•Annual Awards
EPA Honors tts Employees
Benjamin H. Bochenek William W. Erwin
Beverly Randolph, Secretary, Office of Water, receives Administrator's Award for Excellence	Harold W. Hopkins	Edwin C. Horn, Jr.
om Lee M. Thomas.
Awards for outstanding
t service were presented
to 105 Environmental
Protection Agency staff
members and a Coast Guard
officer at the Agency's 18th
Annual Awards Ceremony.
Award recipients, many
accompanied by their
families, came from
headquarters, regional
offices and laboratories
around the country for the
colorful program, which
was held in the Interior
Department Auditorium not
far from EPA's Waterside
Mall complex.
Lee M. Thomas, outgoing
Administrator, declared "I
am proud of you and your
work. I am optimistic about
the future of the
environment because of you
and that work."
Reviewing the Agency's
accomplishments during his
six-year tenure, he urged
increased emphasis on:
science; waste minimization
and recycling; wetland and
groundwater protection;
and improved enforcement
and federal-state working
Thomas, who got a
standing ovation, concluded
that EPA must continue
providing leadership for our
nation in protecting the
environment and the
ecology. "If EPA doesn't, no
one else will."
EPA's Band, Men's
Chorus, and Mixed Chorus,
led by Mary Mclnnis,
honored Thomas with a
special musical
Program Chairman John
A. Moore, Acting Deputy
Administrator; Thomas; and
other EPA leaders presented
the awards.
Distinguished Career
Honored with
Distinguished Career
Awards for their service
over an extended period of
time were: Benjamin H.
Bochenek, Patent Counsel
in the Office of General
Counsel, for "outstanding
contributions to the
development of patent
policy for Federal
Environmental Programs."
William W. Erwin,
Agricultural Consultant in
the Office of the
Administrator, for his
"exemplary service to the
Environmental Protection
Agency and the agricultural
Harold W. Hopkins,
Chief of the Facilities
Construction Branch in the
Region 4 Water
Management Division, for a
distinguished career in
administration of the
Construction Grants
Edwin C. Horn, Jr., Water
Division, Region 5, for
"exceptional service in
improving compliance
maintenance through sound
financial management
Norton Nelson, who
chairs the Executive
Committee of the Science
Advisory Board, "for
insightful technical
guidance, distinguished
leadership of the Science
Advisory Board, and
skillful consensus building
in support of sound science
and engineering policies."
Gold Medals
Recipients of Gold
Medals for Exceptional
Service were: Charles W.
App, Environmental
Engineer, Water
Management Division,
Region III, for his work
with a water quality model
for the Chesapeake Bay
Program; Douglas A. Ehorn,
Deputy Chief, Water
Quality Branch, Region 5,
for developmental work in
wetlands enforcement,
outreach, and advanced
projects; Charles L. Gray,
Jr., Director, Emission
Control Technology
Division, for technical
leadership in fostering the

Norfon Neison
Charles W. App
Douglas A. Ehorn Charles L. Gray, jr. Lisa A. Haage
Edward /. Han/ev	Mai
Michei/ne A. Ward
Charlotte Bercegeay Vanessa Bowie
Jacqueline Brown
Marv Jane Clark
Denise Cunningham-
use of clean fuels to control
environmental pollution;
Lisa A. Haage, Attorney.
Office of Regional Counsel.
Region 9. for her
representation of the
Agency in the clean up of
the Operating Industries
Superfund Site: Edward J.
Hanley, Director. Office of
Information Resources
Management, Office of
Administration and
Resources Management, for
his leadership of the EPA
information resources
function: and Mark
Satterwhite, Environmental
Protection Specialist, for
negotiating the first
Superfund Memorandum of
Agreement, Multi-site, and
Core Program Cooperative
Agreements with the Navajo
Indian Nation.
In addition, six Gold
Medals were awarded to
teams of EPA workers for
their joint efforts. So
honored were:
The Administrator's
Executive Team, Patricia
Thorne, Betty Wonkovich.
and Yvonne Countee, for
the smooth and efficient
functioning of the Office of
the Administrator; The
Estuary Program Team in
the Office of Water, Tudor
Davies, Thomas DeMoss,
Michelle Hiller, and
Stephen Glomb, for
developing a national
program for comprehensive
environmental management
of the nation's estuaries:
The Land Disposal
Restrictions Team from the
Office of Solid Waste and
Emergency Response and
the Office of General
Counsel, Steve Weil, James
Berlow and Steve
Silverman, for developing
the final regulations that
restrict land disposal of
more than one-third of all
regulated hazardous wastes:
Also, the Cannons
Engineering Superfund
Team from Region 1,
Michael Thomas and
Gregory Roscoe, for
contributions" to Superfund
enforcement through their
leadership in the Cannons
Engineering settlements; the
Champion International
Permit Team from Region 4.
