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Information for Environmental Action
An Information Service for EPA HQ Staff from the Headquarters Library
The next CD-ROM orientation session is scheduled for Tuesday,
October 20,1992 from 10-11 AM in Headquarters Library. It will focus on
MEDLINE and TOXLINE, two bibliographic databases which have been developed by the
National Library of Medicine (NLM).
MEDLINE contains biomedical information culled from more than 3200 health and
medical journals. It is international in scope, although approximately 75% of the entries are in
English. MEDLINE includes such topics .as microbiology, delivery of health care, nutrition,
pharmacology and environmental health. Its primary sources are Index Medicus, Index to
Dental Literature and the International Nursing Index.
Material in TOXLINE covers the pharmacological, biochemical, physiological and
toxicqlogical effects of drugs and other chemicals as well as research in animal venom, food
contamination, occupational hazards, radiation and environmental pollution. Sources of
information come from the public domain subfiles of NLM's online database and documents
from the Swedish National Chemicals Inspectorate.
Both CD-ROM databases are abstracted and menu-driven. Searchable fields include
author, title, CAS registery number and Medical Subject Headings Index (MESH). To reserve
your spot, call the EPA Headquarters Library at 202-260-5921. ~
Earth Summit
In a July 15 Agencywide
memo, Administrator Reilly
reflected on the "Earth Summit" in Rio de
Janeiro, Brazil. In closing, the Administrator
recommends reading Changing Course: A
Global Business Perspective on
Development and the Environment, by
Stephen Schmidheimy. This book outlines a
path for the future of economic leadership for
industry, as written by the Chairman of the
Business Council for Sustainable
Development. It provides an extensive
analysis of how the business community can
adapt and contribute to the goal of
sustainable development, which combines
the objectives of environmental protection
and economic growth. Changing Course is
part of the Headquarters Library collection.
(HD75.6.S35 1992) ~
National Coastweeks
National Coastweeks, an annual
celebration of valuable freshwater and
saltwater resources, will start
mid-September and continue to October 14
(Columbus Day). Each state has its own
activities for Coastweeks; however two
events most associated with this celebration
are National Estuaries Day and National
Beach Cleanup Day. For more information
on National Coastweeks or the name and
address of the state coordinator of the events
for your state, contact the EPA Headquarters
Library at 202-260-8670. ~
—. Jour tie# great idea is in the TLTSl ^Headquarters Library
EPA Headquarters Library (PM-211 A) WSM2904 202-260-5922
Printed on Recycled Paper

Several Agency employees recently
published books and articles. The authors
and the titles of their published works are
listed below:
Abernathy, Charles O.; Ohanian,
E.V. Human Risk Assessment Branch
(WH-586), Office of Science and Technology,
Office of Water. "Non-carcinogenic effects of
inorganic arsenic." Environmental
Geochemistry and Health. Vol. 14,1992.
pp. 35-41.
Gorn, Michael H., first historian of the
US EPA. The Universal Man: Theodore von
Karman's Life in Aeronautics. Smithsonian
Institution Press: Washington, DC, 1992.
Incidentally, a commemorative stamp
honoring von K&rm£n was released on
August 31, 1992. Move over, Elvis!
Sarokin, David, Office of Pollution
Prevention and Toxics (TS-792), with
Schulkin, Jay. "The role of pollution in
large-scale population disturbances. Part 1:
Aquatic populations." Environmental Science
and Technology. Vol. 26, No. 8, August
1992. pp. 1476-1484.
Solomon, Barry D. Acid Rain
Division, Office of Air and Radiation (4220C),
with Blowers, Andrew; Lowry, David;The
International Politics of Nuclear Waste. St.
Martin's Press, New York. 1991. He has also
recently published: Solomon, B.D.; Brick S.
"State regulatory issues in acid rain
compliance." Electricity Journal. Vol. 5,
No. 2, March 1992, pp. 20-27. Solomon,
B.D.; Rose, K. "Making a market for SO2
emissions trading." Electricity Journal.
Vol. 5, No. 6, July 1992.
Wolbarst, Anthony B., Office of Radiation,
edited Environment in Peril, Smithsonian
Institution Press: Washington, DC, 1992.
