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March/April 1997

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Energy Star*
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Office Equipment
All the "STARS" were in attendance at
this year's Atmospheric Pollution
Prevention Division (APPD) Awards
Ceremony on March 24, 1997 in
Washington, DC. The Energy Star®
Office Equipment Partner of the Year
awards were presented to five
Companies for their unique technical
and promotional contributions to the
1997 Monitor Partner of the Year:
Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.
— the world's largest manufacturer of
computer monitors — has a 100%
Energy Star compliant line of
monitors. Samsung has also taken an
extra step in providing its customers
with "Monitor and Energy Saving
1997 Computer Partner of the
Year: Compaq Computer Corporation
was given this award for its
continuing efforts to improve both
power management and customer
education. Compaq's user-friendly PC
design has made it easy for end-users
to take advantage of energy-saving
1997 Printer Partner of the Year:
All 26 printer models produced by
Lexmark International, Inc. meet the
Energy Star guidelines. Duplex
printing capability is also offered on
all of its monochrome laser printers.
Lexmark has included the Energy Star
logo on many of its printer demo
pages to increase customer
recognition of the Energy Star label in
retail locations.
1997 Facsimile Partner of the Year:
Canon USA, Inc.'s initiatives in
customer education combined with its
complete line of fax machines that
meet the Energy Star specifications
have earned the company this award,
lb help consumers identify energy-
efficient models, Canon displays the
Energy Star label on every fax
machine it produces and provides
point-of-sale displays to retailers.
1997 Copier Partner of the Year:
All of Ricoh Corporation's
monochrome copiers, including
several digital models, meet the EPA's
energy efficiency guidelines. Ricoh
has also gone to great lengths to train
its sales/marketing and service staff
and dealers on the benefits of using
Energy Star labeled copiers.
The following awards were also
presented: Best Technical
Innovation, Advanced Micro Devices,
Inc. & Hewlett-Packard Company;
Best Internal Promotion, Sun
Microsystems Computer Corporation;
and Best External Promotion,
Pitney Bowes, Inc. Each award is
described on page 4. The 1997
Awards Ceremony also included a
Best Promotions Contest with entries
from participants in all of the Energy
Star Programs. Canon and Compaq
were selected for the Best
Advertising Campaign and People's
Choice Award, respectively, by
representatives of the advertising
industry and Forum attendees.
Congratulations to all?
Energy Star is a U.S. registered mark.

Energy Star Procurement
Energy Star Scanner
Energy Star Multifunction
Device Program
Energy Star Residential Light
Fixtures Program
Energy Star Buildings Ally
Green Lights and
Energy Star Buildings
Federal Program
Green Lights and
Energy Star Buildings Real
Estate Management Ally
1997 Annual
Forum	Hig
Procurement Challenge
The Energy Star Procurement
Challenge urges state and local
government agencies to make energy
efficiency a prominent criteria in
purchasing decisions for equipment
(such as office equipment, lighting,
heating and cooling equipment, and
appliances) placed in government-
owned or -controlled commercial and
residential buildings. This new
initiative from the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency and the U.S.
Department of Energy encourages
state and local governments to procure
Energy Star labeled equipment and
other products for which efficiency-
level recommendations have been
developed under the Federal Energy
Management Program.
Purchasing energy-efficient products is
a smart business practice that saves
money, reducing taxpayer dollars and
allowing an agency to direct more of
its funds toward its missions and spend
less on overhead, while also reducing
pollution. State and local governments
collectively spend over $10 billion
annually on their energy bills. The
goal of the Energy Star Procurement
Challenge is to stimulate the purchase
of energy-efficient products that can
reduce energy use by 25 to 50 percent.
Revising the PC and
Monitor Specifications
Approximately 40 Partners and Allies
attended the PC/Monitor breakout
session on March 24 to discuss potential
changes to the Memorandum of
Understanding (MOLT). A variety of
topics were addressed including
Advanced Configuration Power
Interface (ACPI), a specification for
workstations (e.g., a scalable metric
proposed by Sun Microsystems),
network instability concerns for power-
managed computers, add-on devices
that compromise power management,
energy consumed by power supplies,
and a more stringent specification for
monitors. Many questions were raised
and some solutions were posed by
attendees. During the next several
months, EPA will continue to work with
manufacturers to revise the Energy Star
The first modification to the
PC/Monitor Program will involve
tightening the specifications for Energy
Star compliant monitors. In early
March, a letter was faxed to monitor
manufacturers proposing the
development of two successive "sleep
modes." The first low-power or "sleep"
mode would be defined as equivalent to
the DPMS "suspend" mode and would
require Partners to reduce the monitor's
energy consumption to 15 watts
(current specification is 30 watts). In
the second, even lower "sleep" mode
(equivalent to the DPMS "off mode),
the monitor would use no more than 8
watts of electricity.
A summary of the breakout session will
be sent to PC/Monitor Partners and
Allies in early May. If you do not
receive the summary or if you want to
request a copy of the monitor proposal,
please contact the Program Manager by
phone at 202-233-9019 or by fax at
StarBytes March/April 1997 — 2

