United States	Information Resources	June 1992
Environmental Protection	Management
Agency	(PM-211A)
EPA The Catalyst
Information for Environmental Action
An Information Service for EPA HQ Staff from the Headquarters Library
EPA's Office of Radiation Programs
(ORP) is sponsoring an ongoing series of
seminars in which distinguished men and
women are invited to speak about critical
environmental issues. Since 1987, nearly
two dozen prominent environmentalists
and advocates have participated in this
series, including Jacques Cousteau, John
Kenneth Galbraith, Ralph Nader and Carl
Sagan. The series has generated
immense interest among EPA staff, and
some of the seminars have been nothing
short of electric.
In an effort to bring this dynamic
series to as many people as possible,
ORP has compiled the transcripts of
eleven of these seminars into a single
book. Environment in Peril, published by
the Smithsonian Institution Press,
provides the text of the speakers'
remarks, as well as a transcript of
responses to questions from audience
members. The result is a stimulating,
thought-provoking volume, representing a
variety of viewpoints on key
environmental issues.
Copies of Environment In Peril may
be borrowed from the Headquarters
Library, information about purchasing
copies (at a eignlficant EPA discount) will
soon be available. ~
Author, Author!
The Headquarters Library is interested
in highlighting the achievements of EPA's
employees in the area of publishing. Studies
of Narcosis is among the recent acquisitions
of the Library, and was edited by Robert
Lipnick, from the Office of Pollution
Prevention and Toxics.
If you have published materials please
let us know about them so that we can share
that information with other Headquarters
staff. ~
Voluntary and
Are you interested in creative
environmental programs that work with
industry to provide incentives for pollution
prevention and risk reduction? If you are,
then we have a bibliography for you! Public
Policy Mechanisms: Non-Regulatory
Options for Environmental Protection
contains summaries of articles on tax and
market based economic incentives,
emissions trading, bubble policy, and
international incentives. Documents
addressing the applications of economic
incentives to acid rain, agriculture, air
pollution, hazardous and solid waste and
public utilities are also described.
Jour tie#great idea is in the HPft IHeadquarters LiBrary
EPA Headquarters Library (PM-211 A) WSM2904 202-260-5922
Printed on Recycled Paper

Here's a sample of the information
Clean profits: Using economic incentives to
protect the environment
Incentives, MCDM, and Environmental
The Critical Decade. Environmentalism in the
1990s: Where are we headed?
The Greening of Corporate America
Buying and Selling for Cleaner Air?
To receive a complimentary copy of
this bibliography, stop by the Headquarters
Library or call 202-260-5921. ~
Let the Source
Be With You
A new and improved version of EPA
SOURCE is available to you in the
Headquarters Library. EPA SOURCE,
developed by the Management and
Organization Divison, will help you find your
way through the organization at EPA.
Available search headings are:
'organization charts
'descriptions of offices
•Headquarters locator with telephone
and Email numbers
'mission statements
•program descriptions
'environmental glossary
'acronym list
'Agency groups
This hypercard program is accessible
on a Macintosh located in the Library. ~
Hot off the press, it's
Access to the
Collections: Videotapes in the Headquarters
Library! After much preparation, the latest
edition of our videotape catalog is available.
Featuring titles, run-times, publishers and
abstracts of more than 175 tapes in our
collection, the guide helps you find what
you're looking for in our Environmental,
Management, Information Resource and
Hazardous Waste subject areas. Have a
question about tape circulation policies?
Check the catalog. Wonder just how many
tapes there are with the word excellence in
the title? You'll find it in the catalog.
And, of course, you won't find the
following items in the catalog, because they're
brand new:
After All, You're the Supervisor! is a
two-tape/workbook kit that "deals with the
management process from a functional view."
The point is to help new supervisors adjust to
their surroundings by showing a typical day of
a "first-line supervisor." Running time is
approximately 23 minutes, divided into a
19-minute tape and a 4-minute discussion
tape. The workbook reviews information in
the tape and proposes 2- to 4-hour training
Take Pride Gulf-Wide describes the
EPA Gulf of Mexico Program action plan for a
clean Gulf. Centering on the solid waste
problem (off-shore ship-dumping, beach
littering), the Take Pride Gulf-Wide campaign
involves the federal government, the 5 Gulf
states, the public and industry in an attempt to
"find a regional solution to a regional
problem." (18 minutes) ~

Journal Kernels
Recycling! Aaargh! Some of us cringe
at the thought of having to separate
glass, plastic and newspaper.
However, as much as some of us may
hate it, recycling is necessary in order to
preserve our natural environment. At the EPA
Headquarters Library we pitch in with the
recycling effort as well as carrying several
journals dealing with that subject. They
Biocycle: Journal of Waste Recycling. No,
this monthly journal is not about Greg LeMond's
quest for another Tour de France title, but instead
delves into such areas as industrial waste
recovery, composting, and the management of
municipal wastes through non-burn methods,
(monthly) (Holdings: Vol. 22, January/February
1981 - present)
Recycling Today. Is that '73 Pinto of yours
giving you constant migraines? Well maybe this
journal has the ultimate solution. This monthly
font of information is centered around the
recycling of scrap metals and the scrap metal
industry. However it also deals with other types of
recycling such as rubber and plastics, (monthly)
(Holdings: Vol. 16, January 1978 - present)
Resource Recovery Report. Every month,
this newsletter focuses on multi-material,
post-consumer recycling of items like waste
paper, scrap metals, glass, plastics, yard debris,
oil and rubber, (monthly) (Holdings: Vol. 9,
August 1985 - present)
Resources, Conservation and Recycling.
For the more technical and scientific minds, this
quarterly journal which incorporates the journals
"Resources and Conservation" and "Conservation
& Recycling," tackles subjects such as composting
of domestic refuse and sewage sludge, (quarterly)
(Holdings: Vol. 1, March 1988 present)
For more information about these and
other journals in our collection, feel free to
give us a ring at (202) 260-5922 or visit the
Library. ~
Update on EPA
becoming a cabinet-
level department

