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              (Permit  Policy  Question  and  Answer  Quarterly  Report)  Definition

              Regional  Hazardous Waste Management  Directors,  Regions  I-X

              Bruce Weddle, Director, Permits and  State Program Branch

              See Miscellaneous [9560.09(84) GW Protection Standards, Question 12]

               **%"* * *"" I appllcatlon comPlete "hout ground-water
                  J "" USC enforcement to secure a facility's compliance
             g^-water monitoring requirements, 3013 orders ifa

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i c1 th c: nos su J d C! : la  r ee thouh
n use 1 a rescurce? 40 C 26). 3 .
\ - Th 26 Jul 1 1932 pr a ble s  es that
y l o grcu . - is deter, ed on a Case by case bas ,
du i nq on sLt 5 eCI C factors.. 5 l icant yl 1d n t e
i to be a nuch lc cr quantj , than
In a d cn, the flc frorn a rt r of w l
s c totiled in crder to reach the laiel of si nlfj ance
Thug, if tne ture clay layer can roduc a 3i nlfjc 1ld
c: 0rcu:. . frcr s ;l ll or frcn a CC hjnatjc-r of
lls, than at l yo nay e tn cfj j 0 cf an
If layer s ai fcr at on rParest to the r.atural Qr:urd
cr s hydra ercan c- d to such Surface.
t nce tna efrn cn O Upper C - aculfer. 9 - - j ,c
2. Can 2; declare a ? rt R a licatjcn Conpl
vcn thc ; t a :l 3 hag r.ot 5ut e - rct dwate- or 
tcrinr (G,. ) data? 43 C .s 2 4 Su. a-t ? and 40 CF 270.l4( )
\f1 r: !o. The je- cy car.nct decia e a pl
cc le e cut rond at c torLr.; data. The Acency can
use enforc e,t tO SaCU facjjjt 3 Cct p1jarce with 265
rcur j w r ncn orin  requ r rents, flOl) orde g if a subs n
tIal haza: - js s ected aric the autn y of 40 C? 270 . 1 4(c)
to t e n Ces5a-y gcu-d water ordtorir - ornat
or cu ance on tnig :ssu w l 1 be Issued shcrt1 .
 C O?  ST1 A7rc 95 3.c ( )
1. Cuesti n; Can a facility ccnpl 1 t liner recue ents
h placj below tne satur ed zcne so that ground water
ficws lncc tne c il, thus prevent nr waste mlOration Cut cf tne -
c c l i. 40 CFF<
nswer: iQ The re u1a ory intent is that C pliance with -
26 4.30 1(a) is to bo ch1aved by construction of a liner rather
tha. rel ar ce c hycrc eojocjc torce3 1
2.  Ogt iOn: Can n plLcant recej,e a variance frr a
S eCitjc i-; - or O er Ln requirer hen the rec uiation. 5
c o rc a variance prcvls:on for that standard?
An o-. :. . Tn. c laticrs hav ro enera1 provizLon for
scj - sectjcns cn a case by Case Thero are,
hcwever, in5tanCe here the regulat ns provida aiterrat;.je
nean3 tar ccn?lyjng with, or waiv c, a o:e:jfic sectio n.