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 June 1999
                      Brownfields  Assessment
                      Demonstration   Pilot
                                       Borough of Central City,  PA
 Outreach and Special Projects Staff (5101)
                   Quick Reference Fact Sheet
EPA's Brownfields Economic Redevelopment Initiative is designed to empower states, communities, and other
stakeholders in economic redevelopment to work together in a timely manner to prevent, assess, safely clean up, and
sustainably reuse brownfields. A brownfield is a site, or portion thereof, that has actual or perceived contamination and
an active potential for redevelopment or reuse. EPA is funding: assessment demonstration pilot programs (each funded
up to $200,000 over two years), to assess brownfields sites and to test cleanup and redevelopment models;job training
pilot programs (each funded up to $200,000 over two years), to provide training for residents of communities affected
by brownfieldstofacilitatecleanupofbrownfieldssites and preparetrainees for future employmentintheenvironmental
field; and, cleanup revolving loan fund programs (each funded up to $500,000 over five years) to capitalize loan funds
to make loans for the environmental cleanup of brownfields.  These pilot programs are intended to provide EPA, states,
tribes, municipalities, and communities with useful information and strategies as they continue to seek new methods
to promote a unified approach to site assessment, environmental cleanup, and redevelopment.

EPA has selected the Borough of Central City for a
Brownfields Pilot. Central City and Shade Township
(combined population 4,423) are located within the
Dark Shade sub-basin that follows Dark Shade Creek,
a nine-mile tributary of Shade Creek that empties into
Stoneycreek River.  Dark Shade valley is located
within Pennsylvania's Appalachian coal mining region
where, like many rural communities, large coal mining
operations shut down after World War II, leaving the
area with abandoned mines that devastated the local
economies and the environment. As a result of the
effects of acid mine drainage and abandoned strip
mines and mining buildings, potentially contaminated
properties lie  vacant and the Dark Shade Creek
watershed is unable to sustain aquatic life.  Further,
more than 70 percent of the Central City families with
children live below the poverty level.


Central  City's  objective is  to  further  the  area's
economic growth and provide areas for recreational
activities  by transforming the Dark Shade valley
brownfields into usable land for commercial businesses,
recreational  trails, and acid mine drainage treatment
systems that can double as community parks.  The
 Borough of Central City,

Borough of Central City
Dark Shade Creek
Coordinating Committee
(814) 539-5357
  Dateof Announcement:
  June 1999

  Amount: $200,000

  Profile: ThePilottargetsthe
  Dark Shade Creek valleys
  former coal mining operations
  for assessment to help
  revitalize the economy of local
  communities and to clean up
  the watershed.
Regional Brownfields Team
U.S. EPA - Region 3
     Visit the EPA Region 3 Brownfields web site at:

   For further information, including specific Pilot contacts,
 additional Pilot information, brownfields news and events, and
 publications and links, visit  the EPA Brownfields web site at:

Dark Shade Coordinating Committee (DSCC), which
will oversee Pilot activities, is working to ward regional
economic development by promoting the assessment,
cleanup, and redevelopment of Dark Shade valley
brownfields.  The DSCC is currently developing a
Dark Shade comprehensive watershed plan to guide
these efforts. The city will use the Pilot to help create
the environmental and infrastructure capacity to spur
economic growth in the region.


Activities planned as part of this Pilot include:

 Creating  an  inventory  of Dark  Shade  valley
 brownfields and incorporating this information into
 the Kiski-Conemaugh River Basin  Alliance's
 geographic information system (GIS) database;

 Completing environmental assessments at priority

 Designing  cleanup and redevelopment  plans  for
 assessed brownfields; and

 Conducting public education forums and workshops
 and gathering community stakeholder input regarding
 brownfields  prioritization  and  site-specific
 assessment, cleanup, and redevelopment activities.
The cooperative agreement for this Pilot has not yet been negotiated;
therefore, activities described in this fact sheet are subject to change.
 Brownfields Assessment Demonstration Pilot                                  Borough of Central City, Pennsylvania
 June 1999                                                                         EPA500-F-99-121