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 EPA Announces Partnership to Demonstrate World's
 First Full Hydraulic Hybrid Urban Delivery Vehicle
     The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced a new partnership to show the benefits
     of EPA's full hydraulic hybrid technology for urban pick-up and delivery fleets. This unique technology is
     based on numerous EPA pioneering hybrid patents.
                             a EPA and its partner, Eaton Corporation - Fluid Power, will fabricate
                               EPA's new and innovative integrated hydraulic rear-drive for a
                               United Parcel Service (UPS) package vehicle.

                             a The members contributing to this exciting partnership include:  EPA,
                               Eaton Corporation - Fluid Power, UPS, International Truck and
                               Engine Corporation, U.S. Army - National Automotive Center, and

a   Hydraulic hybrid technology that will be used in the UPS demonstration vehicle:
   S  Uses a hydraulic energy storage and propulsion system (versus a battery system in electric hybrids)
   S  Captures and stores a large fraction of the energy normally wasted  in vehicle braking
   S  Uses this energy to help propel the vehicle during the next vehicle acceleration
   S  Enables the engine to operate more efficiently when it is  needed

a  The demonstration UPS package vehicle will include:
   S  Two power sources to operate the vehicle - the EPA Clean  Diesel
      Combustion engine and hydraulic hybrid components
   S  Full hydraulic hybrid technology that replaces the conventional
      drivetrain with a hydraulic drivetrain and eliminates the need for
      a transmision
   S  Primary hydraulic components consisting of two hydraulic
      accumulator vessels, one engine hydraulic pump, and one
      integrated rear-drive hydraulic pump-motor assembly
                                                                Layout-Full Series Hydraulic Hybrid
                                                                in an Urban Delivery Vehicle
 a   Clean Diesel Combustion technology is the combination of several innovative improvements in diesel fuel
     injection system performance, reoptimization and refinement of air management turbocharging systems,
     and an improved combustion system - creating a diesel engine capable of meeting the 2010 NOx
     standards without NOx aftertreatment.

 a   The EPA's advanced technology in the UPS demonstration vehicle is targeted to achieve:
     >^  60-70 percent better fuel economy
     >^  2010 heavy-duty vehicle NOx standard
     >^  Ability to recoup additional cost for new hydraulic hybrid technology in less than 3 years
                                                                                  February 2005