United States
               Environmental Protection
 Office of Water
    January 1996
               FACT  SHEET
 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing various water quality standards
 that are applicable to surface waters in the State of Arizona.  EPA is proposing the standards
 to comply with a federal court order.  By taking this action, EPA  establishes water quality
 standards for certain waters associated with mining-related impoundments that are currently
 exempt from Arizona water quality standards.  The proposal  designates the fish consumption
 beneficial use for approximately 100 water bodies where that  use is not currently applied, and
 makes certain provisions in the State's  standards related to "practical quantitation limits"
 inapplicable for Clean Water Act purposes.  The proposal also provides for the implementation
 of State narrative water quality standards pertaining to taodcity,  nutrients, and the effects of
 mercury on wildlife.
 Federal Authority
 Under the federal Clean Water Act,
 States have the primary responsibility for
 developing and implementing water
 quality standards for surface waters
 within their boundaries. This legislation
 requires EPA to review and approve or
 disapprove State-adopted standards and
 to promulgate  standards for States if
 they do not adopt acceptable water
 quality standards.

-In September 1993 and April 1994, EPA
 disapproved six aspects of the Arizona
 water quality standards. While the State
 continued to work toward the adoption
 of approvable water quality standards,
 EPA was sued by the Defenders of
 Wildlife to promptly propose federal
 replacement standards for Arizona, as
 required by the Clean  Water Act.  In
 November 1995 the Federal District
 Court ordered  EPA to satisfy the
 requirements of the Clean Water Act
 and propose standards for Arizona by
 January 31, 1996.

 In accordance with the court order, EPA
 is publishing proposed water quality
 standards in the Federal Register to
 replace portions of the Arizona water
 quality standards rules that were  adopted
by Arizona in February  1992. EPA will
 conduct a public hearing on February 29,
 1996 to take comments on the proposed
standards and the related implemen-
tation guidance, and will accept written
comments until March 8, 1996.

The State of Arizona is currently in the
process of adopting its own water quality
standards and implementation
procedures that are substantially similar
to those EPA is proposing.  When
Arizona completes its  adoption process
and EPA approves the State standards,
the  federal standards will not be needed
and EPA will withdraw the standards.

Costs and Benefits
The proposed set of
standards will have
minim 1 economic costs
and benefits because the
standards are not major
changes to the existing
prograia The proposed
standards will establish
standards for waters that
are exempt from State-
adopted standards due to a
State rule related to mining
impoundments and they
will add protection to
people eating fish caught
from 100 specific perennial
The proposed standards, and the related implementation guidance, will assure that the
most up-to-date scientific laboratory methods are used to measure dischargers’
compliance with the standards. The proposed standards will aiso include detailed
guidance on measuring compliance with the State’s narrative standards for nutrients,
toxicity, and the protection of wildlife from mercury contamination.
Additional information
For additional information, you may contact Mr. Gary Wolinsky, Permits and
Compliance Branch, Water Management Division U. S. Environmental Protection
Agency, Region 9 Office, 75 Hawthorne Street, San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 744-1978.
The entire Federal Register notice may be viewed on the Internet, as follows:
http://www.epa.gov/EPA-WATER The notice contains detailed information on how the
public can comment on these proposed standards.