Senator John Glenn (D-OH) introduced
bill S. 533, Department of The Environment
Act, which passed the Senate October 1,
1991. The bill establishes the Department of
the Environment, provides for a Bureau of
Environmental Statistics and sets up a
Presidential Commission on Improving
Environmental Protection.
The bill was sent to the House after
passage in the Senate where its future has
remained uncertain because of a
controversial condemnation review
amendment attached to the bill by Senator
Steve Symms (R-ID). The amendment calls
on the Justice Department to review all
regulations pertaining to the federal
government's seizure or "condemnation" of
private property. The House could introduce
its own bill without the Symms amendment, or
consider an amended version of the Senate
bill. Representative John Conyers (D-MI),
Chairman of the Government Operations
Committee, is contemplating holding hearings
in June or July.
The EPA cabinet legislation is still a
long way from passage and its chances are
uncertain at this time.
—Joan Platten
EPA Legislative Librarian
(202) 260-5425 (A-102) ~

If you wish to have an
upcoming event listed here, please
forward the information to The
Catalyst, HQ Library, 401 M
St., SW - PM-211 A, Washington,
DC 20460. Please submit the
information as soon as possible
before the meeting, because we list
events that are scheduled at least
three months in advance of each
publication date.
Third National Meeting on
Water Quality Standards for
the 21st Century. (Risk Based
Approach and the Fiscal Year
1994-1996 Water Quality Standards
Priorities). September 1-3,1992,
Las Vegas, NV. Sponsored by the
USEPA. For more information
contact: David K. Sabock, Chief,
Office of Water (WH-585) or call
(202) 260-1318.
Second International
Conference on
Environmental Issues and
Management of Waste in
Energy and Mineral
Production. September 1 -4,
1992, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Organized by a host of international
agencies, schools and universities.
For more information, contact: Dr.
Hilary I. Inyang, USEPA, (OS-341)
(202) 260-7451 or Margaret-Anne
Stroh, Conference Office, The
University of Calgary, 2500
University Drive NW, Calgary,
Alberta, T2N 1N4 Canada or call
(403) 220-6229 or Fax
(403) 284-5696.
1992 North American
Conference on Industrial
Recycling and Waste
Exchange. September 9-10,
1992, Syracuse, NY. Sponsored by
the Northeast Industrial Waste
Exchange in cooperation with
Government Institutes, Inc. and
other waste exchanges in the U.S.
and Canada. For more information
contact: Government Institutes,
Inc., 4 Research Place, Suite 200,
Rockville, MD 20850 or call (301)
921 -2345 or Fax (301) 921 -0373.
National Conference of the
American Society of Civil
Engineers (ASCE) session on
the Utilization of Waste
Materials in Civil
Engineering Construction.
September 14-17,1992, New York,
NY. Session sponsored by the
ASCE Materials Processing
Committee in conjunction with the
annual convention. For more
information contact: Dr. Hilary I.
Inyang, USEPA, (OS-341)
Natfonal Recycling
Congress and Expo.
September 15-17,1992, Boston,
MA. Sponsored by the National
Recycling Coalition Inc. For more
information contact: National
Recycling Coalition Inc., 1101 30th
St., NW, Suite 305, Washington,
DC 20007 or call (202) 625-6406 or
Fax (202) 625-6409.
Statistical Analysis of
Ground-Water Monitoring
Data. September 17-18, 1992,
Princeton, NJ. Sponsored by the
USEPA. For more information
contact: Jack Teuschler, CERI,
(513) 684-7314.
Environmental Management
Expo. September 21-24,1992,
Philadelphia, PA. Sponsored by
the International Association of
Environmental Managers. For more
information contact: International
Association of Environmental
Managers, 243 West Main St.,
P.O. Box 308, Kutztown, PA 19530
or call (215) 683-5098.
Fifth International
Symposium on Gas, Oil,
and Environmental
Technology. September 21 -24,
1992, Chicago, IL. Sponsored by
the Institute of Gas Technology
(IGT). For more information
contact: Dr. Cavit Akin,
Biotechnology Research, IGT, 3424
South State St., Chicago, IL 60616
or call (312) 567-3724 or Fax
(312) 567-5209.
1992 International
Symposium on Radon and
Radon Reduction
Biotechnology. September 22
25, 1992, Minneapolis, MN.
Sponsored by the USEPA. For
more information contact: Tim
Dyess, AEERL (919) 541-2802.
Environmental Training:
Requirements, Strategies
and Resources for
Environmental Managers.
September 23-24,1992, Arlington,
VA. Sponsored by Government
Institutes, Inc. For more information
contact: Tim Hohman at
Government Institutes, Inc., 966
Hungerford Drive, #24, Rockville,
MD 20850 or call (301) 251-9250 or
Fax (301) 251-0638. ~
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The preceding list of documents may
help provide answers to some of the issues
involved in wetlands. EPA Headquarters staff
can borrow these items through the
Headquarters Library. ~