Building EPA's Annotated
                    of Source  Water Materials
                                NEW on CD
                Source Water
                    lune 2-4 2003
Summer 2003 Version
EPA has produced an electronic
bibliography of source water materials and
is seeking additional information on
resource materials to expand it

The CD contains three formats: MS Word,
WordPerfect, and PDF with search
functions to locate information.

Source Water Subjects
The bibliography has information on the
following subjects:
      Source water protection
       Clean Water Act/Safe Drinking
       Water Act Integration
       Source water protection benefits
      Public participation
      Funding programs
       Best Management Practices
      Underground Injection Control

The bibliography will be expanded  to
include additional resource materials.

Types of Resource Materials
The Bibliography has the following types of
       fact sheets
       case studies
       web pages
Details for each entry include the type of
document, originator, date published, target
audience, whether funded or produced by
EPA, where to obtain a copy, and a brief

Versions of the Bibliography
Many of the resource materials included in
the Summer 2003 version were developed
or funded by EPA's Office of Ground
Water and Drinking Water.  EPA intends to
release a second version that will include
more materials from other governmental
agencies and not-for-profit organizations.
Resource materials will be reviewed prior
to incorporating them.

Ultimately, the bibliography will be
converted to a searchable database on the
EPA Source Water Website.

Call for Materials
If you have materials to be considered for
the bibliography, either send them or a
website electronically to Marjorie Copeland
at copeland.jori( .

Future Updates
As with any information tool, this
bibliography will require periodic updating.
EPA is committed to establishing a
procedure for updating it on a regular basis.

Office of Water (4606M)
June 2003
EPA 816-F-03-010