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An Information Service for EPA HQ Staff from the Headquarters Library
Enviro/Energyline CD-ROM Training Session
The next CO-ROM training session, focusing on Enviro/Energyline
jjHgp7C|jj^L Abstracts Plus, will take place on Tuesday, September 22, from
1<,:00 " 11:00 AM In the Headquarters Library. Enviro/Energyline
includes Environment Abstracts (1971-present), Energy Information Abstracts
(1971-present), and Acid Bain Abstracts (1984-present).
This CD-ROM database Indexes reports, proceedings, and journal articles on
research and development, resources,-consumption, conservation, economics and
industrial application of energy sources and technologies, as well as on how humans
and technology have affected our environment.
Enviro/Energyline is menu-driven; major searchable fields include author, title
and keyword. Most citations include abstracts. Search results can be printed or
downloaded to a 5 1/4" floppy disk. Remember to bring your own floppy If you want to
download information.
Class size will be limited, so call us at 202-260-5921 to reserve your spot! ~
Environment in Peril Update!
Do You Publish?
Our June Catalyst stated that
Environment in Peril, edited by Anthony B.
Wolbarst [Office of Radiation, US EPA),
would soon be available at a significant EPA
discount. Well, soon is now! The book,
selling for $17.50, is offered to EPA offices at
a cost of $10.00 per book under the following
terms: Orders for a minimum of 10 copies of
the book, placed on EPA letterhead and with
a single shipment address, will receive the
special price. Orders must include
prepayment/purchase order and $6.00 for
shipping/handling (UPS) for each set of 10
books. Send orders to: Smithsonian
Institution Press, Dept. 900, Blue Ridge
Summit, PA 17294. This offer expires
November 30,1992. ~
The Information Access Branch (IAB),
Information Management and Services
Division (IMSD) of the Office of Information
Resources Management (OIRM) sponsored
"Lifecycle of an EPA Publication: Planning is the
Key" on June 30th. This seminar covered the
various aspects of publishing a document from
concept to records management. Publication
planning, numbering and development were
discussed. Representatives from the Office of
Communication, Education and Public Affairs
(OCEPA), EPA Publications and Information
Center (EPIC, OARM-Cincinnati), the Printshop
and Records Management spoke about the
expertise available to you. If you would like a
copy of the handouts from this seminar please
contact Ann Dugan (contractor), at
202-260-2049. ~
four tie# great u(ea is in the headquarters LiBrary
EPA Headquarters Library (PM-211 A) WSM2904 202-260-5922
Printed on Recycled Paper



Once your
report has been
published, the next
task facing you is
distribution. One of the
distribution mechanisms available to
you is the National Technical Information
Service (NTIS).
NTIS, an agency of the U.S.
Department of Commerce is a central source
for the public sale of U.S. Government-
sponsored research and development,
engineering and business reports. NTIS
handles all formats of information, including
printed materials, disks, tapes, CD-ROMs and
audiovisuals. Their services include
everything from permanent archival storage to
promotion and sale of your product.
A working partnership with NTIS can
help you organize and keep track of your
scientific, technical and business-related
documents, and can help you reach the U.S.
business and industry leaders that need your
NTIS also provides services to save
you time and expand your audience. These
Reducing your Freedom of
Information Act (FOIA)
Leases of bibliographic
Electronic media replication and
distribution, including CD-ROMs.
Handling administrative and
accounting details for the
sale of your products.
For more information on getting your
report to NTIS, contact the Public Information
Center at 202-260-2080 or 202-260-7751. ~
The Management
Collection houses seven
volumes of the annual publication Developing
Human Resources. This series contains
practical material written by and for human
resource development (HRD) professionals.
Each annual volume is divided into three
sections: Structured Experiences,
Instrumentation, and Professional
Structured Experiences includes
work sheets, exercises, discussion
suggestions and other "hands on" activities.
These activities are useful for HRD
professionals who work with groups to
promote experimental learning goals such as
coping strategies, leadership skills, and using
feedback for group development.
The second section, Instrumentation,
consists of materials to be used in training
groups. For example, the 1992 annual
instruments could be used to determine
burnout potential and to assess an
organization's emphasis on Total Quality
Professional Development, the final
section, provides articles and other resources
of information that are useful in training
sessions or other career development
These volumes may be found in the
Management Collection at the call number
HM 134 A55... Proof that browsing the
Management Collection can lead to good
ideas I ~

What Would He
Do, Anyway?
The place: the organized
chaos of your office. The events: just
another day-in-the-life. Your devoted, loyal
assistant of 12 years announces that he just can't
work another day with that so-and-so down the
hall, while you realize that the carefully crafted
consensus on your reorganization plan has fallen
apart. The question that immediately pops into
your mind: What would Attiia the Hun do now?
We can help you answer that question
with a tape in our video collection.
Leadership Secrets of Attiia the Hun, based
on the very successful book of the same
name, answers the question, "How prepared
are you for the battles you fight every day?"
We actually have two versions of this
tape. In the first, approximately 50 minutes in
length, the famous Hun tells you his secrets in
a series of monologues, and Wess Roberts
(the author of the original book), provides
analysis and appraisal of Attila's techniques.
The second tape, subtitled "The Monologues",
is 18 minutes in length and features Mr. Hun's
monologues alone, without Mr. Roberts'
commentary. This choice of presentations
gives you the ability to tailor your training
sessions as you like; though, if you don't use
the longer tape, it probably is important to
provide some sort of discussion/interpretation
of the Hun monologues.
Call us, or come to the Library to make
arrangements to watch any of our videos.
While you're here, pick up a copy of our video
catalog. And don't forget — Attiia the Hun is
waiting to talk to you. ~
Journal Kernels
Are you having trouble obtaining
just the right figure for an important
report? Then some of the statistical
journals housed in the EPA
Headquarters Library may be able to
American Demographics. Need to
know the percentage of American
adults who return used bottles and cans?
(41 %) Or how about the percentage of
Americans who contribute money to
environmental groups? (7%) These facts
and many others are contained in this
magazine that publishes articles, graphs, and
surveys on a variety of topics on Americana,
(monthly; Holdings: Vol. 12, No. 5, May
1990 — present)
Monthly Labor Review. Published by the
Bureau of Labor Statistics at the Department
of Labor, you'll find statistical data on labor
and productivity in the United States. Also
included are monthly features on labor news,
developments in industrial relations and book
reviews, (monthly; Holdings: Vol. 91, No. 1,
1968 — present)
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.
The Department of Health and Human
Services prints this newsletter of statistics
detailing causes of death in the United States.
Reports include statistics taken during the
outbreak of diseases and also non-disease
related statistics such as death by firearms,
(weekly; Holdings: current year only)
If you would like more information
about these or any other journals in the EPA
Headquarters Library collection, please give
us a call at 202-260-5922 or visit the
Circulation Desk of the Library. ~

