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   Yalmaz Siddiqui
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   Fuel Efficiency
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       Office Depot joined the SmartWay Transport Partnership in March 2006 with the
       goal of improving the Company's freight fuel efficiency as well as that of its
       contract carriers. Yalmaz Siddiqui, Office Depot's Environmental Strategy
Advisor said: "By making smart decisions in our own transportation operations and
supporting carriers who improve their own efficiency, Office Depot continues to deliver
substantial economic benefits." Mark Cartwright, Office Depot's Vice President of
Transportation, echoed those sentiments: "Joining the SmartWay Transport Partnership
was the natural next step in our long-standing commitment to increase fuel efficiency in
all of our operations." Office Depot initially achieved significant fuel and greenhouse
gas savings by shifting to low emission Sprinter vans (pictured). Over 600 of these vans
were recently added to replace larger and less-efficient box trucks. One of Office
Depot's commitments under the Partnership is to add even more Sprinter vans to its
fleet. Office Depot plans to utilize the Freight Logistics Environmental and Energy
Tracking (FLEET) Performance Model to track annual improvement. They are also
using the FLEET model to estimate its indirect emissions from the for-hire carriers that
transport products from its Distribution Centers to store locations.

Office Depot used data from the FLEET models to report transportation emissions in its
Corporate Citizenship Report (available in August 2007 for download at
www.officedepot.com/environment). Total direct and indirect transport emissions for
2005 and 2006 were 191,900 and 173,900 tons respectively (reported in metric tons
within the Corporate Citizenship Report), a 9.4% total reduction in transport CO2
emissions.  Its 2005 and 2006 CO2 emissions, from transport by its branded customer
delivery fleet only, are 28,600 and 23,200 tons respectively; resulting in a 19%
reduction in CO2 transport emissions directly controlled by the company. Its CO2
emissions from carriers that are SmartWay Partners are 163,300 tons for 2005 and
150,700 tons for 2006, which is an 8% reduction in carrier emissions.
                                  The emissions improvements and the
                                  EPA-verified data are valuable to
                                  Office Depot, associates, its investors
                                  and its customers alike. Office Depot
                                  can track its improvement every year,
                                  and identify strategies to reduce its
                                  emissions further. SmartWay
                                  Transport is a win-win situation
                                  because Office Depot is improving it
                                  environmental performance while
                                  reducing energy costs.