United States
                    Environmental Protection
                       Information Resources
          October 1991
Public  Information Center
                     Public Access to Environmental Information
                    Through EPA's Public Information Center (PIC)
      The Focus is
        on  YOU!
  PIC has traditionally sup-
ported public  access initia-
tives of EPA program offices,
primarily as a distribution and
referral center.  At its new fa-
cility,  PIC will  give offices
another opportunity to capture
the public's imagination.
  The new PIC, located on the
street level at Headquarters,
will include a theater for envi-
ronmental multimedia presen-
tations, as well as access to
electronic information prod-
ucts. In addition, PIC is coor-
dinating exhibits and graphic
displays from throughout the
  Among the programs fea-
tured at PIC will be  Pollution
Prevention, Superfund, Inno-
vative Technologies, and In-
door Air.  Photographs, films,
slides, and ideas representing
these EPA efforts will be syn-
thesized  into an attractive
"window to EPA".
  If you are interested in rep-
resenting your program or of-
fice at PIC, please call Suzanne
Annand,  Information Access
Branch,  at 260-8298.
          Most EPA programs have
        document production and dis-
        tribution problems at one time
        or another. Last month's is-
        sue of PIC FOCUS gave an
        overview of the Public Infor-
        mation Center as one solution
        to the problem.
             "GPO can help
             you meet your
             public access
          If you want the largest distri-
        bution to reach the  widest
        audience  using  limited  re-
        sources, consider the  Gov-
        ernment Printing Office. GPO
        can help you meet your public
        access requirements through
        their sales and marketing pro-
        grams, product development
        (including magnetic tape and
        CD ROM), and the Federal
Depository Library Program
   GPO prints or procures the
printing of Federal government
publications and  distributes
selected titles through its sales
program. [For further informa-
tion about EPA printing require-
ments, please call the Printing
Management Office in your
region or laboratory. At Head-
quarters, the printing manage-
ment contact is 260-2125.]
  GPO offers approximately
17,000 titles to the public at
any given  time.   These are
sold principally by mail order
and through a series of book-
stores across the country.
  As  mentioned above, the
Government  Printing  Office
also enhances public access
through the Federal Deposi-
tory Library Program. PIC FO-
CUS  will cover this program
in next month's Public Access
Update column.
  For   more  information,
please contact Ann  Dugan,
Labat-Anderson Incorporated/
Public Access Librarian (Con-
tractor), at 260-5935.
                  ACCESS BRANCH
                  FTS/CML 260-8710

II W llT1 JNi 1 £T h IIC
If you are interested in obtaining copies
of any of these recent EPA publications, please
contact the Public Information Center at FTS
Assessing the Environmental
Consumer Market , April 1991, Office of
Policy, Planning and Evaluation, EPA
document number 21 P-i 003
EPA Journal: Setting Environmental
Priorities: The Debate About Risk , March/
April1991, Office of Communications and
Public Aftairs (OCPA), 21 K-i 007
EPA’s Pesticides Programs , May
1991, Office of Pesticides and Toxic
Substances, 21 T-1 005
Information Systems Inventory , May
1991, Office of Administration and Resources
Management, 21 M-i 016
Ionizing Radiation Series Fact Sheet
No. 2: Health Effects from Exposure to
Ionizing Radiation , June 1991, Office of Air
and Radiation
Quality Management Equals a Quality
Environment (Speech by Deputy
Administrator Habicht), May 1991, OCPA,
21 A-2009
The 33/50 Program: Forging an
Alliance for Pollution Prevention , July 1991
(2nd edition), Special Projects Office, Office
of Toxic Substances
What You Should Know About
Combustion Appliances and Indoor Air
Pollution , 1991, joint publication of EPA, the
American Lung Association, and the
Consumer Product Safety Commission
PlC: ServOng_EPA by d sf r buting
___ EPA
1 . .
PlC FOCUS Page 2
* — *
P lC and Locator Team Up
To Tnv rove C nmunicat ion
The Public Information Center strives
to facilitate public access to EPA information.
To meet this goal, PlC and the Headquarters
Telecommunications Locator have improved
EPA communications by exchanging referral
Since January, staff of the Public
Information Center and the Locator (which
publishes the EPA Headquarters Telephone
Directory ) have worked together to identify
and verify key public contact points
throughout Headquarters. As a result, the
two offices have been able to refer callers
from outside the Agency more quickly and
accurately than in the past. In addition, the
‘Headquarters Subject Directory’ section of
the Telephone Directory has been expanded
to include additional useful contact points.
PlC and the Locator will continue to
work together to improve communications at
Headquarters. Further coordination of the
referral of telephone calls will result in less
frustration for everyone, both inside and
outside EPA.
EPA’s Most Valuable Resources.. .
Its Employees
Are you interested in being
[ 1 I d listed as an ‘expert’ by PlC?
I i c e i If you have subject expertise
on an EPA-related topic, you
may be able to assist the Agency by answenng
questions from the public. If you’d like to share
your knowledge, contact Kevin Rosseel, LAI/
PlC Director (Contractor), at 260-1755.
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