It's   Never
             A dangerous type of skin cancer called
             melanoma is becoming more common in the
             United States. In fact, one person dies from
             melanoma every 67 minutes.* Fortunately,
             you can help protect yourself and your loved
             ones by taking certain actions:

             •  Seek shade and limit time in the
                midday sun.
             •  Cover up. Wear a wide-brimmed hat and
           '-!%  -  sunglasses,               ^       *
             •  Apply SPF 15+ sunscreen.
             •  Check your skin regularly for suspicious
                moles. Inform your doctor of  any
             '   changes in your skin.

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       Recycled/Recyclable—Printed with vegetable oil based inks on 100% postconsumer, process chlorine free
                               * Source: American Cancer Society
                                            June 2006