Remember, if you have published and
would like to bring it to the attention of your
colleagues, please send the information to
The Catalyst, PM-211A. ~
The Latest in
The most recent
addition to the Innovative Management
Strategies bibliography series is Managing
Managing Diversity was developed in
response to Work Force 2000, a report issued
by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
predicting changes in the national work force.
This bibliography provides summaries of
articles addressing the issues involved in
managing a diverse work force. Here are a
few examples:
"Tapping the Power of a Diverse Work Force,"
Training & Development Journal, March 1991
"Ways to Make a Diversity Programs Work,"
HR Magazine, April 1991
"Getting the Jump on Work Force 2000:
Some Helpful Hints for Managers,"
Management Quarterly, Fall 1991
"Affirmative Outreach,"
Personnel Journal, May 1991.
To obtain your copy of these, or any
other Management Bibliographies, stop by the
EPA Headquarters Library or call
202-260-5921. ~

Audio Visual
This month, we fill out the
audio end of audio-visual.
Below are summaries of some
recent arrivals to our audio tape collection.
Our audio tapes concentrate on
management subjects. Patrons who've used them
say they are great for reinforcing the messages
that come through reading our books and
watching our videos. Some listen to them while in
the car, some while eating breakfast or jogging,
and some just make them a part of their daily diet.
Many of our tapes have accompanying
workbooks or guides. You can use these to
concentrate totally on the subject of the tape:
you'll get visual as well as aural stimulus.
The Essence of Government Contract
Management: The Key to Understanding is a
1989 release, written and produced by George
and Rose Gazarek, who have over 27 years
combined experience in contract management.
The Gazareks discuss contract types and pricing,
source selection and negotiation, financing,
security, subcontracting, contract modifications,
disputes, warranties, payment, contract
terminations, and fraud, waste and abuse. There
are 6 tapes in this program, so you can be sure
you'll get lots of detail.
In 3 hours of tape, James Belasco delivers his
message about Teaching the Elephant to
Dance: Empowering Change In Your
Organization. This is a book-on-tape version of
Belasco's book, and is read by him. He tells about
his successes helping major industrial corpora-
tions implement strategies for change, and lists
the steps to follow for doing the same within your
Bottom-Up Marketing, by Al Ries and Jack Trout,
based on their book of the same title, advocates
taking an approach to marketing opposite from the
traditional scheme: let day-to-day tactics, the
marketing tools that work, dictate the overall
marketing strategy. If you need to develop a
marketing campaign for one of your services or
products, you might want to give this McGraw-Hill
release a listen. ~
Journal Kernels
Computers. Not since Prometheus
brought fire to man has anything so
enhanced our ability to both create and
destroy. And like Prometheus, those who
have brought computers Into this world
have sometimes been subject to ridicule
and scorn. But once understood, the
computer can become our friend. Here are
some journals located in the EPA Headquarters
Library that can enhance your understanding of
computers (and it won't cost you a liver).
Byte. A McGraw-Hill publication, this journal
specializes in state of the art developments in the
computer field. Also included is a large section of
reviews of the latest in computer technology,
(monthly; Holdings: Vol. 1, No. 4, April 1986—
Computerworld. Need to know the inner
workings of the computer industry? Who is buying
out who? This newspaper of information systems
management lets you in on the inside dirt on the
business of computers and things to look for in the
next few months, (weekly; Holdings: current
three months)
Federal Computer Week. This publication
details the inner goings on in the relationship
between the federal government and the
computer industry. Also included is a section on
government jobs available for computer and
information management specialists, (weekly;
Holdings: current three months)
MacUser. If you are a fan of the Apple Macintosh
computer, this magazine is must reading. Every
month, it is chock full of new and interesting hints
on how to get the most out of the Macintosh
computer. Reviews of the newest Mac features
are also a major part of this journal, (monthly;
Holdings: Vol. 5, No. 4, April 1989—present)
PC World. PC users and owners can get a lot of
helpful hints on the use of their machine from this
publication. This magazine focuses mainly on
new developments in software and hardware for
the personal computer and also has a section on
bugs in systems and how to correct them,
(monthly; Holdings: Vol. 1,No. 1, January

Unlike Prometheus, most of you are free to
visit the Library to check out these and other
periodicals. If you do happen to be chained to
your desk, you can call us for more information at
202-260-5922. ~
With election time coming
up soon I thought you might
like to know how the
complexion of Congress might be changing.