John T. Marlar, Fritz
Wagener III. Jacqueline F.
Colson, Suzanne Durham,
and Bruce R. Barrett, for
the technical, legal, and
public relations leadership
in developing a wastewater
discharge permit which will
lead to restoration of the
Pigeon River in North
Carolina and Tennessee.
Also, the Oxygenated
Fuels Team from the Region
8 Office of Air and
Radiation. Dale M. Wells,
John O. Hidinger, Irwin L.
Dickstein, Joseph H.
Somers, and Philip A.
Lorang, for developing the
first mandatory oxygenated
fuel program in the United
States to reduce carbon
monoxide in the Metro
Denver area; and the
National Municipal Policy
Team from the Office of
Water and the Office of
Enforcement and
Compliance Monitoring,
James R. Elder, J. William
Jordon, Glenn L.
Unterberger, David N.
Lyons, Charles J. Evans,
and Brian Maas, for their
work in bringing municipal
sewage treatment plants
into compliance with Clean
Water Act requirements.
Silver Medals
Silver Medals for
Superior Service were
presented to Angela E.
Auletta, Supervisory
Biologist in the Office of
Toxic Substances, Office of
Pesticides and Toxic
Substances, for "exceptional
service in the protection of
human health from
exposure to chemicals auf
for providing national ai^
international leadership in
genetic toxicology;"
Rebecca A. Barclay,
Program Analyst. Office of
Enforcement and
Compliance Monitoring, for
her "outstanding
contribution" to creation of
a formal program to train
and recognize compliance
inspectors and field
investigative personnel:
Sam Colon-Velez., Chief.
AIRS Section, Office of Air
Quality Planning and
Standards, Office of Air and
Radiation. RTP. for
"exceptional achievement"
in developing data systems
to expand state and federal
capabilities to protect the
nation's air quality;
Also. David J. O'Connor,
Director, Procurement and
Contracts Management
Division, Office of
Administration and
Resources Management. fdP
"outstanding and creative
leadership" of the Agency
procurement program
during a period of
exceptional growth and

ine M. Davis
change; Marilyn Shannon.
Chemist, Central Regional
Laboratory, Region 5, for
"exceptional scientific
^achievement" in developing
rtlie Microwave Digestion
Method of analyzing water
samples for metals, and
Micheline A. Ward. Human
Resources Development
Coordinator, in the Region
10 Management Division,
for "outstanding initiative
and creativity" in
promoting human resources
excellence and growth.
Teams awarded Silver
Medals included the
Onboard Technology Task
Force from the Office of Air
and Radiation, Ann Arbor,
Ml, Charles L. Gray, Jr..
Chester J. France, john F.
Anderson, John J.
Gabrysiak, and Carl Fuller.
Jr., for "outstanding skill
and effectiveness" in
developing a simplified
onboard refueling emissions
control system; the EDB
Disposal Team from the
Office of Pesticides and
Toxic Substances, Office of
Administration and
Resources Management,
Office of Research and
Development, Office of
General Counsel, Regions B
and 7, Ralph Hazel, James
Bette Hcihn	Linda Hilivig
Sales, Donald Oberacker,
Malcolm Hunevcutt,
Patricia Roberts, Judy
Heckman, Steve Johnson,
and Carol Stangel, for
"exceptional service" in
collecting and disposing of
the pesticide FDI3 in a
timely and cost-effective
way; The National Surface
Water Survey Team from
the Office of Research and
Development, Rick A.
Linthurst, Dixon H.
I.anders, James M.
Omernik, and Eugene P.
Meier, for their "successful
and creative leadership" of
that survey, and The Puerto
Rico Negotiating Team from
Region 2, Douglas R.
Blazey, Richard L. Caspe,
Herbert Barrack, Warren
Llewellyn, and Noelia
Marti, for achieving an
outstanding enforcement
settlement agreement
between EPA and the
Puerto Rico Aqueduct and
Sewer Authority; The
Ashland Oil Spill Team
from Region ,3. Jerry
Saseen, Raymond
Germann, Alan Jackson,
Stephen Jarvela, Thomas
Voltaggio, Charles Dispoto.
Vincent Zenone, Gary
Bryant, and Eugene
Miklaucic of the United
Claudia Hood	Ti.
States Coast Guard, for
"exceptional service" in
undertaking the emergency
response actions in
connection with the
Ashland Oil Company spill;
and the Sheridan ADR
Team from Region 8. Alfred
C. Smith and jack W.
Hoffbuhr, for "outstanding
leadership" in applying
Alternative Dispute
Resolution procedures to
the Sheridan, Wyoming,
water supply problem.
