United Stttv            Office of Pesticides and Toxic Sutastinces
                   Environmental Protection      office of Past tad* Programs (TS-766C)
                   Agency                Washington, DC 20460
oEPA      Pesticide
                   Fact Sheet
                   Name of Chemical:  BRONOPOL
                   Reason for Issuance:
                   Date Issued:   August 2, 1984
                   Fact Sheet Number:
   1.  Description of Chemical

      Generic Name:   2-Brono-2-nltropropane-l,3-diol
      Common Name:   Bronopol - Boots
      Trade Name: Myaclde BIO, Myacide AS
      EPA Shaughnessy Code:  216400
      Chemical Abstracts Service  (CAS) number:  52-51-7
      Year of Initial registration:  Aufrust 2, 1984  (EPA Reg.  No. 33753-1; MUP)
      Pesticide Type:  Bacterlclde
      Chemical Family:  Alcohol
      Producers: U.S.	none
                Foreign	 The Boots Co., PLC

  2.  Dse  Patterns and Formulations

      Application Sites:  pesticide manufacterlng  facilities.
      Types of Formulations:   crystalline powder
      Types and Methods of application:  the only  registration is for manufac-
          turing use only.   N/A
      Application rates:  N/A
      Usual carriers: water

  3.  Science  Findings

      Chemical  Characteristics:

      Physical  state: white crystalline powder
      Melting point:   approz.  130°C
      Bulk density: 1.10 mg/ml
        in ethanol           50Z
        in water (25°C)       25Z
        in ethylene  glycol    61Z
        In chloroform       0.9Z

Toxicity Characteristjc :
Study Effects Catagorv
Eye Irritation 5% solution strongly irritating . I
Skin Irritation .............. a severe irritant .................. I
Dermal LD 50 ................... not specified .. ••••..••.... I
Oral LD 50 (mg/kg): ..... II
orally administered....... male 307 & female 342 (rat)
male 374 & female 327 (mouse)
intraperitoneal ........... male 22.0 & female 30.2 (rat)
male 22.8 & female 34.7 (mouse)
Inhalation ‘ 50 •.............. LC 50 > 5 mg/L ..................... III
Dermal Sensitization ...............not a akin sensitizer
90 day Oral (rat) .......... no observable effect level: 20 mg/kg/day
lowest effect level: 80 mg/kg/day
Teratology ................. no observable effect level: 3.3 mg/kg/day
(rabbit) lowest effect level: 10 mg/kg/day
Physiological and Biochemical Behavioral Characteristics:
Foliar absorption: N/A
Translocation: N/A
Mechanism of pesticidal action: N/A
Metabolism and persistence in plants and animals: N/A
Environmental Characteristics:
Adsorption and leaching basic soil types: N/A
Microbial breakdown: N/A
Hydrolysis: bronopol appears to hydrolyze slowly at acidic or neutral
pH conditiona. Bronopol decomposes in aqueous solution on
exposure to light. Increases in temperature increases de-
composition. Label required to disallow any pesticide
waste discharge into aquatic environments.
Bioaccumulation: N/A
Ecological Characteristics:
Mallard duck Acute Oral LD 50 510 mg/kg
Fresh Water Invertebrate ( Daphnia ) 48 hr EC 50 — 1.4 mg/L
Efficacy Data: N/A
Tolerance assessments: N/A, no crop applications.
Problems which are known to have occurred with use of the chemical
(e.g., PD(S): none
4. Sunm ary of Regulatory Position and Rationale :
Use Classification: General Use
Use, formulation, manufacturing process or geographical restrictions:
do not discharge into aquatic environments unless In accordance
with and NPDES permit.

Unicue warning statements required of labels: none
Su ary of risk/benefit review: none, risk assessment was not conductec.
5. Suary of malor data gaps
The following studies are to aub itted by December 13, 1984:
a. Avian Acute LC 50
b. Fish Acute LC 50 (Rainbow trout)
6. Contact person at EPA : John B. Lee,
Product Manager 31
Disinfectante Branch
Registration Division (TS—767C)
Tel. (703) — 557—3675
DISCLAD R:The information presented in this Chemical Information Fact Sheet
is for informational purposes only and may not be used to fulfil data re-
quirements for pesticide registration and reregistration.

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