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Environmental Protection
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Resources Management
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Volume 3, Number 1
December 1993
„.to Caribbean Currents, Volume Three, Number One. This quarterly
newsletter is assembled by INFQTERRA/USA in its capacity as the Regional
Service Centre (JRSC) for INFOTEHRA. National Focal Points (NFPs) in the
English and French-speaking Caribbean.
Although the Currents is assembled at INFOTHRRA/USA/ the content
belongs to you,, the readers. You are encouraged to send in any questions,
comments, problems, or interesting issues relevant to the Region for inclusion
in the Currents, Please see the Guidelines for Contributions, below, for more
Each issue will also feature a Directory of NFPs in the Region so that anyone
with international environmental questions can contact their nearest resource.
Please feci free to contact one another as well as your RSC for assistance or
Also, please feel free to share Caribbean Currents with your friends and
colleagues. The Currents should serve as an informational forum for anyone
who lives, works, or is involved in the English and French-speaking Caribbean
Guidelines for Contributions to Caribbean Currents
Any organization or individual operating or involved in the English and French-speaking
Caribbean Region is welcome to contribute to the content of the newsletter.
Please note that submissions should meet the following criteria:
•	They should be relevant to environmental issues
•	They must be of interest to or directly involve the Region
•	They must not endorse or recommend any product or commercial service either explicitly
or implicitly
•	They must be brief-preferably under 250 words; Bulletin Board (see page 3) requests
should be kept under 100 words
•	They must be received by the posted deadline (see below)
Please feel free to contact the Caribbean Currents coordinator if you are interested in
submitting a longer article. You should contact the coordinator to discuss your topic and any
size or content restrictions beforehand. Be aware that once your article is submitted, it is subject
to editing as needed.
Final decisions on editing and inclusion of any contributions are left to the INFOTERRA/USA
Manager. Please contact INFOTERRA/USA using the information on page 4 to contribute any
comments, questions, problems, or ideas.
DEADLINE FOR CONTRIBUTIONS TO Vol. 3, No. 2: February 7,1994.


One of the most frequently requested and most
difficult to find types of international environmental
information is the category of environmental law.
The laws and regulations of each country are
compiled in many different ways. The sources for
distribution and availability of laws and regulations
can sometimes be difficult to find in one's own
country, and even more difficult to obtain from some
other government.
At INFOTERRA/USA, we receive dozens of requests
for information on laws and regulations of countries
around the world. Locating this information can be
both time-consuming and frustrating. To simplify
the process, we have compiled lists of resources
which can provide copies of laws from many
countries to any requestor. Most of these sources
charge for their services. In many cases, however,
requestors do not mind paying for the information,
they simply do not know who can provide it.
U.S. Environmental Regulations
In the United States, all Federal Regulations,
proposed, final, and commentary, are published each
business day in the Federal Register. They are then
compiled annually in the U.S. Code of Federal
Regulations or CFR. Title 40 of the CFR, currently
comprised of 15 volumes, contains the regulations
related to Protection of the Environment.
Subscriptions to and copies of individual issues/
volumes of the Federal Register and CFR are
available directly from the U.S. Government Printing
Office (GPO). Interested parties can contact GPO
directly at:
Superintendent of Documents, GPO
Washington, DC 20402
TELEPHONE: (202)783-3238
FAX: (202)512-2550
INFOTERRA/USA has a complete list of the
volumes included in Title 40 CFR with the ordering
prices. We would be happy to share this list with
anyone in the Region. Please contact us using the
directory information on page 4.
We also have a list of key U.S. environmental
legislation. This includes Congressional Acts such as
the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the
National Environmental Policy Act. If you would
like a copy of this list, which includes brief
descriptions of the Acts and information on
requesting copies of each Act, please feel free to
Request it.
International Laws
You may also be interested in books which compile
environmental laws from around the world. A
selection of very useful reference books on this topic
is listed below. Although none of these books
includes every law or every country, they are
excellent resources for identifying some of the key
environmental legislation around the world.
Clean Air Around the World, Second Edition.
International Union of Air Pollution
Prevention Associations, 1991. Available from
the publisher in London, UK
International Environmental Law and
Regulation. Shickman, McMahon, van Riel.
Butterworth Legal Publishers, 1991. Available
from the publisher
International Environmental Law, Special
Report Government Institutes, Inc., 1992.
Available from the publisher
Status of Multilateral Treaties in the Field of
Environment and Conservation, Third
Edition. World Conservation Union (IUCN),
1993. Available from the publisher in Gland,
Yearbook of International Environmental Law,
Vol. 1-3. Gunther Handl. Graham &
Trotman/Nijhof, 1991,1992,1993. Available
from Kluwer Academic Publishers
—compiled by INFOTERRA/USA Reference Staff
What You Can Do...
Do you know of any resources for international
environmental law?
How are copies of laws and regulations distributed in
your country?
If you have any suggestions, comments, questions, or
other input, please let us know! Send your
information to CARIBBEAN CURRENTS care of
INFOTERRA/USA, using the information on page 4.
All the information submitted by the deadline for
next issue (see page 1) will be compiled in a list of
environmental law sources to help everyone in the

Thanks for your help!


