Supplemental Assistance
                           City  of Hammond,  IN

EPA awarded the City of Hammond  supplemental
assistance for its Brownfields Assessment Demonstration
Pilot and additional funding for assessments atbrownfields
properties to be used for greenspace purposes. Hammond
(population 181,000) is in an industrial area in Northwest
Indiana that includes the George Lake watershed, one of
the few remaining natural areas in the region. George
Lake is surrounded by several former industrial facilities
of environmental concern, including the Federated Metals
hazardous waste dumpsite, the  Amoco Oil Company
research center, the Union Carbide Company disposal
site, and the Bairstow site, a 97-acre former steel mill slag
waste dump.  The populationin this severely impacted area
is 45 percent minority.

The city's goal is to restore the George Lake watershed
to retain and enhance natural open spaces and provide
recreational opportunities for the community. The city has
completed the first phase of its Watershed Restoration
Project, construction of a 9-hole youth golf course and
driving range on 46 acres of the Bairstow site. Most of the
funding from the original pilot was spent on site work plans
and investigations in  support of the first phase of the
George Lake Watershed Restoration Project. The second
phase of this project will be the development of a full-sized
18-hole golf course.


The supplemental funding will be used to continue Phase
I, II, and III site assessments of the properties that will be
used for the planned 18-hole golf course. The properties
include wooded areas along the eastern and northeastern
shores of the North Basin, sections of the former Amoco
Research Center, and other shops and warehouse buildings.

The greenspace  funding  will be used to  conduct
assessments  and develop a land-use plan for the 98 acres
    City of Hammond,
Date of Announcement:
May 2002

Amount: $150,000

Greenspace: $50,000

Profile: The Pilot will conduct
assessments in support of
planningforconstruction of agolf
course, restoration offish and
bird habitats, and enhancement
of biking and hiking trails within
the North Basin of the George
Lake Watershed.

   Hammond Department of
   Environmental Management
Regional Brownfields Team
U.S. EPA Region 5
        Visit the E PA Region 5 Brownfields web site at:

      Forfurtherinformation,includingspecific Pilot contacts,
    additional Pilot information, brownfields news and events, and
    publications and links, visit the EPA Brownfields web site at:

of recently acquired land within and adjoining the North
Basin of George Lake. Through extensive community
outreach efforts, the city is developing plans to restore fish
and bird habitats and enhance biking and hiking trails
within the North Basin. Assessments conducted with
greenspace funding will support the development of a
North Basin Watershed Management Plan.

Activities planned as part of this Pilot include:

 Preparing work plans, site-specific sampling plans, health
  and safety plans, and addenda to the existing Quality
  Assurance Project Plan;

 Conducting Phase I,  II, and  III environmental site
  assessments on 10 discrete parcels covering a total of 38

 Conducting  greenspace assessment  activities  and
  developing a land-use plan for  the North Basin and
  shoreline parcels; and

 Conducting community outreach activities for both the
  second phase of this project and greenspace.

Thecooperativeagreementforthis Pilot hasnotyetbeen negotiated; therefore,
activities described in this fact sheet are subject to change.
                                                               Solid Waste            EPA 500-F-02-093
                                                               and Emergency         May 2002
                                                               Response (5105)       www.epa.gov/brownfields/