United States             EPA 220-F-93-017
             Environmental Protection    September 1993

             Administration And Resources Management (MC-3404)
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database  access

      With access to over 400 databases, we
      can scan the latest in your field for
      developments in your area of interest.
      Requests are completed within 3 days.
      Rush service can be accommodated.
cd-rom  databases

      If you want to do it yourself, the Library
      has a collection of over 16 CD-ROM
      databases with full-text information on
      chemicals and pesticides, and article
      summaries on a variety of topics.
LAN access

      You can plug into (he Library's LAN and
      CD-ROM Tower with access to HOJs Value
      Added Backbone Service (V ABS). Many of
      our most popular CD-ROM databases and
      EPA data files are available to you at the
      touch of a button.

      The Library has a great collection of
      EPA reports and documents, as well as
      books in the areas of environment,
      science and management. We
      subscribe to over 250 journals,
      including 3 daily newspapers.

document  delivery

    Our collection does not stop with the
    four walls.  If what you want is not
    located in the Headquarters Library, we
    can search other library collections via
    an international network of libraries
    and information centers to locate and
    borrow journal articles, books and

awarene§s §ervlces

    Well cull through the information
    explosion to locate your topic's latest
    developments and will deliver regular
    updates in the package and schedule that
    suit your needs. We can also help you
    compile topical bibliographies to support
    program and client devetopmet.

interagency link

      You can access the Online Library
      System (OLS) from your desktop.
      We'll be happy to show you how. Or
      use one of the EPA/NOAA UNCs
      (Library Information Network
      Catalog, located in program offices
      and the Library), a CD-ROM catalog
      containing the combined holdings of
      the EPA and National Oceanic and
      Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
      libraries and information centers.
special  collections

      Special collections have been
      developed to assist you in locating
      materials in special areas of interest.

       •  Water
       •  Hazardous Waste Superfund
       •  Information Resources
       •  Management
       •  Test Methods
multimedia  materials

      We have a collection of over 300
      videotapes on environmental,
      management and computer topics.
      Ask us for a copy of the
      comprehensive catalog. We also have
      a collection of motivational
      management audiocassettes, and
      portable cassette players as well.

  to find out more...

        Call 260-5921 or Email Library.HQ.
        Library tours are conducted the first
        Wednesday of each month at 11 am.
        CD-ROM database orientation
        sessions are scheduled bimonthly.
        Individual sessions can also be
        arranged.  Services described in this
        brochure are available only to EPA
        Headquarters employees.
We  bring  you much
more  than  just

     ROOMM2904, MC-3404

Hours:     10:00 am - 2:00 pm
           Monday - Friday

Reference Inquiries             260-5921
Circulation                    260-5922
Interlibrary Loan              260-5933
Hazardous Waste-Reference     260-5934
INFOTERRA-Reference         260-5917
Water-Reference               260-8670
Email                     Library.HQ

The Headquarters Library is operated by
the Information Services Contract of the
Information  Access Branch, Information
Management and Services Division, Office
of Information Resources Management.