Welcome to The Caribbean Currents
Bulletin Board.
Each issue/ we will publish questions or concerns of interest to Currents
readers. Anyone who has materials or information that they feel will
be helpful should feel free to respond. You may either respond directly
to the reader who has placed the item, or send the materials to
INFOTERRA/USA for forwarding.
Publications Available
INFOTERRA/USA, in its role as the
Regional Service Centre for the English and
French-speaking Caribbean, has several
general interest environmental publications
available for distribution. Any reader in the
Region is welcome to request these
Chemicals In Your Community: A Guide to
the Emergency Planning and
Community Right-To-Know Act
Environmental Technology Sources:
Matching Solutions to Problems
EPA's Pesticide Programs
Protecting Coastal and Wetlands Resources:
A Guide for Local Governments
Terms of Environment: Glossary,
Abbreviations, and Acronyms
Please note that there may be a limited
number of each title available, and they will
be distributed on an as-requested basis.
Send your requests to INFOTERRA/USA
using the contact information on page 4.
INFOTERRA/USA Seeks Information
The INFOTERRA NFP for the United
States receives numerous requests for
information on the topic of Coastal Zone
Management (CZM). We are hoping to
expand our collection of materials on
this topic to. better serve our audience.
If you have any materials on this topic
that you can share, we would be veiy
glad to receive them. Also, if anyone is
aware of particularly useful resources
on CZM that we can purchase, we
would appreciate any citations and
ordering information you can provide.
Please send any available information or
materials to INFOTERRA/USA at the
address listed in the directory on page 4.
Send your Bulletins to the RSC for publication in the next issue. See
the Directory on page 4 for information on submitting items.

About the NFP Directory
This directory reflects changes and additions to the INFOTERRA Directory of National Focal Points
distributed by INFOTERRA/PAC, dated April 1993. Please check this information to verify that it is
correct and up-to-date. If you have any changes or corrections, please notify the RSC as soon as possible.
We will be happy to relay the information to the PAC.
Dr. Donald Cooper
Marguerite Blemur
Department of Environmental Health Services
Ministere de l'Agriculture et des Resources Naturelles
P.O. Box N-3729
et du Developpement Rural
P.O. Box 1441
Telephone: (809) 322-4908 FAX: (809) 322-3607
Port-au-Prince, HAITI

Telephone: 509-22-1867 FAX: 509-22-3599
Vernese Innlss

Administrative Officer (Environment)
Jeanetta Phillips
Ministry of Labour. Consumer Affairs and
Natural Resources Conservation DMson
the Environment
Ministry of Tourism & the Environment
Marine House, Hastings
53 1/2 Molynes Road, P.O. Box 305
St. Michael, 29. BARBADOS
Kingston 10, JAMAICA
Telephone: (809) 426-8999 FAX: (809) 426-8959
Telephone: (809) 923-5155/5125 FAX: (809) 923-5070
Jaime Villanueva
Vanesta Moses-Felix
Fisheries Department
Government Documentalist
Princess Margaret Drive
Ministry of Planning, Personnel,
P.O. Box 148
Establishment, and Training
Belize City. BELIZE
Documentation Center
Telephone: 501-2-44552 FAX: 501-2-32983
P.O. Box 709

Castries, ST. LUCIA

Telephone: (809) 453-2005 FAX: (809) 453-2506
Mr. Felix Gregoire

Forestiy and Wildlife Division

Ministry of Agriculture, Botanical Gardens
Regional Service Centre (RSC):
Emma J. McNamara
Telephone: (809)448-2401 FAX: (809)448-7999

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Headquarters Library
Mavis Taylor
Room 2904, PM-211A
401 M Street, S.W.
c/o UNDP
Washington, D. C. 20460, USA
P.O. Box 10960
Telephone: (202) 260-5917 FAX: (202) 260-3923
Georgetown, GUYANA

FAX: 592-2 62942