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      Carl Turner
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      Speed Management

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 Case  Study
 Hospira Fleet Services, LLC

     Every day of the week, Hospira Fleet Services LLC ships specialty
     Pharmaceuticals and medication delivery systems using 35 of its own
     trucks and 70 contract drivers on two-person teams.  Since becoming a
SmartWay Partner in November 2005, Hospira has implemented a variety of
emission-reduction strategies for its fleet.

For example, Hospira uses speed management to help increase fuel efficiency
and promote safety. Hospira trucks are governed at 62 miles per hour with a
company speed limit of 59 mph. Flospira's speed management strategies have
conserved over 140,000 gallons of fuel, saving $300,000. Hospira also utilizes
aerodynamic strategies, including full-air fairing packages on its tractors. Over
140,000 gallons of fuel has been saved using aerodynamics, saving Hospira
$300,000. Utilizing intermodal transportation, the company has saved 70,000
gallons of fuel, saving $155,000. Regarding idling-reduction strategies, Hospira
trucks are rarely idling due to the efficiencies  created by two-man teams—while
one driver is sleeping, the other is driving. Through this strategy, Hospira has
saved 40,000 gallons of fuel—resulting  in a cost savings of $90,000.  Because
Hospira leases many of its trucks, the company is able to research new,
environmentally friendly technologies each time it signs a new lease. Recently,
the company purchased 12 new trailers with automatic tire-inflation systems.

Carl Turner, operations manager for Hospira, comments that "one of our
company's commitments is to our communities, and that includes the
environment."  One of the ways Hospira demonstrates this commitment is by
being an active participant in SmartWay. According to Turner, Hospira joined
SmartWay to "share its expertise and to  learn  from other carriers about how to
improve the economic impact of company equipment."

Flospira cites SmartWay's ability to challenge the company in enhancing
environmentally -conscious procedures as being one of the greatest benefits of
being a SmartWay partner.  One of the tools Hospira uses extensively is the
FLEET mode, SmartWay's finacial and  emissions calculatorl.  Through many
different strategies, Hospira is
committed to improving the
environment and constantly learning
about environmentally friendly
business practices.