Many members are either retiring, seeking
another office, or will not be back because of
having been defeated in the Primaries. In the
House there are 27 Republicans and 54
Democrats who will not be returning, making a
total of 81 faces that will definitely be
changing. In the Senate the definite changes
are very small, 3 Republicans and 5
Democrats will not be back as of the end of
August. This does not include the many
Congressmen and Senators who are seeking
reelection, some of which will not win. All of
these factors will cause one of the biggest
turnovers in Congress in recent years.
—Joan Platten
Legislative Librarian
202-260-5425 (A-102) ~
Conferences, Meetings,
Symposiums, Workshops
This is a selected list of meetings and
conferences chosen for their potential interest
to EPA staff. If EPA staff wish to have an
EPA-sponsored event listed here, please
forward the information to The Catalyst, HQ
Library, 401 M St.,, SW - PM-211A,
Washington, DC 20460 or emeu I Library. HQ.
1992 international CFCand Halon Alternatives
Conference. September 29-Octoberl, 1992,
Washington, DC. Sponsored by The Alliance for
Responsible CFC Policy in cooperation with the
US EPA, Environment Canada, U.N. Environment
Programme and the International Chamber of
Commerce International Bureau. For more information
contact: Bella Maranion (OAR/GCD) (6202J)
5th International Jacques Cartler Conference:
Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation and Energy
Conservation. October 7-9,1992, Montreal Canada.
Sponsored by the Air and Energy Engineering
Research Laboratory (AEERL), US EPA. For more
information contact: W.G. Tucker, AEERL,
(919) 541-2746.
IAQ 92: Environments for People. October 18-21,
1992, San Francisco, CA. Sponsored by AEERL, US
EPA. For more information contact: W.G. Tucker,
AEERL, (919) 541-2746.
Emission inventory issues and Progress. October
19-23,1992, Raleigh, NC. Sponsored by the AEERL,
US EPA. For more information contact: Larry G.
Jones, AEERL, (919) 541-7716.
Fourth Forum on Innovative Hazardous Waste
Treatment Technologies: Domestic and
International. November 17, 1992, San Francisco,
CA. Sponsored by the Office of Solid Waste and
Emergency Response, US EPA. For more
information contact: Thomas R. DeKay, EPA 401 M St.
SW-OS-110W, Washington, DC 20460 or call (703)
1992 Procurement Training Conference. November
18-20,1992, Chicago, IL. Sponsored by the
Procurements and Contracts Management Division, US
EPA. For more information contact: Jane Rasberry,
PCMD (PM214F) or call (202) 260-6033. ~
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***1 pn
United States
Environmental Protection
September 1992
Info Page: Ocean Pollution

ft&tionalCaastwefo celebrates our valuable saltzvater resources, 'Tfiefottoziring materials
provide, information on ocean pollution and Beach debris concerns« for more information on Optional
Coastv>eek§, see the related article on the first page.
Baur, D.C.;ludicello,S. Stemming the tide of
marine debris pollution: putting
domestic and international control
authorities to work. In Ecology Law
Quarterly, Vol. 17, No. 1, pp. 71-142, 1990.
Boelens, R.G.V. London dumping
convention-its development and
significance to marine pollution control. In
Canadian Conference on Marine
Environmental Quality. Proceedings,
2/29-3/3/1988, pp. 35-45.
Bolten, Alan B. Effect of marine debris on
juvenile, pelagic sea turtles: interim
project report to the national marine
fisheries service marine entanglement
research program. Gainesville, FL: Archie
Carr Center for Sea Turtle Research, 1991.
WAT QL666.C536B65
Cote, R. Social, economic, institutional
and legal considerations in the
management of land-based sources of
marine pollution. In Canadian Conference
on Marine Environmental Quality
Preoceedings, 2/29-3/3/1988, pp. 59-74.
Davis, W.J. Global aspects of marine
pollution policy-the need for a new
international convention, in Marine Policy,
Vol. 14, No. 3, pp. 191-196, 1990.