Legislative Library
The House Energy and
nfnJlf^u Commerce Committee ordered
[JUiJulJUU H.R. 3865, National Waste
^	^ Reduction, Recycling, and
Management Act, reported as amended on July 2.
After five days of markup they voted 28-15 in favor
of the bill. This is a controversial bill that pleases
neither environmentalist nor industry.
The following comments were made by
some congressmen:
Rep. Hall (D-TX), thanked Dingell for"holding
the line"against"anti-jobs, anti-business...and
anti- American" bill.
Rep. Waxman (D-CA) said many
environmental groups were urging the committee to
reject the bill and he would oppose the bill, stating,
"This committee doesn't reflect the votes on the House
floor." He feels the full House will be more sympathetic
to environmental provisions.
Rep. Sfkorski (D-MN) said Americans want
"fundamental change" in the way waste is handled, and
he feels the bill doesn't do that.
Rep. Eckart (D-OH) called the bill a "significant
step forward"and said "I choose to see this glass as
half full."
Rep. Dannemeyer (R-CA) said he opposed
the bill because it would result in additional federal
government regulation.
Rep. Swift (D-WA) said the bill doesn't weaken
existing law but strengthens it in a number of ways,
including provisions concerning scrap tire recovery,
movement of interstate waste, and packaging
recycling. He said it doesn't address the way
hazardous waste is handled but it is a good municipal
waste bill.
At this time it appears this bill has a good
chance of passing.
—Joan Platten
EPA Legislative Librarian
(202) 260-5425 (A-102)*
Second International Conference on Environmental
Enforcement. September 22-25,1992, Budapest Hungary.
Sponsored by the Office of Enforcement, USEPA.
International participation by invitation only. For more
information contact: Cheryl Wasserman, Office of
Enforcement, USEPA, 401 M St., SW, Washington, DC
20460 or call (202) 260-7550 or Fax 202-260-7553.
Emission Inventory Issues and Progress. October
19-23,1992. Raleigh, NC. Sponsored by AEERL, USEPA.
For more information, contact: Larry G. Jones, AEERL (919)
Beyond Compliance: Advance Concepts In
Environmental, Health and Safety Management.
November 3-5, 1992, Cambridge, MA Sponsored by Arthur
D. Little, Inc. For more information contact: Arthur D. Little,
Inc., Acorn Park, Cambridge, MA 02140-2390 or call (617)
864-5770 or Fax (617) 661 -5830.
Fundamentals of Ambient Air Monitoring. November
4-6,1992, Dallas, TX. Developed by Shell Engineering and
Associates, Inc. For more information contact: Shell
Engineering and Associates, Inc., 2403 West Ash, Columbia,
MO 65203 or call (314) 445-0106.
Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Overview.
November 9-10, 1992, Vienna, VA. Sponsored by
Management Concepts Incorporated. For more information
contact: Management Concepts Incorporated,
Att: Registration, 1964 Gallows Road, Vienna, VA 22182 or
call (703) 790-9595 or FAX (703) 790-1371.
Essentials of Program/Project Management.
November 16-20, 1992, Vienna, Va. Sponsored by
Management Concepts Incorporated. For more information
contact: Management Concepts Incorporated, Att:
Registration, 1964 Gallows Road, Vienna, VA 22182 or call
(703) 790-9595 or FAX (703) 790-1371.
Joint Conference on Pollution Prevention.
November 18-20, 1992, Dallas, TX. Sponsored by the Water
Environment Federation. For more information contact:
Water Environment Federation, 601 Wythe Street,
Alexandria, VA 22314-1994 or call (703)684-2400 or Fax
(703) 684-2492. ~
Conferences, Meetings,
Symposiums, Workshops
This is a selected list of meetings and
conferences chosen for their potential interest to EPA
staff. If EPA staff wish to have an EPA-sponsored
event listed here, please forward the information to The
Catalyst, HQ Library, 401 M St., SW - PM-211 A,
Washington, DC 20460.
Reference Inquiries	202-260-5921
Circulation Inquiries 202-260-5922
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Hazardous Waste-Reference 202-260-5934
INFOTERRA-Reference 202-260-5917
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operated and managed by the office of
Information Resources Management
(OIRM) Information Access Branch.

United States	EPA/IMSD
Environmental Protection	August 1992
$ jnt \
s	a	Agency
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for other purposes. Washington, DC:
Superintendent of Documents, 1990.
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The preceding list of documents may
help provide answers to some questions on
environmental education. EPA Headquarters
staff can borrow these items through the
Headquarters Library. ~