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The Hazardous Waste Clean-up Information (CLU-IN) World Wide Web Site and Electronic
Bulletin Board System (BBS) provide information about innovative treatment technologies to
the hazardous waste remediation community. Both the web site and BBS offer a variety of
information for federal and state personnel, consulting engineers, technology developers and
vendors, remediation contractors, researchers, community groups, and individual citizens.
CLU-IN World Wide Web Site
• Read about the operation, development, and
  commercialization of innovative site character-
  ization and  remediation technologies and pro-
  grams such as interagency consortia and public-
  private partnerships designed to facilitate their use.
• Download recent documents and databases
  designed to aid those responsible for hazardous
  waste site remediation.
• Link to Internet sources of information on
  environmental restoration and  technology
• Link to the CLU-IN BBS with the click of a button.
                CLU-IN Electronic Bulletin
                Board System (BBS)
                (301) 589-8166
                • Download the same files and databases offered
                  on the WWW site.
                • Communicate with hazardous waste professionals
                  online through the message exchange system.
                • Visit Special Interest Group areas moderated by
                  EPA's Office of Underground Storage Tanks
                  (UST), Association of State and Territorial Solid
                  Waste Management Officials (ASTSWMO), and

Types  of Information on
Some of the information available on the CLU-IN
system is summarized below.

•  TechDirect. An information service that highlights
   new publications and events of interest to site
   remediation and site assessment professionals.
   Approximately once a month, the service, via e-
   mail, distributes a message describing the
   availability of publications and events.

•  Technology Innovation News Survey—Biweekly
   Update. A summary of news items related to
   research, commercialization, and applications of
   hazardous waste remediation and site
   characterization technologies!

•  Tech Trends. A newsletter providing descriptions
   and performance data for innovative cleanup
   technologies that have been applied in the field.
•  Ground Water Currents. A newsletter of
   information on the development and
   demonstration of innovative ground-water
   remediation techniques. Includes reports on
   technologies, new regulations that impact
   ground-water remediation, discussions of issues
   such as DNAPLs, and information on conferences
   and publications.

•  Bioremediation in the Field. An information
   update on applying bioremediation to site
   cleanup. Descriptions of treatability studies
   underway; bioremediation projects at CERCLA,
   RCRA, UST, and TSCA sites; and technical support
   and publications offered by EPA.

•  Underground Tank Technology Update. A
   newsletter funded by EPA and published by the
   University of Wisconsin-Madison providing
   information about the cleanup of ground water
  and soil contaminated by leaking underground
  storage tanks.

• Innovative Treatment Technologies (ITT) Annual
  Status Report. A report on applications of
  innovative treatment technologies for remedial
  and removal actions. The companion ITT
  Database provides additional detailed site-specific

• Full text documents on technologies such as
  bioremediation, soil vapor extraction, surfactant
  and cosolvent flushing, fracturing, treatment
  walls, thermal enhancement technologies,
  electrokinetics, and other ground-water and
  physical/chemical treatment technologies.

Databases Available for Downloading
• Vendor Information System for Innovative
  Treatment Technologies (VISITT)

• Innovative Treatment Technologies (ITT) Annual
  Status Report Database

• Vendor Field Analytical and Characterization
  Technologies System (Vendor FACTS)
• Bioremediation in the Field Search System (BFSS)

Other Regularly Updated Information
• Announcements of opportunities for contracting
  with the federal government on projects
  involving hazardous waste remediation.

• Full text of recent Federal Register notices related
  to hazardous waste and ground-water issues.

• Calendar of conferences, workshops, and
  technology demonstrations.

• Announcements of new EPA publications.
Getting Help
A voice help line is available.from 9:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Time to help you connect to and use the
CLU-IN WWW site and BBS. The help line phone number is (301) 589-8368.

The CLU-IN WWW is available to anyone with Internet access. The CLU-IN BBS is available free of charge 365
days a year, 24 hours a day, to anyone with a modem and communications software. Choose your own
password and complete a short online registration during your first visit to gain immediate access. Detailed
assistance for BBS commands is available through online help. To get help with any BBS prompt, type H. You
will get a list of choices for responses to that prompt.