Entanglement debris on Alaskan beaches,
1989. Auke Bay, Alaska : Auke Bay
Laboratory, Alaska Fisheries Science, 1990.
WAT SH11.A2N65 no. 90-10
Fretheim, A. Dumping at sea. in Marine
Policy, Vol. 14, No. 3, pp. 247-250, 1990.
Hansen, Judie. American Fisheries
Society: draft position statement on plastic
debris. In Marine Environments Vol. 15,
No. 3, pp. 16-18, May/June 1990.
Kelso, D.D.; Kendziorek, M. Alaska's
response to the Exxon Valdez oil spill.
Environmental Science and Technology,
Vol. 25, No. 1, p. 16-23, 1991.
Levenson, H. Strategies for the control of
land-based sources of marine pollution In
the United States. In Canadian Conference
on Marine Environmental Quality,
Proceedings, 2/29-3/3/1988, pp. 149-154.
Marine and estuarine protection: programs
and activities. Washington, D.C.: Office of
Water, EPA, 1989. WAT EPAX 8907-0046
Marx, Wesley The frail ocean: a blueprint
for change in the 1990s and beyond,
updated edtion. Chester, Conn.: The Globe
Pequot Press, 1991.
WAT GC1018 M313 1991

National Ocean Pollution Program Office
Federal plan for ocean pollution research,
development, and monitoring, fiscal years
1992-1996. Washington, D.C.: U.S.
Department of Commerce, National Oceanic
and Atmospheric Administration, Office of the
Chief Scientist, 1991. WAT GC1211.N38
O'Connor, J.M. Aquatic pollution problems,
North Atlantic Coast, including
Chesapeake Bay. In Aquatic Toxicology,
Vol. 11, special issue Nos. 1/2, p. 163-190,
O'Hara, Kathryn J. Citizens guide to
plastics in the ocean: more than a litter
problem. Washington, D.C.: Center for
Environmental Education, EPA, 1988.
GC1085.032 1988
O'Hara, Kathryn J. Plastic debris and its
effects on marine wildlife. In Audubon
Wildlife Report 1988/1989, pp. 395-435, 1988.
O'Hara, Kathryn Trash on America's
beaches a national assessment.
Washington, D.C.: Center for Marine
Conservation, EPA, 1989.
WAT GC1085.043
Overstreet, R.M. Aquatic pollution
problems, southeastern U.S. Coasts:
histopathological indicators. In Aquatic
Toxicology, Vol. 11, Nos. 3/4,
pp. 213-239, 1988.
Report to the Congress on ocean
pollution, monitoring, and research,
October 1987 through September 1988.
Rockville, MD: National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration, National Ocean
Service, 1989. WAT GC1085.R47 1989
Ribic, C.A. Design of shoreline surveys for
aquatic litter pollution. Corvallis, OR:
Corvallis Environmental Research
Laboratory,US EPA, 1991. PB91-179051
Ribic, C.A.; etc. Marine debris survey
manual. Corvallis, OR: Corvallis
Environmental Research Laboratory,US EPA,
1991. PB92-103456 microfiche
Ryan, J.D. Geochemical and statistical
approach for assessing metal pollution in
coastal sediments In Metals in Coastal
Environments of Latin America, pp. 47-58,
New York: Springer-Verlag, 1988.
Sindermann, C.J. Biological indicators and
biological effects of estuarine/coastal
pollution. In Water Resources Bulletin,
Vol. 24, No. 5, pp. 931-939,1988.
Stegeman, J.J. Detecting the biological
effects of deep-sea waste disposal. In
Oceanus, Vol. 33, No. 2, pp. 54-61,1990.
Waldichuk, M. Sea otters and oil pollution.
in Marine Pollution Bulletin, Vol. 21, No. 1,
pp. 10-15,1990.
Waldichuk, M. State of pollution in the
marine environment. In Marine Pollution
Bulletin, Vol. 20, No. 12, pp. 598-602,1989.
Water pollution ocean dumping fee
program is meeting statutory
requirements. Washington, D.C. : General
Accounting Office, 1991.
WAT GC1127.5.W38
The preceding list of documents may
help provide answers to some questions on
ocean pollution. EPA Headquarters staff can
borrow these items through the Headquarters
Library. ~