Waterihed Patsh Project
Errata Sheet
To encourage participation in the Watershed Patch Project, the United States
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has developed a series of certificates and
a watershed patch that can be presented to students who complete the activities in
this booklet.
The certificates can be downloaded from EPA's Web site. Simply go to http://
www.epa.gov/adopt/pateh/certificates/ and fill out the form. Although you can use
plain white paper, the certificates look best when printed on parchment paper.
The designs are from winning student artwork from the River of Words Interna-
tional Art and Poetry contest (http://www.riverofwords.org).
The watershed patch is intended for students who complete all of the activity levels
(i.e., River Rookie, Conservation Captain, Aquifer Ace, and Watershed Wizard).
The Patch can be ordered by calling the National Service Center for Environmental
Publications at 1-800-490-9198. Ask for publication number EPA840-E-03-001.
Please keep in mind that any activities on or near the water can be hazardous and need to be carefully supervised
by adults.			
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