5922
                                                                         Printed on Recycled Papa

  Play it Again,  Sam...

      Ideas are often communicated most
clearly through sight and sound. The
Headquarters Library can help you expand
your understanding of issues new and old
through our collections of audio and video
tapes.  Watch our videos in the Library or take
them to your office for a teambuilding session.
Listen to our audio cassettes during your
commute. We can even loan you cassette
players and headphones (batteries are

      The Library's video collection focuses
on Management and the Environment. In
future newsletters, we'll describe highlights of
the collections.  Here are a few of the latest

Clear As Mud. Public speaking issues are
handled in a light-hearted way by puppets and
animated characters.  Tips on how to
overcome common obstacles to clear
communication emphasize the importance of
being prepared for public speaking.

In Partnership With Earth: Pollution
Prevention For The 1990's. Humans must
learn to live in harmony with nature, says host
John Denver. Lessons stressed include
pollution prevention-, waste minimization and

The KGB, The Computer And Me. Based on
Clifford Stoll's book The Cuckoo's Egg, this
episode of Nova, the popular PBS science
series, describes how astronomer-turned-
computer-scientist Stoll traced a 75 cent error
to an international computer espionage ring
by using the scientific method. 
  Why Reinvent the Wheel...
 Have an Online Search Done For You
      You have the latest information
available to you in the Headquarters Library.
Whether you are looking for background
information  for a new project, additional
information for a report, trying to locate
authorities in a particular subject area, or
tracking down a specific story that was in the
Washington Post, we have the databases for
you.  The Headquarters Library has
access to over 400 databases covering a
variety of disciplines (environment,
government R & D, human resources
management, medicine, business, computer
science, marketing, science & technology),
and a growing number of major newspapers
in full text.  Most database records include a
summary of the material.
      An online search can be customized to
answer your request for specific technical or
business related information.  It is easy to
have a search done. Discuss your topic with
one of the Reference Librarians and let us
help you to locate the information you need.
You can contact us at 260-5921. (ZSb
  The Headquarters Library...
         More than Just Books
      Information can be found in a variety of
formats today.  In this column we will feature
different types of technology that you can use
to locate information.

      Public Policy Analysis
      PAIS on CD-ROM is a bibliographic
database on a compact disc. It contains
citations to books, journal articles,
government documents, pamphlets, and
reports dealing with public policy aspects of
social, economic, and political issues and
problems.  Publications indexed include
material published anywhere in the world in
English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese,
or Spanish. Subject headings and abstracts
are in English. PAIS on CD-ROM contains the
combined records from PAIS
LANGUAGE INDEX, from 1972 to the
      PAIS on CD-ROM \s easy to use. You
can search the datafiles yourself, using a
novice or expert search level. Entries can be
located by title, author or a combination of key
words.  All  search results can be viewed on
the monitor screen, sent to a printer and/or
downloaded to a floppy disk.
      There is a User's Manual and a
Reference  Card available for this CD-ROM.
Please contact the Library's reference staff for
assistance with PAIS on CD-ROM or our
other CD-ROMs. Call 260-5921 to schedule a
CD-ROM training session. (£5)
  Which Leadership Style  is
      The focus of the latest Innovative
Management Strategies bibliography is
Leadership Styles. Do you want to be a
visionary leader, or lead others to lead
themselves? Do you know the difference
between masculine, feminine and
androgynous leadership styles? This may be
the bibliography for you!  The report contains
summaries of journal articles, books, and
multimedia materials. Contact the
Headquarters Library for your complimentary
copy. ^
                                                             IDEA JANUARY 1992

Legislative Library
       The Legislative Library is maintained
by EPA's Office of Congressional and
Legislative Affairs. It provides information on
federal environmental legislation to agency
staff and the general public. The Library
collection contains documents produced by
Congress, as well as various other
congressional reference guides and
periodicals.  The Library tracks the status of
current legislation before Congress and helps
patrons with congressional research.  The
Library abstracts the Congressional Record
each day Congress is in session, compiles
lists of and reports on the status of pending
bills, and prepares legislative histories.  The
Library is in room 2439 Mall, and is open from
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through
Friday, phone (202) 260-5425.

              — Joan Flatten,
                EPA Legislative  Librarian
     Conferences, Meetings,

    Symposiums, Workshops

       If you wish to have an upcoming event listed
here, please forward the information to IDEA, HQ
Library, 401 M St., SW - PM 211 A, Washington, DC
20460. Please submit the information as soon as
possible prior to the meeting, because we list events
that are scheduled three months in advance of each
publication date.

16th Conference on Source Emission
Monitoring and Analysis. March 1-6,1992,
Palm Coast, FL. Sponsored by the Engineering
Foundation. For more information, contact: Charles V.
Freiman, Engineering Foundation, 345 E. 47th St., New
York, NY 10017 or call (212) 705-7835.
Environmental Health and Safety Law
Seminar. March 9-13,1992. Orlando. FL.
Sponsored by the Institute for Applied Management
and Law, Inc. For more information contact: Institute
for Applied Management and Law, Inc. 610 Newport
Center Drive, Suite 1060, Newport Beach, CA 92660 or
call (714) 760-1700.

Health and Safety Training for Hazardous
Waste Activities. March 11-15,1992,
Conshohocken, PA. Sponsored by Geraghty and Miller,
American Ecology Services Inc. For more information,
contact: Richard Miller, 127 E. 59th St., New York, NY
10022 or call (212) 371 -1620.

Identification and Abatement of Lead-
Based Paint Hazards—Course.  March 10-12,
1992, Piscataway, NJ. Given by Universities
Occupational Safety and Health Educational Resource
Center. For more information contact: Universities
Occupational Safety and Health Educational Resource
Center, 45 Knightsbridge Road, Brookwood II,
Piscataway, NJ 08854-3923 or call (908) 463-5064.

Asbestos Abatement for Workers,
Contractors, Supervisors, and Project
Designers—Course. March 17-20,1992, Salt
Lake City, UT. Given by The Rocky Mountain Center
for Occupational and Environmental Health. For more
information contact: Roberta Moore, The Rocky
Mountain Center for Occupational and Environmental
Health, Building 512, University of Utah, Salt Lake City,
UT 84112 or call (801) 581 -5710.

Computers, Freedom, and Privacy. March
18-20,1992, Washington, DC. Sponsored by the
Association for Computing Machinery. For more
information, contact: Conferences & Institutes, The
George Washington University, 2003 G Street, NW,
Washington, DC 20052 or call (202) 994-7238 or Fax
(202) 994-7048. 
                                     United States
                                     Environmental Protection
                 January 1992
                                     Info  Page

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                                                                 IDEA JANUARY 1992

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Intl EPAX9104-0018
      The preceding list of books and reports
may help to provide answers to some of the
issues involved in Global Warming. EPA staff
can borrow these items through the
Headquarters Library. $j&
                                                                  IDEA JANUARY 1992
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