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The PNiWriter is a new web based tool that will help small systems
create public notices by answering questions and filling in blanks.
What is it?
How does it work?
Where can 1 get one?
How quick is it?
Is my information secure?
What about new rules that
are finalized?
What if 1 need to make
changes to my notice?
What will 1 need to create
a public notice?
What if 1 operate more
than one system?
Where can 1 get more
The PN/Writer is a web based program that allows water
operators or other designated personnel to enter data to
generate a public notice.
After you log in you will see a series of questions about the
violation or situation requiring public notice. After you finish
answering questions and filling in blanks you will be able to
print or download your public notice, an instruction sheet, and
public notice certification.
PN/Writer is free and available at: http://www.pniwriter.org
PNiWriter takes a short time to fill out if you have all of your
violation or situation information handy. Required information,
such as mandatory health effects language, is already included
to save you time.
Yes. You will designate a username and password which
ensures you and only personnel you authorize are able to
access or change a system's information.
PN/Writer will add all new Federal requirements needed to
create a public notice so you do not need to worry about new
The program allows you to edit information you entered or
download the notice to make changes as necessary (i.e., if
your primacy agency has additional requirements).
You will need internet access and the information about your
violation or situation (i.e., violation date, type of violation,
sample result (if applicable), date of return to compliance,
what happened, etc).
You may use the PN/Writer to create separate public notices
for as many systems as you need, there is no limit. Also, you
can copy and modify a notice for repeat notice requirements.
At www.pniwriter.oro> or contact the Safe Drinking Water
Hotline at 1-800-426-4791.
Office of Water (4606M)
December 2007