WASHINGTON,  D.C.   20460
                                              December 15, 2000
                                                                                     OFFICE OF
                                                                              SOLID WASTE  AND EMERGENCY
                                                        OSWER 9285.2-12P


SUBJECT:   Clothing with Identifying Insignia

FROM:      Elaine F. Davies, Acting Director  /s/
              Office of Emergency and Remedial Response

TO:          Superfund National Policy Managers
              Regions 1-10


       The purpose of this memorandum is to set forth guidance for emergency response personnel and
removal program managers for the purchase, distribution, use, and disposal of clothing with identifying
insignia. This guidance is pursuant to EPA Order 4800.1, issued March 17, 2000, which establishes the
parameters for EPA issuance and employee use of wearing apparel, including uniforms, "special clothing,"
and clothing with identifying insignia.



       Clothing with identifying insignia bears a nationally consistent patch or logo that identifies the OSC
       and hi^er EPA response team.  The word "OSC" should be clearly visible on the logo when
       OSCs  use  it.  EPA response team  members, excluding contractors, should wear a  similar
       emergency response logo which would identify them as part of the EPA team, but not as an OSC.
       Clothing with identifying insignia should:

       -      maintain the highest possible degree of regional and national consistency and appearance
              to project a professional image;
             identify the user as a member of EPA's emergency response and removal program

               response team;
             be functional, durable, and appropriate for the OSC's assigned duties;
             accommodate the diversity of tasks and situations (e.g., field work, media events, etc.) in
               which an OSC functions and the different geographical area climates.

       For future Agency purchases of clothing with identifying insignia, Regions will use the official red/
       white/blue EPA emergency response program emblem(Attachment l)and may add Region-specific
       information, including the Regional number and other designations such as OSC, Public Information
       Officer (PIO) on the insignia.

       The use or wear of the clothing with identifying insignia is not required in all response situations, but
       should be worn  at the discretion of the OSC and his/her EPA response team.  On some of the
       clothing, the EPA patch should be detachable or able to be covered for use in situations where plain
       clothes would be more appropriate.

       Clothing with identifying insignia includes:
       D      shirts (t-shirts, polo shirts, oxfords, and sweatshirts),
       D      jackets,
       D      parkas,
       D      field vests, and
       D   .   caps.

       All EPA field personnel  are required to have safety clothing, as stated in appropriate OSHA
       regulations.   Safety clothing (hard hats, orange high-visibility vests, life vests, etc.) can become
       clothing with identifying insignia at the discretion of the OSC and the EPA response  team by
       attaching the appropriate EPA insignia.

       Regions and/or Headquarters will purchase and allocate clothing with identifying insignia to each
       OSC. Initial  purchases of clothing with identifying insignia for the OSC should include: two shirts
       (one long-sleeved and one short-sleeved), a vest, a lightweight jacket/coat, a medium-weight
       jacket/coat, and a heavy coat, where appropriate.  When this clothing is badly worn, damaged, or
       no longer fits the OSC, the OSC should return  clothing with identifying insignia to the designated
       Regional property manager. Regions may replace clothing with identifying insignia after the initial
       purchase and should develop appropriate annual spending limits per individual OSC to replace
       clothing with  identifying insignia.

       Distribution and Use

       Regions should issue EPA clothing with identifying insignia to OSCs and their EPA response team
       members to wear only while on official duty or travel, including field work, response situations,

       outreach activities, media interviews, meetings, and other instances of public interaction. Regions
       should not distribute this clothing to non-response team members of EPA or other personnel.


       Individual Regional removal program offices should work with their Regional property officers to
       develop a protocol and procedures to manage this clothing, which is government property.

       This guidance shall be effective upon signature. Each Region should hold informational sessions to
       explain the guidance and work out any Region-specific details necessary for its implementation.
       These sessions shall  include EPA Removal Program personnel (OSCs and other EPA response
       personnel), Regional procurement program personnel, and  Regional property management
       personnel. After Regions hold these informational sessions, OSWER and the Regions will review
       and may subsequently revise the guidance based on Regional input.


cc:     Regional Removal Managers
       Jeff Josephson, Superfund Lead Region Coordinator, Region 2
       Joanna Gibson, OERR 5202G
       OERR Records Manager 5202G


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