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      John Sigurdson
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 Case Study
                                 Bison  Transport
      Bison Transport is a truckload carrier headquartered in Winnipeg,
      Manitoba with terminals in Calgary, Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta,
      and Mississauga, Ontario. In Canada, Bison operates from Nova
Scotia to British Columbia, and also operates in each of the 48
continental U.S. states.

Bison Transport successfully employs a fuel  economy incentive program
that has been operational for just over 2 years. An on-board computer
and satellite communication system in every tractor provides the data
necessary to implement the program on a timely and accurate basis. The
on-board system tracks operations data on a driver-by-driver basis. This
is a critical point for Bison because it does a lot of slip seat operations,
which means more than one driver uses a specific truck. With the new
system, Bison can pinpoint a driver's performance no matter what unit
the driver operates or who else operates it.

Using historical fuel economy data, the  company has established a fuel
efficiency target for each of the different tractor types  in its fleet.  Drivers
that exceed this target for a three-month period receive a financial bonus;
the more they exceed the target, the larger the bonus.  Every driver is
eligible for the bonus as long as the target is  met. The target has been set
so that a certain percentage of drivers already exceed the benchmark.

"We pay the bonus every three months.  This  allows the variations in fuel
economy due to weather, load factors and routes to even out somewhat,"
explains Mr. Sigurdson. The largest benefit from the incentive program
has been the increased level of consciousness regarding fuel efficiency.
Drivers are now asking how they are doing because the program
motivates them to improve