The Administrator's
Award for Excellence was
presented to twenty support
staff members:
Charlotte Bercegeav,
secretary, Office of Research
and Development, Research
Triangle Park; Vanessa
Bowie, secretary, Office of
Administration and
Resources Management;
Jacqueline Brown,
Technical Information
Specialist, Office of General
Counsel; Mary Jane Clark,
Office of Air Quality
Planning and Standards.
Research Triangle Park:
Denise Cunningham-Abney,
secretary. Office of
Pesticides and Toxic
Substances; Jacqueline M.
Davis, secretary. Office of
the Inspector General,
Atlanta, GA: Deborah Good,
secretary, Office of
International Activities:
Bette Hahn, secretary.
Region 8: Linda Hilwig,
secretary, Office of
International Activities:
Claudia Hood, secretary.
Office of Enforcement and
Compliance Monitoring
(NEIC), Denver, CO; Tina
Kroske, secretary. Region 4;
Laura Loux, administrative
specialist, Region 9; Helen
McCue, secretary. Region 3;
Tanya Meekins, secretary.
Office of External Affairs;
Kathleen Montalte,
secretary, Region 7; Divola
Nettles, administrative
assistant, Region 10, Boise,
ID; Tamara Odell,
congressional assistant,
Region 5; Beverly
Randolph, secretary, Office
of Water; Wanda
Sturdivant, secretary. Office
of Solid Waste and
Emergency Response; and
Deloris Swann. secretary.
Office of Policy. Planning
and Evaluation.
c Satterivhite	Angela E. Auletlci
Rebecca A. Barclay
Marilyn Shannon
Sam Colon-Velez
David /. O'Connor
Deborah Good

Laura Loux
Beverly Randolph
Helen McCue
Wanda Sturdivant
Tanya Meekins	Kathleen Monlalte Divola Nettles
Tamara Odell
Valdas V. Adamkus
De/oris Swann	Ann C. Dartez	Marylouise Uhlig
Special Awards	for the Great Lakes and
other environmental efforts
Ann C. Dartez,	0f jw0 nations.
environmental engineer.	Green, for whom the
Region 6, was presented the award is named, molded
Trudy A. Speciner Award EPA-S international policy
for "an outstanding	for over 10 years>
contribution by a
non-supervisory employee." Scientific Awards
Marylouise Uhlig, Director,
Office of Program
Management Operations.
Office of Pesticides and
Toxic Substances, received
the A. James Barnes Award
for Exemplary Leadership
in Human Resources
Management. This honor
was "in recognition of
extraordinary commitment
and dedication to the
conviction that the people
of EPA are its greatest
Barnes won this award in
1986; it is now presented
The Fitzhugh Green
Award for Outstanding
Contributions to
International Environmental
Protection went to Valdas
V. Adamkus, Regional
Administrator, Region 5.
Adamkus has been
extensively involved in the
U.S.-Canada International
Joint Commission
Dr. William E. Wilson,	Response; Roger Cortesi.
Atmospheric Sciences	Office of Research and
Research Laboratory.	Development; Lee Dehihns,
Region 4, and Gerald Bryan.
Office of Enforcement and^
Committee	Compliance Monitoring. <0
Members of this year's
EPA Awards Board are: John
Chamberlain, Office of
Administration and
Resources Management.
Chair; Kenneth Dawsey,
Office of Human Resources
Management; Nathaniel
Scurry, Office of Civil
Rights; Alexandra Smith,
Region 4; Paul Keough,
Region 1; Rob Cahill, Office
of the Administrator; W.
Ray Cunningham, Office of
Air and Radiation; Richard
Morgenstern, Office of
Policy, Planning and
Evaluation; Richard
Sanderson, Office of
External Affairs; Rebecca
Hanmer, Office of Water;
Victor Kimm. Office of
Pesticides and Toxic
Substances; Gerald Yamada,
Office of General Counsel;
Frank Covington, Region 5;
Donald Kirkendall. Office of
the Inspector General;
Walter Kovalick, Office of
Solid Waste and Emergency
The Scientific and
Technological Achievement
Awards: These awards are
granted each year by the
Assistant Administrator for
Research and Development
to encourage high quality
peer-reviewed journal
articles by EPA scientists
and engineers. The highest
award is given for
publications that result
from exceptionally high
quality research and
technological achievement.
The 1987 award winners
are a group from Research
Triangle Park who
co-authored a paper
entitled: "Lung Cancer and
Indoor Air Pollution in
Xuan Wei, China." They
are: Drs. Judy Lee Mumford
and Robert S. Chapman,
Human Effects Research
Laboratory. Bruce Harris,
Air and Energy Engineering
Research Laboratory, and
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