A Fond
Linda Latham, previous
Director of the Energy Star
Labeling Programs, left EPA at
the end of March to pursue
other interests. Many
manufacturers had an
opportunity to work
with Linda during the
development of the
PC/Monitor and Printer/Fax
Programs. Scott Thigpen has
assumed LindaS
responsibilities and will work
closely with Andrew Fanara,
Energy Star Office Equipment
Program Manager.
1997 Annual
Now Showing at
\ Visit your local Blockbuster and
j you'll see something new. It's not
/ a movie just released on
/ videocassette; it's the Energy Star
EPA and Blockbuster Entertainment
Inc. are working together to promote
the Energy Star Program and energy
efficiency through a window sticker,
an in-store public service
announcement, and a kid's contest.
Beginning this month, Blockbuster
customers will see the following
message in the window of
approximately 3,500 video outlets
nationwide: "BLOCKBUSTER® has
joined Green Lights , an EPA Energy
Star* program that saves energy,
reduces air pollution, and protects the
environment." The window sticker
also features an animated wall socket
(to the left), the Blockbuster logo, and
the Green Lights and Energy Star
Once inside the store, customers can
view a 30-second spot about the
impact of wasted energy on the
environment and the benefits of using
Energy Star labeled products. The
animated wall socket is the main
character in this brief video created by
EPA, which also includes an Energy
Star compliant monitor. Before
leaving Blockbuster, children can pick
up an entry form for the "Be A Hero"
Contest. The child with the most
creative idea for saving energy will
win a color TV with a built-in VCR and
12 superhero tapes.
The kid's contest ends on April 30,
1997. The window sticker and video
will be in stores indefinitely.
More Products, More
Energy Savings
During the Forum plenary session on
March 25, EPA added energy-efficient
scanners and multifunction devices to
its list of product categories in the
Energy Star Office Equipment Program,
lb qualify for the Energy Star label,
these products must enter a power-
saving mode when not in use. Seven
manufacturers have joined the Scanner
and Multifunction Device Programs as
Charter Partners. To receive a copy of
the Energy Star scanner/multifunction
device specifications or to request a
customized Memorandum of
Understanding (MOU), please contact
the Energy Star Hotline at 1-888-STAR-
YES. EPA expects Energy Star labeled
scanners and multifunction devices to
first enter the marketplace in
April/May 1997.
Charter Scanner Partners:
Hewlett-Packard Company
Microtek Lab, Inc.
ScanView A/S
Charter Multifunction Device
Lanier Worldwide, Inc.
Oce-Nederland B.V.
Xerox Corporation
StarBytes March/April 1997 — 3

Program News
In addition to the Partner of the Year awards, the
Energy Star Office Equipment Program recognized
four manufacturers for technical and promotional
1997 Best Ttechnical Innovation: Advanced
Micro Devices, Inc. & Hewlett-Packard Company
collaborated to develop "Magic Facket," a device
that allows network managers to remotely access
computers in sleep mode. Magic Packet reduces
computer maintenance costs and balances the
need for remote computing with energy efficiency.
1997 Best Internal Promotion: Sun
Microsystems Computer Corporation has educated
its employees about the Energy Star Program
through two intranet web sites and periodic e-mails
to employees worldwide encouraging them to use
the Energy Star features on their deslctop
machines. As a result, Sun has saved thousands of
dollars in energy consumption!
1997 Best External Promotion: Last year, Pitney
Bowes, Inc. was the first manufacturer to produce a
video news release highlighting the economic and
environmental benefits of using energy-efficient
fax machines. The video news release was sent to
television stations across the country.
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